Malawian wins seat in UK elections: Clement Chunga

Former chairman of Malawi Association UK, Clement Chunga, has won a seat as a councillor in the British general lections held last week Thursday which saw Prime Minister David Cameron returning to 10 Downing Street after his Conservative Party won with a decisive majority.

Chunga, elected councillor in Northampton

Chunga, elected councillor in Northampton

Chunga with the Queen

Chunga with the Queen

Chunga is a member of the British Labour Party and has won as Councillor of Brookside in Northampton.

The Malawian said he was ready “to serve” in his local government position of councillor.

Chunga, who teaches at Northampton College and previously working in housing, said the state of environment is his big concern.

Many Malawians in UK were eligible voters and went to cast their ballots.

In the British parliamentary elections, Conservatives gained 336 seats in the Commons, giving them a majority.

Labour leader Ed Miliband resigned on Friday, saying his party must “rebuild” with a new leader.

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has called it quits as his party which was in coalition with Conservative was reduced from 57 to eight MPs.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage also announced he will inform his party he was quitting after he failed to win a seat. His party amassed millions of votes in England, more than the SNP in Scotland, but they have struggled to convert them into seats.

History was also made in the election, as a 20-year-old Scottish student became Britain’s youngest lawmaker since 1667, ousting one of Labour party’s top figures in the process.

Politics student Mhairi Black represents the pro-independence Scottish National Party (SNP).

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87 thoughts on “Malawian wins seat in UK elections: Clement Chunga”

  1. fumbani says:

    mwawoneska akulu winu dada chiuta

  2. Simple says:

    I am not from the central, northern orsouthern regions but I am a child of the Most High( the same with you all). Both you and me are born rule and make an impact on earth where ever you are whether in S Africa, Malawi or in Uk. We are unstoppable as Gods own children. Let us appreciate Gods doing in the life of our brother who has won the elections in the foreign land rather than critising. Ask yourself a question, ” what have I done to make an impact in the lives of other people be it in the north, central or southern part of your country? Are you sure you are the one who developed the central or southern parts?. Lets work together and make an impact. I LOVE YOU ALL.

  3. one love says:

    well done Dada. God is great. The bible says great leaders are never appreciated in there own land. Look at David Moses, Isaac, Abraham they prospered in foreign land. Its not about being Tumbuka or Yawo its about the potential he has shown to Malawian people that he can be a leader. SO I say Adada ndimwe wakungweluka. one love

  4. Precious Sawali says:

    welcome development.Next a Malawian has won as Prime minister of Britain

  5. Ingwina says:

    Kanthu ako

  6. Palibe zoti Ntumbuka or whatever just wish him all the best. Unity, Loyalty, Discipline & Obedience basi

  7. ochewa says:

    That is greay. Congratd Chunga. Dziko lose lapansi ni la ana a mulungu it was just selfness to demarcate boundaries. Ife ma africans tidzalanda mayiko a zunguwa ngati momwe analandira kale. Tiyeni nawomi. Shame RSA for Xenophobic attack. Matama ngati dziko munalenga ndinu. Mpaka utiphera abale anthu!!!!!!!!!

  8. Stern gondwe says:

    Taonga wakulo tchindi kwa imwe

  9. kwaya uwotche says:

    Atumbuka kupepera kwa mbiri that wy your city mzuzu is full of bicycles
    Instead of bicycles cars.will his being councillor in uk change the status of chibavi chiputula or masasa.kusauka ndi maganizo omwe, shame on yu tumbukas

  10. maganizo wa maganizo says:


  11. Chenda says:

    Congratulations Mr Chunga.

  12. robert says:

    akulu mtumbuka akulu wakuteta Yayi ninjani Ngati nyoo!

