Many problems in Malawi army, says Gen. Maulana: Mutharika appeals for discipline

Malawi Defence Force (MDF) Commander General Ignacio Maulana has appealed to President Peter Mutharika to help the Army address its many problems.

President Peter Mutharika receives a gift of Pump gun from General Ignacio Maulana Commander of MDF at Kamuzu Barracks in Lilongwe-Pic. by Abel Ikiloni

President Peter Mutharika receives a gift of Pump gun from General Ignacio Maulana Commander of MDF at Kamuzu Barracks in Lilongwe-Pic. by Abel Ikiloni

Kamuzu Barracks visit:  Malawi President Mutharika and his deputy Saulos Chilima with First Lady

Kamuzu Barracks visit: Malawi President Mutharika and his deputy Saulos Chilima with First Lady

General Maulana said on Thursday when Mutharika toured Kamuzu Barracks in Lilongwe where he held a closed-door meeting with senior officers for about 40 minutes before touring the clinic and corporals’ mess

The MDF has been dogged by serious accommodation problems among others over the years and Nyasa Times reported before that President’s visit that junior ranked officers are demanding cash-strapped government to consider salary hikes of up to 70 percent for the soldiers to match with the rising cost of living.

The soldiers in a circulating mail are asking government to increase their allowance, improve their accommodation and transport facilities and enhance their promotion system and pensions.

Nyasa Times also understands that some soldiers were demanding for their allowances for taking part in the United Nations (UN) Peacekeeping mission.

Maulana, however, did not mention the ‘many problems’ which he was referring to in his statement.

In his address, Mutharika who is also Commander-In-Chief of the MDF commended the military for its peace keeping missions and assured “Government’s continued support in ensuring the improved welfare of our men, and women in uniform.”

The President said government has completed the road construction and maintenance works at Changalume Barracks in Zomba.

“I am also pleased to mention that Changalume Barracks is currently being connected to Southern Region Water Board Water Supply network easing the Water Challenges it was experiencing,” he said.

Mutharika also said members of the force should observe the highest standards of discipline in order to portray the Malawi army in good light.

He said discipline is the cornerstone and backbone of any military organisation.

“I would like to urge all members of the Malawi Defence Force to remain disciplined and professional as they have always done. You have done us proud. And let me take this opportunity to thank spouses of our men and women in uniform for the support you offer to them on a daily basis,” said Mutharika.

Mutharika also commended the MDF for the role it plays in the country such as building bridges in times of disaster, distribution of national examinations papers nationwide and protection of forest reserves such as Dzalanyama and Thuma from people who illegally cut down trees.

He also pointed out that MDF played a “heroic role” when Malawi faced its worse disaster during the recent floods.

“The rescue operations MDF carried during this period cannot go without acknowledgement,” said the MDF Commander-In-Chief.

The military handed President Mutharika a gift of an eight millimetre shot gun “strictly for hunting.”

Mutharika said he would indeed use it for hunting, he joked that he can only pull the trigger only if someone annoyed him.

“On a more serious note ,I thank you for this gun which I shall use with the hunting skills I acquired a long time ago when I used to go hunting with my uncle who also had a gun,” said Mutharika.

Mutharika donated K5 million (US$11 111) to the soldiers’ wives towards building a nursery school within the barracks and also donated K10 million (US$22 222) towards a junior officers fund where officers access loans.

The soldiers barred ruling DPP members who wore party memorabilia at the barracks.

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23 thoughts on “Many problems in Malawi army, says Gen. Maulana: Mutharika appeals for discipline”

  1. bob says:

    It should have been emphasized to the army at this event that they are not above the Law as some soldiers seem to believe

  2. jewel says:

    The choice of a gun as a gift to a president in a democratic state is alarming. Is the president to use the gun in “hunting” the opposition? And Mr. President the “joke” of pulling the trigger when someone annoys you is bad. A gun owner must really exercise self restraint when in anger and not be trigger happy.

