MCP plans Kamuzu Day celebrations in style

The opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has organised on May 14 a dinner and live band performance at Capital Hotel in the Capital City Lilongwe to honour the founding father of the nation Ngwazi Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda who ruled Malawi for 31 years.

MCP addressing a news conference on Kamuzu Day

MCP addressing a news conference on Kamuzu Day

Speaking during a news conference in Lilongwe, MCP spokesperson Jessie Kabwira said the party president and leader of opposition Dr Lazarus Chakwera will be the guest of Honour.

Kabwira said the organizing committee has also invited Skeffa Chimoto to come perform at the function.

She said Malawians should not forget what the country’s founding president Hastings Kamuzu Banda did for the nation in terms development and improvement of living standards.

“There are a lot of achievements which Malawians ought to remember about Kamuzu like roads, hospitals, universities and airports among others,” she said. She said the party plans to showcase some of the achievements by Kamuzu during his 30-year reign over Malawi as a reminder to the people.

Deputy MCP campaign director Joseph Njobvuyalema said: “Kamuzu Banda did best for this country but the regimes after him have not helped this country.”

Kamuzu ruled Malawi from 1964 to 1994 and his birthday on May 14 is commemorated each year in remembrance of him.

He died in November 1997.

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30 thoughts on “MCP plans Kamuzu Day celebrations in style”

  1. Blessings says:

    MCP more fire 2019.

  2. chamba cha lero says:


  3. ujeni says:

    MCP should move on from Kamuzu, he killed, imprisoned and exiled a lot of innocent people. The South and North will never accept this in this present age. Better for MCP to be progressive if they want to be relevant to Malawi

  4. Levi Sitima says:

    May His Soul Rest In Peace

  5. Kape Ntata says:

    Chigawenga chowuma mtima chimapha munthuu……, koma ngati boma lichibwezera zasiyana pati.

  6. lol says:

    Believe me MCP is very far in their thinking strategy than any other party in Malawi seconded by a Joyce Banda’s PP internationally. The rest of the parties think Malawi can stand alone without Britain. Kamuzu built all these ideas, that’s why John Tembo laughed at Bingu when he chased away a British diplomat.

  7. Nathan says:

    Osayiwala kuyitana Gule wamkulu wakwa Njombwa yemwe ankakonda malemu Kamuzu Banda.

    1. Levi Sitima says:

      Gule wamkulu mpaka ku hotel?

  8. Mc pherson Majawa says:

    I wil be there and no where to go on that day

  9. Fisi mphiri says:

    Iwe sithobwa ndi chitsiru cha munthu madzi ayamba kusefukira lero ndipo ndiku Malawi kokha komwe kunasefukira madzi?alubino ayamba kuphedwa ku malawi kokha kuno?xenophobia ukunenayo yayamba lero kapena yapanga affect malawi yokha?panyopako pa amako wamva ngati amako ulibe achemwali awo ngati alibe achemwali awo alibe anzawo uzadana nawo achina Mutharika mpaka liti?ndiwo amene anakupangisa kukhala mbuli kapena mphawi?zakunsi zako

  10. The Ear and Eyes says:

    What a Party? You cant even mention the real founder of the party , Orton Chirwa during your ceremonies or narrate the history of the party as your friends in ANC, FRELIMO or SWAPO do. Yet you claim to be reformed. You even killed him instead of praising him for what he did to form the party.

    A party that does not seek forgiveness from thousands of Malawians whose relatives were killed, vanished or fed to crocodiles. Your killing spree were endless; Orton Chirwa, Douglas Mhone, Dunduzu Chisiza, Atate Mpakati, Chief Timbiri, Chuhari Chirwa, Bridger Katenga Kaunda, TDT Banda, Khonde Kaunda.

    You deposed innocent chiefs: Mwase, Timbiri, M’bwana, Kabunduli, Katumbi etc. You detained many innocent Malawians.

    MCP is not going to rule this country again because it is a hated party. Only those who did not experience MCP’s demonic and horrific atrocities may vote for it. I nearly get a heart attack when I hear of MCP.

    ‘MCP is the party of death and darkness’ Chakufwa Chihana once reminded Malawians.

