Man behaves like ‘dog’ in TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church

Wonders, they say, shall never end.  A weird clip has been uploaded to YouTube purportedly showing a young man transforming into a ‘dog’ during a deliverance session at the popular church of Lagos-based preacher T.B. Joshua. Man Turns To Dog 4Man Turns To Dog 3Man Turns To Dog 2

 The video, uploaded by Joshua’s official YouTube channel Emmanuel TV, shows a man acting in an eerily bizarre fashion during a time of prayer, even to the extent of eating one of his shoes.

According to the video description, “The demon within this young Liberian man is shockingly exposed, the entirety of his features contorting to the resemblance, movement and eerie sounds of a wild dog.”

After the prayer, the man who introduces himself as Alexander Johnson, explained that his problems began after he was sexually molested by a mad woman aged six.

Thereafter, Johnson his life was characterised by frustration and a serious ‘lust’ for women. Reacting to his bizarre behaviour during the prayer, Johnson said he had no memory of what occurred.

“There is no way I could have done these things,” he asserted, insisting it was the influence of an ‘evil spirit’ and adding that he was ‘completely free’ after the prayer.

Comments on the video revealed a mixed reaction from the public, some insisting the video was nothing more than an act.

“How much did they pay you to do this acting?” wrote one viewer. “I agree there are a lot of false prophets in the world but Prophet T.B. Joshua is NOT one of them,” another argued.

This is not the first controversial video Emmanuel TV has released on YouTube. A video purportedly showing Joshua’s encounter with ‘lucifer’ recently went viral, amassing over one million views in a matter of weeks.

Joshua’s YouTube channel has over 320,000 subscribers, making it the third most viewed in Nigeria.

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61 thoughts on “Man behaves like ‘dog’ in TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church”

  1. Tt says:

    TB Joshua, if this guy really turned into a dog, with canines, tail , fur! I would have said you had a point! but so far this is drama-religious comedy for idiotic christians to consume

  2. chavura says:

    nigerians are bad actors, if i was tb joshua i would want my money back for this poor stage perfomance


    The man had a spirit of the dog and its ONLY that spirit that was tormenting the man. TB Joshua, the bona fide prophet removed that spirit from the man and through the power of Jesus Christ, the man was delivered.
    Those criticising TB Joshua have the spirits in them. They need the man of God to deliver them.

  4. I would like to know myself how much Joshua paid this young man to perform this act

  5. I would like to know myself how much Joshua paid this young to perform this act

  6. mwiza chavura says:

    where is the dog? Africans u r fooled by these stage actors

  7. Achiphwisi says:

    Nde titani pamenepa

  8. FOXY says:


  9. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Hahaha Nyasatimes!Now you have put the correct heading osati zija za bodza zoti man turns into dog!

  10. Oyajide Dare says:

    who are we to judge?keep quiet and allow God to judge.

  11. Spikino Evo says:

    Its time for people to get rid of TB Joshua.When pastors start getting this desperate its because they know they are going out of fashion.

  12. hey says:

    Thugs doing what they know best

  13. Yaooo says:

    TB Joshua and all his followers are devil worshipers

  14. emekahenry says:

    On the last day all those who call themselves man of God will give account of ar many people them heald in name of God

  15. priss says:

    People wake up..TB Joshua is a true man of God.

  16. Kevin says:


  17. Koma ndalama yavuta padziko. A T.B Joshua mwatsala pang’ono kuti mukalandire malipiro a ntchito yano (Eternal condemnation). You are the greatest deciever, you and your followers are going straight to hell.

  18. yvonne says:

    whether you like it or not no one can stop the work of God through prrophet T B Joshua and prophet shepered Bushiri you are busy criticizing the prophets instead of focusing to your own lives please live our prophets we love them because we are seeing Jesuss christ working through them

  19. WOSAZIMA says:

    God is watching everything happening under the clouds

  20. M'busa says:

    TB Joshua is the true man of God. My fellow medics, if you cross-examine the miracles and healings at TB Joshua, you really acknowledge that this kind of medical condition can be healed by none other than Jesus. Not even Lucifer, otherwise it’s up to you to give him a credit. Religious people, blind fools. You mean the devil can work such miracles. Pharisees of today who blasphemed Jesus as Beelzebub. No wonder your parents crucified apostles (disciples ),Biblical prophets even Jesus Christ claiming He is fake.

  21. Critics for God says:

    Wake up guys! You cannot prove God’s miracles by attaining PhD or through a thesis. These things of spirit. Your knowledge and educational will come to an end. You will find yourself foolishly arguing against God. Friends we do not you to tell us that we are being cheated. It depends on how you view the word of God not how someone sees it my behalf. You may succeed by deceiving others because of mere doctrines handed down to you by human wisdom. God’s wisdom is foolishness to those who believe in their intellect and wisdom. I know you either doing this as messenary of unseen enemy that presents himself as an angel of light yet he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing unknowingly to you. Why do like fighting men of God using different media? Let us our steps; touch not the anointed man of God.
    Thank you

  22. Malawi says:

    remember JESUS CHRIST is coming soon!!

