Malawians in Ireland pay homage to ‘Atcheya’: Fr O’Malley sends Muluzi message of goodwill

Malawians living in the Republic of Ireland have paid homage to Malawi’s first multiparty president, Dr. Bakili Muluzi  ‘Atcheya’ and conveyed a hearty message of goodwill for the festive season and wished him well for the New Year.

Mwase had a photo opportunity with former president Muluzi after a courtesy call

Mwase had a photo opportunity with former president Muluzi after a courtesy call

Association of Malawians in Ireland (Amai) chairperson, Happiness  ‘Happy Chi’ Mwase on Monday on behalf of Malawians in the Republic of Ireland and representing the Malawian Honourary Consular in Dublin, Irish Catholic Priest Father Patrick O’Malley called on the former head of state, Bakili Muluzi, at his BCA residence in Blantyre to convey the message.

Speaking in an interview with Nyasa Times,  Mwase, a lawyer and is in Malawi for holidays said she called on the former president to pay respects, convey a message of goodwill from Malawians living in Ireland and as well as to express gratitude for the role he played during the time the country was fighting autocracy through to the years he ruled the country as the country’s first democratic leader.

“Association of Malawians in Ireland appreciate the role Dr. Muluzi and many others (freedom fighters) played during the tyrannical one party state. We recognize the fact that, people like the former president risked their lives for our country’s future. We have democracy because people like Muluzi and many other likeminded Malawians put their lives on the line,” said Mwase.

She said she also conveyed a message of goodwill from Father O’Malley, an Irish Catholic humanitarian priest, who served in Malawi during his active priesthood for a long time and he well recognized as one of the Catholic priests who played a significant role in the development of multiparty democracy in Malawi.

“Father O’Malley, an Irish Priest who has just retired as Malawi’s Honourary Consular in the Republic of Ireland is in every sense a Malawian and he speaks fluent Chichewa, Yawo and Tumbuka and he knows Malawi inside out and is a great personal friend of Dr. Bakili Muluzi and many politicians who were involved in the struggle against autocracy in Malawi,” said Mwase.

Speaking in a separate telephone interview, the former president Muluzi expressed gratitude for the gesture Malawians in Ireland have showed him in wishing him well and emphatically thanked Father O’Malley for his continued support to him and the country.

“History will judge Father O’Malley fairly. He is a great friend of Malawi’s democracy. He fought hard for things to change in Malawi. He put his life on the line knowingly what was happening to others by Kamuzu and his MCP, but he didn’t stop. He continued working with us, supporting us with all sorts and he continued doing so even after he was chased from Malawi,” Muluzi said.

‘Great Statesman’

Mwase who said was meeting Muluzi for the first time in her life, described the former president “as very jovial and an open minded man with a great sense of humour.

“Although, I had spoken to Dr. Muluzi on the phone through Father O’Malley whilst in Ireland, meeting him in person was such a great honour. He is a great statesman but at the same time very humble and down to earth. He is a great man,” she said.

She added: “When I was going there, I was tensed up and didn’t know what to expect since it was my first time to meet him. It was intimidating, but once I got to BCA and his secretary and security detail ushered me in, he made me feel at ease and he spoke to me like his own daughter. After I conveyed the messages from Malawians in Ireland and the special one from his friend, Father O’Malley, we discussed a wide range of subjects from development to politics and the Diaspora.”

Mwase said from the discussion she had with the former leader, she could deduce that Muluzi has his heart on Malawi and that he believes that Malawi is going in the right direction but emphasized that it needs all Malawians to take part to develop the country.

Shesaid: “on a lighter moment, Dr. Muluzi jokingly told me to tell all the Matchona’s in Ireland and everywhere else to come back home to contribute to national development. He is a treasure to Malawi and part of our story and history as a country. Now I understand why Father O’Malley respects him so much and why he doesn’t stop talking about his wisdom and his courage during the struggle against one party system of government.”

“My advice to my fellow Malawians is that we should learn to respect our leaders, past or present because every leader is given by God who controls the affairs of men (and women) and we must always remember that God doesn’t make a mistake,” added Mwase who is a staunch Christian and a senior member of Cavalry Family Church (CFC) in Dublin.

 ‘Great Friend’

Father O’Malley was appointed Malawi’s honorary consular of Malawi in Ireland in the early 2000 by Muluzi and since then he has helped the Malawi community in Ireland in many pursuits such as being a mediator for Malawian students and various college owners in Ireland, getting Malawian Immigration authorities to come to Ireland to process passport applications and he also cemented the link between the Malawi High Commission in UK and the Malawian Community in Ireland as well as the Irish authorities with Malawians in Ireland.

Mwase explained that when she told Father O’Malley of her visit to the Warm Heart of Africa, the aged Priest emphasized that she must without fail call on Muluzi to convey his message of goodwill for the season and to wish him a prosperous New Year.

She pointed out that ’’O’Malley’s wisdom and selfless service to the Malawian community in both Malawi when he served as a priest and a rights campaigner as well his involvement with Malawians when he retired to Ireland puts him as one of Malawi’s greatest friends for gave it all for the service of Malawian people in his both worlds.

