Malawian coach accuses Algeria of match fixing

One of Malawi national football coach said Algeria’s 2-0 loss to Mali on November 19 in the crucial Group B second spot automatic qualification for 2015 Africa Cup of Nations finals smacks of match-fixing.

Algeria officials and players in Malawi: Accused of gifting Mali qualification....Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Algeria officials and players in Malawi: Accused of gifting Mali qualification….Photo Jeromy Kadewere

The coach, who spoke on strict conditions of anonymity to avoid sanctions, said Algeria displayed unsportsmaship behaviour in the manner that they approached the game.

The coach said Algeria would not have lost the game considering their top form but they decided to gift the game to Mali progress to the finals.

He saluted Malawi who would have qualified if Mali had lost the game after a goalless draw in Ethiopia on the same day.

“The players put up a good fight but I think the way Algeria approached the match showed lack of seriousness and eventually lost 2-0 which is tantamount to match-fixing,” he said.

“I know how tough Algeria is and I don’t think they lost the game fairly. Something must have happened for them to lose the game.”

Malawi managed a point which they needed to progress if Algeria had beaten Mali.

Malawi seven points would have knocked off Mali’s six to progress to the finals.

But the remarks have drawn a mixed reaction with others saying Malawi have nobody to blame after a shoddy start to the campaign.

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26 thoughts on “Malawian coach accuses Algeria of match fixing”

  1. tbessi says:

    I m from Algeria, and the same article was published (her in Algeria).
    And the majority of Algerian people accuse the team + coach of not playing fairly.

    Sorry Malawi. 🙁

  2. mr soccer says:

    Nthawi zina tizitha kuvomeleza kuti ine si coach wa bwino aiii,nkhani apa si match fix ai koma tilibe coach wabwino inunso a fam ndiamene mukuononga mpira m’malawi mumangotola wina aliyense pofuna kusangalasana osati agwire ntchoto ai (tiyese PETER MPONDA panopo zintchito za zake zaoneka kuti titha kusangala kusogoloku (Enerst/Mabedi)

  3. Shelix Munthali says:

    So we wanted Algeria to do a job for us!! We had all the time to win earlier games; not banking on another team to beat Mali. Just accept failure, and next time do your homework well!!!

  4. Amuna ngunda ngunda- aku malowa . says:

    Chiziko chathuchi sichimatha mpira kochiyo azikango manga nvula kumuzikwao basi, achimazi kumangoti chimutu phwiii , chamangwanande , nyanyi mutu wama tako ,koma kulephera kukocha mbuzi demeti fokolo buushit .

  5. Mhango says:

    Hmmm,no back doors qualifications in the modern soccer, you have to fight a lone battle, what if malawi won to ethiopia and mali loses to algeria, would mali have a same say accusing ethiopia?

  6. m'bantu says:

    malawi beat mali 2-0,was there match fixing for mali to lose to malawi? mr coach, leave algeria alone. mpira ngozungulira.

  7. BBsupporter says:

    Izi ndiye za ziiiii!!!!!,mumati mupite ku AFCON musakudziwa kusewera mpira? Nanu anyasa mudziganidza kaye musanalembe nkhanizi mwamva??. Timu simatha mpira iyi .

  8. clement says:

    Young Chimodzi pena ndimbuzinso.Wekha unavomereza kuti Algeria yatimenya Chifukwa they are the best pamene kuti nanu mukhale the best you have to beat the best teams.Poor thinking that’s why our country is poor eeeish.Long time I told you to recall Kanyenda never listen and you recall him too late.Mwana wakonso sayenera kupezeka mu squad asamaononge ndalama za boma satha mpira.

  9. Rodriguas Latata says:

    Plan better next time. Win or at worst draw all home games. Try as much as possible to win away too or draw. If we lose, lose to the best teams away only but it should be not more than two goals. In that way we won’t need anyone to fight for us any more.
    Plan finances in advance as well.

  10. SALIMA BOYS says:

    Coach ameneyu odwala eti,why didnt win their games,kungovomera basi kuti munagwa nayo.mmmxiiiiiiim.

  11. sebeleza says:

    in football you want aid to qualify and in economy the same, anyasa ndinu mbuzi , kupempha basi, gwirani nokha ntchito osadikira ena like algeria, USA, UK. nation of loafers koma kuswana basi nde musovatu

  12. Mchewa says:

    Young Said It Openly Live That You Dont Expect Others To Win For You. Period, Ndiye A Coach Awanso Ndiye Ati Atodzibisawa?

  13. zimbos says:

    We were suppose to fight our own battles not wait for Algeria to help us.poor sight on our coaches(samva ma advises).their poor decisions cost us so much.these qualifiers are won at home and if u drop points at home you are in a fix.algeria game at home, the coach gave chiukepo 85minutes play time and yet the guy was poor on target.people have been calling for blending the squad with vetarans but u gave them a cold shoulder.mazi mkosi its when u called kanyenda and fischer but it was too late.Mali played their cards right and they utilised home ground advantage

  14. Kennedy nali says:

    If you have proof write a letter to fifa, so that they can inverstgate the issue. Even if don’t have concrete evidence ask fifa to look at it.

  15. Dudy says:

    Ndimadabwadi kuti mali imenye algeria
    .it was miraculous

  16. mjiba says:

    stupid coach stupid team stupid nyasatimes

  17. Kwangwagwa says:

    Akochi mwagwa nayo imeyi. How could you bank on Algeria winning so that your team goes through. This is idiotic thinking. Foolish fool. Look! You are hiding your name because you are a villain.

  18. concerned says:

    No 1, you are absolutely right. what stopped Malawi from winning their games??

  19. sayin it like it is says:

    stupidity at its best…don’t blame your bad performance on others..take the blame..u failed

  20. success says:

    Inu mumaleka kuimenya ethiopia bwanji,mbuli mulibe manyazi

  21. yona says:

    Kkkkkkkkk anachita bwino kuluza algeria chifukwa malawi imazolowela kuti ena atimenela nkhondo omwe uli mtima wawulesi ndifukwa sitima panga perfom bwino komanso with that spirit that’s why sitimatukukanso a malawi nde tikuyenela kusiya zimenezo. Komanso amayakhula zimenezoyo izi totally a full azinganiza kaye asanayakhule chifukwa azingopepela ngati mene wachitilamu

  22. Nyapapi says:

    Zamanyi basi! Mukanati mudziyankhula zimenezi mutachinya Ethiopia!


  23. Who desrved to go through? Malawi failed because the govt did not want. Mali played better in all games and we cannot match in any way. We played too poorly during our last game yet we still wanted another team to do the job for us. Mali did the right thing to punish the right party~we miserably failed to beath them both at home and away. Let us enjoy the competitve teams next year, not ours that needs to win only at home and play defensive games away.

  24. where is joyce? says:

    ndimadana ndi ma coach opusa ngati inu. ngati mukufuna kumapitilila m’ma cup, then u should win your games, simple .

    palinso ma equation ovuta apa?

  25. Talibo ZOA says:

    Don’t worry coach next time will be us, God is not James

  26. chifukwa chani kochiyo wazibisa dzina?akudziwa kuti walankhula zopanda nzeru.penapake zinthu zikachitika kumangokhala yamalawi nthawizonse imafuna anzawo awamenyele nkhondo.anakuletsani kuimenya ethiopia kwao ndindani? ndekuti inuso munazipangila match fixing nokha.algeria wz already on top whether a win or loss on th@ day,nde munkafuna achite kupweteketsa miyendo chifukwa chani.muixova

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