Marist Secondary School beats MSCE result feat, fires lazy teachers

Dedza based Catholic run private secondary school, Marist, has probably beaten the MSCE result history in Malawi with all the 70 candidates with points from six to 17.

Marist Secondary School

Marist Secondary School

Five students got six points each and the whole class of French studies got one point each in the subject.

On Sunday, during the Parent Teacher Asssociation meeting, the five intelligent students who scooped the six points each received awards along with hard working teachers.

Speaking at the event, headmaster of the school, brother Davies Sambo appealed to government and corporate world to consider providing scholarships for needy bright students with the bright future.

School fees currently is pegged at K205 000 per term.

“I will soon be visiting offices to seek assistance. It pains me see very bright students drop out of school because of school fees,” he said.

At least three teachers have been fired at the school for non perfomance or laziness.

Anne M’bwana Jere, whose child, Lumbani is in form two at the institution said she struggled to pay school fees for her second born daughter, Nathan who was at the institution and is now in second year at College of Medicine.

“Am a single mother so it was a struggle to find fees for him. I asked for a scholarship but they said they don’t offer,” said Jere, a primary school teacher in Lilongwe.

Nathan was selected to go to Chaminade Secondary School but feared at 12, he was too young to go to Karonga whilst Lumbani was supposed to go to Bwaila Sec School. The school has weeded 50 students this year in form one due to poor performance.

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38 thoughts on “Marist Secondary School beats MSCE result feat, fires lazy teachers”

  1. Akwachinthakhwa says:

    Bravo Boys. Don’t get moved by some of these negative comments. Zikumuwawa akakolope Lake Malawi. Wakwiya ndi mfiti. Last Kings woyeeeee. Marist woyeeeeee. You are making St. Champagnat happy.

  2. Hahahahaha this is so funny you guys talk about this Because Of Our Results…If You Are Determined For School surely you cannot be weeded But If You Are Not There For School You Will Be weeded…Noone Was Born Ignorant We Have One Creator Who Put Similar Features In Each One Of us…so wat you are talking there is complete nonsense

  3. Hahahahaha this is so funny you guys talk about this Because Of Our Results…If You Are Determined For School surely you cannot be weeded But If You Are Not There For School You Will Be weeded…Noone Was Born Ignorant We Have One Creator Who Put Similar Features In Each One Of Us

  4. anonymous says:

    if u think u can run a better school than Marist and produce similar results or better than that go ahead….. sizoti mudziyankhula zopusa enanu anawida ana anu tht y u talking ill about the xul…. ngati zikukuphwetekani zanu
    Bravo Last Kings I salute you #6-17

  5. ryan says:

    Amene zikumuwawa zakee

  6. Bond Namiaka says:

    well done Marist bro. Ikanakhala sukuluyi iri kumpoto koma sitikanamwa madzi. tikanavutika ndi mapokhoso.

  7. kachimahi says:

    Congrats anyamata inu.yours is life time celebration. The problem is mmatumba mwaphunzitsimo.

  8. INNOCENT says:

    BRAVO MARIST! In seminaries alone passing exam accounts to 1% of those weeded.I was a brilliant student at st.Pauls mlare boys yet I got a chop.Government teachers are damn lazy like old cats we need a paradigm shift and learn from Marist.

  9. tilire says:

    this school is crap, celebrating that genouses have passed? look at Kalibu, they take even those who fail entrace exams, put them in their class, work on them until they pass their school certificate. thats what we call teaching moulding even the hopeless. by weeding form kids mumati apita kuti? basi their life has ended? mukukhala ngati sindinu school ya church bwanji?

  10. JUST MY THOUGHT says:

    I believe success of a school should be reflected in its ability to turn even the dunce of the class into a star performer. It is because we don’t have knowledge that we go to school so the knowledge is imparted in us. Much as i appreciate the role played by Marist in producing some of the cream of the nation, i still believe they can do better than weeding the poor performers. We already have MANEB to do the “weeding” process. Give them a chance and prove yourself successful by turning them into star performers and NOT by weeding them, otherwise that is not a University. All in all congrats Marist!

  11. GMO says:

    This is not a best school its one of the worst. Most of the students do intensive classes during holidays in their homes. My relative was there. Some of the teachers will just give a student a book to write notes on board, one term ended without Geography teacher but students had to be examined. English teacher would come and say read your books.

    This is one of discriminatory school in Malawi. Why wedding fellow human being. Musuleni munthu to a better person! Palibe chonyadiritsa apa. They will be weeded at college!

    If I was an education inspector or Minister, I would also suspend this schoool uve…. This century school still using pit latrines? The flushing one children are not allowed to use . All the money you collect for fees. 80 students in one hostel open top one pweya , if one has TB Ana alimba. Konzani ukhondo pa schoolpa. Buy poly tanks. Stop weeding kunyazitsa dzina la ambuye tsankho! Above all congratulations

  12. nyamwale says:

    People must stop complaining about Marist weeding out non-performers. even in a garden, you take out weeds for your crop to survive and produce. You must not forget that all these students start together in form after being given a chance through the entrance examinations. It is not about being dull rather being able to cope with how education is done at the institution. class performance is not the only factor considered in weeding students from Marist. Do your a proper research before making noise like empty tins!

