MBC reporter faces transfer over gay question

Taxpayer-funded Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) television reporter Peter Makawa faces disciplinary action for asking President Peter Mutharika a question on gay men who were recently arrested in Lilongwe.

Peter Makawa faces disciplinary measures for asking on gay issue

Peter Makawa faces disciplinary measures for asking on gay issue

State House had organised the news conference to allow Mutharika tell the nation his whirlwind tour of Malta, London and South Africa on official duties.

Tradition has it that the state controlled MBC journalists strictly ask the issue at hand, they are not allowed any other questions unless mentored before hand by State House.

However, on this day, Peter Makawa, who works for MBC television in Lilongwe asked the unsuspecting Mutharika the position of government on gay issue following the arrest of Cuthbert Kulemeka and Kelvin Gomani.

At first, Mutharika looked uncomfortable, then annoyed before he answered that he would be meeting Justice minister to chart the way.

Sources at MBC said Makawa has since been recalled at head office in Blantyre on “relief.”

Nyasa Times sources said management is contemplating of either sending him to Mzuzu where moderate ‘disobedient’ workers are warehoused or to “Siberia,” a training department where worst ‘disobedient’ workers are dumped as employees there virtually do nothing because no training takes place.

Makawa is currently anchoring news at Kwacha MBC studio in Blantyre. During the press conference where Makawa asked the gay question, Zodiak journalists were not invited allegedly because last time Tereza Ndanga grabbed a microphone and asked Mutharika the needful questions.

However Mutharika is said to have been angered by the decision of press secretary Gerald Viola who had connived with his blue eyed boy Silvester Namiwa to sideline Zodiak radio.

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71 thoughts on “MBC reporter faces transfer over gay question”

  1. Godman says:

    Be open we can’t allow that just because we are on the top 10 of poorest countries in Thise world.we will never say yes,you are there because your mum and dad met et,if they whr gay u couldn’t even say dat….am I wrong??

  2. Mwenecho says:

    Will comment later coz it seemz the issue has just started, real issues r coming ahead

  3. Miyogi says:

    Pagan leader,fe hell wid ur Babylon system

  4. Dkn - Neno says:

    Gay right is not a human right, rather it is a human unrighteousness and a sinful act against GOD. Malawians therefore should choose either to bow down to it and face God’s wrath, or listen to God and act according to His will and be safe in His hands. The ball is now in every Malawian’s hands.

  5. fonye says:

    And the Director General himself does not have even a diploma. He tried in vain to connive with one private college in Blantyre to sell him a Bachelors degree before he could attend classes. He was rejected and went away wild. Should I mention the private college?

  6. keyboard says:

    Sad development. Even if the journal had asked how many times the minister can have sex with his wife or whether tye minister was gay, , I dont think these would be good grounds to punish the journalist.
    Shame we stil live in the dark ages.

  7. Funzo says:

    The weak need protection but the strong can look after themselves! Which thumps the table?

  8. willybetha says:

    Yes transfer for gay question good mwakondwa but remember 2019 muchosedwabe.

  9. Atate says:

    Mr. Tt Sir, I think it would be unnecessary to be fighting with something which does not exist. The very fact that you are up against God, clearly proves his existence.
    I can assuredly bet with you that soon and indeed very soon, your very eyes, ears,mind and all available senses will mock your current view about God. You are not the first person to argue against this clear fact. I believe you have been kept safe and sound for a testimony in 2016 and beyond.

  10. john phiri says:


  11. Deogratas Mbepula says:

    Koma bwana waku MBC ali ndi mkazi ndi ana ameneyu. Koma mkaziyo amamulangiza bwino pa kakhalidwe kabwino ndi anthu? Ndakaika.

  12. Che Nkope says:

    Sumbuleta. The writing is on the wall. Have you read it???

  13. chemwali kulibe says:

    I understand Sumbuleta and company have advertised internal vacancies for chiefs and other positions but they already have names to fill the vacant positions.Most employees know and are not interested to apply as they will just waste their time.Pa MBC ndi ponunkha kwambiri.How can the company have Directors with MSCE certificates as the highest qualification , what a shame? Komanso Makawa wanuyonso is a devil.Leave him choyipa chitsata mwini..

  14. Ted Mbosanje says:

    MBC leadeship mbola. 0/10. Miseche basi. Kukacha basi lero ndimunyetse ndani.

  15. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    Did he not know that Gayism is illegal in Malawi? The appropriate person to answer the question was the Minister of Justice. Do you think his transfer is because of gay question?

  16. Noria Mbale says:

    Free advice to one Aubrey Sumbuleta:
    1. Start socialising with your fellow CEO s at sports clubs. In that way you will learn alot of management styles and tricks. You will avoid clashing with junior staff
    2. Upgrade yourself. You need professional qualifications say, Management etc. Its available at MIM or Mpemba
    3.Fear God.