  13. Greatfigh says:

    That’s very nice, , but here in South Africa that thing cannot happen! This country is full of fools

  14. VYOTO says:


  15. Mlakho says:

    Olo mutitinkhe we are proud to be Tumbukas

  16. makani says:

    The problem with you Tumbukas is that you can go anywhere even at the moon but end result your dead north remain a bush in the world. Change this mind set. What you think first when you are in a foreign land is how iam i going to make Blantyre or Lilongwe look good leaving your bush grow tall in your region. On the contrary you badmouth the government for not developing your region. People in the south and central are busy developing their regions, talk of people like Mulli they are based in their regions and many others. If this mind set is to continue dead north will remain a bush for decades to come.

  17. Oyamika says:

    Atumbuka kukonda ma udindo beyond boarders. Congrats Chunga.

  18. nsonga ciswe says:

    Kodi sonkendi Malawi mbadwa?????

  19. kwadabwitsa says:

    Great God we serve. Congrats Mr chunga

  20. ulendowu ndi watonse says:

    Si a Chunga onse amene ali a tumbuka.

  21. welamdindi panji welamdimi says:

    We are proud of our councilor here in Northampton. Those of you who don’t like this keep quiet.

  22. johnM says:

    Electing a Malawian into office, Ha, that is beginning of the end of the UK

  23. kate says:

    yowoyanipo wanangwa wa ku Central, Southern and Eastern region. Mtumbuka wakuthilani madzi otentha? Congrants mwana wa kukaya!!! very proud of you!

  24. Kondwani says:

    Atumbuka muziwina komweko ku uk ko kunokokha zimudzalamulila. APM anali lecture ku state university in USA boma nkumadziwanso kuti mmalawi uyu ndi mbambande. Komano kumatukula kwanuko osamangokakamila kwaeni vuto la atumbukatu ndilimenelo lokondakukhala kwaeni nkumathawa thengo lanu kumpoto kwanuko mumadikila boma likutukulireni kwanuko inu mulikwaeni.

  25. Saludzai says:

    Congratulations imwe Mr. Chunga, next time be elected an MP like those Nigerians.

  26. Joseph Msumba-Bolero says:

    mwana wa mtumbuka ndi DILU

  27. Joseph Msumba-Bolero says:

    mwana wakwithu,apa khupulika.Mpaka kuwina ku UK? ndizoona,mtumbuka sanama.

  28. Jammy says:

    Congrats mr chunga and wishing you all the best .humble person and down to earth guy who always try to bring Malawians together in UK.remember him when he was association of Malawi UK chairman ..bravo

  29. Winston msowoya says:

    Congrats mwana wakukwitu. You are not the only one from Nyikaland to make wonders in a foreign land.Let me just mention a few prominent names before you whom had made names in foreign lands: clement Kadali Tonga from Nkata bay,Keneth D. Kaunda from Nkhata Bay,a Tumbuka,Dunduzu Kaluli Chisiza from Rumphi helped form the First Rhodesian African Youth League,Uastin Shaba from Mzimba appointed first Housing Minister in Nyerere’s first independence cabinet last but not least,Mr. S.Kamanga was appointed the first Minister of Education in the new republic of Congo under one of the most charismatic leadership of Patrice E.Lumumba the hero of Africa along side Kwame Nkhrumah.I know the uneducated bewa eating people are not pleased with your brilliant success.You will be joined by other Chikangawas brothers and sisters.Long live Nyikaland.

    1. your testicles says:

      chabwino watchula ma kondowole boys angapo, nanga iweyo what have you done cholozeka?

  30. geoff says:

    Amalawi kutamba ndi umphawi sasangalala ndi zomwe mzao wachita….. Olo kwao kulibe anapondapo ku uk..

  31. TrueFact says:

    It depends on your definition of “Malawian”. As far as I am concerned a “Malawian” cannot hold two citizenship, and the UK government cannot allow someone to stand on the ballot paper if he/she doesn’t have UK citizenship (i.e., if he’s “legally” a foreigner). So, he was Malawian but he changed. This makes him legally not a Malawian. Simple and straight forward. And, he can visit Malawi only if he has a visa to Malawi although his relatives are Malawians and in Malawi.

