Malawians feel cheated with ‘half-naked’ demo: MP Kalindo did not display his privates only potbelly

Malawians have taken up on social media to express their disappointment over Mulanje South MP Bon Kalindo deceit.

MP Kamlepo Kalua reading the petition presented by MP Kalindo

MP Kamlepo Kalua reading the petition presented by MP Kalindo

Kalindo in half naked march

Kalindo in half naked march

Kalindo: I had to cover myself to respect the law

Kalindo: I had to cover myself to respect the law

Half naked demo

Half naked demo

Kalindo, a renowned comedian himself known as ‘Winiko’, had been telling local radios and newspapers that he would match naked on Thursday in protest against the increased abductions and killings of people with albinism in the country.

However, he turned up fully dressed with pants nearly reaching his knees and something to cover all his body and the head.

Writing on his Facebook wall, James Chavula of Nation Publications Limited summed it all when he said comedians have their own way of interpreting nudity.

One  tweeted : “I am leaving the protest match, disappointed.”

Only one or two people were dressed in what can be described as underwears with their private parts literally protruding out attracting cameras.

In an interview, Kalindo , who is also ruling  DPP deputy spokesperson, said he had dressed up to comply with the law.

The match started from Area 18 round about in Lilongwe to parliament where Rumphi east MP Kamlepo Kalua received the petition on behalf of the Speaker Richard Msowoya.

Kalua said parliament is working on Anatomy Bill which seeks to mete out severe punishment on people who abduct people with albinism or are found with body parts.

He was however fully dressed in a suit with a neck tie when he received the petition from the half naked protesters.

Chief of public relations at parliament Leonard Mengezi said Kalua had followed parliament’s dress code.

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15 thoughts on “Malawians feel cheated with ‘half-naked’ demo: MP Kalindo did not display his privates only potbelly”

  1. Mike Nkhoma says:

    Ndidakakonda aliyense ataona kufunikira kwa demo – this is recommendable gesture big up Winiko

  2. Mjomba says:

    Pamene apli azeru, zitsulunso zimachulukilapo, i dont see the why pple are insulting Kalindo AKA winiko for not showing machende ndi mbolo yake, moti iweyo ulipo sudaonepo mbolo ndi machende or a galu ku mpaka ukuone a WINIKO, komanso ako ali lende mthalauza lakolo. kapena ndiye mkazi ukufuna machende ndi mbolo ya Winiko usiyanitse ndi ya mwamuna wako, yamba chabe uhule ukumana nazo zadula ndizosadula zomwe sudazionezo. WINIKO waitha wakwanilitsa zomwe akhakhakha enawa sangakwanitse.

    1. Kwethemu says:

      Khakhakha including you Baba because you were not there

  3. Tozer Tsono says:

    How many Albinos heeded the protest? Those in attendance must be campaigning for legalization of Pornography and Nudism. Why can’t Kalindo legislate for a stiffer, swifter justice as an MP? Probably he is scared to raise the issue with President Peter Mutharika. If he knows who in DPP has been trading in albino bones, then point out names of the culprits.

  4. John says:

    I thought Kalindo is a comedian? That’s what they do. They tell you I will do this but in the end act totally different. He can’t walk naked otherwise his wife may feel ashamed to see that everybody can see his weapon

  5. CHECHAMBA says:


  6. Chipapwiche Kajhalwiche says:

    Koma winayo nde goliladitu. Mpaka ntindinya kuonekela choncho? Bwelera kutchile.

  7. Mwalonde Ken says:

    Congratulations Hon Bon Kalindo. This was impressive, it’s not easy to mobilise such cloud in a demonstration these days. The message has hit home. Those whining were merely interested in people’s nakedness for entertainment and making a killing with news sales on your ujeni….. agwa nayo, nyoooooo!

  8. Kriminal \'A\' says:

    Why should anyone feel cheated? Be serious, are you saying the whole country was waiting to see the private parts of Winiko? Are you insinuating that we are a country of vogues? Don’t Malawians have better things to do, instead of waiting to see somebody’s private parts? Look the demonstrations even had more spectators than demonstrators why? Winiko has done his part big-time and those goons who feel cheated should go to hell. As for me, I am proud of Winiko!

    1. Chifundo Milanzi says:

      Lesson learnt: Many Malawians actually love porn

  9. President Pedro says:

    sitinaone ntindinya wa a gollirawo

  10. Piche Yakiti says:

    Koma mwatinamiza. Ife timafuna kuona akatundu anuwo. Koam ndi odulidwa?

    1. Azijo says:

      I feel what Hon.Kalindo wanted to was he was much concerned with the killings of our fellow Malawian Albinos. If he didn’t dress or undress as we should put it to me he has shown his seriousness in the issue. It seems most people lost the whole reason of the demos to many it was to see the privates parts of Hon.Kalindo being fully seen or exposed. To me what he has done is very great we need more agressive people if not MPs of his nature. We could been the sames ones laughing at him if he were to go against the law and continue demonstrating with private parts exposed. He respected the law which being MP was good.

  11. Kaji says:

    Job well done Hon.Had it been those abducted were not albinos you could see the out cry.Mwana wako amutenge pa mphasa utagona bwa?Malawi akanagwedezeka.God bless you for your love for them

    1. Gundumulani says:

      Mwachita makola. It is very painful to see our children die like chickens so, welcome demonstrators and may God bless you,

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