  17. Mngoni says:

    Mr Aubrey Sumbuleta, how many issues are going to sorround you at MBC. It seems you have failed the tax payer organisation let alone the citizenry who own the organisation. How many enemies have you made in 2015. How many people have you hurt their feelings in 2015. How many women have bonked at MBC in 2015 alone. Lachi 40 likwana mfana ndipo umvetsa. Kuipa mtima ngati chipumi chako chakudacho. Makawayo nde ulira naye, alinso connected ameneyo komanso ali ndi support.

  18. chimwene says:

    or ndili ine pa kampani panga ndikuchoseratu. each organisation has ethics and ungothokoza kuti kuli democracy, Kamuzu akanamanga ndi agogo ako omwe mwana wopanda khalidwe.

  19. Tt says:

    God loves us? Kkkkkkkkk, if he did would there be so much suffering, injustice, famine, disease in Africa? Would we be perpetual beggars? Open your eyes man! There is no god, employing the supernatural and putting imaginary and nonexistent gods as an excuse doesn’t fly, the African mindset needs to mature and trust in rational thought and objective evidence…. That’s the only route to the progress of humanity….. Gays are real and they exist, whether you like it or not! Gods are imaginary, they have always been and will forever be imaginary…. Sorry to bust your bubbles of delusions..

  20. Zoona Zimenezi? says:

    First time I am reading equating the Northern Region with Siberia. And, by extension, Mzuzu as a “sister city” to Novosibirsk, the capital of the Russian province.
    By coincidence, the two cities are also the third largest cities in their respective countries. But the comparisons end there, because Mzuzu is a nice place; “Novosib” is a hell hole!

  21. zingati zanu says:

    Tiwuzeni zoona. kapena zatengeni zanu a Makawa. Palibe nkhani apa.

  22. Bwande says:

    This is the more reason why this Munthalika is such an embarrassing moron when faced with international journalists like Zainab of BBC. I was not surprised with the contradictions and zibwibwi in the face of Zainab of BBC Hard Talk. He is used to spoon feeding and leading questions from MBC journalists from MIJ. It sucks.

    Malawians it’s high time we seriously demand change from MBC. It’s our money. These are some of the serious issues that our CSOs deliberately choose to ignore to fight. Instead they are preoccupied with fighting for gays. Let’s have MBC closed. Have Chilima’s public service reforms reached MBC or it’s just a rhetoric? Of course I don’t listen to MBC trash any more

  23. Zikagwa says:

    too bad

  24. Kaligondo says:

    Boma ilo , zaziiiiiiiiii bola mcp

  25. Milward Malidadi says:

    Kupita ku Relief means more money in allowances….anchoring news at the main studio cannot be equated with a punishment. Sindikuonapo nkhani apa. By the way, the author of this article was at pains to make the piece more appealing and he ended up distracting himself. Tamayesani kulemba ma article a direct. Mumatichititsa nazo manyazi izi. Ngati kulemba kukuvuta tayesani zina _ yesani ulimi wotaya madzi.

  26. Kunta says:

    Osamafunsa a bwana mafunso achibwana wakhaula!

  27. shadreck tembo says:

    Same sex marriages are un welcomed in africa cos God loves us.western countries leave us alone.take ua money and go.

  28. Mccarthy says:

    This APM is Useless, I wonder why put you him on that seat, this animal is going to destroy this country, because also is a gay?

  29. Dr Haswel P. Bandawe says:

    A story was told of a traffic police man who stopped John Kennedy, President of the USA, gave him an over-speeding ticket. President Kennedy was self-driving his vehicle and was unaccompanied.

    When giving the speeding ticket the Policeman asked for an Idenfication (ID) document. But President Kennedy did not produce the ID, but gave his name as simply John Kennedy.

    After a close look at the person in the driver’s seat, the Policeman started apologizing and offered to withdraw the speeding ticket. President Kennedy did not allow the Policeman to withdraw the ticket and eventually paid for the speeding ticket.

    Then President Kennedy honored the Policeman for doing his job.

    This story may or may not have happened that way. But it illustrates a point: a President who upholds the Constitution and the law in line with his oath of office.

    We need leaders who uphold the oath of their office. They are not bosses but servants of the people. The constitution guarantees freedom of speech.

    I would strongly suggest that State House should investigate the apparent punitive action against the MBC journalist for asking the President an uncomfortable question. The journalist was doing his job on behalf of the public. Any policy action taken by the President is of national interest. The Predident is the leader of the nation. State House should be the first to safeguard freedom of speech— lead by example. The journalist could be disciplined for some other lapses; but it must never be because he was doing his job!!!

