Malawi Zoom into celebs’ wardrobes: Top 10 list urban artists’ version

Truth be told, dressing has always been an issue for Malawian artists and only few players are able to manage, balance and apprise their wardrobes. Previously, it was just a case of matching different shiny colours, but this time around, trendy labels have taken over.An online publication Malawi Zoom has come up with a Top 10 list of artists with best wardrobes .

  1. Maskal



He has been missing on the scene, but his presence is still felt in the cities. The guy that took Malawi by storm. Unavailability of fame aside, Maskal treats his wardrobe with care and does the industry proud that we just had to recognize him as one of the few urban musicians with best wardrobes that ties with their status quo.

  1. Gwamba



His dressing game upgraded tremendously after getting an endorsement deal with Malawi’s top designer Lilly Alfoso. Of course the recent Ambassadorship title left the “Ineyo Walero” hit maker with no choice, but to hit Sandton Shops in South Africa alongside fellow UNDP ambassadors including Botswana’s Zeus.

Malawi Zoom took an interest in Gwamba and got impressed with “Gwamba Walero,” He might have made a fast impression to some of you, but take beef aside and be authentic. The guy got game now.

  1. Bucci



You just have to sweetheart this Nde’feyo new signee when it comes to dressing and looking celeb rated. One of the few artists who spend a fortune on wardrobes to up the celebrity status in as far as fashion is concerned. Not really known who dresses the artist, but whoever it is, they are doing a great job on the “Malungo” hit maker and Malawi Zoom got impressed.

  1. Dan Lu

    Dan Lu

    Dan Lu

We wish we had squeezed Dan Lu in the Top 3, but hey, people have elevated their dressing games. All in all, Dan Lu has always been known as one of the few artists who work hard to look smart. Dreads aside, he is also good with colours and lately, he has managed to bring together an assortment of different “So Fly” fashion brands.



Whether in videos, stage or just a normal walk to town, Dan Lu looks sharp. He just outstanding.

  1. Onesimus (Armstrong Kalua)

Onesimus is up to no jokes and ever since he relocated to South Africa, his wardrobe improved extremely with more of “Tsotsi” like suits that really go along with his body type. His elegance is exclusive and he maintains it stylishly with well-matched haircuts.According to Onesimus, his suits are designed by RVK and sometimes by his dearest sweetheart Lisa Mlanduli.

Top 5

  1. Fredokiss



Here is a Ghetto King who gives out nothing, but the best. He has it all. From suits to smart casual, Fredokiss is the man to look up to. His rap game is overwhelming and his dressing panache is exceptionally praiseworthy and the two things correspond smilingly at “Ukudziwa Kale” hit maker.

Malawi Zoom simply hard to put him in Top 5 category and with any luck, “tikudziwa kale” that he will make it in the Top 3.  Connect with Fredokiss: Twitter: @FredokissK and Facebook: Fredokiss

  1. Theo Thomson

    Theo Thomson

    Theo Thomson

Prevalently defined as “The ladies guy,” Theo Thomson has all it takes to be called one of the deluxe artists with a lavish clothing. He knows how and when to costume.

He is an artist most of you all should look up to and copy his style which will surely make you a “ladies man”, that is of course if your looks agree to that fact.

All things considered, “dust is yourself aka fumbi ndiwe mwini.” Theo just got recognized and we hope he will continue to shine with his clothing game. Connect with Theo Thomson: Twitter: @theo2u

  1. Tay Grin

    Tay Grin poses with his Muma Award. Photo by TOYA photography.

    Tay Grin poses with his Muma Award. Photo by TOYA photography.

Limbani Kalirani aka Tay Grin aka The Boss aka whatever blameless nickname you may wish to call him is just an astonishing artist who knows his inclination as a star. Whatever he puts on is worth a fortune and “Ooh Yes” he proudly brags his trendy fashion on those photo selfies he regularly post on Instagram.

Talking of photo selfies, it’s high time the Boss hires a professional photographer and feed his fans with nothing, but great pictures of his awesome dressing and not those bathroom selfies. They reduce the quality. That having been said, Tay Grin’s apparel game is overwhelming and has one of the best wardrobes in Malawi.

Connect with with Tay Grin; Twitter: @Tay_Grin and Facebook: Tay Grin Official

  • 2 Lomwe



From Big Brother to Double Wowza project, and now in USA for music business, at the same time flying Malawi flag, Lomwe has proved that he is a rare breed and his outfit game got upgraded. Follow him on twiiter and like his FB page to check what he shares. He is just awesome and earning great respect. He is indeed one of the few Malawian artists bringing sanity to celebrity status by upholding an awesome wardrobe that speaks million words of success.

Connect with Lomwe:

Twitter: @This_Is_Lomwe

Facebook: Lomwe Lomwe

  1. John Jaguar Nyambi



Quite unanticipated for a low level famed artist to claim top position in as far as clothing is concerned. Who is Jaguar? Well, he is the guy who took Turkey’s Got Talent by storm when he reached the finals in Top 3.

The same guy who dropped his splendid video “Bailing like hule” and he is the next big thing to watch out for after being featured in a yet to be released movie filmed in Cuba.

Enough of the profiling for this Malawian, but Turkey based artist. We have to say the guy has the best wardrobe and knows his game. Take time on his Facebook Page and check out the photos, you will indeed agree with Malawi Zoom that the young rapper slash actor indeed deserves the first position on this list.

Connect with Jaguar:Facebook: Jaguar Oges

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