Malawians to pay more in new fuel prices as Kwacha continue to weaken

News of the move –motorists will have to dig deeper into their pockets following the upward adjustments of fuel prices by Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA).

Fuel pump prices  up

Fuel pump prices up

Nyasa Times understands that the regulator have  adjusted upwards fuel prices effective November  8, 2014.

Petrol is now MK 856.70 up from 796.20, per litre Diesel now selling at MK 865.90 from MK805.50.

“Malawi Energy Revenue Authority (Mera) has resolved that maximum pump price for petrol, diesel and paraffin be revised upwards effective November 8 2014,” reads the statement.

Mera cited the movement of international oil prices, exchange rate of the kwacha to the dollar and other macro-economic fundamentals.

The kwacha continues to lose ground against major trading currencies and has slipped further to K520 to a dollar in some foreign exchange bureaus and authorised dealer banks (ADBs.

Daily foreign exchange bureau rates show the kwacha selling at K520 to a dollar which is a steep fall from K460 to dollar in May when the country held elections.

Spot-checks revealed that on the parallel market or black market, a dollar is selling at K530 and buying at K565, indicating a steep fall in the value of the local unit which was selling at K455.

Financial analysts predict that the local currency will continue ceding against other foreign currencies in view of prevailing economic environment.

The increase in fuel prices could have an effect on transportation costs and the cost of power, which are some of the main drivers of inflation in Malawi .

Malawi’s major donors under the Common Approach to Budget Support (Cabs) are withholding budget support for Malawi worth $150 million (over K60 billion) following the revelations of massive public funds abuse at Capital Hill popularly known as cashgate.

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139 thoughts on “Malawians to pay more in new fuel prices as Kwacha continue to weaken”

  1. Sunga Moyo says:

    Tizionera limodzi.But specialists say let us diversify our economy.It is just a song. There is need for action,action and action.Dont just talk but put it into action.

  2. zay1980 says:

    Nyaphapi wamkulu

  3. Dan says:

    Mphwenthu opanda mano mkamwa.
    mbuzi yamano kusi

  4. peter says:

    During campain you were saying you shall reduce the inflation. Fuel will be going down in prices, you were promising a lot to poor Malawians , malata, Cement etc. Is this JB who is rising the cost of living? Malawians look now what is happening with this person. Pleaselet us go to the street to show our anger.

  5. zondeni says:

    i said it guyz musasangalale kwambiri, peter !peter! peter! ameneyu sangasiyane ndi mkulu wake lero mwaziona musatinyasepo apa kazingolilani musovaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

  6. Stop Insurting pple any how!!!
    may be is ur tendancy or due to ignolance ,
    let ur ignolance not expose to audience.If u do not hav a speech just keep silence.


  8. nkunthamasese says:

    Gudoyo sadziwa kuyendetsa economy he shud be fired. He has run out of ideas. anamputsitsa Bingu ‘the econmic engineer’ was reduced to ‘economic nothing’ fire godo the economy will be back on track. Cashgate should not be a hiding place. WALEPHELA GUDO.

  9. cash gate says:

    tsono mbuzi za chilomwezi tikuvutikanazo limodzi, they just feel kuti akulamula ndi mlomwe mzathu basi, umbuli basi, osatisokonezera dziko ndi umbuli wanuwo.

  10. zandiwawa says:

    zonsezi ndi dyela la MR MBENDERA NDI MEC yake poyika pa m’mpando munthu amene a Malawife sitidamuvotere osamatinamizila a Malawife kuti tidavotela DPP ayi sitinati tililira ngati mbuzi.

  11. dyakumusi says:

    As long as MATHANYULA is at the whelm of power, we will continue suffering as such. Mark my words

  12. Chilmoni tweet says:

    All the donors pulled out their sopport to Malawi and we malawians we are busy blowing up forex by importing these so called second hand cars from japan.Bby the way when you will build your your mother land? Peter wazipeza izi komanso adzazisiya.Anthu anakubelani ma billion kukapital hill koma mumamwela mowa limodzi.

    1. zakakaliya mulopwiya says:

      Pple importing vehicles is not bad and this is what we call development. Iwe wawoneka kuti umayiwala nsanga. Do you remember that JB found alot of both fuel and forex problems and she tried her best solve the mess caused by the previous govt. Apa vuto nindani tiwuze! Bad carpenter blames his tools ndi zomwe ukupanga apa.