  23. NYONYO says:

    nosense ziwanda za TB JOSHUA amene seeking credit

  24. namasina says:

    What I fail to understand is that even those people who are supposed to be educated and know better still allow themselves to be conned by these so called prophets! You mean you cannot see how these people get rich? Poor Africans! You will remain poor and pathetic forever!

  25. Phwado says:

    Kkkkk!TB Joshua my brother.All because of money?Just like my brother Bushiri!In 1653 in Milan a 27 year old Fransesco Giuseppe Borri(from which the name Bushiri emanated) used to do the same.He died a fugitive and extremely poor.There were alot of these con assholes as we have today and they always have a disgusting mid 1700s there was Michael Schuppah of a Swiss country,in 1788 Franz Mesmer from Vienna,more recently Reinhard Bonke and now con Salanje,Bushiri ,TB Joshua,etc.Shame.Unfortunately the followers are shallow minded and psycholigically disabled!

  26. namasina says:

    Stop this SHIT!

  27. Critical Follower of True Worshippers says:

    Keep on watching Emmanuel tv including live shows, you will learn more and stop being critic on what you do not understand. Most people rely only on you tube, short scripts or what people say in the streets. Spend time listening to his sermons including live services, you will learn more and get transformed into a true believer not merely being a church goer or church servant but true servant of God knowing what is happening in the spiritual realm.
    People who criticized and crud field Jesus Christ were all people with high religious titles; even these days, the worst perpetrators of hate for men of God ate the same we call pastors, etc they have deceived their followers to deny the true servants of God and have led many astray. I don’t know whether it’s out of jealousy or envy or ignorance or are afraid to lose members of their churches.
    What people know they call names what they don’t know they destroy. The worst enemies of true worshipets are religious people. They follow part of the scriptures and deny the others because they have to suite their doctrines. Read the word of God with your heart ; meditate on it, you find yourself on the side of truth. Don’t just follow sermons and people who are like you. They may have that form of godliness yet denying its power.
    Thank you everyone; may The Almighty God, Jehovah be you all.

  28. Pitala says:

    Ndati ndiuze iwe amene walemba izi kuti zako zomaika title yonama kuti anthu ambiri awerengezi ulephera.

    Zikungosonyeza kuti ndiwe munthu wabodza ndipo ukungofuna ma views ambiri.

  29. Kamuzu Banda says:

    Sounds like absolute bullshit to me, and for that matter probably the rest of the civilized world. How stupid can we as Malawians be to believe this kind of unimaginable bullshit being fed to us by the likes of TB Joshua ?
    Just look at the poor idiot crawling around on the floor pretending to be a dog,,,,, absolutely pathetic.

  30. difficult says:

    so where is the said dog?
    Munthu ndi munthu m’mawonekedwe olo atasankha mwini wakeyo kukuwa kapena kuyenda ngati galu.
    At all cost you can not force me to believe in joshua’s miracle. To me he is still a magician of egypt in the time of pharao nd moses.
    Don’t even dare to think you can woo us into loving you god joshua.

  31. mkadamo says:

    These are paid people to behave likewise

  32. Dr Fletcher Phiri says:

    What a lie! Have they ever seen a dog?

  33. We the thank God for that. He delivers all who believe in Jesus Christ. Many of you now! You think its enjoyment to have many sexual relationships. You even says,”kwa ife ma bebi si vuto”. Brother you have the same demon. You go to church, but why the time you see a girl or woman shaking starts in your heart? Ask yourself what shall you profit if you gain the whole world and loose your soul?, or what shall give in exchange to your soul? Matthews 16:26. Think about it. Jesus said I have come to save sinners not the righteous. Jesus loves you brother accept him now. PRAYER. Jesus, I believe that you died for me. I confess my sins. I know am a sinner. I accept the price you paid on the cross for me. Forgive me Lord Jesus. Thank you for accepting me in your kingdom. Amen

  34. emmanuel emmerson says:

    i thought he turn into an actual dog,,,

  35. Hede says:

    Koma Nyasa. Pali dog apa? Or else my eyes are betraying me?

  36. JJ says:

    Hahahahah … Hollywood actor in my mind. But how much did the “profit” of gods (TB Joshua) pay you?

  37. Lala says:

    whether elephant or dog, its none of our concern

  38. cheBamusi says:

    Only fools and uneducated villagers can believe this.

  39. Paulo says:

    A man turns into a dog yet you spoke with him and is still a man!!? What type of writing is this?

  40. Lori says:

    Gosh, stupidity has finally taken over the human race and there seems to be no ending insight. Who in their right mind believe such nonsense?