“Father O’Malley is a fountain of knowledge and a beacon of hope for Diaspora Malawians in Ireland. He is the one who initiated idea on the need for the formation of AMAI so that Malawians could live in harmony and he selflessly gave direction and advice as to how things could work for Malawians in Ireland. He has been of great help to Malawians in Ireland and without him it would have been so tough. The Malawi Our community will never be the same without his input and help,’’ informed the human rights lawyer.

Malawians in Ireland honoured Father O’Malley for his services to the Malawian community in Ireland on October 24, this year which was at Brasserie 7 Restaurant along Capel Street in the Irish capital, Dublin.

In 1992, when Malawians demonstrated against the Malawi Congress Party under the iron rule of late Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda’s regime for the ill-treatment of the Catholic Bishops and for the arrest of the militant freedom fighter the later Thom Chakufwa Chihana after they had released a scathing but truthful ‘Pastoral Letter’ condemning the government’s poor human rights record, Father O’Malley who was among the Catholic Bishops fueling the wind of change in Malawi was ordered to leave the country within 24 hours by authorities because of what he said to students or in one of his sermons.

According to Mwase, Malawians in Ireland are contemplating on doing a documentary film on Father O’Malley life times and events during the struggle for democracy based on his book titled ‘Living Dangerously.’

“We would like to make a documentary film on the times, events and lives of those who were involved in the struggle for democracy in Malawi based on a true story as told by Father O’Malley. We believe that this is a piece of history that the future generations would need and we want to capture the chronicles of what happened and how it happened in visuals. We also believe that both Dr Muluzi and Father O’Malley are both critical to this project,” said Mwase.

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35 thoughts on “Malawians in Ireland pay homage to ‘Atcheya’: Fr O’Malley sends Muluzi message of goodwill”

  1. keyboard says:

    Statemen are not labelled in retrospect. If Tcheya was a stateman, he should have won the Mo Ibrahim award handsdown.
    Can somebopdy say what transformational politics Muluzi did which any stupid fool would have failed to achieve?
    Zoona mwayiwala open terms and sad terms and YD thugs who were beating chiefs and policemen? Where was the statesman when all this rot was happening? Please dont insult those who were victimized under Muluzi…

  2. Toga says:

    The survivor…. u living long despite all de atrocities u did to our freedom fighters the likes of EvisonMatafale,Fanikiso Phiri en many others ukuona ngati tinaiwala uona unya nthawi ikakwana….mfiti ya mbuyako

  3. Munthu says:

    Mayiyu anali mundende chifukwa Cha fraud then she sought asylumn. Pano amayenda ndi mnyamata oti anali petrol attendant ku Blantyre. She likes limelight kwambiri.

  4. Mjomba Yusuf Jonas says:

    Bigman Muluzi, zako zinayera kalekale:

    Ena akaona kachithunzi chonchi ayamba kulengeza kuti mwapanga chinkhoswe ndi donayu.


  5. Chidzukulu says:

    Zoona. Nobody is completely perfect. It is only God who is perfect but we humans should never stop to live towards perfection. A Tcheya does it ngakhale he had his own wicknesses during his tenue of office. May God bless him.

  6. Muku khala kunja koma bweranikoni muzionere nokha democracy ntchito yakeyo.Sitikudanana nayo koma amene akuyigwiritsa ntchito yakeyo akuti pangitsa kukumbukira malemu one party system pepani inu obwera ndi kupita.

  7. Mata wa fale says:

    iyayi asaimenso…..but only respect to our big gentleman…”big up a Tcheya” ”big up first multiparty president”

  8. Misi Aufi Anguisher says:

    No one is perfect in this land!Another man’s food is ones poisonous me do recognise Muluzi as agreat man hence he derseve respect upon fighting for democrancy in our beautiful country Malawi may God bless him wth a long n strong life.Amen

  9. Rafque Linkwa says:

    Zambia ndimayamika kwa atcheya, zoona no man is an island we all got problems like human beings, so go and f**k yourself leave the great enjoy the digginities, You sitting on your balls and complain about people who tried their best what about you now what are you doing?

  10. Toad says:

    Don’t surprise ,the reason atcheya not marrying is that he is catholic priest

  11. Respect is for those who deserves it
    and Atcheya deserves all the respect in the world
    Bwanji angoyimanso?

  12. 2 lost Decades says:

    U should also remember that much as appreciate that Bakili,contributed a lot in Bringing Democracy,but also his Two terms was full of corruption and that led to Cashgate,so we should also balance the 2

  13. musekanji palibe kanu says:

    Aliyense amene anachezako ndi atcheya akhoza kuvomelezanadi ndi chemwawa kuti munthu uja amatha kucheza ndi munthu wina aliyense osatengera jokes ndi lololo mpakana kumaliza.atcheya ndi dolo

  14. Bololo says:

    Muluzi was man of the people with a dark side. He institutionalised corruption by dismantling systems that would have enhanced his democratic ambitions. On one hand he helped build so called democratic institutions on the other he destroyed checks and balances and systems to ensure that he and his cronies enriched themselves.Remember the public posturing of untouchables like Dumbo Lemani etc. His Regime destroyed the railways so that his Chikala Hills haulage business thrives, and we are still reeling from his self centred motives with high national transportation costs. Education was mismanaged and hasn’t recovered since. Plunder of public resources was the order of the day and has evolved into cash gate. UDF has virtually disappeared thanks to politicians without ideology or vision. And where is the 1.7 billion kwacha case by the way?