  13. Masharubu says:

    Every time there is a Mutharika at State House, a myriad of problems engulfs Malawi . APM’S late brother, despite his many weaknesses and faults, was a more formidable man koma he still got to a point when he cried out that “Satana wamukhalira pa msana”. My worry is, ngati wamkulu uja anafuula kuti wakhalliidwa pa msana, uyu wombwambwanayu alimba?

  14. Michal says:

    what a stif cause and a big blow,is ths wht as we Malawians shld experience jst bcoz of 8 Letters called C,A,S,H,G,A,T,E,!
    We ar left empty hands,who to blame? Whts the route? I thnk no answers, greedy has taken full course,hw long we wil b on cry Lord Jesus Christ?

  15. wo zama says:

    We are not part of this sheet!

  16. Angozo says:

    Komatu kudzikonda kwa anthu ena ndi komwe kukuzunzitsa dziko lino. Anthu ofuna kulemela mwakuba osati mopatsidwa ndi Mulungu. Papanda cashgate zonsezi kunalibe. Plz law inforcers punish hard those who will found guilty.

  17. zachisoni says:

    pomwe maiko ena akutsitsa mitengo ya mafuta dziko lina ndipomwe likukweza sighting reasons like kukwela kwa mafuta pa dziko lapansi and ma economists a pa Malawi ali zii, challenge this gvt please. mitengo ya mafuta yatsika mpaka pa $85 per barrel, bwanji kodi. ma passport mwkwezanso kuti muwonjezere budget ya cash gate.

  18. Malindima says:

    I don’t understand why any government in the world can be blamed when it comes to fuel price increases which it has no direct control.
    To those who complain without advising the government on what options to follow have no slightest clue of how global economy behaves and therefore should not blame anyone on the subject that they don’t know.

    1. techwiz94 says:

      malindima it’s clear you dont know what you are saying. .right now fuel prices are dropping all over the world, so for you to say that people are wrong to question the government is just absurd.

    2. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

      are you mad,?ask countries like Botswana and other neighbours if they have increase pump prices like that? this govt is a big shame to Malawians…. we need to start acting now b4 its too late!!!!

    3. zakakaliya mulopwiya says:

      Hahaha wanama uyo

  19. Foreigher says:

    Mowa wa m’sachet umwedwa kwa mbiri coz winawo ukwela mtengo

  20. G, Mulimbika says:

    Kodi tizingomva kuti kwacha yagwa, zizatha liti zimenezi. Mwina tikhazikitse thumba lothulidwa KWACHA SUBSIDY kuti amalawi tipange sonkhasonkha akufuna kwabwino kuti kwacha ikwere.

  21. Anabanda says:

    munthu oipa Peter

  22. joy says:

    We need large notes now. Just imagine U$ has notes up to 100 which translates to MK50,000. Why should we still be stacking $2 in our pockets thinking we have more money? Please Mr RB Governor we need new notes say 5k, 10, 20, 50 and even 100k. What do you think guys….?

    1. Munuke says:

      It is only in Malawi where the biggest note K1000 is the most commonly used note. Normally small notes are commonly used. When k100 was the highest note in early 1990s it was equivalent to almost $35. It does not make any sense to have a $2 equivalency as the highest note. Justifications such as ikakutayika and may cause inflation are primitive and a reflection of retrogression.

  23. Ulesi ndi minyama, cashgate ndi ugalu says:

    Kumalawi ndi kumalawi. Wanthu ndi wopepera ndipo atsogoleri wathu womvetsa chisoni. Compare tudzi takumalawiko with your neighbours who were for 15 years at war.

    [AIM]Maputo -The International Monetary Fund (IMF) considers that Mozambique’s economic performance remains robust, with a projected growth in GDP this year of 7.5 per cent.

  24. risky says:

    Anyone surprised? Typical DPP. Full of people who are in there to self enrich. Mu DPP ndi ndani who has the heart for people? DPP woyee! Ndizimene timafuna anthu akumwarafe. Southerners like myself, we need to stop looking through the thin southern lenses! We need to start being objective!

