Matola hits back at Mutharika over blackouts

Former Cabinet Minister of energy who is also current People’s Party Secretary General, Ibrahim Matola has said the PP led government invested heavily in energy sector under the umbrella of clear road map, Economic Recovery Plan (ERP).

Matola: Challenges Mutharika on electicity

Matola: Challenges Mutharika on electicity

Matola was responding to Malawi President speech made in Salima in which he blamed previous Governments for electricity and water saying they did not invest much.

But Matola said all projects which Government is implementing now started by the PP Government.

“We  invested in Kammwamba coal powered and this Government is just finishing, PP brought Intra energy of Australia, we brought inter connector company, we  had built Kapichira power hydro plant where we added 64 megawatts,  we had no blackouts during the PP government,” said Matola.

Matola said the PP administration also built fuel reserves.

“In fact Joyce Banda  commissioned them at Msondo in Mzuzu, these people have just finished our project, so it is wrong that instead of addressing the real problems we are busy finger pointing,” said Matola.

On unbundling of ESCOM, Matola said that is also not a solution.

“The problem is that there is rampant corruption in ESCOM tenders are all restricted and given to their relatives ESCOM is not investing in maintenance when I was a Minister I found three companies belonging to one person supplying everything , I view it as corruption,” said Matola.

Matola unbundling has never worked anywhere its just a means to give the job themselves.

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11 thoughts on “Matola hits back at Mutharika over blackouts”

  1. El shabab at Meibab says:

    JB is a great leader. We miss her greatly. I’m sure she’s coming back as president of Malawi again in 2019. Malawians have learned where they goofed. DPP must never ever come back to rule Malawi again – NEVER. All cashgaters must prepare themselves for prison, incnluding the 7 cabinet ministers who are being aggressively shielded by this clueless mathanyulan ‘sort-of’ president. With the going out of DPP, water woes, electricity woes, land bill/Act woes, poverty woes, tax woes, political woes, economic woes will be a thing of the past, an emblem of DPP legacy. JB will lead Malawi to prosperity.


    A Amatola, inunso munangomalizitsa zomwe DPP inayamba . Best example is Kapichira mukuti munamanga ndInu. By the way , it is Government duty to develop the country and government projects should continue even if governing parties change. Nchifukwa chake Malawi yatsalira mbuyo. . when goverments changed you were stopping what the previous ruleling party had put in place and started doing some thing else there by making the country to go in circles with its development agenda.

  3. Gatuso says:

    In fact Matola is the pathetic liar here. Why do Malawi politicians lye to us as if the people they lead have no brains, memory or never went to school? Kachipira’s 64mw project started in 2008 under Bingu and this moron has the guts to come here claim it’s their brainchild because it was commissioned during their cashgate time? You mean you could initiate, source funding, construct and commission that massive project in 1 year? Everyone remembers very well how Bingu initiated and fast-tracked the fuel reserves project during the 2011/12 fuel crisis. That time he used to argue that the cause of fuel shortages were traffic congestion at Zambezi bridge in Mozambique as a result of construction works and inadequate storage in Malawi where as the rest said it was Forex which was true.

    Bingu made anouncements at rallies that government had found an investor of a 1000mw thermal power plant at Kammwamba and the name of the Chinese company was disclosed then. What we heard during amai was the same Kammwamba project but for 300mw but the details were hazy. Matola must simply admit they never initiated any substantial capital investment project they point at today other than kugawa ufa, abakha and timakhola ta mbuzi ati togona wanthu under the brand ‘Mudzi Transformation’. Palibe chamzeru mudapanga man other than kutibera ndalama zathu and that is the reason we kicked your asses out!

  4. Lumoza says:

    This “politicization” of everything is what is killing our nation Malawi. Leaders are busy discussing “people” instead of looking at real issues that are dragging development of our country. Things would be better.

  5. Youna says:

    At least nthawi ya amayi kunalibe ma black-out.

  6. Matola is a stupid FOOL if he had spotted CORRUPTION at ESCOM, what did he do????he had shut up his big lips for what????Those 3 companies belonged to you. Dont lie here, now that the companies are under investigation. PP was busy planting JB admirers . That is why some think JB had magic with Escom. nGanGa, you are stupid too..Is our Power SOLAR or HYDRO???? There was less rain in this country as a result the water level has gone down, so can push the turbines at Nkula effectively. nGanGa you are indeed an idiot. please go to school and learn about HYDRO.

  7. Solobala says:

    Indeed during the PP Government there was no these irritating black outs. I do not know what they were doing but kudos to them. This DPP government is clueless and inept.

  8. Moses Makoko says:

    I am not PP. I am MCP but I agree with you on one thing, during Joyce Banda we at least had stable electricity! Whatever u guys did or was done by whoever before u I don’t mind but all I know is we had power. Osati Zopusa tikuonazi.

  9. nGanGa says:

    Pp italowaso m’boma or lero, ma blackout atha kutha lero lomwe. This gvt is a total failure

  10. Zoona Zeni Zeni says:

    Ibrahim Matola you are a lier-a shameless lie.The Kapichira Hydroelectric plant is a brain child of late Bingu.Shame on you!

    1. GADDAFI says:

      matola akunena zoona ,during PPregime blackout inali history ya kale

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