  15. Anthu akuda says:

    Koma Tcheya tsopano. Still single but living together

  16. Zikagwa says:

    Kusowatu zochita uku. Mbava yachabechabe ngati imeneyi. Khuluku anaba 1.7 billion.

  17. George phiri says:

    Sono Mwase ufa wadzola mmaso kuti muoneke bwino kapena munyase??? Our women are beautiful koma mukuonjedza kudzola ufa kumaso. Look good and not plastic. Nchikana mabanja akuvuta.

  18. Matandani says:

    This country is in problems because of this so called Atcheya, he is selfish. He could not allow those people who helped him (Malewezi/Late Aleke Banda/Sam Mpasu/Brown Mpinganjira) & others to rule UDF because he had his personal motives above the nation.. Malawi at 50 years should not be led by Matchonas as they dont know our real problems. Thats why this country will never develop if we continue to have these kind of leaders! The time Kamuzu came from abroad few were educated but now we have Drs./Proffessors everywhere who have lived in this country and knows better our problems.

  19. Joseph Banda says:

    No 1 ndi ma Rubbish!!! You can tell where he comes from. A tribe full of greedy and Bigots.

    YOU WILL NEVER RULE MALAWI. Muluzi is a great statesman

  20. The real Ujeni says:

    Just too long an article

  21. dalitso says:

    za ziiiii! this guy stopped bring democrat, a statesman ,a true son of Malawi & great leader when he wanted the third term mandate. He nearly brought this country down, people were victimised others killed all because of his stupid ambitions and ever since he failed to hang on to power he has monouvered successfully so far to stay out of jail where he belongs by trading off his son and the once mighty UDF to respective govts after him all at the expense of UDF. Now UDF is a tattered kitchen curtain, its grave is dug and going into obvillion then after next elections we are waiting to see what political leverage the so called political engineer will use coz then UDF would be dead & buried with baby. So stop calling this guy all sorts of good names because its an insult to Malawians who were victimised & died by the hand of his bandit army of YDs. Mwina munali kwao kwa azunguko mmene kuno timaphedwa eti? ZA Ziiiiiii

  22. yes says:

    Match on a don’t necessarily have to come back home but at least do something to invest back home. Even kutumiza mutu wa truck ya Scania yochakachika. Osamangokhalira kugula zovaqqqla mu Primark

  23. dzambo says:

    atcheya akuti dziko likuyenda bwino? paja his son is part of the system. Why throw away the truth to dogs chair? Chikuyenda ndi chiani? The fact that we have a president and a cabinet basi?

  24. Ma president ndi onse guyz koma cheya yekhayo ndiye ayiyayiyaaaaa!

  25. ngozo says:

    Mapwevu even if the story was written by Ndanga what’s your problem? There millions out there who still regard ATCHEYA as their father becoz of good things he has done. He is the only Malawian greatest Statesman of our time. May God be with him always.

  26. Milward Malidadi says:

    Unnecessarily long article indeed! Kodi mumaganiza kuti kulemba ndikungowunjika mau kutsogola kwa ena? Kumangobwereza basi?

  27. The Dreamer says:

    I respect Atchey alot, he did so many wonders to the country, but anatisiya padzuwa when he brought in Bingu wa Mutharika, thats why we suffering now, he’s to blame

  28. yes says:

    Match on a don’t necessarily have to come back home but at least do something to invest back home. Even kutumiza mutu wa truck ya Scania yochakachika. Osamangokhalira kugula zovala mu Primark

  29. Malawian!!! says:


  30. levelheaded says:

    In my life I have learnt to judge people from their positive side. Muluzi shall be remembered by Malawians for his positive contribution to this country.He brought us multiparty,sovereignty and chose us the visionally president Malawi has ever had”Bingu Wa Mutharika”.

  31. utitiri says:

    I totally disagree with coment number 1 of Mapwevupwevu. Dr Bakili Muluzi might have had some shortfalls but he was a great Statesman! Didn’t Kamuzu have any shortfalls?

  32. Nyaulembe says:

    All Malawi politicians have one common denominator. Greed that’s why all the last 4 starting with Kamuzu were thieves and have stolen more than they can eat in their lifetime

  33. student. says:

    Uli ndi mwai acheya anabona

  34. Mapwevupwevu says:

    The article is too long and could as well have been written by Ken Ndanga.

    Bakili Muluzi was not a statesman but a greedy man who rode on the back of the poverty of Malawians to satisfy his personal grandiose!

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