Malawi woman pregnant for 13 months, hospital ‘refusing’ to induce labour

A Nsanje woman who claimed to have 13 months pregnant is in great anguish as the health facility medics are refusing to induce labour on her as the pregnancy has gone on too long .

13 months pregnant Nsanje woman

13 months pregnant Nsanje woman

Cecelia Chifunga has been going to Sorgin health facility to access antenatal services but has been denied by the authorities as they have been demanding her to be accompanied by her husband.

Considering the importance of attending to antenatal services but also to deliver at a health facility to achieve the concept of safe motherhood, the woman and her traditional leaders has been pleading with the health facility authorities to grant an opportunity of accessing the services considering the fact that her husband left for Mozambique while her  pregnancy was in its initial stages.

Chifunga, 33 very wretched at her home village Nkotamo in the area of traditional authority Mbenje in the district,  said she is finding it hard to believe in what is happening to her as she fears for her life but also of the unborn baby.

“I was in Blantyre by the time I got pregnant. Then I thought of going to the village when my husband went to Mozambique. When I went to my village, I visited Sorgin health facility to start accessing antenatal services.

“The medics at the health facility denied me the access as they demanded me to come with the husband. I tried to explain to them that the husband is in Mozambique however they could not take it.

“For several times, I have been bringing letters from our Group Village Head Nkotamo who equally explained to them that my husband is in Mozambique but nothing positive came out,” said a woman who has five children.

Most pregnancies last for about 9months and doctors are likely to induce labor if pregnancy goes on too long.

After her due date for  delivery has passed, and the pregnant has reached 13 months, the woman went to the health facility where she was given a chance to access the services, unfortunately it was discovered that the fetus has changed its normal direction and needs operation.

“I was referred to the Nsanje district hospital. Surprisingly, I was asked to find my own means of transport to the district hospital as the facility had no fuel. They asked me to purchase fuel for tricycle ambulance to ferry me to the district hospital. As  you can see, I have completely nothing and cannot afford the transport to the hospital,” explained the woman.

The woman, who was looking disgruntled, said she fears for her life and that of the unborn baby as the current situation is becoming unbearable.

Nsanje District Health Officer (DHO) Dr. Alexander Chijuwa in an interview received the news with shock as he said the woman would have been assisted by the medics at the health facility without delay.

“I don’t understand what really happened for the medics at the facility to treat the woman as you are explaining it. We only encourage the women to be accompanied with their husband when attending to antenatal services. The situation of the woman is understandable and she could have been assisted. I don’t know if she really met the medics.

“You know people in the village think that whosoever is working at the health facility is a medical staff, so it can happen that she has been meeting wrong people. Therefore, we need to sensitive the communities so that they can know who is supposed to provide them with medical services at the health facility,” Dr. Chijuwa explained.

The Nsanje DHO said as an immediate action, will meet the Sorgin health facility staff to ensure that the woman identified as she needs instant support.

“I am sure that the issue of transportation here cannot hold water as we have several partners who can assist in ferrying the woman to district hospital for support. They are supposed to be innovative when dealing with such sensitive issues. Let me agree that we have been facing challenges in terms of fuel however the situation needs urgent consideration,” said Chijuwa.

Kuchene Women Forum a grouping that spearhead women’s rights in the district said the woman needs urgent medical attention as it is her right.

The forum’s Director Gertrude Kalosi described the situation as a total negligence and need not to be tolerated in the modern society.

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This multiplication without wisdom makes Chaponda very happy! That’s the reason he challenges that South votes minus North are enough to make them win the elections; with this uncontrollable outburst childbearing in the south I vehemently agree with him. Bravo Chaponda, bravo South!! We have plenty of space in the North, if you like consult Kamulepo.


We havent heard the story from the Drs point of view. Would have loved if the journalist interviewd health workers at Sorgin and hear from their side. Also did she visit the district hospital? What did they tell her? There is no way one could b pregnant for 13 months unless they have an abdominal pregnancy meaning the fetus is inside the abdomen but not in the uterus. Pliz journslists dont take sides. Interview both parties. The DHO may mot b the key player in thid story bt the guys at Sorgin.

be humane

koma zinazi, ngati akuti mmene alilimo ndiosauka kwambiri sangathe kupeza ngakhale ndalama ya fuel wa njinga yamoto, mwanayo amusamala bwanji akabadwa? My friends poor people lets think patsogolo tisanachite zinazi. zikutanthauza kuti mwana ameneyo akabadwa ndiye kuti pakhomo pawo awonjezera vuto osati mtendere. Oh! sorry


Ndipo kuli maleledwe, they can have too much sex osatenga mimba. Koma all the time akagonedwa basi iyooooo, mxi. Ukawalangizanso amalalata. Come to my village and see ndinatukwanidwa ine koma chonsecho akupanga maganyu olima mmunda.

Chris Kho

Kindly send me contacts for the lady in Nsanje so I can help in whatever way possible.

be humane
My question to Nyasatimes reporter, for the interest of this woman what did you do before bringing the story to public? You see this is mistake most journalists do. They feel have no role on the ground to help in the situation before publishing it. You can play a role of media as a change agent if behave professionally. I would have expected this journalist to report that he was together with the woman when making all these contacts and finally advised the woman as what the contacted authorities had said thats responsible journalism. Its not always naming and shaming… Read more »

@ be humane. You are off the point bwana. That’s not the duty of a journalist. Don’t think if one is a journalist then they have unlimited resources. Actually they struggle more than yourself – once he has told the story, it is up to those concerned to do something depending on their respurces


……u mean the way this woman is looking, she has the right to have 6th child???? how about the rights of the unborn child??? kaya ku Nsanjeko

masa masina

Freedom without duties. Ours is a country of free riders. These two people had sex and they want other people to pay for this pregnancy? My foot!!!


Shame and pity


In the name of Jesus Christ where ever you are lady deliver your baby safely! I say deliver safely right now in the name of Jesus. Jesus is power, Jesus is authority deliver right now. Smile it is well with you


umbuli basi – you want her to deliver the baby wherever she is? Iweyo ndi ambuye ako omwewo machende ako. Mapemphero opanda nawo nzeru. Ife tamupemphrerera kuto achipatala amuwone ndi kumva nkhani yakeyo bwinobwino

Bonex Nonde

Effort done the woman was taken to the district hospital and she was helped and had outcome after nurses use force labour now delivered a bouncing baby boy weighing 3.5 kg yesterday on 6/9/16
thanks to all who wished and joined in prayers for survival of the newborn and the mother


Anthu a ku Nsanje pliz….tamayesesani… kumagula nsapato or za plastic!! are sure in this age….amayi ngati awa akuyendabe osavala nsapato….eish zamanyazi!!! mutha kupanga ka ganyu nkugula ka shoes ka plastic!!! Izi azimayi a kumpoto sangapange zomayenda bare chonchi eish!!!! Pliz Gwanda Chakuamba, Mcheka Chilenje…etc…yesesani kulangiza anhthu anu!!! akuchititsa manayazi Malawi!!!

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