    1. kukukukukuku says:

      your talkin’ boss

  25. wakunja says:

    I wonder whether many people that comment here really know how governments are run and how they generate money. Do you think things could have been different if Joice, Kaya Atupere or Chakwera had won? All these guys could have no donor aid coming which is mainly the center of current financial challenges our government is facing. In addition to that, we do not have huge exports that can enable us to generate the much needed forex. But i do not imply that leaders must not be responsible, and must come up with ways on how to tackle these challenges. Frankly, i have never seen a leader in Malawi who had such visions for the country. Most, if not all had vision for themselves, how they can become rich or win the second term, just things to move their own interests. To some extent Bingu was trying to build these things in his first term but he became so arrogant in his second term and just went on to squander government money for his own interests. I think it is time we have leaders that are really honest and who have the interest of poor Malawians at heart. I wonder we shall have any, am very pessimistic because of the kind of politicians we have. There is a lot to be desired in our leaders. I wonder how people praise Joice when we know during her time, billions of kwachas went into people’s pocket just within three months of 2 year rule. How about if she was president for 5 years. I do not expect much from any of our leaders and am very pessimistic things will get any better because of the kind politicians that we elect as leaders. I think it is time we begin to invest our thoughts and energies into that really can bring a positive change to our lives particularly religious things. Putting our trust in men will never bring any value to our lives especially politicians. It is like building a house on sand

    1. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

      my friend don’t lie to Malawians here, Joyce Banda started to stabilise our economy after devaluation and floatation but this idiot has taken the economy back to the days of his brother Bingu. DPP is very happy when Malawians cry. they love seeing our tears! the problem is that they rigged elections, apart from those who have never gone to school who voted for DPP! We need to be brave and start acting now. We need federalism!

  26. zakakaliya mulopwiya says:

    The good thing is that we are all in this shit. Ndi kumva kukoma kkkkkk. Tiona komwe zithere.

  27. nkunthamasese says:

    Munthu wa bambo akuchitapo za mbwerera pamene mai amachita zakupsa. Gudo chuma anaononga nthawi ya bingu. mafuta amasowa moti pompano ayambanso kusowa. forex imasowa pano iyambanso. katundu akwera mitengo moti pano wayamba kale. pofika february dollar idzakhala iri pa k700. Azungu akudana ndi banja la a mutharika ati ndi lamwano,lodzikonda. kukula mtima mpaka Kuthamangisa kazembe wao-mwano waukulu zedi. tikamuthamangitsapo APM muona aid will start flowing. panopa angonamizira cashgate ayi Mutharikayu ndiye yemwe sakumfuna. a malawi tivutika because of him. take my word.

  28. tiziona says:

    tiyeni tiwone komwetikuchoka tizadziwa komwezikuchokela izi

  29. chatty man says:

    we are all in this together!

  30. Mbuziyo bwanji kodi? Amalawi pempho langa ndiloti zikativuta kwambiri tisamukire kunyumba kwakeko tonse nafenso ndikwathu ndindalama zamisonkho ya makolo athu zinamanga nyumbayi tikadya konko, akadwala apite zipatala zamuno mwathu asipite kunja? Kodi ulemu tikafika nawo kuti amalawi? Mtunduu wationerera koma.

  31. DPP MBUZI says:

    This is what we wanted, DDPPP hm!hm! Kununkha kwakeko!!

  32. phunda says:

    Sometimes I feel like the voters voted wrongly, at other times I believe its incompetence on the part of thos

  33. Fathi Alshab says:

    well i knre it Dpp ndi firex fuel shootings denisls etc expets..
    .soon its the chiefs agsin being paraded on tv channels suppotting dpp mideocra performsnce… Chimanga chikweransotu kenska aziti anzathu a ku UAe or kenya atipstsa 13000 metric tons…. my foot!
    Now givt to go inti denails refutations warningds & threats to ze voters &taxpayers.
    Mawa ku mseu magalimoto asaende except kambaza !¡


  34. Mbanangwa says:

    During JB government, fuel would rise probably with Mk 12.00 but this guy raises it with Mk 60.50, almost 5 times more. This is a sad development, before February tifika Mk 1,000 per litre.

    1. zakakaliya mulopwiya says:

      Tayamba kukumbuka. Paja chisime chimawoneka kuya chikaphwa.

  35. Mwanawane says:

    God help malawians by striking peter muthalika dead! Where is cardiac arrest?? If u are around plz i beg,take peter muthalika to the grave

  36. Kikikiki says:

    Is it possible to get court law suit to stop paying tax until all money has been recovered? I need abit of education on it, is it possible?
    This is a complete joke, init?

