Mangochi chief blocks Mota Engil hotel project

Group Village Headman-GVH Msumbi under Traditional Authority Nankumba in Mangochi has declared that his people will not leave their native land to pave way for the construction of a Five Star Hotel along the shores of Monkey – Bay.

Senior Chief Chimwala and Nankumba during the meeting

Senior Chief Chimwala and Nankumba during the meeting

Speaking on Wednesday at Monkey-Bay Resource Centre Hall during a meeting the District Commissioner for Mangochi organized with chiefs and some villagers, Msumbi said his subjects would not leave their ancestral  for a hotel.

“What I can assure you Bwana DC is that there is no any problem here as far as the construction of a five star hotel is concerned, but I am only against the idea of moving us away from our land to somewhere else, as a chief I will not accept that,” Msumbi said vehemently.

“There is some land in my area which is approximately about one and half hectares where the five star hotel can be constructed and I hope the land will be enough for the five star hotel. Mota Engil should find another place for the construction of a golf course not in my area,” he added.

GVH Msumbi added that the place where government would like to relocate them to was not habitable. He said the new place had no potable water and was far away from the lake considering that most people in the village earned their living through fishing.

“Let me all the same thank you Bwana DC for organizing this meeting. However, if this meeting was conducted some months ago one person should not have died and some of our children could not have been injured as a result of the fracas that happened some weeks ago because there was poor communication on the project details,” Msumbi said.

But District Commissioner Bester Mandere said the council would give more time to the chiefs to soberly discuss with their people on the matter.

“For now, the council will not take it that you have rejected the project, instead we will give you ample time to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the whole project. Thereafter, you may wish to make a position known to our office,” Mandere said.

On her part, Director of Tourism Patricia Liabuba disclosed that government had already adopted the five star hotel master – plan by Mota Engil, saying if the issue of relocation was resolved in time, Mota Engil would start the construction of the hotel soon.

Liabuba reminded traditional leaders that the project would, among other things, create jobs for people in the area, would have a tourism training college and enable Mangochi to attain the status of a Tourism City.

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54 thoughts on “Mangochi chief blocks Mota Engil hotel project”

  1. Mackelvin Rodgers Chunda says:

    l hereby full support GVH Msumbi not to change a decision on the matter. I want know if Malawi Govt is giving this land to Mota for free or they suppose to buy it?. If owners of the land do not want to sale for the betterment of their future children leave them please. There are wide land stay idol along lake Malawi why motor engil wants only the specific land that is occupied?. Is their five star hotel will be a shop if built somewhere else customers will not able to see it and book it? Let Mota engil learn from Sunbird Livingstonia, Kuchawe and Nkopola are not built on lands that people earn their living. Why Mota?

  2. zex says:

    I just like Mandele, he was my DC in Rumphi. Very tolerant, consultative and constructive. Dialogue is the way to go about it!!!

  3. Madalitso says:

    I a citizen of Mangochi, Mwatakata Village, T/A Chimwala. Some kilometers from Lakes Malawi and Malombe does not accept the chasing Malawians out of lake land and bringing in Yellow/Red people from Europ, Asia, America e.t.c. staying, kusewela, fishing and other businesses for them and their home lands they will be coming from plus a few number of Malawian Politicians like Petulo Muthalika and some dpp people, leaving away local fishermen, Malawians starve for self employment of fishing and good land and water resource.
    My dear brothers and sisters. Lets not accept what Lomwes and other anthu opanda chilungamo akuchita. Komatu even the Mulakho people have known the badnes of giving land and other resources to visiters and a number of a few land citizens. Now they are chasing the visitors.

  4. chelipwesese says:

    Neocolonialism , alomwe analuza malo awo ku Thyolo ndi ku Mulanje inthe same way, ku zimbabwe bwa ? Akunyengererani pano akangomanga mudzakhala agalu muwafunse anthu aku Sun and sand panopa sangadutse kuti apite kunyanja , OSASALOLA

  5. ochewa says:

    Amfumu ayankhula bwino. Ndili inenso sindingalole kusamutsidwa pamalo pa makolo anga nkupita komwe iwowo akufuna osati ine kufuna. Khalani pompo anthu a ku mangochi, ndi kwanu kumeneko after all odyelela hotel imeneyo ndi ena osati ife eni nthaka. Inu mungodya nawo pa ntchito yomangayo, komanso mutakhetsa thukuta koma ikatha odyelela ndi ena. Asamange kumeneko ayi, apite kumadera ena komwe kulibe anthu ngati national parks better to kill some animals zitsale cochepa basi than kuthamangitsa anthu.