  41. Mbili ya bakha says:

    Musatiyasep APA. Mmalo motion azipemphera kuti ana anasowa aka 279 apezeke. Wat does it have to do with us if this bastard was paid to con pipo and brainwash them . naye mzungu kupusa kumavera zoterezi to great fame. Zisilu. I mean the whole congregation kumafuula amen for such exodo. JB wain a koma??? Kkkkkkk
    Sometime bk there was a clip on the same issue dog issue when a teacher in class was made to stop his anger to lists.n to a student voices meaning dog voices mmunamizepo ndani. Taazibusa tongobera anthu ndi many were.kkkkk

  42. h says:

    Turning into a dog or act like a dog? Nenani zowona kuti anthu akhulupirire moti simukuwona kuti he is still a human being but he is just acting like a dog

  43. mayo mayo says:

    Just like most men he likened himself as a dog in front of the self made prophet. No miracle here. Men are dogs they say.

  44. nachisale says:

    False prophets doing what they know best to fool people that God has given them power. The day Africans will be enlightened and stop listening to these false prophets, witchdoctors and soothsayers that is when our dark continent will develop. For now, the demons of Bushiri and TB Joshua are haunting Africa’s gullible, naive educated and uneducated fools.

  45. kusauka kwaambuye says:

    Pure acting! I see no dog kikikiki koma anthu kupusa ndi ma false prophets

    Follow only Jesus, born of the virgin Mary by the power of the Holy Spirit

  46. forgive them says:


  47. afiti awa inu mukuona ngati pali chabwino apa?

  48. BigMan says:

    I only see a man acting. Where is the dog here? Africans, why are you so dull????

  49. shadreckminaar says:

    the person is from where?

  50. Mamangina says:

    Tikuona munthu kusanduka galu apa? Kapena acting like a dog? A nyasa zilembani bwino nkhani. Ndikoyamba kumva zotere kuti anthu amapanga act like that because of the demons? Ndikambirimbiri zikuchitika kumeneko sizachilendo. Ndi mphamvu ya ma evil spirits. Tb joshua is no, one prophet in the world.

  51. humphrey mphoka says:

    true man of God Tb joshua…your lord lives …proceed your work in the name of jesus annd let the blessings and salvation be upon us all

  52. Masozi Mwenifumbo says:

    Read Daniel 4 and 7, and know that these things happens when God judges wicked people and the Demons they serve.

  53. Masozi Mwenifumbo says:

    This, going by the Holy Bible, is not new. For example Nebuchardnezzar’s bodily features turned into beastly-birdlike features in Daniel 4 resembling the lionlike-eaglelike false gods the Babylonians used to worship, according to the symbols shown to Daniel in Daniel 7 when God judged him for his pride against God.

  54. Greencardless Malawian says:


  55. difficult says:

    sometimes we easily braspheme.
    koma a nyasa times nde mukungonyasabe-tu. I see this as an instrument used to qualify joshua as a true prophet. This is poor reporting. Look! What does it mean to ”turn” into what?
    As far as i understang english though it not be my mother tongue, but to ”turn” into what means that that stops being that we used to see and hear and its now that we never used to see and hear. For example: ” Jesus turned water into wine. This meant that people saw and tested wine not water they used to know. This was not wine diluted with water but from water to wine.
    Malawi Bureau of Standards could even testify that that was indeed wine if they were there.
    What we see now at tb joshua’s is a man barking like a dog.
    Man having all those things of a man and just in this moment act like a dog. not appear like a dog.
    We still see a man not a dog please.

    We sometimes easily braspheme.
    Becareful God is here hearing.

    What i would tell my fellow malawians now is ”stop attaching yourselves to these mortals, they are fallen human beings. they are not gods. Let not them demand obedience to them. Lets obey God and we must find God in the bible not in them.
    Tikumawaopa kwambiri anthuwa to the extent that all they say we obey. God is not in them.
    One day you will know that joshua is an evil man, mark my word

  56. The Analyst says:

    This is what I was talking about and mphini yobwereza imawala . . .

    If people care to watch these preachers’ videos on Youtube or their channels, people would ably see the falsehood and deceit.
    . . . as seen here, any person wearing a right frame of mind and with assumed ability to distinguish what a dog and a human being look like; would know that there is no any dog in the video as touted in the upload by Emanuel TV officials.

    This is all staged drama and comedy coated as prophesies or miracles or blessings so as to create demand from unsuspecting bigwigs in our midst.
    . . . although some may argue that people are not forced to pay money; taking advantage of a desperate soul (bound in hopelessless with problems e.g. barrenness) is no different from forcing them.

    I have no kind words for cheats. They have no place nowhere; not even in hell!

  57. Vincent K Sir Chilenje says:

    These gold diggers are leading people astray.

  58. Jongwe says:

    He is still a human being. He only behaves like a dog. The headline is inaccurate.

    1. forgive them says:


    2. KR says:

      sana sanduke only acted as a dog.. osamatipusisa .. wen u say turns to a dog o as expecting bto see a real dog

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