MCP, PP split in Blantyre rallies: Opposition demands police protection

Opposition Malawi Congress Party  (MCP)and Peoples Party  (PP) are asking police protection as they storm Blantyre on Sunday a week after their joint rally in Mzuzu marred by political violence.

Dr Jessie Kabwila: Why did DPP throw beer party at panga thugs

Dr Jessie Kabwila: Why did DPP throw beer party at panga thugs

MCP publicist Jessie Kabwila has since asked for police protection to avert ugly scenes that characterised the Mzuzu rally where organised panga knife wielding thugs hacked four people.

“We are expecting the police to protect us in Blantyre. We expect the police to be at the opposition rallies too for protection, they should not be protecting the ruling party only,” said Kabwila.

She said this was the time for the law enforcers to brighten their image after it was grossly darkened following the Mzuzu incident.

“We lost trust in the police because of the violence, the way they behaved after the violence. It vindicated our fears that the DPP was behind the violence,” Kabwila said

. She said the police secretly released the four suspects they  had netted in connection with the violence and it was on Easter Sunday, unusual day for the police to release suspects.

“After their release, some politicians threw a party for them and boasted that they were in control of the police. This shows this was a politically motivated violence, this shows the DPP was behind the violence,” she said.

The police said they released the suspects because the Constitutional requirement of the 48 hour period for them to appear before court had elapsed due to the Easter holiday.

In Blantyre however, the MCP and PP will hold different rallies having jointly held rallies together in Lilongwe and Mzuzu raising questions if the MCP is worried with the violence which is as a result of power struggle in the PP.

Two seperate announcements indicated MCP president Lazarus Chakwera will team up with PPM and Mafunde at Nyambadwe grounds whilst PP acting president Uladi Mussa and vice presidents Ralph Jooma and Kamlepo Kalua will be elsewhere in Blantyre at Makheta.

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8 thoughts on “MCP, PP split in Blantyre rallies: Opposition demands police protection”

  1. Mzozodo says:

    I thought you say Malawi is a religious country? How come a lot of the comments I read on Nyasatimes show that there are alot of Southerners who worship Mutharika and his DPP? I thought you say there is no other God than God?

  2. observer mission says:

    Amalawi ndife fuko limodzi.
    Polankhulana tiziganiza ngati fuko.
    Kumozambiki mavuto anayamba ndi kulankhula kwa msontho ngati momwe enanu mukuchitira.
    Kukanakhala bwino kuti enanu mukanapanda kubadwa – chifukwa mukuipitsa mbiri ya fuko ladziko lino

  3. Mbuzi says:

    Ndinthawi yachitukuko osati campaign. Chakwera waufunitsitsa udindo. A Jersey politics si ma theory kapena philosophy yamkalasi. Munalakwa kupita kwa pastor Mboro

  4. Iwe Ngwenyama Ngwenyama, Kodi Chipani cha MCP, Chinapha Amako? Anthu onse akumwalira tsiku ndi tsikuwa akufa chifukwa cha MCP? Kodi Matafale anaphedwa ndi MCP? Robert Chasowa anaphedwa ndi MCP? Anthu 22 paziwonetsero zija anaphedwa ndi MCP? Kodi Magazi ali ndi chipani cha MCP amachokera kuti? Yemwe ali ndi Umboni kuti MCP inapha Amake kapena Atate wake, Otsibweni ngakhale Chemwali kumene ayenera apite ku Police kukapeleka dandaulo lake Koma ngati ndiumbuli ndiye ndibwino kungokhala chete.

  5. Zidura Ntengo UndigwereA says:

    1. Holding separate rallies on the same day, in the same city, just shows MCP and PP are up to no good. And they are out to undermine the Police; and the Police know it!
    MPS is an organization made up of people; people with feelings too. I do not understand MCP and PP’s thinking on this? Rationale, any one?
    Is this an attempt to pad their numbers, so that the organizers can hoodwink us: by adding X and Y from the two rallies, the total would actually SEEM more than Z as would have been at a single combined rally? Thus, pretending there is more support than is actually the case.
    2. MPS resources are already overtaxed, and how do the organizers expect adequate protection, for both “demonstrators” and the rest, in the two separate rallies? This seems to be a formula for opportunities for rioters, vandals, plain pockets and even worse. No less. May be that is what the organizers are hoping for; so they can blame DPP. Nothing new there.
    3. Demonstrating is a right, but it also comes with responsibilities. And organizers have to depend on the experts in MPS for advice, instead of brushing them off as nobodies.
    Jessie Kabwila-Kapasula: just because most of the Police did not go to university does not mean they are nothings; you always act elitist!
    4. Ms. Kabwila-Kapasula is just a trouble maker; and MCP will not win the hearts of the citizens in the South this way. Southerners remember too well MCP’s record, especially on human rights. That party needs to assuage those wounds, instead of rubbing salt into them!
    5. Leave our Blantyre alone! We love our City, and we do NOT want it destroyed by people who are only passing through.

  6. Phwisa says:

    Kabwila’ s blame of police goes beyond Mzuzu fracas. Since the Chancellor College education saga and her arrest on treason case Kabwila vowed to demean the police authority. PP and MCP will never work together. There are in fightings in MCP and PP with Kabwila promoting a faction to oust Chakwera but pushing this on DPP. Ati ndale a Kabwila

  7. Ngwenyama Ngwenyama says:

    A PP mwachita bwino kusiyana ndi chipani cha
    magazi mmanja. Pitilizani kutsata democracy imene a mayi Joyce Banda amadziwika nayo ndipo
    ndikukhulupilira kuti anthu okutsatirani adzakhala okondwera. Inu a PP mumadziwika ndi
    ulamuliro wabwino pomwe a Kongelesi amadziwikanso ndi nkhanza zawo kupha anthu powaponya ku n’gona, kumanga anthu Nyakula, kukakamiza anthu makadi kuphatikizapo mwana ali mmimba ndi zambiri.
    A PP dziwani kuti a Kongelesi ukufuna kukugwilitsani ntchito kuti alowe mmboma mwa chinyengo. Ubwino wanu a Malawia akuudziwa ndipo adzakuvoterani pa nokha. ntchito zabwino za a Joyce Banda aliyense akuzidziwa.

  8. Joseph Banda says:

    Jessie Kabwila, Blantyre is a civilized districts, you cannot see what happened in the Mzuzu -NORTH. Otherwise Msonda should have been beaten.

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