  3. msilikari wakale says:

    Pamene mukuonjezera malipiro asilikati omwe akugwilira ntchito panowa chonde aganizilieninso asilikari ankhondo omwe anapuma ntchito ya usilikari. Mukhoza kumva chisoni a Malawi amzanga kuti pensioner wa ku Army mkumalandira K4200 kwa DC Treasurery Cashier agulira chani or bag ya chimanga sikukwanira. Chonde a Mutharika ndi a Maulana onse anapuma ma 1991 to 2009 malipirovawo ngonvetsa chisoni AONJEZERENI muzawafuna anthu amenewa kuno kukazabwera nkhondo.

  4. smadav says:

    Chipanda Kamuzu waku Ghana uja amene Queen anazamupanga kukhala president bwenzi asirikali, apolisi, aphunzinsi etc tonse tilibe nyumba. Bravo! to the man from Ghana.

  5. TSOKONOMBWE says:

    A Big Hand To Our Malawian Soldiers.They Play Abig Role To Provide Peace In Within And International Countries.May God Bless Them Abundantry Learn To Forgive Others And Ask God To Be On Their Side.

  6. TSOKONOMBWE says:

    Peacekeeping Means Establishing Peace For Civilians To The Countries Where Battle Is Currentry Occuring.So Try To Visit Some Countries Where War And torturing Is Currently Happening To People Than Just Wasting Time And Money Going To DRC Where War Ended Long Time Ago. There Is Peace Throughout The Country Like In Malawi.

  7. Substone zabvuta says:

    What is the use of the gun to mr president?

  8. BBC says:

    What is so difficult to say that the president went to the barracks to buy a riffle at a value of K15m? My advice to Peter is that please stop donating your pocket money to soldiers rather start funding the institution properly. Keep your personal money for your own use.

  9. OBSERVER says:


  10. akilen says:


  11. MDF Zitsiru says:

    Mr Maulana, I don’t see any reason why you should give the president a gun.

    For what?

    How can you buy guns with our tax money and then start distributing just like that. So all your personal friends are given a gun when they visit you. Mind you,that man will be out of office one day and he will use that gun somewhere. First things first, does he have a licence to own a gun.

    Senseless commander.Very loose with military equipment.

  12. alekekuba says:

    These days I feel the podium is overcrowded. Poyamba anthu samachuluka chonchi. Akazi a Malewezi samaoneka, tikanena za Chilumpha ndi nkhani ina, even the second gentleman nayamba kuoneka atakhala first genteman.


  13. straight Talk says:

    mmmmmmmmhh 8 millimeter shot gun for opponates.

  14. Kuche Kuche says:

    Mutharika please explain did you pay tax on the money that you donated? Or is the money a small fraction of bribes you collect daily from the Indians. It is a fact that you are more busy meeting Indians then in running the country. And yes stop stealing the UN allowances of soldiers, in every other country the UN allowances are paid to the soldiers!

  15. nYAU SITHOBWA says:

    Muulana Tell your boss the truth what your boys wanted are sure they don`t want salary increase?

  16. Mweneku Muzi says:

    N# 1 ndi corporal i think…kkkkkk

  17. Jile says:

    Anachita bwino kuwaretsa ovala za dpp wo..they don’t know how to different between government function and political rally

  18. Njanjanja says:

    Salary increase ndiyomweyo makape azilonda inu mxxw

  19. Mbewe ku mphani says:

    The president said,the road construction to Changalume Barracks is completed and Changalume Barracks will be connected to water board in addressing Kamuzu Barracks soldiers.

    Surely this president thought he is at Changalume or Zomba. I can’t marry his visit to KB and his statements.

  20. MkutuWester says:

    Samala iwe umangoti ukadya kabanga kumatukwana Maphiya Mulupale, akubandula ndi gogodela, dont touch his side he is dangerous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! muzitibwerekako a mbuye tizisakira tiziwala mmakwalalamu, kikikikikikiest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. MkutuWester says:

    Thumbs up dem Soldiers for barring the stupid blue cadres, you have instilled sense into their dunder heads, woooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! zachita manyazeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Nyirenda says:

    Please tell me, you have said president donated money to the barracks. Is it his own money? Because if the money comes from the Government it is not a donation. All in all thanks for supporting our soldiers asamakatenge katapila.

  23. Ndatero ine says:

    Kuvala makaka a blue nkumati mukalowa kuti asa alomwe kupusa sitilora umve kuno forsake zanu konko ku police mumawapezelelako

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