  30. Fbi genuine says:

    MBC simalo onyadililako po gwira ntchito ayi kongonyula pang’ono uli madzi.mboma lake silimeneli lakubali ayi .linayamba kubera mavoti ,pano lili pakali pakali kusolola ndalama zanthu.komaso mwandikumbusa nkhani ya mu 2011 ya 400million yomwe inamangisa apolice ku area 30 ?kodi zili pati a ACB?chilungamo chikufunikatu apa.sikuti tayiwala.

  31. kenkkk says:

    BigMan,it seems you didn’t finish your explanation. You seem to agree or suggest that Peter didn’t answer the gay question properly as expected even when promoted in advance by the state house.

    Do you therefore agree that the president failed miserably here to answer the question as per alleged state house and donor expectations?

    I welcome your blurred observations this time which seem to doubt peter because you are always behind this dpp govt.

    Welcome to the real world.

  32. Namgabi wa ku Balaka says:

    That’s MBC for you. You have to bootlick to survive. As for the ladies they have to sleep with all the bosses in the hierarchy. A rotten institution in a rotten country mismanaged by unpatriotic individuals. Cry my beloved Malawi. Peter Makawa, you have learnt your lesson next time tread carefully

  33. moni says:

    Mbc is being ran like a farm. Government shld intervene immediately. Kulibe freedom. Sumbuletas leadership leaves alot to be desired. Sakutha ntchito. Iye koma miseche ndi akazi. Employ an educated DG now.

  34. man says:

    Do not worry Mr Makawa that is the end of DPP.Our soldiers are still on training but soon we will be in malawi taking over the Government. We have been given good weapons ever and MDF would not stand with us.

  35. mary says:

    Mr President, Ministers, CSO where are you when this Director General is bringing down our tax payers station? We heard he is also bonking female staff.

  36. David says:

    Sumbuleta, Sumbuleta. How many people are you going to fight. Its now Makawa. Next its Kazembe

  37. jolly says:

    It is the work of MBC so called Director General. He is busy tossing around people to his advantage. Problem is that he has no leaderships traits. He comes from Kenya CCTV where he was a sublines man, pulling wires at station. He is busy appeasing politicians. Kuno nkunja ma DG anzake iyeyu ngwa number 13. Onsewo lero Ali kuti?

  38. Apao says:

    Mbuzicrancy at it again.

  39. Mangulenje says:



  40. Hancy says:

    Zankutu basi! How can the whole president fail to answer a straight forward question.

  41. mpkm says:

    Kkkk anzanu ku mzuzu amati nkwawo inu muti nku prison kotayirako indiscipline pipo. The world!

  42. mbuyankhoma says:

    Mr. Analyst, you are well learned.

    1. The Analyst says:

      Thanks mbuyankhoma

  43. kenkkk says:

    If Peter really believes in good quality journalism and freedom of expression,then he should immediately rebuke the stupid bootlicking head of mbc or fire him.

    There is nothing wrong with Makawa’s question especially when you didn’t invite journalists from other organisations. Was this viola’s mistake again?

    It is horribly wrong not to invite other journalists at a presidential press conference, it doesn’t matter whether or not they speak or write crap about you.

    You are very educated,you should be able to answer almost all questions by journalists, I would personally. The gay question was just too simple to answer since the govt had already issued its decision on the matter unless of course you were not aware of it. That would even be more calamitous and prove that you are not in control.

    Please kick out the mbc boss.

  44. King Jaffe Joffer says:

    This is stupid and foolish. This is happening because Mutharikha, who is the dullest and worst president so far was not here when we were fighting the one party system of government. These are the primitive practices of governance Malawians abhorred and rejected. It is very ironic that such constitutional violations are rampant under the leadership of a professor in constitutional law. This proves that Mutharikha ‘s professional credentials are purely for earning dollars and his expertise has not benefitted Malawians in any way despite being in pole position to change the country in governance. His regime runs on savage principles like he is a std 8 regional governor. One would have expected him to do better in this area after his performance in economics has been scandalous.

  45. vavlov says:

    Why should this be an issue? In a democratic country like Malawi, journalists should be free to ask questions, and the question asked will very good to allow the president explain the government’s position. This guy should be promoted and not punished. This sounds like Kamuzu days, when will Malawi be liberated?

  46. Mjomba Yusuf Jonas says:

    Ufulu unatha kuno

  47. Ichocho says:

    I think Zodiak should consider hiring this guy

  48. BigMan says:

    I watched the press conference, the President looked neither annoyed or uncomfortable. I actually thought the journalist had asked that question at the request of the state house to enable the president to comment on the sensitive issue which had attracted comments from donors.

