Malawi’s ruling DPP nets 9 MPs, dozens of recycled politicans: Jumbe, Makina, Mwenefumbo, Mtonga, Chiume, Mzomera, Thomson approved to join

About nine members of parliament have been approved by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to join its rank and file  together with other recycled politicians to be welcomed by President Peter Mutharika at a public rally.

Mai Chiponda: Regrets supporting DPP

Mai Chiponda: Returns to DPP

MP Felix Jumbe

MP Felix Jumbe

MP Mtonga signed

MP Mtongajoining DPP

According to the list of approved members who have been vetted to join DPP, they include former Malawi Congress Party (MCP) legislator Felix Jumbe and former People’s Party MP, Patrick Makina. The two were fired from their parties.

Other MPs joining DPP are Karonga Central MP Frank Tumpale Mwenefumbo,  another Karonga MP Malani Mtonga – who was an adviser of former president Joyce Banda and was elected under PP ticket.

DPP has also netted former foreign affairs minister Ephraim Mganda Chiume  an MP fron Nkhatabay from PP and former PP Mzimba legislators Rev Mzomera Ngwira and Chunga.

Also joining is chairman of the independent block in Parliament, veteran politician Harry Thomson and Davis Katsonga.

Apart from the lawmakers, DPP is set to welcome other politicians including former MPs.

They are former PP spokesman Ken Msonda, Khumbo Chirwa, Etta Banda, Bessie Chirambo, Chimango Mughogho. Clara Makungwa, Teleza Mwale, Charles Kasunda, Ulemu Chilapondwa, Dr Issaac Lamba, Namwaza Banda anad Harima Daudi.

Also joining and approved are recycled politicians; former minister Ken Kandodo Banda, former spy chief Bintony Kutsaira, former finance minister Friday Jumbe, Mai Magret Chiponda, Henry Mumba, Samuel Kaphuka, John Bande, Johns Chingila, Chikumbutso Hiwa and Patricia Banda.

Lawyer and president of  PETRA Kamuzu Chibambo is also set to join DPP.

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45 thoughts on “Malawi’s ruling DPP nets 9 MPs, dozens of recycled politicans: Jumbe, Makina, Mwenefumbo, Mtonga, Chiume, Mzomera, Thomson approved to join”

  1. santana says:

    Winston Msowoya, you must be a very bruised person. Which God are you asking for help? And which help do you want? Are you not among the people who celebrated Bingu’s death and said God has helped you to remove DPP from being a ruling party? Didn’t the same God disapprove you by booting you from govt by the same party you said God removed it from power? Winston remember I told you that people like you can talk and insult the DPP but if you don’t convince the DPP supporters that there is a leader from the current crop of leaders who can change things for the better don’t expect them to change their affliation. These people you call hyenas and all sorts of names have at least a few number of followers who if they will fail to win a parliamentary seat the votes will have a positive impact on the presidential figures. Msowoya, this time with all the bad things talked about the DPP you were not expecting what was happening at Masintha that Sunday. You were shocked and you will still be shocked in the days to come. Produce any leader from the opposition and convince Malawians that he can produce otherwise expect landslide victory for the DPP come 2019. Greet Bwande, George Kasakula, Steve Nhlane, Thom Chiumia, Allan Ntata and all those journalists who wish bad for the DPP. Keep on writing, you are welcome on this page.

  2. winston msowoya says:

    A Pack of vultures and hyenas landed on green pastures to prepare for gargantuan catch.It is not astonishing to see the,Jumbes,Makinas,Mwenefumbos,Chiumias,Mzomeras and the rest on juxtaposition but,I could be shocked to see the name of Chimunthu Banda among these greedy and sellouts.These people are visionless and pseudo patriots.Anyway,this is the highest betrayal by peoples’ leaders I have ever heard of and Malawians must make sure they are not to be voted in the Parliament comes 2019.Another win for DPP,means the unspeakable sufferings and degradation of our people who have endured rough and inhuman life in 52 years of their nationhood.We had patriotic and authentic leaders who laid down their precious souls for us all and they are not to be forgotten in our life-time,these are: Masauko Chipembere,Kanyama Chiume,Augustine Bwanausi,Willy Chokani,Rose Chiwambo,Orton Chirwa,Dunduzu Chisiza,Yatuta Chisiza and of course,not to forget Thengo Maloya,George Kanyanya,Attati Mphakati,Lifford Mkwapatila,Pemba Ndovi,Machipisa Munthali,George Michongwe,Kapote Mwakasungula the list goes on and on and you can not erase history but,you can destroy an effigy.If the people of Malawi can forget this ANIMAL,tribalism,in 2019,DPP will never win seats in the Parliament and yes,they will never form another rotten regime to rule us with their idiotic monster Peter Muthalika.SO GOD HELP US!!!!!

