Mayor invites Chinese investors to Blantyre: Malawi commercial capital

Blantyre City Mayor Noel Chalamanda has asked the Chinese community to utilise the investment opportunities available in the City.

Mayor Chalamanda beckons Chinese investors

Mayor Chalamanda beckons Chinese investors

Chalamanda was speaking on Wednesday evening during the New Year festival celebrations by Blantyre based Chinese community at Robins Park.

“Allow me to make use of this opportunity to appeal to potential and existing investors to take advantage of the investment opportunities available in the City to come and introduce their businesses and as a Council we will be glad to accommodate them,” said Chalamanda

He further asked Chinese Blantyre to support the Keep Blantyre Clean and Green initiative launched in November last year.

Said the Mayor; “It is noted that this campaign will not only help in beautifying the City but will also help in averting the problems that have arisen due to climate change in the country.”

“It is also an opportunity for the health sector especially on the keep Blantyre clean part as diseases that occur when places are kept dirty particularly during this rainy season will be reduced,” he added.

He said; “Let me assure our usual commitment for timely support and assistance when necessary to the Blantyre based Chinese community.”

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19 thoughts on “Mayor invites Chinese investors to Blantyre: Malawi commercial capital”

  1. nuji says:

    Amwenye achoke kaye amawononga town ndi ma pant ongoyanika mu town mxii

    tingopempha a mayor athu kuti awapatse malo ma chinese to build their own shops ndi momwe akuchitila mayiko ena so that they beautify our country nanga si tokha tikulephela. Ma shop aamwenye osawapatsanso ma chinese to rent ayi amange zawo chifukwa na kumanga kokha ndi deal.

  2. Citizen X says:

    Mr Mayor we are now beginning to get tired of these small talks of yours “tick tock tick tock” your time is running out. maybe its me but has anyone seen any changes in our town? please inform us what has he done so far to improve the city? yes the chinese can help build good quality infrastructures better than greedy local companies and invite them to come open factories as we have too much raw materials just going to waste. Mr Mayor please we now want to see action, your people working, you thought it was going to be easy ha, theres too much hard heads, old, deadwood in the city offices we all know that but you have to be strong, tough and push them to mobilize or else the blame is on you and we will put some one who can deliver “are you a little boy?”

  3. sain it like it is says:

    tayambani kaye mwachotsa amwenye okhala nkati mwa town omwe akukhala pa mwamba pama shop…musanaitane ena kuti abwele…2015 amwenye akuyanika ma panti ndi blangete nkati mwa town…sizoona …koma paja mwaeneka munalandila ma envelop a congratulations kuchokela ku ma shop amenewa…..komanso tikudikila ma street lights…kodi inali nkhani yongokamba mu camaighn eti…kufika ndi nzelu zomwe

  4. kachikho says:

    Yes we need investors but not the type of investment which the Chinese are bringing which is retail business and thereby pushing the poor locals out of business. The Chinese should invest in the areas of tourism , manufacturing ,mining and such other big businesses that provides employment to our people. We do .nt want retailers who are busy syphoning our much needed forex .

  5. says:

    I salute you Mr mayor. However, let me urge you to put forward conditions for such investment. These guys just come in the country kuvinavinamo, kutitengela ndalama zathu and off they go leaving the “dancing arena” in a mess. We need state of the art infrastracture, roads and many more things. These have to be of the highest standard; sizongoti munthu kuchoka kwawo nkumadzamanga ka two storey building nkumati wapanga invest. Sometimes they even just come ndikupanga chokolo ma delapidated structures a Kamuzu, make manoy out of them while depreciating them and go. Bwana Chalamanda we dont want this!!! Set serious conditions for these guys and make a difference to our country

  6. Frodo says:

    what shitty stuff coming from the mayor! so clueless

  7. ujeni says:

    The Mayor of Capital city should have been the one given more publicity. Its either he is a dull man or he spends more time hunting for rats to eat

  8. jedi says:

    By the way, does Lilongwe have a mayor?

  9. john says:

    Your Lordship, you should have gone a mile further to outline which areas require people to invest. Besides, there is no land in Blantyre within the CBD where people can establish big investments. My advice to the mayor is that you should consider buying the land opposition National Library next to Skyway Business College. All that land up to Wenela should be bought and dual roads must be constructed. Let serious investors to develop the land. Not what is happening at the moment.

    You should also patrol the kandodo corner shop and Kameza road and make sure that all structures built within road reserves are demolished.

    Besides, you musy consider expanding the roundabout at kandodo corner shop, its too small. Sto the guy who is constructing a hotel near kandodo corner shop. The Puma filling station must be relocated and we need a big round about there. If that was to happen, I would be convinced that we have the mayor in Blantyre.

  10. Against Mbuzi says:

    Invest in what? Land development/infrustracture? Will they be allowed land ownership transfer?

  11. Chingwe Chambuzi says:

    osakamba za security bwanji

  12. Pata phiri says:

    And they take dollars away
    By the way who will afford
    Usd 250,000 in licence fees per year
    Wake up chalu

  13. mavuto says:

    We Are In Ur Support

  14. Bristol says:

    Good move by the Mayor and keep on improving the outlook of Blantyre and of-course the economic status of the Commercial City.

  15. Anaphi says:

    Chinese investors? I hope not hose that would come and infiltrate the local businesses of ordinary Malawians. They have done so in other African countries in the name of investment. They came to take over the “mandasi” business operated by the local women with their cheap flour and oil which is not fit for Human consumption. Please Let’s be vigilant with our Laws as far as Chinese investment is concerned. Talk of “roads” my foot!!!!

  16. Tiyambe kuswira ti ma China.

  17. Blessing says:

    Calling the Chinese to take advantage of the bussissines opportunities available in Blantyre City and they will accommodate them ! Mr Mayor ,when will you call the Malawians to take advantage first of the opportunities ur talking about? Why not open up to the malawian public the areas where Malawian entrepreneurs can take advantage before these Chinese,or you are taking about Chinese investors who are opening groceries shops all over Malawi and you call this investment !

  18. ujeni says:

    Wrong heading, different story. He asked for existing Chinese in Blantyre, not Chinese to come and invest

  19. KING SOLOMON says:


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