Malawians mourn Nyondo: Laid to rest in Lilongwe amidst drama

Fallen politician James Nyondo has been laid to rest at Area 18 cemetery in Malawi’s capital Lilongwe, mourned by several thousand people including leaders of political parties.

Nyondo's children (From left to right) Munthusi,Muliska, and Pamela

Nyondo’s children (From left to right) Munthusi,Muliska, and Pamela

Chakwera paying his last respect to Nyondo

Chakwera paying his last respect to Nyondo

Nankhumwa laying his wreath

Nankhumwa laying his wreath

Nyondo's casket being lowered

Nyondo’s casket being lowered

Nyondo died on July 17 at Steve Biko Clinic, Johannesburg in South Africa.

He was until his death President of the National Salvation Front (NASAF) which he founded and participated in two Presidential elections.

Leader of opposition, who is also president of Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Lazarus Chakwera, Minister of Information Kondwani Nankhumwa, former Malawi Vice President Khumbo Kachali, PETRA president Kamuzu Chibambo and Mark Katsonga Phiri of PPM were some of the political leaders who attended burial ceremony of  Nyondo who died aged 47

In his eulogy, Chakwera said “Malawi had lost a rare political gem who could have contributed a lot to the country’s political landscape.”

Chakwera said the demise of Nyondo was very saddening.

“He was healthier than most of us,” said Chakwera. “We did not expect he could die this soon.”

Katsonga said the U.S trained lawyer and development worker “was a national asset” who will “never be replaced.”

Nasaf, through Secretary General Lester Chikoya said “the party had lost a leader with original ideas.”

The party handed over the Nasaf flag to Nyondo’s widow Lucani as one way of honoring her for taking care of the leader of their party.

It was, however, late Nyondo’s family that stole the limelight, as they bitterly complained why he was not buried in home village Chitipa. There were conflicting statements as why Nyondo was laid to rest in Lilongwe.

The body of Nyondo arrived in Malawi on Thursday where it was taken to his uncle’s residence in Area 47,  where friends and relatives, including  well- wishers held funeral vigil since Saturday, last week.

He is survived by wife and three children.

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52 thoughts on “Malawians mourn Nyondo: Laid to rest in Lilongwe amidst drama”

  1. Wisdom Limbe says:

    Regionalism is what James hated most. It is sad that 51 years after independence we do not know that Malawi comes first.

    May the Good Lord receive your soul, my dear James. I love you more in death and will cherish and live the values we naturally shared. RIP.

  2. george nambazo says:

    Rest in peace Nyondo

  3. nkasimunguya chinankasanganye says:

    Mwamaliza kunyozana pamaliro anzathu?. Sibwino choncho. Inunso azibusa chonde tamayesetsani kugawa mau a Yehova pamairo osat andale.

  4. I was there at James Nyondo’z burrial ,but the preachers were preaching about politics of Malawi not the message of God which culd change hrts of pipo,,andale atukwanika eeee i hav never heard,,Pamela only God knws your future ,just keep on praying to him as u hav said tht u dada used to tell u

  5. Wakodza Pogona says:

    Atumbuka kuzikonda. Nthawi imene James Nyondo amafuna mavoti simunamupatse. Munankana kwantu wagalu. Pano, muli yaviyavi mwati maliro ake anakabwera ku Chitipa, zoona zimenezo? Mukumufuna chifukwa wafa pamene munankana ali ndi moyo? Atumbuka mudzatheka liti?

  6. Gresham paul says:

    RIP, Nyondo

  7. Why the hell was he burried in Lilongwe? Don’t you have graveyards in Chitipa? You people from the north disgust me, Fuck!

  8. Bennet Nyirenda says:

    You Can be burried any where but my advice to others who are very popular Is to always remember your home and visit your people, build a house for yourself or senior relation to free your spirit in times like thèse. Rip.

  9. wakwithu says:

    Vutola odziwa Zonse ndilimenelo.Ena asadandaule koma zikhale ZANU. Uchitsiru basi.

  10. spartan says:

    being one of the most valued national assets signifies how appropriate it was to burry nyondo in capital city of malawi, jst to sustain his history. Parties hav witnessed his intelligence by looking @ his well arranged manefestals during last two general elections. May his soul rest in peace.

  11. chiya says:

    Enafe timadzifunsa ndi kale kuti why not in chitipa? So if family is complaining, who forced them to bury him in lilongwe? nyasa times, u would have researched and give us the cause of the drama u have talked about.

  12. Mzomerai says:

    chifukwa ninji anthu ofunikira akumapia kumasala ozimva?

  13. chifundo says:


  14. Josphat Thondoya says:

    May be transport challanges. He couldnt be taken to Chitipa

  15. chefourpence says:

    Ifetu tinafunsa why Area 18? And not Chitipa? Akumtundu siakulakwitsa. Choncho mukamangapo chiliza chokongola atumbuka azidandaula kuti development is not fairly distributed? Tazikondani kwanu abaleee.

  16. Francis Rome says:

    Biko academic hospital in Pretoria…kumafufuza Kaye anyasa

  17. Hellen nyenyezi says:

    We loved you but God loved you most rest in peace

  18. Mphangela says:

    Wakoma poti wafatu iyaaaaa,munthu munalephela kumuvotela ndi u mp womwe nde mudziti chani apa aaaaa.