    Still, we are proud of him!

    1. chituka says:

      you may be a Briton by registration but all your characteristics remain Malawian. Look at our Asian Malawians. They are Malawians but Asians at heart.

  32. Nkhombokombo says:

    Be proud of this product and pray for him to perfom. Don’t insult this rare gem of Malawi. Even if he has acquired a British citizenship he still has his roots in the Ngoniland – Malawi.

  33. Chibisa says:

    All the best clement. You are following the steps of other Malawians like clement kadalie and Kenneth Kaunda and others

  34. lameck says:

    if he’s eligible to stand in the U.K elections,then he aint a malawian,just because the idiot has a malawian sounding name doesnt make him one and for all i know a malawian citizen cannot be a citizen of another country,the law makes that crystal clear

  35. Kas says:

    Mtumbuka sazathekanso! Mpaka kuwina kwa angelezi, eish

  36. Wina alila says says:

    There was news on the African tv Channel about five Nigerians who have been elected to be Mp’s this week and do you inow what? Nigerians are very proud of their citizens to be members of parliament here in the UK.A malawian is elected as a councillor and what do Malawians do.pour scorn and abuse on their countryman! This is truly a land of ignorant and mostly uneducated nation which will always be last in everything, Who is going to educate these people?

  37. Ana amuna a mphongo says:

    Bisnowaty akuima Ku Lilongwe City Centre Constituency mumunena kutiI mzungu kuno sikwawo. Mwaona kweni kweni kwa azungu Ku mangalande a votera osangoti munthu wakuda koma m’Malawi. Zonyadisa. Tiyeni tisiye kuganiza mobwelers mmbuyo.

  38. chax says:


  39. mkausya says:

    ndizosangalasa kwaifeyo amalawi mwina kakusogolo ndikuzalamilila malawi

  40. nsonga ciswe says:

    EE a warren kuyalukatu.kkkkkkk nanga cocdo ‘hehehe

  41. lomwe Thako says:

    aall this has happened because of wise, visionary and dynamic leadership of his exellence Ngwazi Dr Bingu waMutharika.kkkkkk

  42. chatonda says:

    Is there anything that can make us start castigating each other for being from the north or elsewhere guys here? This is madness at its best. We should just congratulate our fellow Malawian for making it in a foreign land and that is all. Let us learn to unite and stop being silly and jealous for everything.

  43. ahoy says:

    Allow dual citizenship to really claim aMalawian won a seat in UK.

  44. Congratulations!!!!!!!

  45. sunderstar says:

    Congratulations Mr Chunga, you are a Malawian and you have made Malawi proud we will support you and please be an African

  46. Dr. Godfrey Ganizani Mvuma says:

    The Malawi National Anthem was right to say: ‘Gonjetsani Adani athu, NJALA, NTHENDA, NSANE’. I used to wonder why include “Nsanje”?. I have now understood. Malawians can be nice and kind people but when it comes to NSANJE, ndi number one. God help us on this “ill”. We will not develop with this instilled NJILU. Congratulations Mr. Chunga regardless of where you come from in Malawi. This is an achievement. You make us proud as Malawians. Be blessed in whatever you do. May the Spirit of the mighty God be upon you and anoint you.

  47. Mpoto says:

    If you don’t know it, its never there though physically there. You bring it to limelight through your excellence and eventually people recognize it making its presence in bold.

    That’s what Tumbukas do.

  48. Mpoto says:

    If you don’t know it, its never there though physically there. You bring it to limelight through your excellence and eventually people recognize it making its presence in bold.

  49. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Congratulations, Million times!! Thus good in life.
    God bless you!

  50. mweluka chunga says:

    Congratulations.we are very proud of you

  51. Whether he denounced his citizenship, the truth remains in his roots he is a malawian frm the north. Basi

  52. Nawalya says:

    Mr. Chunga don’t worry about the jealousy pipo ,they will die as they are. Congratulations to you 4 so many reasons. Happy Malawians ,Cheers!!!!!!!!!! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, hmmmmmmm, woyeeee!!!!!! walya 1 Chunga.