  37. Fathara says:

    Atumbuka, Atumbuka, Atumbuka zivute zitani simuzalamulila Malawi. Chimene mumaziwa ndikuyakhula kwambili, ndichifukwa chake anthu amakuwelengani mwachangu ndikukugwesani. Inu kwanu kunatha tinakukwanisani basi. MULUZI MENE AMALOWA M BOMA, ANAPEZA US DOLLAR ILI 1 TO 4 MENE AMACHOKA ANAYISIYA ILI 1 TO 125. BINGU MENE AMALOWA AYIPEZA ILI PA 1 TO 125, MENE AMACHOKA ANYISIYA ILI PA 165. JOYCE BANDA ANAYIPEZA ILI 1 TO 165, MENE AMACHOKA ANAYISIYA ILI PA 1 TO 440. NDIYE MUKUFUNA MUTIWUZE KUTI CHANI. Tayembekezani muwonatu PETER akuwonesani simunati zithu zikhala bwino. Nkhani ndiyoti mumadana ndi WAMUTHALIKA family basi.

    1. masoapatali says:

      So should this be the trend? tinene kuti Peter is following the precedence? I thought he could do better. Akudandaula siatumbuka okha n it is not atumbuka suffering. It’s Malawians. To hell with ur tribalism n politics of vengeance. Mwana wa njoka iwe. Mbuzi ya mano kunsi.

      1. Nyabinghi says:

        Mwangowona kukwiya a Masoapatali koma Fathara wagwetsa mfundo osati masewela, us guys who invest in global markets knows that a trend is your friend.

    2. zakakaliya mulopwiya says:

      Nanga nkhani yokweza mafuta ikukhuzana chani ndi atumbuka. Umbuli uwu. Ngati ulibe chonena khalani chabe chete. Anthu oputsa ngati inu ndi omwe mukugawanitsa malawi.

  38. ujeni says:

    Diesel Petulo Palibe is back. Brace yourselves mamas and papas to sleep at Filling Stations, zofuna izi munasankha mbola nokha

  39. The Truthful One from the West says:

    Peter Mutharika and his DPP have been ruling since June 2014. May I ask anyone to tell me only one positive thing they have done for Malawians. Well DPP is the party that brought Malawi to its knees by April 2012. The majority of poor Malawians should expect very tough times ahead.

  40. Thyolo Thava says:

    Munavota nokha

  41. K says:

    An accident waiting to happen.

  42. Kalanga says:

    Do we have a Leader of oppostion in Malawi? Atupele where is ur agenda for change now? Wasiya kuona mavutovathu aja now that wakwera pansana pa njovu. Other opposition parties are negotiating to merger wuth DPP ayiwala za mavuto athu pano ndi yakweyakwe. Abusa a Chakwera muli kuti kodi? Kodi mudikila msampha uning’e? Titani ife amalawi? Atipulumutse ndi ndaniife. Ambuye titandizeni. Tikulowera kuphompho.

    1. masoapatali says:

      we did not elect Chakwera to be our leader of opposition. We chose him as our president and we are just waiting for the time. Nyasi zanuzi zisatikhudze.

  43. Fumu says:

    What are the hundreds of economist and profferes doing in the government to find solution?

  44. Fumu says:

    I am sure the government will find a solution to it before it is too late.They need to stabilise the economy soon.

  45. Malawi has no future. Mungatani. These DPP politicians fool us during campaigns. The only problem with JB was choice of her government that include Uladi, BJ, Chilapondwa, Kamanya and Khumbo. She liked external travel and cashgate finished her off. Shielding Mphwiyo.

  46. Malawi has no future. Mungatani. These DPP politicians fool us during campaigns. The only problem with JB was choice of her government that include Uladi, BJ, Chilapondwa, Kamanya and Khumbo. She liked external travel and cashgate finished her off.

