MCP MP wary DPP govt not paying Kasungu chiefs for five months

A Member of Parliament (MP), for Kasungu South East Constituency,  Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda, has expressed concern that Senior Group Village Headmen, Group Village heads and Village heads in the central region tobacco growing district of Kasungu have stayed five months without receiving their honorarium from government.

Khumbizile Kandodo: Met chiefs

Khumbizile Kandodo: Met chiefs

This was known on Saturday at Chamwabvi Primary School, when Member of Parliament for the area  met the Area Development Committee ahead of budgetary meeting oa parliament which starts on May 5.

During the ADC meeting, chiefs told the MP to go and speak in parliament that the chiefs are now facing problems following the failure by the authorities to give them their honorarium.

“As you are going to Parliament assist us to receive our money by reporting this to Parliament. Our honorarium is already small so it is unfair not to receive the money for five months,” aid one chief.

Another chief stood and revealed that 64 chiefs in the area of T/A Chilowamatambe are yet to start receiving their honorarium and yet they already filled forms over the same.

“May be someone is receiving our money on our behalf , please report this to Parliament,” said the chief.

Kandodo Chiponda,  who is also the MCP Deputy Treasure General, said she will take up the matter with relevant authorities. The MP however said the situation was regrettable.

Ministry of Local Government announced that it has put 22,000 on payroll but it is not known if those chiefs have started receiving the money in other districts.

The GVH receives K5,000 while the Village Headmen receives K2,500.

During the meeting,  Khumbize Kandodo also  briefed chiefs about newly assented marriage bill.

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MAFUMU AMAONONGA NDALAMA AWA.mmalo moti azigwira ntchito afuna azilandira nadalama zaulere..Mudzi umodzi kungo wugawagawa alibe ndikawindula yemwe.Titatifufuze tipeza kuti midzi ndi iwriri koma chifukwa chadyera kapena itatu.Tamapangani chitukuko osati zaulerezo ayi.Ndiposo mukumagulitsa minda ya ana amene bambo awo adamwalira ,muli ana inu pitani kwanu anthu oyipa inu.

koma Umbuli?

What are chiefs for? Draining govt resources for honorarium?

ulendowu ndi watonse

mafumu amangofuna ndalama moti sangatithandize


Mai Kandodo…please help educate our Kasungu Chiefs. Wina ndi uyu Kaomba, anapangitsa pinyolo KFCTA. cant you reverse that decision>


Mafumu tiwasiye basi


Shameful this dpp govt is really. They want to force the Chiefs to tow the line and support dpp, then get paid!!! Typical dpp, for this misfit govt, democracy means only supporting dpp.

Please pay the Chiefs, that money means alot to most of them.


Traditional Leaders are there to unite people regardless of Political Differences so they have a purpose in society as long as they are not dragged into politics it is also a cost cutting measure chief’s councils help in solving minor village disputes that would be wasting lots of Money if sent to a magistrates court. And it’s simply preserving culture even rich countries in Europe preserve certain title and practices for cultural purposes.

Dala lanu

A DPP ndi boma lanu munawayamba dala musatope chifukwa kuli ma counsellors ayi apatseni ndi ma arrears awo onse

Galu WA galu

I do not see why chiefs should be paid. Amalandila ndalama kwa athu. They charge peope in the villages.You know how many chiefs are there? No wonder the government is broke. Chiefs are already corrupt.

edda mwalweni

I don’t think Chiefs are important these days. Can we choose one, between councillors and chiefs so that one can go and remain with the other.

Emmanuel Pagone

Find sense in what zuma said. The gvt could have found other ways of using my hardly earned tax to the people who contribute nothing to the dvt of this country. Let them find their ways. Sanasanzike amenewo kubomako iya zuma is right

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