  6. peace says:

    Now some online websites cheated you that Mota Engil withdrew. This is a problem of reporting lies. The other question is I see people claiming they dont benefit anything from Govt. Kodi ndalama za rural growth centre ya ku monkey bay zinachokera kuti. Nanga Mangochi Hospital. Mangochi has one if the most beautiful state if the art central markets, a tarmac road from the boma to monkeybay. Wherd does money to run Lisumbwi Secondary School come from. A Malawi tikuonjeza.

  7. musa says:

    Atamangiseni, akamange kwao kwa minister, kuti a
    kapeze ntchitoyo abale awo. Kulimbikilako iwowo adya kale ndalama za Mota. Apitiseni akamange kumamuyamika forest ali kumalombe aja.

  8. kholowa mkabudula says:

    Midyomba should learn from what is going on in the north uranium mine, who is benefiting from that mine apart of the died presidents children and family? Midyomba ntchito yawo ndiutelala, so the Hotel will employ more tailor’s? My minister point of correction, mukanati mahule achiyawo adzahuleko nda azungu bolako mkanakumvetsani! Im sorry!

  9. SALIMA BOYS says:

    This is bullshit

  10. charlie hebdo says:

    I have place to build hotel. I just need K2m for it. It will have football ground instead of golf course because ppl in the world prefer football. It is near zalewa bridge. Their is water too and a few crocs.

  11. Proff. Ngangabulawayo says:

    Kanunkha, u r right,thats exactly what govt should have done, even before the fracas. But someone has lost his life, what a compensation, imagine.

  12. ndadabwa says:

    a mfumu honed lusalore, akupatsa tindalama ting’ong’ono inu muluza. chonde musalore

  13. Frodo says:

    achawa inu umbuli too much. hotel ikakamangidwa malo ena nde muzikavutitsa kufunsira ntchito. damn you kukana development chonsecho mumakwera ma pick up waku joweni kukagwira ntchito ya ulonda then ndikubwerako ndi cellphone ndi tv. shupiti pipo

  14. popapo says:

    Mota Engil and Government can you not find land in the North, people are desperate for jobs there. Hon Kaliati every time she talks that people from the North do not want to go and develop their area, may be this is the chance. Unless zitutukuko mungofuna zikhale ku mwera basi.

  15. Chigawenga says:

    Well done chiefs. Development should not come at the cost of your land. Yes there will be jobs created how ever it has to be consentual . You should be fairly compensated for your land should you choose to move. Government has failed in one area which is consultations with stake holders. The chiefs and all those from surrounding areas should buy into the project other wise it is doomed. Look at case studies from else where. If the hotel is forced on these people you can be guaranteed we will solicit support from al those in Europe and else where whose destination would be this resort. Not over our bodies do not impose projects on people make them part of the solution.

  16. Brother William Makwawama for the sake of information people of salima have done the same they have rejected the construction of another Five star Hotel by SULEIMAN at Nguwo Beach , M’CHENGAWAMOTO at SENGABAY

  17. SALIMA BOYS says:

    Osalora Anthu inu akukamba apazindizopusa,ndipo zotiadzawapatsa anthuwantchito ndi zabodza,ogwira ncthito adzachokerakuThyolo.mmmxi bomalanji lopanda plan.

  18. edu says:

    Malo omanga hotel alipo ku masasa kwa ansumbi ku Nyanja ndiwokwana bwino, koma womanga golf course kulibe, chifukwa mufuna kusamutas anthu.Pachiyambi mudziwu unali kumene kwa mangidwa lake service munatisamutsa kakatiyika pa masasa that’s why called masasa and today you want to remove us again pepeni bwana tisiyeni ife.
    we need our land to be develop, please change the design of the structure.

  19. truth says:

    Tell them truth, dont promise them jobs bcz 4 sure worker will come from portugal & ku mpoto.They r fishermen these pipo-tell them that u will dig fish ponds/dams-that will b sensible to them.U r busy telling us not only to depend on white collar jobs & now here u r agaist finshing.MUSALOLE PALIBE CHAPHINDU KWA INU.

  20. kanunkha says:

    Now a DC akufuna mota ikawapatse dzindalama a mfumuwo…. soon /later you will hear the same mfumu kuombela mmanja and being on the front forcing his people out. Anthuwa akufunika some good compansation savutanso ayi. Give them compansations that would entice their minds, and find another place closer to the lake, thats it!!!

