MCP Regional Chairs shoot down Kaliwo’s convention call: Demand SG resignation

The main opposition Malawi Congress Party  (MCP) Regional Chairmen on Thursday took turns rejecting  calls from their secretary general Gustav Kaliwo and his deputy Chatonda Kaunda that the party would be holding a national convention from July 7 to 9 this year following growing concerns with the leadership.

MCP regional chairpersons addressing reporters

Kaliwo must resign: Demand MCP regional chairpersons

However, the party regional chairpersons has trashed the call, describing it as invalid and that only the party ’s national executive committee (NEC) can call for a convention.

Reading a statement on behalf of their chairmen, Eastern Region MCP Chairperson, Hurry  Mchilima said the party Kaliwo has no mandate to call for a convention under the constitution of MCP.

Mchilima said it was surprise to note that Kaliwo used a hired car from Avis and managed to accommodate all the delegates from various district.

“Where did Kaliwo get all the finances, this means that what we have been hearing that he has been paid money from government to destabilise MCP is true,” Said Mchilima.

Mchilima said Kaliwo has never been active in MCP.

Taking his turn, Central Region MCP Chairperson, Patrick Zebron Chilondola, said MCP is the most Democratic Party in this country.

“We go to convention every five years, there is nothing new we will go to convention at an appropriate time,” he said.

Chilondola said MCP does not fear a convention because “All the regions already agreed that Chakwera will be the torch bearer come 2019.”

The chairmen said MCP is found on four corner stones which are loyalty, obedience, discipline and unity.

The chairmen said “We have a visionary candidate who is attractive and ready to govern this country,”

In his turn former Regional Chair Daniel Mlomo said Kaliwo has lost direction.

Mlomo said it is unfortunate that we have people posing as MCP members who have never been MCP.

Meanwhile some Regional chairs have called for Kaliwo just to resign.

Kaliwo said he had decided to use his powers to call for the convention to resolve the disputes that have rocked the party over the past months.

He said he had been holding meetings with 23 committees in various districts across the country where the leaders have been requesting him to call for a convention.

He said according to Article 40 of the MCP constitution, an emergency convention can be called by the party’s two thirds majority of NEC or at the request of more than half of the district committees.

“Therefore, for this decision I have taken the mandate given to me by the party’s district committees who are calling for the convention.

“I am sure there are some people who will not agree with me, but we stand on a strong legal ground because the constitution permits my doing this,” said Kaliwo, an experienced lawyer.

He also insisted his call for the convention was not to deal with leadership change, but “because I have been requested by the owners of the party.”

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Kodi aKaliwo mwatani ? musasokoneze MCP. angochitani resign becoz ndale simbali yanu.Enafe tikudziwan bwino.Simuda
li lawyer paja? bwelelani ku lawyer konkuja.Manyazi mulibe kodi ? anakudyetsani sikono aDPP or what ? ndinu wopemphela ndipo mumaopa Mulungu.Bwinotu bwino ni ndale tu izi .

Wilson Square

If MCP is really democratic can you review the two of the so-called four cornerstones? Loyalty and obedience are undemocratic. They worked well during dictatorship.

I frown at some comments. Kaliwo quoted a section of MCP constitution while the regional chairpersons and some of you present empty rants. He presented to you 23 district committees and present two loner regional chairpersons + former regional (why former). Who has strong legal basis here? You will be surprised to see some quiet MCP executive members on Kaliwo’s side come 1July. Dr Chakwera knows that he is losing touch with the grassroots. see you on the dates of the convention ngati sitidzakuwonani tikuthamangira ku court kukatenga injunction against someone you disparage as not a member. More fire Kaliwo!!!!

i think this thing called Kaliwo ,,,,,,could have been good for him to resign rather to end up in stupidity as has now been………….


The MCP I know is the party in courts and at Zodiak. Tabachedwani ife kuchitekete a DPP tikukumba zitukuko anthu akuziona. World bank ndi iyi ili mkhondeyi. Chaka chino chakudywa mbweembweembwee china boma limapereka chija tikudyabe mnyumbamu. How can MCP which is non-existent beyong Ntcheu dream of coming back? Some parties are better placed in the opposition than in government. In actual fact, uyu tidzamkwapula ndi 60+1. Mudzaonanso.


Kaliwo ndi dhilu, tiye nawo ma kapewa

Eee koma Kaliwo ndi deal, if he was MCP President things would have been well in the party. He knows what really the MCP constitution is all about. He listens to the populace. Dr. Chakwera is trying to sideline him and what he has decided is to fight back. Paja amati “nkhonya yobwezera kuwawa” If Kaliwo did that as the powers vested in him entails, then MCP is down. Campaign year is just around the corner. But if all this is happening because DPP is behind the curtains, then DPP is a deal, they know how to play their cards… Read more »

Kaliwo is as stupid as the people who are sponsoring him to create confusion and in fighting in our Mighty MCP. Anya onse limodzi ndianzakeo. Chakwera is the way to go. These guys have failed everyone even people from their home.


Kodi Kaliwo ndi wa ku Zomba? Tsopano akulowelera zipani za mitundu ina bwanji?

Thyolo Thava

Kodi Dausi wakupatsa zingati iwe Kaliwo? Cheap cheap ….DPP politics working behind the scene and broadcasting it on MBC-TV

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