MCP MP Jumbe says Chakwera bodyguards involved in attacks

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) shadow minister of Agriculture Felix Jumbe has said security detail for party president Lazarus Chakwera might have been involved in the attacks of the followers of MP Jessie Kabwila at a political rally in Salima over the weekend.

Felix Jumbe: Chakwera bodyguards involved in the attacks

Felix Jumbe: Chakwera bodyguards involved in the attacks

In a rare interview with state controlled Malawi Broadcasting Corporation, Jumbe who is Salima South MP said he had heard that the body guards were involved in the attacks.

“They might have been attacked by the body body guards of our president,” said Jumbe.

Kabwila confirmed the attack of her followers at the rally in full view of top party officials.

Jumbe said the district party chairman, district party secretary and former regional chairman for the centre were sent back from the rally which Chakwera held.

The legislator Jumbe is accused of political double standards, the party says he has his loyalty to the ruling Democratic Progressive Party as well, an accusation he vehemently denies.

Jumbe and Kabwila say despite the ordeal they are going through in the party, they remain loyal to the party and the president.

Chakwera said he knew there were problems in the party and said he would deal with them.

Kabwila and Jumbe have been relocated from the front bench of the MCP where senior members of the party sit to the back bench.

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6 thoughts on “MCP MP Jumbe says Chakwera bodyguards involved in attacks”

  1. Nkhulandi says:


  2. Maunisi says:

    Osafusa a DPP wo mbavazo ndi kupha anasukulu Njauju. Anthuni mulibe manyazi mukamanena muchenjere MCP has stayed out of govt for 23 yrs now did you see it kunyenyeka very strong party and becareful we are taking over govt 2019 you have already heard about MCP Yourself. Tisiyeni Kabwira is strong woman in our party. Koma a DPP mukukweretsa moto osapanga manyazi bwanji manthatu awo. Ululani nduna zabazo and mukapanga kutero mwatha.

  3. tsetsefly says:

    Jumbe is practicing politics of economics. He follows where money is being sniffed. Unfortunately for him he is wasting his precious time. He should declare he is DPP rather than behave like a coconut, black outside and white inside.

  4. Chambe says:

    Thus character of MCP that I know. It will never change even if you can change Leadership from Tembo to Chakwera to who ever…the old MCP has permanent stains that will never go away. These two MP must watch out!

  5. Mwananyanian says:

    Jumbe and Kabwila-Kapasula should now intensify the plans for the downfall of Chakwera; as the source of violence is bring traced to him (via the bodyguard). First, the two MPs were demoted to sit ku usi (nearest the smokestack), without respect of even a notice to them. And then this: humiliating them among their own constituents, families and relatives; and the criminal acts of physical assault!. These meetings are the place for MPs to strut their stuff. But … Aaaaaaa!
    Time to quit MCP, and pursue other areas of interest, like, whatever they did before. Because oChakwera cannot solve the mess that is engulfing his party: Our MPs, including MCP ones, even though they exhibit all tendencies of greed, are simply NOT like church congregants who follow their leaders like sheep.
    Our modern MPs are like goats: they challenge their herder. And a good herder will, every now and then, encourage one or two zigawenga (rogue) goats to challenge him/her and stray off the path. Then suddenly and quickly, the herder will coerce the stray goats into the herd: Lesson learned by the other goats and by the herder too.,
    But oChakwera has never been challenged in the Church. Naturally. And the Bwana has no lesson to lean back on. And I doubt if what they learn about conflict resolution in Religious Studies applies to real politik.

    1. kanchenga says:

      The good thing though is even stupid Malawians know that MBC only gives stooges a chance to explain themselves on TV or radio. So by allowing Jumbe to go on air they have just confirmed the fact that he indeed is DPP and was only planted in MCP to destabilise the party. What a shame to imagine that some of us could have voted for him had we been inpatient. Jumbe MBC can not give time on air if you are not there own. Just come out clean and stop this nonsense. You are just embarrassing yourself.

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