  21. sabiti says:

    There are many places of interest in MH but pple who giveup their land for such projects are not benefiting anything from the same what is so special with this one we have leant our lesson hard way, l head that theres gold deposits around that area please open a mine not a hotel

  22. freespch says:

    Mota Engil should compensate them directly

  23. Boko Good says:

    Stupid Nyasas. Why do we refuse development projects? We refused the paper project that would have made us number one paper producing country in Africa. We are a refusing the oil exploration in Lake Malawi. We are refusing the Kayerekera Project and other mining projects. We are refusing conservation of cedar in Mulanje Mountain. We refuse Bauxite mining, coal mining etc, etc. Whats wrong with us. Are we cursed? The chiefs would have welcomed the project and give suggestions on where their people could be relocated to whilst negotiating with Mota or Government on compensation. If they want to be close to the lake, no problem. There is vast land along the lake where the people could go. It should be borne in mind that all land belongs to the Government and Government can remove the people by force, Which I pray shouldnt happen if there is cooperation. Many towns have been built against people’s wishes. There is always resistance but at the end the very same people benefit. Whats so special about Mangochi that Govt could fail to go ahead with the project?

    1. truth says:

      Mr Boko of all the developmental projects that have happened,any that has benefited the pipo or Malawi as a country.mind u we r now the poorest country in the world regardless of the developments-kayelekela,Kangankundi, Its the big pipo that benefit from these dev.

  24. Just imagine a situation where every chief refuses a development project? I think our pple need to be helped to understand the multiplier effects of such projects. It would be ufortunate if politics was behind this. How i wish there was a lake in my village!!!!

  25. achanguti says:

    atelala ozindikira kikikikikikiki

  26. Black Market says:

    Kamangeni ku Thyolo kuno ayi. We are not benefiting anything from the existing lodges and hotels, how can we be assured to benefit from this project whose corruption has already exchanged hands with politicians residing in Lilongwe. We are not fools but better the way we are today than the unforeseen status you are claiming to us. Try to build it in other districts like thyolo or ntcheu.

  27. Israel2013 says:

    The DPP is a land grabber indeed. A similar situation may also happen in Mzuzu. Another hotel ‘investor’ would like to have Katoto Secondary Sch. relocated so he can build his hotel there. Actually they want the land between the new Reserve Bank and Shoprite along the main road to LL. The issue started and could have been concluded during the Bing rule had he finished his term. When PP came in the issue seemed to have died but now they are reviving it again. The people of Mzuzu through the Katoto Sec. School PTA are very much against relocation of the school since currently this school is conviniently located to serve the intended Mzuzu urban population. They say when relocated it will no longer conviniently serve the intended target population. After all when relocated the school name will no longer be Katoto. On the other hand there seems to be the invester and some politicians bulldozing the Ministries of Education & Lands. These land robbers say the school is too much inside town. It is believed CROSSROADS are the investers in question.

  28. James says:

    Makani A Mchimbulimbuli A Osazindikila, Its About Our Country Not Individuals(chief And Villagers) Yuor Grand Children Will Be Ashamed Of Yuo Telala’s. Mxiiii

  29. Manzy says:

    kwanthuko ayi ndati ayiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  30. Zanga Phee! says:

    This is a subject to learn now in both client and the government side,Malawians are not in dark ages now.They can for see the consequences,life is generation after generation we are suffering today because of the last generation.But it is not too late there is always time.But i wonder why conducting this meeting now while others lost lives this is painful.See my name.

  31. Mtchona wopanda mano says:

    Vuto ndi loti anawapatsa a Mota Engil malo asanatifunse ife eni nthaka. Anadyapo zammanja. Hotel itha kubweletsa chitukuko pang’ono koma ife eni malo mutipatsa chiyani? Osati tizigwira yaulonda kapena kukolopa mmatoilet.

  32. mwana mulopwana says:

    Foolish chief and his subjects, the people of the area will be the one to benefit from this project 100% only that some myopic minds are the one who are twisting facts here,for sure the subjects will be compensated

  33. Mbalamatodya Phiri says:

    Lilongwe as a capital city has vast land lacking beautiful infrastructures like 5 star hotels, why not find some land at Kanengo near the failed project by Maluza opposite MIM as we come from Airport and plant that five star hotel there. You can not build a five star hotel in Monkeybay, there are poor roads, no airdrome from blantyre and lilongwe to Mangochi, who are are you investing for??????????????????????? something fishy indeed in going on. If Club Mark, and other good hotels are failing to maximise the revenue from those beautiful home, that five star hotel will be a white elephant as did the shire-zambezi waterway. Members of Parliament should intervene

  34. nyamalikiti says:

    Mota was given this land by Peter Mutharika for bank rolling the election campaign.

    Anankumba and company musalole akamange ku Ndata.