  11. zoshola says:

    kubwera kumeneko

  12. Vimbuza Masekese says:

    Ine ndili komweko

  13. hotlips says:

    MCP, development is not just buildings, roads, etc. You have forgotten deliberately about the development of the Malawian mind which spurs all other developments. in that vein, remember with regret how your Kamuzu oppressed people’s minds and threw them into the Shire merely for trying to exercise and develop their minds.

    I trust you will also celebrate that!

    1. Tinkanena says:

      very true Kamuzu used to think for Malawians and as a result very people were taking the initiative to develop themselves

    2. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

      Comment is spot on.
      Indeed it can be argued that most Malawians who were growing up during Kamuzu’s dictatorship never really developed their minds to even near full capacity. In the sense of critical thinking, and full expression of free thinking; because of the fear of the well documented brutality of that regime, once one was found out to be a “free-wheeling” thinker. Even for those of us who ended up in Chirunga (Chanco), the sense of fear was always in the back of one’s mind: and believe me, this is true even if one was in the traditional sciences compared with the arts. We were all silent victims!
      I posit that thwarting of creativity, by Kamuzu, is majorly responsible for lack of creativity, and allergies to taking chances, among our professionals like engineers, architects, lawyers and even teachers.
      This was one damage Kamuzu inflicted on us. And It will take a long time to turn the corner on this one.

  14. Z Z Junior says:

    Izi ndiye zakalekale. MCP is not changing. That’s why its hard for people to vote you into government. Move on MCP move on.

  15. Alick says:

    30 yrs Chiradzulo, Mulanje , Mwanza and Thyolo were very underdeveloped. Mangochi was worse. Bola Bingu in 8 yrs he did a lot.

  16. nabanda says:

    details please tilipira kuti? how much etc

  17. nYAU SITHOBWA says:

    Izi ndizimene ndidziwa ine osati kubwera kwa mbava za kumwerazi pano mulungu wayamba kukulangani 1-Kusefukira kwamadzi 2-Kuphedwa kwa Lobino -3 Kudza kwa njala dziko -4 Kuphedwa kwa anthu ku Joloza magazi anu amtunduwaji ayi zoona dziko lilimanja aaagalu

  18. cash gate says:

    Thats Fine, Only Dr. H. Banda Did More Developments Than These Current Leaders.

  19. MCP Yeniyeni says:

    Go konko

  20. george mwitiya says:

    pamene mukukawonetsa zabwino za ulamuliro wa kamuzu u must also tell us the other side of his rule. Mcp is a most criminal party than any party pamalawi.mukane i will prove to you

  21. Yankho says:

    Amai zimenezo ndiye ife a Malawi Congress Party timafuna. I would wish if the commemoration were done in all the three regions where the two Vice Presidents could be the guest of Honour. I am extremely happy with the strategies the party is employing and things will be different come 2018, Malawi will be on fire and all corers of the country will be talking about MCP, end result MCP and Dr. Chakwera Boma. Please continue making the fire burning.

  22. mulopwana says:

    I am 100% DPP but I support the idea, please make it open to everyone. This should be a national event. After all we have now forgotten about the membership cards at bus depots, markets etc.

  23. Chris Chikwemba says:

    To have this celebration is not bad idea,but next time you have to consider the supporters who can not afford to go to the hotel. Organize it on an open ground for all of us who love the Mighty MCP to participate. KWACHAAAAAA….

  24. wochenjera says:

    Kamuzu was not the property of MCP. Then, we were all MCP by force. MCP is now finished. It only has membership of a handful Malawians. You people of the Central Region MCP have no moral ground to host a National celebration for Kamuzu when you are just a fraction of Malawi. The State is the only legitimate institution that can host a National event for Kamuzu.

  25. he did little things he steal alot and more over he was not malawian and DNA yakamudzu ndi anthu amadzitcha abale ake there is no relationship believe me he was from ghana

  26. opportunist says:

    I will be there

  27. john says:

    Koma those portraits are overshadowing eish.can’t they do without them?Thus symbol of dictatorship. Inu ndimagulu oti Chakwera kukhala President,the whole Malawi kukhala with so many billboards

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