Maulidi claims backing from PP brass against JB 

Former ruling People’s Party (PP) acting Secretary General, Paul Maulidi said the decision the party’s leadership made to pull out of the forthcoming By-elections was made without a blessing of the national executive committee.

PP president Joyce Banda earlier this month ordered the party to pull out of the elections set for next month after the losing confidence in the Malawi Electoral Commission (Mec).

Maulidi, who obtained Stay Order from the Supreme Court to commence judicial review proceedings on Banda’s decision aside from demanding compensation, told Nyasa Times in an exclusive interview several top party officials are against Banda’s decision.

Maulidi:  I have the support of PP top brass

Maulidi: I have the support of PP top brass

“Some of officials in the party are not happy with the decision because it was personal; it was made without knowledge of the executive committee. And there are so many people who are on my side,” argued Maulidi.

Maulidi challenged that he remains PP executive member and that was still using the party structures in his campaign for the Blantyre North constituency by-elections, adding some officials including one of the party’s vice-presidents, Uladi Mussa have been supporting him.

Uladi Mussa popularly known as ‘change goal’ glaced Maulidi’s campaign rally on Sunday in the constituency with the parliamentary candidate challenging “I am still PP member and the decision they made was a breach of my Constitutional rights.”

Maulidi added: “The decision to pull out of the by-election is disenfranchising the party supporters, especially those who us as candidates. I am standing on PP ticket and am doing so for the interest of the people in my constituency.”

He said the decision to sue Banda for K27 million wouldn’t fracture his relationship with the party’s leadership, arguing “I never intended to ask for that money but they have to compensate me for what I spent during primaries and campaign period before May elections.” 

Meanwhile, PP’s Deputy Director of Political Affairs , Levy Luwemba has come out openly  backing Maulidi and condemning the party decision not to contest during the forth coming October 7 bye elections.

Luwemba said the decision by the PP leadership was emotional and not relevant with the current global politics.

He said during the earlier meetings, which the party had, it  was agreed that the party should field candidates in all the wards and constituencies where the by elections would take place.

Publicity Secretary, Ken Msonda refused to comment on the issue saying “PP respects democratic institutions, we respect our judicial systems. Mr. Maulidi sued the party and its leadership; obtained a court injunction against the party founder and president and the party on the by-elections issue. We cannot therefore comment on matters that are in court.”

Recently, Msonda described Maulidi as confused, desperate and frustrated person by going against the party’s position.—(Additional reporting by Alfred Chauwa, Nyasa Times)

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Bena mphoto mose ndimwe vindere vyakufipo.nadi hule la chanakazi limupusikaninge, imwe nadi matongo lende kuti tiyeni tiyeni tiyime pathekha.aah ndimwe vizeleza!

Walhelha ochavo

koma ngati mulumana ndikudyana chenjerani mungapwetekane

John Chilembwe

If MEC failed,it was PP’s ineffectiveness on it as a state body.Funding was very poor,logistically nde worse,analephera kuwapanga empower mokwanila for tripartite elections.
Wina amati aMaulidi munangoti akhale pampando,basi kukanilira.Owowooo,kuterokoo.
Anaonera abiti maloko,nawonso kungoti khalani apa yiiiiii,mpaka kukanilira kutsala pangono kuyambitsa nkhondo.

Anthu tisamakonde kukamba za ena coz sitiakonda pomwe nafe tikupanga zomwezo.Taonaninso shadow cabinet ya MCP,koma bwanji kukuwa kwake ndi ya DPP.

Tiyeni tinene chilungamo pa chilichonse,sitimati God Fearing Nation.

Ntchisi boy
PP first lost its vice president central due to political carelessness. The party was quick to dismiss him as lazy and useless. Then it lost its vice president south and then North. The party took it easy. Came elections the party got a third position and blamed MEC for that without doing any serious soul searching. Now the party is repeating the same blunders by standing on the way of the very people who want to hold up the reputation of the party on the ground through participation in the by elections…… Does this party learn from its past mistakes.

Pipii ! kenako odi uko! chipani chuukagwa! hutale siyuliranso odi uko!!!


Maulidi wachita boo. Asiye abiti lock ndikulephera kwaoko asati akuletse iwe. Iwo anapikisana analephera pa 20 May paja, iwe ndi ufulu wako kutero uwone kuti ulephelera pati. U don’t trust MEC because u failed. Ngakhale kukokerako no 3 iiiiiiii abale inu, ati mukati boma sililuza taonera inutu.

King of Israel

Maulidi pliz stop this unless if its a stunt

Mashino amingi

MAULID, MAULID, is a complete political FAILURE! He was in UDF, failed. In st. DPP failed. MChipani ndi boma la amayi athu, he failed. Then anangomukokera kuti akhale Acting SG ndiye akaupanganso makani. Inu, a PP Musiyeni ayime pa zisankho. Ndipo alephera. Koma chonde akalephera musamulorenso mu Chipani chatu. Akayambe chake ndi mzake failure wina ” his excellency Chenji goro Uladi Musa. president wa chipani cha anthu awiri. Asaaaaaaaaaaaa. What a couple!


Akunama amaiwo, a Maulidi kapikisaneni. Nseu wa Lirangwe Chingale mpaka ku Machinga kuti utheke pakufunika anthu ngati inu. Please do not give up. Ken wa chinkhope ngati nyani kapena amai oyenda ngati bakha sangabwelese chitukuko kwanu koma inu basi. Maulidi yemweyo koma kuti wa wa wa wa wa wa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kayambe Chako chipani iweeee tione ngati ungathe!…pew pew pwe za ziiiiiii MEC ndi mbava Zokha Zokha we will never deal with that MEC unless we are idiots like you!

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