  3. sakala says:

    This is a top syndrome of lacking maturity and innovative ideas, politicians seem to have nothing better to do other than seeking fortunes like any other beggar in limbe dirty town…. Umasikini bwana uwu, shame

  4. Nankununkha says:

    Politics without morality. No wonder corruption is seen as no evil in Malawi

  5. Bodza la n\'nanu says:

    No wonder dpp cadets are becoming increasingly rich from recruiting these political lunatics. Self-enrichment. EU and US please I beg do not support the Malawi budget.

  6. Zoona zake says:

    End of PP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ntondo says:

    Zomvetsa chisoni kwambili kumeneku kutha ma plan eti ?

  8. Tpash says:

    Is this worth celebrating ..,kukagula njoka pamsika the type of mphiri nkumaweta nde izi

  9. Nambwewe says:


  10. Kyala says:

    Leave them these prostituting hyenas. They will disappear come 2019. Dpp must have bought them for heaven and earth sums if you consider msonda’s previous comments.

  11. Wa Ku Thyolo says:

    All these are useless people who are there to squander our taxes. These will bring no any change to the nation. Mbuzi mukombera mmanja.

    MCP is the only hope for the country. Not DPHIPHI

  12. Thinktank says:

    This is not worthy celebrating.Some of us we know what’s going on.Taxpayers are footing the bill of palming the hands of these political prostitutes.Sad times for Malawi. Now it means information bill will be passed in the most toothless shape…Electrol bill that seeks to make some changes to our election system will be defeated. ….So it’s insane to celebrate the migration of these parasites ……fortune seekers. ..

    1. mgoloso says:

      Freedom of association at its best in Malawi

  13. mwinya says:

    Are these recycled politicians? Jumbe, Makina etc. Swallow your pride Nyasatimes and admit something is wrong in the opposition and that the opposition should forget about plot no.1

    1. REX MSISKA says:

      Mwinya. Are you serious with your question? Not only recycled, thieves. How old are you Mwinya?

      1. mgoloso says:

        2019 ndiye yativuta kale basi ife a Opposition – Kunena zowona, DPP sitiyitha pa 2019, mwina 2024 kapena komabe hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh anthuwa ali ndi ma tactics ooopsa zedi – ife a MCP tikuchepera kaba ndithu.

  14. Kkkkkkkk says:

    A kamuzu chiwambo mulipo? Kkkkkkk say hello to Jessica Banda for me

  15. Mwananyanian says:

    Wow! If this is true, it may be the initial momentum DPP needs as we head towards the next elections, only two years away. That train may NOT be stoppable. To the chagrin of MCP.
    And perception is a big part of politics, no kidding.
    Ms. Kabwira-Kapasula: why are you still sitting on the fence, and continue taking all that humiliation from brutal MCP?

  16. Nyima says:

    Relocating and being ready for 2019,Neba kusova kulipo

  17. Ubunthu wamntundu says:

    Ajumbe have based their decision on their emotions. Angokwiwa because of jealousy and his racist based principles in MCP were not being accommodated. I heard kuti akandondo was amongst those invited to join koma akana. On a human basis DPP has been friend zoned kkkk! And now we have these clowns that who because of the economic states of our country has been plunged in, have pledged allegiance to the pockets of the the ruling party! Preposterous! A deplorable bunch of politicians indeed. What appeals thy to join DPP this party is our concerned. Besides what are the odds of you benefiting financially as you wish if we consider the change we have not seen in politicians such as a Bagus? Sad indeed are the principles of party politics in Malawi (money has not been considered accademicay not be amongst any them, although materialism has been considered as the founding principle of the Republican state – hahahaha)