  19. VIYAZI TEMBO says:


  20. Mzungu wa Mzeru says:

    Why wait till burial time to voice your concerns.

  21. ma says:

    Last photo. Are those guys in white prisoners?

  22. Andrew kasa says:

    May his soul of James Nyondo rest in peace

  23. Dr. Matamula says:

    Kkkkkkkkkk. Atumbuka mwayambapo. Mesa kunali committee imayendetsa za mwambo wa maliro?

    Chakwera ndiwe dolo poyankhula. “He was healthier than some of us” kkkkkkkk. He was healthier than Pitara Mathanyula Mbolozidana.

  24. Nkhombokombo says:

    Malawians! Malawians!, don’t you become more white than the white themselves. Give “respect” to the departed least they haunt you. politics and jokes aside, we all will face the same wrath, rich, poor,ugly, beautiful, wise or dull we “shall” all go the same way. James has left a “legacy” behind how about you and me? RIP James!!!!!!!

  25. kamasozo says:

    Maliro anafikira kwa uncle ku 47? Kodi analibe nyumba mu Lilongwe muno? Nanga osakafikira kumene kunali nyumba yawo bwanji?

  26. Jonathan mbewe says:


  27. Bertha says:

    Rip in Lilongwe chitipa chitipa ndiye kuti chani think of the costs if all the people who attended travelled to chitipa? Let’s be objective sometimes

  28. Kaziwiziwi says:



  29. edda mwalweni says:


  30. captain says:

    He had no house even here in lilongwe , i don’t know how he could become a president without a home here, he was brilliant though

  31. chifwede says:

    Alfred, where is rhe drama in the story? The lead and headline says there was drama but i cant see the drama in the story. Improve on your writing….

  32. Ku Chitipa ufiti too much, amafuna akatafune.

  33. atumbuka says:

    Atumbuka ndi choncho. Kukonda ku town. Nankhumwa anapita kumeneko mmalo mwa president bwanji simunatiwuze zimene analankhula bwanji

  34. titus Scoti says:

    Za pa mtundu zimenezo ife zisatikhudze. Kuikidwa ndiye Kuikidwa basi. May his soul rest in eternal peace!

  35. Tsono says:

    As a lawyer the Late Nyondo should have been a good example to draw up a will and advise where he will be laid to rest. Kodi analibe nyumba ku chitipa ndiye amachita manyazi kuti akafikila nyumba iti? Looks like the dust is far from settled as I see trouble brewing regarding chuma now.

    Kwake kwatha but we can only learn a lesson. Rest in peace Mr President!

  36. Benford says:

    RIP, shining star of God flush on you, he was not chitipa citizen but was malawi citizen.

  37. francis wa Auph says:

    Indeed RIP papa

  38. Sapitwa says:

    In politics in Malawi most of the Leaders are speakers who could formulate good policies and strategies going with it but when voted into power, they fail to implement them. These are the many we praise but seen nothing tangible that we can point. They are a bunch of Hypocrites, Sweet Talkers on the podiums and Placards.
    Next we need people vieng for Presidency to apply for this job, go for series of interviews, deal with carious case studies in the process and give conclusions to them, go for grilling on open broad cast interviews and finally be approved to stand in for Presidential candidacy.This process MUST be applicable to the MPs. We are tired of dunderheads and deadwoods.

  39. Mkonda Amalawi says:

    Ino ndi nthawi imene anthu timalingalira kuti zimene anthu we fight for is nothing.King Solomon already said that all is vanity.Lets learn to Love each other.Life is too short.This is God’s World.Amalawi tiyeni tizikondana ngati mmene timakumanilirana maliro.Zikanakhala chonchi Malawi bwenzi itapita patsogolo kwabasi.

  40. Concerned says:


  41. Swagger says:

    Home sweet home, the family had a point indeed, everybody has got a home and even Dr David Livingstone’s remains got carried away to Scotland

  42. Swagger says:

    Inde akanafikira pamtengo kumene

  43. baggio says:

    Rest in peace,wakufa samadziwakanthu

  44. wawa says:

    rest in peace

  45. Nasibeko says:

    He was a national assert that’s why he has to be buried there. Sorry to the bereaved family he stopped being belonging to you only once he aspired to contest in presidential elections. May the Lord God comfort you in this trying period. That set aside Hon Chakwela & Nakhumwa’s photos have you noticed that the other guy is sitting on somebody’s recent graveyard & what about giving respect to those who have recently buried their loved one. Who is in charge of culture here or there are just being manipulated by well known Jim & Janet of this world

  46. Moya says:

    Smart and brilliant young politician but he failed to blend in with local politics in other words he didnt play his cards right like the other matchonas but we silute you soldier!RIP

  47. Matter o Fact says:

    Anakafikira pa mtengo ku Chitipako?

  48. vyaya says:

    Rip man! Paja Chitipa funs kuvuta. EveN if you burry him in Chitipa akadzukako? Mtembo ndi mtembo basi dothi…!

  49. lesta says:

    Ofcourse,why bury him in Lilongwe?

  50. Zachisoni Phiri says:


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