Malawians poke MANEB over MSCE exam results

The Malawi National Examinations Board (Maneb) has quashed the news going viral on the social media that this year’s Malawi School Certificate of Examinations (MSCE) results are out.

Maganga: MSCE results not yet in

Maganga: MSCE results not yet in

Maneb spokesperson, Simeon Maganga has pointed out that the national examinations board has noted with great concern the spread of “false news” on social media about the release of 2015 MSCE examination results.

“The truth of the matter is that processing of this examination is still underway hence the ‘news’ is a total lie. As per tradition, MANEB in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, will announce the release of the results as soon as processing is finished in the soonest possible time,” explains Maganga.

Although the news has been received with enthusiasm the said 2015 MSCE exam results gives two pass rates in the referred to statement; 58.8 and 54.8 percent.

“Malawi National Examinations Board (Maneb) and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology have finally released the much awaited Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) examinations with 58.8 percentage pass rate,” reads in part the purported Maneb media statement.

“Out of 136,382 candidates who wrote the examinations, 71,486 have qualified for the award of MSCE certificate representing 54.8 percent pass rate. Only 26 candidates were disqualified for the award of MSCE certificate for failing to adhere to examination regulations,” adds the fake statement.

A closer look at the statistics outlined in the said press release shows that it is a doctored document from last year’s Maneb press release which came out second week of October. Some of the figures are either exact or slightly twisted.

The motive behind such a move is not yet known but people speculate that this shows that they would want the results out the soonest. Last year’s pass rate was 54.8 percent.

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23 thoughts on “Malawians poke MANEB over MSCE exam results”

  1. mbuchindele says:

    Onse alopwana akuwaika mma course ngati medicine, social science, medicine, business related etc. Atumbuka onse ku education humanities ku Mzuzu university. Eyetu. 5 years iyi atumbuka ndi blackout basi

  2. Rodgers Banda says:

    Rediculous! The first which they call lies is true. Now they are playing around to pass failures from south and send them to colleges. Maneb is not a bpdy to trust. CAREFUL!!

  3. Verodgers says:

    am so jocund to hear that ,before i was panic and my heart palpitate .when their be realesed send for me at ngara in karonga nyungwe.

  4. Namsorlac Moht says:

    Okay, is dat so?

  5. David Lifinati says:

    Ndy akatuluka please zayamben kunditumizir ine as the head of all school directors in this country (Malawi)

  6. uneson kusimonga mpaka kut akopweche une yangaimanya nambi acimmasyeto waunami nditu kwende nao wa maneb kwereko atelecedye ma nono g.o

  7. Benson says:

    Aaaaaa zosakhala bwino ndi pang’ono pomwe, n’zowona anganamize mtundu wonse wa Malawi chosecho ndizaboza, Akatuluka sasowa ndithu.

  8. Frank says:

    Malizitsani kuchongako bola aliyese mudzamupatse ma points a momwe analembera mayeso.Kutathauza kuti osadzapereka ambiri kwa okhoza,ochepa kwa opanda nzeru.

  9. Ernest Sapala says:

    A(Maneb) musamavutike ndikutiuza kuti zoti atuluka ndizonama coz zaboza zimaziwika zokha.
    Mukayankha amene walembayo amazimva udolo kuti wakuvutisani.

  10. Ernest Sapala says:

    A(Maneb) musamavutike ndikutiuza kuti zoti atuluka ndizonama coz zaboza zimaziwika zokha.
    Mukayankha amene walembayo amazimva udolo kuti wakuvutisani

  11. anthonymous says:

    People wants money that’s they use this hot story to gain more fans not knowng akuzitaira fanz





  13. matako a pusi says:

    This is what happens is systems are slow and beauracratic wake up maneb

  14. Chikutumbwe says:

    Politics and education. Kwa ife tinachitako kandale pang’ono tikudziwa zimene MANEB and Ministry of Education imachita. Mudziwafunsa akulu akulu amvula za kale kuti akumasulireni

  15. Kaya zanuizo ine pheeee kumangodikila,kaya aza2luka chaka chamawa i dnt care!!!

  16. Ngombwax1 says:

    When MANEB tells the nation of any pass rate in a national examinations, i know they are lieing to the nation. The evidence from the graduates speak volumes about it self. Some times when you see those with best/great grades, you wonder whether that is really a true reflection of what they got. It is simple to understand what i am saying by just comparing the intellectuals that came out of the old Malawi Correspondence College with 30 points or worse but still making it in life to higher grades. Currently you see one with good points but intellectually incapable. This is what is called educational crap, under this so called democracy. To me Dr. Banda was a man, and shall always respect him for the rest of my life. He set best educational standards, which some people destroyed willy nilly. I am not even optimistic than any of these greedy politicians can bring it back

  17. I think it does not help for students to stay longer at home without hearing their results. Results of exams in Malawi takes unnecessarily too long. This is just a tip of an iceberg of how education and examination management are in a big crisis. Find a solution please

  18. Joseph Ntchito says:

    atuluka liti?

  19. Joseph Ntchito says:

    ndiye atuluka?

  20. Sandra kaneno says:

    Tell us the real date when these exams will come out we are tired of waiting please

  21. M'Malawi Weniweni says:

    The world over, school results come out on known dates: third week of August for IGCSE/GCE, etc. Why do we need to chase MANEB for exam results every year? And what has Ministry of Education to do with results? Students write exams set by MANEB, the exams are marked and the results should be announced. Why should Ministry of Education poke their nostrils in exam facts? to doctor them?

  22. .............. says:

    At least MANEB has gotten the message

  23. Dr. Ben Phiri, PhD says:

    No trust in MANEB, Ministry of Education. Exams on most occasions do not reflect the actual truths. People are just bluffed. Tizingopangira kuvutika komweko. Most teachers are not up to standard

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