  13. Spider Web says:

    Did you know, that a majority of students weeded from Bunda are Marist?

  14. advisory committee says:

    Komadi this sukulu is very bad senseless thoughtless and useless.why only keep inteligent students and chase dull one and smile at the results. This us silly. The aim of eduxation is not to pass exams with good marks but to gain knowledge those that they chase are the ones they need most to educate. Weedding mpaka 50 ndi ku chanco

  15. drakes says:

    Weeding students is not an answer, no body chooses to be dull it’s how God created them. Now where are the weeded students going? Condemned them into uneducated poverty strike people? This is a human rights violation and as Malawians we must reject this approach and we are not cerebral in with your do called success. Yours is spoon feeding and coaching students for exams only. If can turn slow learners to bright students then we would appreciate but spoon feeding already bright students is not being patriotic.

  16. Bashi Mwata says:

    Not the lost but the lowest. No one failed.

  17. Bashi Mwata says:

    St. Mary’s secondary school has six students getting six points. Between 6 and 10, there are 42. Out of 126, the lost got 31 points. Last university selection, 109 of 126 joined public universities.

  18. 50 cent says:

    Well done Marist

  19. chindime says:

    Second born daughter Nathan? Is Marist not only for boys?

  20. Mfwethu says:

    In 2005 , highest got 6 and lowest got 14 from that same school so nah record not broken yet

  21. ngongoliwa says:


  22. herbert mankhwazi says:

    bravo Marist…..keep it up……proud of you

  23. Tina says:

    Well Done. Malawi needs you

  24. simpolwe says:

    So they discriminate gainst non performing students ..shame

  25. Rodriguas says:

    Weeding students? What’s the motive? Is this in line with the motto education for all?
    Life has taught us that intelligence in class does not mean one can be an automatic productive citizen.
    The problem with us is follow-up. What will become of these in five, eight or ten years?
    Tell me; is this christianity, descriminating students because of a thing beyond their control?

  26. The Analyst says:

    “Those who are well have no need for a physician, but those who are sick. I came not to call the righteous, but sinners.” – Jesus Christ

    Now you withdraw 50 students for lacking intelligence? Whats the use of a teacher then? If not to barter these empty heads into shape!

    And now you celebrate to have passed all 70 students, yet those students are the bright ones that remained after you had (along the way) withdrawn all crap?, for fear of increasing the failure rate hence tarnishing your name?

    Any sane person will not celebrate with you and am sorry!

    I can assure you that those students could pass even without those teachers, for they are already bright!

    This is why I always salute the primary school teachers. These people literary pump sense into an empty head. Imagine what it takes the teacher for a child to know how to read or write (from no where)! Its not easy! These are the people we should be proud of not your lazy teachers who want only the already bright students!

    It smacks of lack of intelligence to celebrate false achievements!

  27. Misuku boyz says:

    This school is foolish, weeding a child at secondary level if you really teach why not shape the non performing student to prove that you know to teach and can open a child. There’s nothing to boast that all student have passed with less than 17 points. bcoz you get only performing students. Myself I give you zero pa ten. Discrimation at the fullest. Anyway I forgive u after all you say is pvt school.

  28. richie says:

    i thot a gud xul is supposed to help those kids who r poor in the head by giving them a necessary dosage than weeding them. take phwezi for example imasula yokha from scrap. dnt b bragging about it. show that u can help n develop those kids academically than weeding them.

  29. GRM says:

    I am proud of my former school. Indeed people are weeded for none performance. This has been the tradition and i wonder why one knowingly that the school weeds should decide not to work hard. In my class of 28 we all passed and 14 went to UNIMA. Everyone i know living in that class is doing well in life. No drunkard as some have insinuated. I just pray the ALUMNI that was started sometime last year will persist in its efforts to help the school.

  30. nkhangazawona says:

    I hope they do well at university…then fine. I consider reapiting there if i can be allowed

  31. young myl says:

    only fools will praise the school and it’s students. you keep them in a cage full of tough rules and then let them out with the so-called good grades. go and study the statistics of drunkards and ill-behaved students in UNIMA, you will find them topping each of these category. no wonder most of them don’t finish or they finish longer than expected.

  32. alfred says:

    This is good news, provided ofcourse the students do not get weeded at the university for non performance.

  33. Msadane says:

    Now it is clear why most students got good grades. Only the cream is kept while the rest are weeded before hand

  34. This is the type of xool i declare 2 learn,bt due fees problem am jst starving & killing my future.

  35. Pamapita ana anzeru kale apa.

  36. Concerned Citizen says:

    Quality Control at it best.

    Malawi Government, this is an example of how to deliver quality. Please borrow a leaf and go on a firing spree for the good of our nation. See in this case it has worked the magic.

  37. Chembe lumbe says:

    I hope the faculty recognize that some good students are late bloomers and getting rid of them in their freshman year is a disservice to the core of making an educated nation.

  38. Malipeya says:


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