  18. kkabini says:

    these people if you can analyse them you will first note that they are frustrated,confused and lacking proper direction. apart from being opportunists they bear same colours with Dpp and are the people Malawi does not need you will note in them (I mean those defecting) that selfiness & jealousy is paramount in them some of them poverty in keeping them in panic hence to seek refuge in the hands of the self -killing Dpp .you will also note that some of these were there in Dpp when they looted us 577b and that a dog will always remember its master(Mwenefumbo&ngwira). some of these you will see that politically they were dead or dying (eta banda,Chirwa and Musonda). Don’t be surprised if you will hear the return of Billy kaunda, Khumbo &others

  19. This are busy playing with politics, they are not not real politicians. How can our politicians exchanging the party anyhow, so what are they going to tell the people after all.

    This kind of political thats why the country’s financial are squandered every time because this people are following money, why don’t we follow the systems of other countries which is developed may be ours also can develop.

    My message to all Malawian, is better to form your own party than to join a ruling party definitely you are not solving the country’s but you are looking for money, you are not defend for the people but gold digger. The ruling also stop to allow this kind of behaviour because you are destroying the country the best way for our political we must have opposition in the country. This is not business.

  20. Douglas Ndindi says:

    The Malawian version of democracy is a very interesting phenomenon, but difficult to understand if you look at it against the background of other democracies. In short, know that it has its own definition and rules, then and accept it as it is. Here, the electorate practice democracy only once every five years. For the rest of the time it is only the elected who have the right to practice it. Anyone who expects it to run like other democracies in the world will be disappointed and confused. And why choose to be confused?

  21. Malawi says:

    The secret of getting rich quick and fast minus hard working is to join Politics the ruling party.

    Join them and enrich yourselves while we are all languishing.

    Why would one in their right mind join DPP seeing all what they are doing.

    Dyera. Wants to be served not to serve. Good luck.

  22. True Patriot says:

    This is hardly surprising and, it wouldn’t be newsworthy in my publication, if I had one!

    One just needs to look at the names being mentioned – some have been in old MCP, UDF, PP and the same people have, unashamedly, been involved in new MCP! So, should anyone get jotted to hear that these people are joining DPP?

    In my imaginary publication, this issue could only be discussed with the focal point being the naiveness and stupidity of the receiving party for not seeing the obvious!

  23. Cheyo the real northerner says:

    Let them join. Harvest will exernorate them. 2019 is not very far. DPP should learn from USA recent elections. Who knew Clinton would fail. Obama assisted her in all the states in America. Where is she now. This is the world.

    1. MnDaMbAlA says:

      Zoona zimenezo Cheyo, i think ukuzitsata bwino zinthuzi.
      Let all of them akhale mbali imodzi so that MCP ikawina zisankhozi onse azikapita kumudzi, chifukwa MCP siyingalore mbanva zimenezi thats will be NEW MALAWI!!!

  24. Harawara says:

    Do these people have political morals? These are people who vow to work only with a party in power. In DPP they know all these recycled politicians to be political weevils. Once inside DPP they will attack it slowly. Let them go but they will never be given political seats or business deals. I wish I could attend their interviews for entry into DPP to hear what they would be bring. And some of them are hiding from cashgate chase because that is safest place for them to run and hide.

    1. mudzalila says:

      He he de there we go! Same names, same faces wanting to get rich.Do you think this country will develope economicaly? NEVER in a million years! Go on plunder this country and remain poor forever. You deserve it with this kind of politics.As for Mai Chaponda or Chiponda, she should be ashamed of herself! She is a prostitute through and through. POOR MALAWI!

  25. MCP adviser on 2019 general elections says:

    If MCP wants to win the 2019 general elections it should consider making Richard Msowoya its president.Chakwera should become Msowoya’s running mate.With Msowoya at the helm,he would attract all the votes from the north.

