Malawian Airline passengers stranded: No fire fighting engine at Chileka airport

Dozens of passengers for Malawian Airlines at Chileka and Kamuzu International airports failed to take off for South Africa on Sunday morning because of lack of a fire fighting engine at Chileka airport.

There was no fire fighting engine for the plane to take off

There was no fire fighting engine for the plane to take off

Malawian airlines ladies

Malawian airlines ladies

Angry passengers said the plane was supposed to leave Chileka Airport at 8 am but as per international aviation standards, the plane could not take off without a fire fighting engine.

The spokesperson for Malawian Airlines Oxyviela Bunya confirmed the incident but said a fire fighting engine had been sourced from the Malawi Defence Force at Cobbe Barracks in Zomba to Blantyre.

“This is a huge setback indeed,” said Bunya.

She said the provision of a fire fighting engine lies in the hands of airport management not airlines therefore Malawian Airlines sourced the fire fighting engine from the army in order not to inconvenience passengers.

Bunya said the Boeing 737 was supposed to get passengers from Chileka then Kamuzu International airports before proceeding to South Africa.

This is the first known serious incident in the aviation industry since the country has seriously been hit by economic turbulence following the withdrawal of aid by traditional donors.

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27 thoughts on “Malawian Airline passengers stranded: No fire fighting engine at Chileka airport”

  1. Mnyamata wa nzeru says:

    Typical Malawian way of doing business!! Ine ndisaname, ZIMANDINYASA!!

  2. mr nyasa says:

    Wrong choice

  3. DZIKANYANGA says:

    Inu kuno tilibe ndege kuno ife mukuvutikilanji.

  4. umziya says:

    Amene akupangitsa zimenezi tonse tikumudziwa. Azipita ku mpumulo wa bata

  5. Kanyimbi says:

    What is wrong with our civil service?

  6. Kauzaneni says:

    Kkkkkk koma tiziona.

  7. Mpumulo wa Bata wayandikila says:

    And we are inviting investors to Malawi ……really?????

  8. omar khaliffa says:

    Anthu amasangalala ngati chili chose chikuyenda bwino

  9. Piper says:

    And yet the politians keep telling us we are moving forwards in terms of development. You are never going to see my vote again you thieving bastards !!

  10. Makiyolobasi says:

    We have started ruining Malawian Airlines as we did with Air Malawi. My fellow countrymen, Malawian Airlines have started extremely well. They are too time concious konse akupita and are atracting a lot of passengers. Not long ago, I flew joburg to blantyre on an overbooked flight that some passengers had to stay overnight in joburg. Let’s all support this national asset!

  11. Antoni apaphata says:

    Koma zochitika Ku Malawi ndi kawawa….. ndiye opanga connect ma flight ngozitu.

  12. Sapitwa says:

    Delays at Airports si nkhani. Inu poti mwaziwa. Mwambiri sanena. I have experienced these from many airports I have touched. It happened to me at Dullies in DC and also Charles de Gaulle in Paris and these are big nations. It has never happened before at Chileka and this being the first time should not be a nerve racking news

  13. Patrikos Madevoc says:

    This is a very sad development. In all civilized world those responsible for such irresponsible behavior honorably resign.

  14. Patrikos Madevoc says:

    This is a very sad development. In all civilization world those responsible for such irresponsible behavior honorably resign.

  15. ramsay snow is just misunderstood says:

    i’m lost. has there never been a fire engine or what?

    anyway, with a name like oxyviela, you’re just asking for problems. anzake ndi express, raspicious, auspicius, trouble, higger, proposal, salad, macdafford…..i’m serious, these are real people.

  16. Viyazi Tembo says:

    1964 Malawi and 2015 Malawi chimodzimodzi…………

  17. Koma Kumeneko says:

    Zakuba ndizovuta, ma donors salola kutipatsa ndalama boma lakuba ndalama, masankho ili

  18. Pachilambo Usauchi says:

    To be born a Malawian is a curse indeed ! Lord have mercy. A country that gives no hope. Visionless leadership. I wish Bingu Wa Mutharika was still around !

  19. Ttu says:

    Zomvetsa chisoni ndithu,

  20. Shem says:


  21. Shem says:

    This is a shamegul show of laxity. Mayor Chalamanda, my man, you mean to make me believe that my cleaned up city does not have functional fire trucks at Ginnery Corner?

  22. utitiri says:

    It is a shame that the Civil Aviation could allow such a thing to happen. It is the responsibility of Civil Aviation to make available firetrucks in all the Airports in Malawi. That’s why they collect landing and parking fees for all the aircrafts. The Malawi Army Airwing fire truck is part of government equipment therefore the Airport Commandant must b fired for failing to fo his job.

  23. Eve says:

    Are we seriously relying on donor aid for aviation services. This must be a joke!

  24. Parallel Market says:

    Kodi amalawi tinakhala bwanji? Are we really serious with our country? Zoona fire fighting engine tikufunanso ma donors kuti atigulire? Abale! What a shame!!

  25. Bwino says:

    The only thing that is functional in Malawi is sex and sex trade

  26. Brazilian Wax says:

    Because of an accident of birth I found myself born in Malawi. I loathe it!

  27. WAMISALA says:

    Reserved …!!!!

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