    1. The Analyst says:

      . . . neither . . . nor . . .
      . . . either . . . or . . .

  49. The Analyst says:

    That’s the public sector that Malawi is; no innovation is encouraged.
    . . . Ever worked for a public sector institution before?; like the ministry or Reserve Bank or other statutory institutions? So monotonous are the procedures that boring they soon become.
    . . . If you try to be innovative, vibrant and excited; you are looked askance at. If you ask why a thing is done in that fashion, the answer is, “Its how we have been doing it.”
    . . . Are we surprised therefore that the public sector service delivery is inseparable from the word ‘inefficiency’? Am not surprised! Coz we have been doing things in the same manner over and over again and for so long hence inefficiency or mediocrity is now looked at as public sector norm.
    . . . This APM was asked a very simple question and him being the Professor that he is and also the one who upheld the suspension of anti-gay laws was supposed to tackle the question with ease; having already made up his mind on the issue.
    . . . Sadly he knows not that his being patient with thinking, betrays his law professorship, big time.

  50. Amini Mussa says:

    simunati, timva zoti aunt Getu anyanyalako

  51. Mwana Mai says:

    In any society where sane people interact there is always rules, regulations and policies set out which should be adhered and followed. By the way was this Makawa aware of the word “Protocol”? If not then there must have been something amiss with assigning authority at MBC. If protocol is followed in a family, how about a government? Chamba ndi official functions? ndiye zibwanatu. AMalawi kumaona malolactic ndi nthawi zache zosewera phada, osaseweletsa ntchito chifukwa alipo ena omwe angagwire motsatira malamulo kungoti alibe mwai.

  52. choka phiri says:

    MBC is people’ Radio not party owned. When Afrikas ord black Malawians leaders going4to get it. Peter is a doctor. Despite education is not better that Muluzi whom u called Un educated. What questions does he want to be asked. It must be very hard for both journalist and government to work. These two brothers are bringing Malawi to time of a man Malawians called him dictator. As a leader he should be preparerade answer What ever question. Also saying he send people Who are disobident to Muzuzu is Also distubing. U Northerners are u going to vote for this man again? How many times do u want to be humilated to get it? Atumbuka and my tribe Ntonga are we so stupid? We are educated but lack of logical. This is a man Who said a Ntonga can not be a president. And yet Northerners voted for him. What is wrong with Northerners? With all The intelligent still stupid.

  53. Thanduxolo says:

    Ameneyo ndiye Malawi ndi ntchito zake! Limba mtima Makawa. Dziko silitha lero. Moyo ndi choncho

  54. mankhaulee mlaamu baabaa says:

    nde mbc yo imeneyoo!!!

  55. chatonda says:

    Mwazunza Timpunza and now you have switched to Makawa. This brutality must end at MBC please.

  56. DR.CASHGATE says:

    Why disciplinary action when we Malawian want to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

  57. dzambo says:

    ndiye kuti mpaka pano sakumanebe pa za u gay? Koma adzakumanana? Ndakayika!

  58. Dikisan says:

    Titani Pamenepa? Ife tinadziwa kuti munthu wa ku MBC angafuse funso APM ngati lomwe Makawa anafunsa. Ntchito iyamba kuwawa. Pepesa.

  59. Chilombo says:

    So Mzuzu is the Dumpsite for good jornalists!mmmhh koma abale.Ndiye kuti kukhala ku Mzuzu ndichilango chachikulu eti!

  60. racket says:

    A makawa kufuna kutchuka , mwazionatu.

  61. chatonda says:

    Thjs is very bad for MBC to continue punishing reporters for doing their good job. Is it Viola again who has facilitated this stupid transfer? Why is government still keeping Viola at state house after all the mess including implicating the president as non appointee of so many position of civil servants/ This is incompetency on the part of the government. Let people work freely at MBC.

  62. ophiri says:

    kodi kumpoto ndiye ku ntaya kwa amalawi? anyway, low pressure mfana. just link up with reporters without borders and in a couple of months you’ll be living the boss life.

  63. SONG says:

    This is the beginning of rotten leadership. What type of President is this gay better Chakwera to head the country zinazi zanyanya. Anthu akuvutika mmidzi nkumalimbana ndi ntolankhani basi. Chomwecho adzifunsa zosalongosoka.

  64. Peter says:

    Ku mbc kulibe ufulu

  65. Mbusedye says:

    these are bull sh*********t decisions….malawians hv the right to info….

  66. mzungumbuli says:

    Same old mistakes commited by previous idiots eeeeeeeeish clueless president Peter.

  67. Kunenakunena says:

    Thats a brave and intelligent journalist if he did so

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