  26. thats me says:

    Hehehe koma abale zoona MCP ikathe bcoz Felix jumbe wachoka? Kkkkkkk don’t be fools let me remind u something mwina mwabadwa dzulo.
    When we were moving towards general elections in 2014 we lost people like Chris Danza, lovemore Mhulo, Abel kayembe, etc but what happened to us? Number 2 now this time Felix is gone can we suffer? Thats a joke!
    Come elections today MCP boma osatifoolsh people fortune seekers who do do even have follwes apart from there wives.

  27. Gerard mapanga Phiri says:

    Too many toxic politicians join dpp. I don’t think is good for the country, may be there is certain laws they want to repel in parliament. It looks like there is a threat of democracy,some of those politicians are class A toxic but they quickly recruit them to increase number in parliament

  28. Apao Kugola says:

    Apart from Felix Jumbe, most of those rejoining DPP were not in the current MCP. So, I don’t see why some writers should think that this spells doom on the potential of MCP to lead Malawi again. Afterall, some of these opportinists did not win any seat in 2014 and are only desperately hoping againsy hope to get one in 2019 under the banner of a ruling party that is currently failing pathetically to govern Malawi and manage its small economy well. Jumbe’s move is good riddance for MCP – akaicheje!

    Only those who are not patriotic to the nation can join DPP now. As a nation Malawi will lose nothing with such a spent force. If this is what Malawi wants as a nation, MCP will always respect the peppple’s will – democracy – and never condone mediocrity -being proncipled. Afterall, democracy is the government of the foolish majority at the expense of the wise minority. Until the time Malawians gain wisdom to love their country and start voting on principles and developmental idealogies and not lured by blood ties, this country will never develop. Unless by miracles (umfiti).

    The Fearless Samurai (Jwampiriu)

  29. Chikadya Kuwani says:

    Koma abale NDALAMA nkanthu kena manyongwe onsewaja kunali kufuna DPP a JUNBE
    osadzawalolanso kubwelela ku MCP

  30. Otonde says:

    Amenewo si anthu oti ndiwodandaulitsa Ku joiner DPP,they are fortune seekers,a galu inu tisamanamizane pa Nyasaland kuti anthu awa angapangitse kuti DPP ingasinthe kalamuliridwe ka dziko.

  31. JKK Chisale says:

    Ohooooo??????? Munena inu zowona izi

    1. Kadzutsa says:

      John bande I doubt. Let’s wait and see. He is better off as independent mp

  32. APM says:

    Kodi zoona dziko linseri anzeru ndinu nokha?

  33. P.p Boss says:

    Guys this is very serious. You mean these people are joining Dpp.
    That’s the end of Chakwera with the black cock. I can’t wait for 2019 let me start casting my vote now.
    Will that ugly lady JB come back?That’s the everlasting exile for JB.Apongozi mai JB mungokwatiwako Ku amerikako ndi black America kapena meta za kumalawi zili kumeneko
    If this is true I say MCP will be on the bench forever

  34. DPP yatsitsimukanso says:

    Will we cry foul when DPP wins in 2019? Tiziganiza a Malawi

  35. Nazikambe says:

    APM, are you serious in admitting opportunists like Frank Mwenefumbo back into the party? This man abandoned the DPP upon hearing of the death of Bingu.

    1. Bodza la n\'nanu says:

      They will also leave upin hearing the death of APM

  36. Nyasimmaso says:

    Kkkkk apite amenewo that good devel;pment for the parties thy are leaving. To built a strong party anasanganya onse ayenera kuchoka.

  37. Alex kaliba says:

    Kkkkkkk abale anzanga a kongilesi limbani mtima ,zodzalamulilanso malawi aaaah ndakayika

    1. Njoka Saweta says:

      Looking at the guys joining DPP there nothing to worry about. However, because Malawi is made up OF illiterate people DPP have scored a point here. Be prepared that at least during our generation Malawi will still be the poorest country. We have well educated people who can help DPP develop the country but not mayi Chaponda, Ken Msonda etc. The death of Kudothoni has resulted in this exodus. This should be a concern to true DPP supporters. APM did not love his brother. Many of these deserted DPP even before Bingu was laid to rest. Something peculiar will happen soon. Mark my words

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