  35. Patriot says:

    I agree fully with you.
    Ngati akufuna kuti zimenezo zitheke, malo amenewo amfumu mugulitse mota engil K50 billion kuti aliyense kumeneko awone kusintha, aliyense kumeneko umphawi wake uthe. Azitha kugula magalimoto, kuzimangira nyumba za makono.
    Apo bi apwitikizi amenewo akamange kwawo. Mmayesa kuli nyanja kwawo? Tsopano akulimbikira kwathu kuno bwanji?

  36. Chabecheker says:

    That is the problem of lack of land planning in most parts of malawi. Customary land is vested in the president on behalf of the people of malawi. If such land is required for economic project the minister of land has to make an order and compesate the pipo occupying the land which was not done in this matter

  37. JCInLA says:

    Abinte, speak for yourself. We have University Degrees obtained in higher institutions of the US and UK.
    Because of your lack of education you may never understand that the people of Monkey Bay’s choice to eject Motal Evil is the best for the country.
    Educated people like us, if the government somehow pushes this illegal act, Malawi will be very destabilized. We, Malawians – ought to be the ones developing our own country, don’t let foreigners take our beautiful lands away.
    May god, the higher powers – bless and help us all. Save our beautiful country.

  38. Big brain says:

    Foolish Malawians refusing development do u think when you travel ku John malo mmene muli tall buildings munali mopanda anth

  39. Citizen 'O' says:

    I smell something fishy here, the Moto Engil guys said they had cancelled the project after the fracas brought their organisation into disrepute, then what is this I’m hearing now? Amaona ngati we people from Mangochi will cry for such a silly project? How many people can be employed by a five star hotel and golf course? And can such jobs be well paid? Ukhukhi, ulonda ndi u-golf caddy? You better construct a schools guys and not this silly project. Basi mukufuna ana athu azizagona ndi magogo achizimayi aja amabwera kuchokera ku ulaya aja? We are tired of this, mxiiiiii!

  40. abinte says:

    those mangochi boys never went to xool ndiye which jobs.relocate them and give them money before they move osati muzawalemba ntchito.zachamba basi

    1. mjomba says:

      Who told you kuti we never attended school. I hv degree and am a pure yao from mangochi

    2. kanchenga. says:

      Apparently Mangochi people have shown a deep understanding of what ownership means. How can you accept to relocate to a place where you will be idle just to give way to a project that benefits only the rich in towns while it enslaves yourselves as cooks cleaners and turn your young women to sex workers. These people should only leave to that area if Government builds a full primary school a clinic an all season road a market a play ground and hall. Don’t accept money and if they build substandard facilities don’t move.

    3. Manzy says:

      ukuziwa chaniiwe ndi xool

  41. aphiri says:

    malo onse mudziko muno ndi a boma. Vuto la anthu akumangochi mumathamangila Ku Joni kukapanga u telala Pali chitukuko chanji mukunena kuti ndi kotukuka Ku mangochi mxiii zitsiru

  42. nanzikambe says:

    Save your breath people. Mota Engil is not interested anymore. You cant have a company reputation ruined by stone throwing fishermen. Its hard to stomach that Malawi has just lost another lifetime investment after JTI also withdrew from cigarette manufacturing plans. We must seriously address the illiteracy rate in Malawi before jumping to investment. Malawians know three things……theft, prostitution and witchcraft.

  43. Resolve the matter peaceful and fairly to those of them concerned with justice and truth.

  44. bongozozo says:

    Take the hotel to Salima.

  45. Mukamange kwathu ku salima mwina sakufuna chitukuko choterecho bwana DC ku Mangochi ife kuzibeba ku Salima ku kkkkkkkkk

  46. Bololo Wachitumbuka says:

    Malawi is most poorless in the world

  47. jedi says:

    What exactly is happening in Monkey bay, I thought after the fracas Mota had withdrawn? Or govt has pleaded with Mota to go ahead but will work hard on re-locating the locals… Smh

  48. chemembe says:

    Mangochi is already attractive with or without that so called five star hotel. Mbuli za asilikalizo zikanapanda kupha mmodzi mwa mzika yathu mwina tikanalola.Ku Ndata malo akadalipo go and constract there. People are already employed there through fishing.ASAMANGE!!!!!!

  49. mzimwale says:

    ineso sundingalole. ask pipo of Karonga. they just got peanuts from Kayerekela mining.
    Ngati Peter akufuna asamuke ku Ndata kuti a mota angel amangeko hotel. agwetse Villa ya Bingu.
    Zimakoma zikakhala kwa ena.

  50. paulharstings says:

    Asamange ayi

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