Malawi VP Chilima for Sata’s funeral: Mutharika not going to Zambia

Malawi will send its vice president Saulos Chilima to attend the State Funeral of Zambia President Micheal Sata, scheduled for on Tuesday 11th November at Embassy Park the presidential burial site in Lusaka.

Chilima: To represent Malawi at Sata funeral

Chilima: To represent Malawi at Sata funeral

Sata died on 28 October in London.

President Peter Mutharika who was earlier expected to attend the funeral will not be travelling to Lusaka as he has delegated his deputy, according to an announcement by Office of President and Cabinet.

The funeral is expected to be attended by several Heads of State and Government. Including Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, Democratic Republic of Congo President Joseph Kabila, Namibia President Hifikepunye Pohamba, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, Rwanda’s Paul Kagame and outgoing Mozambique’s Armando Guebuza.

Secretary to the office of the vice president,Lucky Kanyamula Sikwese, said in a statement that  Chilima will leave for Lusaka Monday,10th November through Kamuzu International Airport and is expected to be back Wednesday 12th November 2014.

Mutharika  came under fire when he delegated former President Bakili Muluzi to Lusaka during the Zambia’s Independence celebrations.

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Nyani ndi nyani olo atasitha phili.amalawi sitizayamika mpaka muyaya


The Irish President is in Malawi for thenext three days so I hope it now makes sense to most of us that the president is around to attend to him; hence the change of the decision to delegate!

Hope this now rests the case as pointed out by one ‘eye eye’ posting that we seem to argue without knowing the basis for such as decision by our Presidy!

Zamveka a Malawi!


The president had a choice to welcome the Irish leader and then proceed to Lusaka. I doubt if the president will be in Salima and Vhitedze with the visitor.
A lesser evil, more meaningful, would have been to leave th Zirish counterpart within and proceed to Zambia.
All in all, sending Chilima is just as good as APM going by himself. PALIBE BUTO APA.


Amenneyo ndiye muthu

Anthu awiri ( Mwamuna ndi kazi wake ) aka kwela bulu akuti mukuzuza bulu

Mwamuna akawera bulu kazi ndi kumayenda akuti mwanu ndi wakhaza bwanji akumu siya kaziwake pansi iye kukwela bulu

Kazi akakwela bulu mwamuna ndi kumayenda akuti mwamuna ndiwopepera chifukwa chiyani iye akuyenda pansi dona pa bulu

Onse akayenda pansi akuti onse ndiwoputsa saziwa kugwilitsa ntchito bulu

Nanga munthu atani anthunu,ingodikilani 2024 kuti wanu akazalowa muzatsangalare.


This is so funny! You made my day!


Komatu tinangoona kupanga criticize msanga about APM sending Bakili to represent him at some of these functions . image yathu as a country is at stake here . Despite the suits and dark glasses, Saulosi has u “Yo” written all over him . Malawi as a country is already not taken very seriously by most of our fellow African countries, ndiye we will be worsening the image by sending our “Yo” of a VP to some of these international functions .

Bonafide Malawian

Anthu you are just commenting without knowing and appreciating the facts behind the Professors decision to send Chilima to the funeral, amongst others;
1. when Bingu died, Sata sent his VP Scott to the funeral.
2, on independence when APM sent former president, the country cried that the VP should have gone. so he has done exactly that.
3. we have the President of Ireland in the country. Akhoza kutipatsa the scarce forex. so why go to a funeral, when millions of peoples lives are at stake due to donor aid.

I rest my case.


The man who was deported by Bingu but provided fuel for Bingu’s decent burial.

Kyungu IV
Simply a comfused people, in the first place who among the accusers have decided to attend the funeral, we have seen families send members from their homes to funerals isnt this the case mmakwalalamu. Would the going of APM change the state of the funeral. We know Zambia has lost a leader Malawi is touched and to show that malawi is concerned Government has sent The vice president who is state representative of Malawi which does not change should APM had gone by himself. Besides let us not be wise all these guys do is showing up at the funeral… Read more »
Innocent mikeka

Palibe za ma governors pano..malawi ilbwino iyi anthu mufuna muononge!!


If the president send Bakili Muluzi walakwitsa, if He delegates Saulos Chilima walakwanso, Kupita yekha ayi akutithela misonkho yathu bwanji samangopita chilima. oooh! my poor malawians, thinking shallow is your hobby, gossip is your favourite food. By the way when Ethel Mutharika passed on Zambia’s president never attended, when Bingu passed Zambia President never attended. Are saying we are the only ones who are concerned with this neighbourhood, what about them? Anyway tingokutumizani ineyo mukatiyimilire bola anthu akadziwe kuti kwampita oyimilira Malawi kumeneko ndikupanda mayina kwanuko.


Anthu ambili apa ndi opusa. Let’s appreciate we have a president who recognizes his vice as per constitution. This is a departure from what happened in the past. Why cant you be positive for once?

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