  47. BA says:

    Kaya Inu Ine2 Sindinavotele Ameneyi Ndimadziwa Kuti Sizimagwilizana Kulamula Kwa Mbale Wake Sikwa Uyunso. Inu Anyuzinu Ameneyi Ndiwanu Tiyeni Muzimunena

  48. Shabalala says:

    Maxon Mbendera, and all those who helped in rigging the last elections, i.e. Samuel Tembenu, Kalekeni Kaphale, Brian Bowler, Saulosi Chilima etc , how do these sad developments make you feel? If you are human beings with normal consciences, how are you feeling now? Do you feel proud every morning when you look at yourselves in the mirror? I wish we could meet in person so that you look me in the face and tell me whether you don’t experience moments of shame in your miserable daily existences . You, and not APM, are responsible for the misery that Malawians are experiencing now . APM didn’t even know the first thing about winning an election, whether honestly or dishonestly . It is you people who shall forever carry the guilt of robbing Malawians of their God – given right, the right to choose leaders of their choice . Malawians didn’t choose APM and your DPP .

  49. he must step down , and bring back 92 billion to the ground .we have experience tough time less than a year what about five years.

  50. Zonsezi ndi Cashgate ya PP

    1. Voter says:

      @ Imran

      Ndinu agalu ati.

  51. Mutichani says:

    Up to this hour i fail to understand what malawians did on 20 May 2014, we will reap what we sowed!

  52. countries all over are “crying dat oil prices have dropd”….yet we here are doing the exact oposite? This is robbery…does the so called MERA think u just wake up and impose new prices? Where r they geting their fuel?………and what is RBM doin? it’s its duty to guard the kwacha….cant they see hw Russian Central bank guards and strengthens the countrys currency despite EU sactions? dont just sit phwiii…….!!!!!!

  53. kamwendo says:

    nanga dollar ndi yimene tutsatila katundu wa m’malawi akamabwera timagula mma dollars palibe chachilendo

  54. tsetsefly says:

    A country being run by a he-goat. What do u expect?

  55. Cicero says:

    The problem is hitting th poor Lomwe from TA Chimaliro, a Tumbuka of TA Themba, a Nkhonde of TA Kyungu etc. What a shame. 92 billion is part of donor demand to release their money & that is a DPP mess. For sure there is no difference between DPP & PP just look at their abbreviation & origin is the founder of cashgate UDF. Malawians are paying a good price of foolishly voting for thieves Peter, JB & Atupele. Donors know these hardcore criminals. Sorry foolish voters.

  56. cbk says:

    gwengwe@ 45 mmmm kkkkk.

  57. vindere says:

    Wonder will never end. Sorry!!! am going back to my roots up North to start afresh. Am fed up with this country called Malawi the warm heart of Africa or rather now called the cold heart of Africa.The name itself Malawi is synonymous with poverty written all over it.I feel sorry for CHAWAS and LHOMWES who are insisting on staying. Well, have it your way. Bye!Bye!

  58. Dont cry,Malawi!A man is just a man.He never knows what comes tomorrow.No party or individuals can save Malawi.Never!If you have got that belief then you are just wasting your so much important resource, thus, time.Wake up,and work hard for yourself for the benefit of you and your family!I urge you all Malawians that you should work hard in whatever acceptable activity you do!Dzuka Malawiiiiii!!!!!

  59. SOTHINI says:


  60. Mrs SAM Dalitso says:

    All these is because of Cash Gate. Mai cash gate is making us this is the price we are paying for cash gate. Why give Senzani only three years when everybody is suffering because of her. A judge pamenepo simunathandize Mtundu wa Malawi..inu zidyani nkhukuzo ndi Ana anu ife tikugona ndinjala.
    Mudzafa ifa yowawa nonse

  61. mphwiyonnaire says:

    Number 32: zadutsa pa mwana wakana phala! Zafika pa ‘mwana wakanda phwala!’ Yalakwa kwambili!

    1. manuel says:

      kkkkkkkk,,,,,hahahahahahha,,,,,,,wakanda phwala hahahahah,,,,,,,akalisupula sako izo,,,,,hahahaha

  62. Zansete says:

    Koma Joyce Banda,wakwezanso mafuta? Kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  63. Opportunist says:

    Expected with dismay here we go! Deja vu?

  64. tsetsefly says:

    Nothing new here. This is the same DPP we know and we are used to. firstly is high inflation, the next thing is no forex and after that the next song is diesel petrol palibe. The biggest fool is the voter who did not understand that once beaten twice shy. These are a bunch of govern elites whose agenda is to grow thier offshore bank accounts.