  53. OGO!! says:


  54. Kenkkk says:

    Zandile, uk has dual nationality law, so it doesn’t matter for mr chunga. He may still have malawi passport as well, so what?

    Congratulations to clement.

  55. hango says:

    A Chunga aba mba ku Embangweni ku Mzimba kwa Inkosi Mmbelwa.A Malawi ndinu a nzeru koma system ya dziko lathu nja fake, kuba mpaka wa accounts pa district m Agriculture? Ndiye President nanga?

  56. A Kambwe sanje mudya nazo manyi chalakwika ndi chani apa,nde akakhala wa kumpoto wati ulankhule zaku thako.

  57. opportunist says:


  58. informatix says:

    Come bak home and unseat apm

  59. Munali says:

    Koma yathadi Labour, ndamalawi omwe mmipando!?!

  60. bwangazi says:

    Ruth warren ulipo!!!! Kabumbu kako!!!!

  61. Jones says:

    Congratulations mwana wakwithu

  62. the councillor says:

    thanks that we have malawians who can make grade even in the queen’s land. I katha term yanu mudzatsogolere malawi using your experience

  63. Youth League Chairman: Kawale 1 market says:

    Wakukaya uyu! Congratulations!


    I told you Malaw,i people from NORTH are well EDUCATED and so brave check in foreign land you win elections well this is good news Malawi

  65. chigongota says:

    osabwera kudzatukula kwao kumpoto kuno shatap

  66. Thuso says:

    Paja Inu a Kambwe zina lanu ndiye galu wa mtchire mungaziwe za sukulu inu

  67. mphandupandu ngwee says:

    kanthu ako mwana mtumbuka! congraturations! but come back and lay the foundation of Nyika Republic together with us here. Don’t come pala vinthu vyaphya and take yourself as wa mahara kwakuluska.

  68. Thomas says:

    You Kambiwe
    Don’t be jealous with Tumbukas we are blessed with Education not u guys

  69. special advisor says:

    Chunga, congratulations. Phamberi! Maso kunthazi! Ruth Warren, this vulgar language is wrong…just very wrong! Kambwe, what motivates you, what makes you get out of bed every morning? What makes you return to your home everyday? Why do you exist? What’s your purpose in life?

    1. JB says:

      This has affected you. Are you a licker?

    2. ruth warren says:

      Iwe uzingolemba nsete zazoko wanva dont ear mark me. Mafyada ako mxiiiiiii

  70. Wadinkhula Wa Yiwona says:


  71. ABM says:

    Clement comes from Mngoniwawo vge, T/A Mzukuzuku in Mzimba district very close to Embangweni Trading Centre. In the late 80s he was a Lecturer at Magomero and later to Namitete before going to UK. Congratulations

    1. Nsamaonetsa Nyoni says:

      He came from Malawi.

  72. mosioatunga mosioatunga says:

    anzathu inu mantha

  73. lonjezo says:

    Congrats Mr Chunga

  74. ruth warren says:

    thats the spirit ku malawi z a country full of cowards and clitoris lickers

    1. your testicles says:

      clitoris lickers? do people really lick that disgusting place? seis man!

      1. ruth warren says:

        Iwe upite ukanyambite nhyemba ya a mako wanva? Ku mpheto konunkhako chitsiru

    2. Nkhedu says:

      kkkk zimatheka bola kusambako ndi acid first.

  75. KAMBWE says:

    Anthu akumpoto sazatheka amwene..uuuu amafuna awoneke basi kuti alipo pa malo…

  76. zandile says:

    How do you know he renounced his Malawian citizenship. Find out.

  77. Congratulations Chunga, you have put Malawi on the map.

    1. Malawiana says:

      So you mean this country called Malawi was never on the map before Chunga won? I personally don’t like this assertion as it portrays our sense of inferiority in the global world.

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