    Now we have on the driving seat a man who fails even to inspire the nation to work hard. He can not a make a plausible speech, be it in English, Chichewa let alone Chilhomwe. The only thing he knows is to ask Malawians to pay tax so that he can cashgate it again. He is not contented with the 92billion. Paying tax is an obvious thing bwana. Tell us something tangible Mr President. If you thought running a country is as simple then I can bet you that by 2019 you will be a more miserable man than you have ever been. By the end of 5 year tenure you will leave Malawi in rags. So, yes Malawi prepare to pay 1200mk per litre before the end of this year.

    1. True patriot says:

      a tsetsefly mwagwa nayo. ife bola wathuyo ali president. khala ndi ma frustration akowo. dpp woyeee!

      1. Voter says:

        @ true patriot

        Wanu uti. Mbuzi ya munthu iyi.

  65. john maiden says:

    What do the government doing

  66. Ma says:

    Good luck fellow country men, this is the time to move out of this country for the young generation otherwise palibe chathu pa Malawi……….Boma lalephera kuyendesa dziko …DPPP KUNUNKHA , KUBA, NDATA CASHGATE, PETER CASHGATE…CALLISTER CASHGATE, KALIATI CASHGATE………Is this what you wanted ? BOMA LA 36% RULING 64% WHO REJECTED IT?????

  67. Malawi says:

    Its sad and heart breaking to learn that the poor are the ones who are being affected in all this. To the top dogs, life goes on as usual. Their convoy will be having full tanks. No need to que for fuel. They can afford whatever and yet the majority cannot afford to put food on the table. Think about hospitals and Ambulances. What goes round comes around. There is money in Malawi. 92BN &24BN is still in Malawi. Please just give it back. We need our lives back. Have a heart for the poor.

  68. Andy moses says:

    Malawi nation future ?????????

  69. mbwindi says:

    ndi nthawi, malawians lets all acept it.

    1. Mukutu says:

      @ mbwindi
      What is this supposed to mean? Fool You think is that simple

    2. Mzaliwa says:

      We have to reject that,we do not embrace poverty.Poverty is not good.You become a beggar and you become a slave to some conditions.If it is indeed time,why for Malawi and not Mocambique?.

  70. big thought says:

    These are the fruits of cashgate and Malawians are suffering because of evil minded people who stole our tax money. The courts should be giving stiff sentences to cashgaters like the Sokos who benefited through his company.

  71. owen banda says:

    zafika pamawana wakana phala.malawi woyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  72. m'bale wa mungo park says:

    Feel sorry for poor malawian who do not know to protest when things go sour for them. 1st was mra everywhere. 2nd was Road traffic hikes. 3rd was passport fees hikes. 4th fuel. 5th cost of living will go up. How shall you poor malawians breathe? Cutting ministeril travels may not help at all when president and his family have it all FREE AT expense of poor malawians.

  73. Bob says:

    Hahaha musova

  74. Sosten Gwengwe says:

    Ndidzingophyotola mbolo yanga yosadulayi ndi kubunyulira my tank basi.

  75. Patriot says:

    Ndiye tisamvewinaku ministry of information natiuza kuti wakweza mafuta ndi JB, tikupangani Burkina.
    Useless uncompetent party.

  76. PUBLIC PLUNDER says:

    ZIMBABWE WOEEEE!!!!!!!! MASANKHA-SANKHA. Please remove that Reserve Bank governer before it’s too late. He is applying chicken economics. Remember Chikaonda’s. One of American presidents said ”If you line economists from Washngton to Boston (Blantyre to Cape Town) and ask them a solution to a problem, the will all give you different answers.” By Jan 2015 the Kwacha will be MK2000=$1

  77. Mula says:

    Ironically oil price continue to drop on the international market. does Mera only look at the strength of the kwacha only when adjusting fuel prices? u r robbing us.

  78. mkwende says:

    Pasavute tipitanso pansewu zikuoneka kuti mumava khwanga ili mmutu

  79. Mlomwe uyu atipha. The salary increases will become meaningless. Malawi will neve be a better country. We should simply forget that. The leaders promise us heavens but once tgey are elected they mind tgeir business.

  80. nkhedu says:

    ndi zimenezotu amalawi. had it been that you voted in new blood,perhaps things could hav been better not these same old u think donors can assist with such kind of leaders? just wait apa akweza but next tym sapezeka fuel. muzifolaso M’ma line

  81. Flames says:

    Ivi ndivo tikukana ivi!!

  82. True man says:

    The poorest will die, eni mabus, mashop, zigayo, all business people siziwakhudza they will just increase there prices the suffer is the poorest malawian, malawi is peaceful but the life we live its worse more than those unrest countries, am very sorry for azimayi olimba mtima kumaberekabe in a country like this.

  83. acn says:

    DPP government has failed . JB ndi deal osati zinazi. Malawi would have bn better in the next five years if JB was still in power.

  84. Malunza says:

    DPP Woyee! Alomwe Alomwe .. Nophiya. Olo munyoze ife alomwe takulamulira. Zamuwawa akakolope nyanja.

    1. Voter says:

      @ Malunza

      You should be the most stupid person in your family, clan, locality, village, district, region. May God forgive you for you know not what you are saying. Pathetic

    2. Mr D says:

      Mukulamulira chiyani mbuzi inu, zikukukanikani kulamula mumati musitsa malata zikukukanikani, mumadana ndi masten atachepesa mphavu kwacha nanga inu bwanji osaionjezera mphavu pomwe inuso mukungoichepeserabe mphavu. Mbuzi

  85. xmas says:

    Kodi chi president chikuchita chiani? Palibe chikuonekapo apa! Nkhama zako! Fwetseki! DPP, DPP chiani? Zamkutu!

  86. Boko says:

    Yes donors keep your money and send your help directly to projects. Don’t give DPP & its govt anything, these are thieves that rigged into government with the aim of stealing. See they have no clue as to how to run a govt, they are stuck and everything else is at standstill. As for us the majority, don’t worry we have always suffered with or without donor funds becoz the funds are stolen by the few elite and never get to us. Especially the Mutharika’s are well known and documented thugs, thieves and murderers.

  87. yale says:

    Koma nde tifatu,expect that everything will go up

  88. madzi akumwa says:

    I didn’t vote for dpp therefore im clean. wont be long before the finance minister resign

  89. Joseph says:

    Mwati bwanji,fuel wakwera chifukwa cha kugwa kwa kwacha ??????Mungoti zayambika basi wina asagwe ndi mtima apa

  90. Concerned Malawian. says:

    We should expect more than this…

  91. kambwali says:

    Amai mwatisiya pamavuto

  92. kayakaya says:

    koma boma ili

  93. Fathara says:

    MALAWI osadandaula MULUNGU alinafe sangatisiye choncho. Ifetu a MALAWI wathu MULUNGU ndiwamoyo samalephela. JOSEPH asanafikile chisomo chimene MULUNGU anamukhazikisila anadusa muzowawa, zoti anakakhala kuti analibe manso mphenya a MULUNGU owona kusogolo anakhoza kugwa asanafike kumene MULUNGU amafuna kuti akapeze zisomo zake komanso kuti akathe kuwadusisa azibale ake munthawi yanjala imene imabwela kusogoloko. Ndiye a MALAWI musadandaule zokoma zikubwela. TIKATI TINVESELE BWINO BWINO MULUNGU AKUYAKHULA, AKUFUNA KUTI TIYAMBEPO KUZIDALILA TOKHA. TIYENI TIGWILANE MANJA MUNTHAWI IMENEYI PAMENE TIKUDUSA MUNJILA YOLUNJIKA KUZISOMO ZATHU. INE NDIKUWONA SOGOLO LOPAMBANA LA MALAWI WA NKAKA NDI WUCHI, CHACHUMA CHOSEFUKILA, WASOGOLO LOKOMA. MUZINA LA YESU MULUNGU WATHU WAMOYO AMEN.

  94. dadaboma says:

    What is the use of this DPP govt? To kill people? I thought they are paid to help (and not harm) Malawians? Why raise fuel prices when international fuel prices have fallen and Malawians don’t have money for their living. Malawi now is very much poorer than the time of elections, and we’ve dropped 12 steps down the prosperity index to one of the poorest countries in Africa. Fuel in TZ, MZQ, ZA (our neighboring countries) has not gone up and the people there are much better off economically. Why is this DPP govt killing Malawians like this? DPP must work to make the lives of people better, not making it worse as is the case. They need to stop stealing; they need to seal the leaking bucket; they need to arrest and jail all those who have stolen govt money from 2005 and confiscate property acquired with stolen money and bring the money back to govt bucket. Donors will then come back and the country’s credibility will be restored, and Malawians will stop suffering. If DPP cannot do these things why are they in govt? We must take these people to task – they are wasting our lives and our time; they must get out of govt if they’re not ready to work for the betterment of Malawians. People that voted for DPP have brought misery to Malawians.

  95. Lwitiko says:

    Disel, Petrol Palibe (DPP) that’s what is expected of this nasty vampire

  96. Muhlomwe wankulu says:

    Mavotela votela’wa Ahlomwe mutipweteketsa ndiiithu. Mukuona tsano komwe zinthu zikunka,he agalu inu? Tinkakuuzani koma kusamva,khaya ndiumbuli omweu khaya ndiufiti khaya. Musova ndiuchitsiru wanuwo!

  97. Grey says:

    Life goes on.

  98. CJ says:

    Malawi kuva kuwawa just because of few greedy individuals, 13 million people feel the pain. Cashgaters.

  99. John Justus says:

    Dziko loyendetsedwa ndi alomwe ndilimenelo as he follow on his brother’s footsteps

  100. benard ndhlovu says:

    thats what happens when you employ ppo having no any ideas of how to stabilise an economy.

  101. papapapa papa says:

    Amalawi ndizimenezo mumafuna.. makamaka atumbuka amene munavotera Peter.. zanu izo

  102. Ludo says:

    This is malawi of today, zimaphwekatu akamayendetsa wina. Lero si izi, dziko lalowa mchala palibe chabwino. Malawi ali pa moto, wa mu uvuni uja kuchepera!

  103. Masharubu says:

    Boma la APM limenelo . Tiyeni nazoni . Zofuna izi . Kuchita kulowa mu Voting Booth ndi kukupanga “Chongu!” , kupangila mavuto . Malawians are so incredibly daft .

  104. Alpha says:

    We are heading for hell.And I hope no one will sink so low to the level of pretending that thngs are still ok.Thngs are nt ok.

  105. MASEYA says:

    This z just the beginning of tough life/times awaiting us Malawians…….to be honest, I dnt thnk Peter z any BETTER than JB in terms of governance…….I jst dnt c any improvement/change at all…all I c are commodity prices SOARING……I Cry my beloved MALAWI.

  106. Yobe boo says:

    Moyo wavuta basi. ndinanena ine Pitala sangathe kuyendetsa dziko!!!!!, Ngati amakanika ministry ya Education, Justice, nanga bwanji dziko lonse? Dzikoli akuyesera kuyendetsa ndi Ache Chaponda.

  107. chilungamo says:

    The prices can only be effective if they were approved by MERA Board but right now we have no Board at Mera, infact the mandate of all Boards have expired therefore this directive is null and void and can be challenged. Please appoint Boards to correct this situation, Parastal Organizations must operate constitutionally

  108. Mr D says:

    yaa mavuto alipo tizionera limozi.

  109. Felix Cosmas says:

    This will affect poor malawians and some unrecognised civil servants like teachers in low grades with small increments(makasu a boma).The Gvt has to consider that.

  110. innocentih says:

    We Deserve this, DON’T WE?

  111. M'ngoni wa pa Ntcheu says:

    I already said it before that Malawians are in for another weaping and groaning period because of their poor vision and misinformed desicion. Putting mafias and arrogant dpp regime back in town again????? Sure???? I cry my country because this is just an apertiser, the full meal is on the way, we gonna gnash our teeth and cry blood, to them dpp is bssnss as usual

  112. why we choose this president

  113. Ijeku says:

    As the journey continues………!

  114. commonman says:

    Aaaah Malawi..

  115. Mafutagate says:

    This is all cos of Chuka failing to sell dollars on the market.If he had done so the MK would have stabilised.Mr Governor, if u said we have adequate import cover of 3 months show doubters by selling the dollars.

  116. Chagonja says:

    Wumphawi suzantha ku Malawi ndipo Olemera azilemelabe pamene osauka azinka nasaukisitsa…sore a Malawi….nanga tipange bwanji kuti tithandize kuchepesa umphawiwu? Panopo ku mamidziko anthu akulephera ku mupeza sopo wa K100. Atani popeza sopo wa K100 uja wakweranso? Hiiiiiii

  117. musovenge says:

    Lets wait and see this is beginning we shall feel and solve

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