MCP regrets beating of process server, launches investigations

Officials from the main opposition, the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) say they regret the beating of a law firm’s  process Serverat the party headquarters in Lilongwe and the national executive committee has launched an investigation into the matter.

Mkaka: MCP regrets the attack

Mkaka: MCP regrets the attack

Jolamu Mpangeni, process server for Gondwe and Attorneys was severely beaten up when he went to the party headquarters to serve High Court documents to party president Lazarus Chakwers, party administrative assistant Potiphar Chidaya and the MCP.

Deputy Secretary General Eisenhower Mkaka said the party was saddened by reports of the beating of the process server.

“MCP is saddened at the development. MCP does not condone acts of violence. We will take stern action against those who were involved in the assault,” said Mkaka.

However he fell short of apologising to Mpangeni who had also his clothes torn up when six MCP guards pounced on him after he left the High Court documents at the gates after party officials rejected them in their offices.

Mpangeni took the documents in which expelled party official Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma took Chakwera, Chidaya and MCP to court for defamation and unlawful expulsion from the party.

The documents indicate Chakwera, Chidaya and MCP should appear in court on September 20 at the commencement of the case.

MCP leadership and supporters have of late engaged in acts of violence against those with dissenting views.

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Stupid indeed , DPP has been and is still killing people , where Njeuju, chasowa, 20 northern region people, Mbendera, 18 albinos across the country? Panopa chipani chakumpha ndi DPP , MUKANALAMULILA PA ONE PARTY SYSTEM MUKANAMPHA MUDZI ONSE.


Mapwevupwevu DPP is the party of darkness and death. How many people have been killed to date this is stupid.


Koma kumeneko!!! MCP sizamva

Chimunthu Chino

Kongelesi ndi chipani cha NYAU basi…Inu mumaonako NYAU yosachit’s ndeu. The good thing is that no sane Malawian will ever vote for Kongelesi…..chipani chakupha ndi m’dima


Maganizo ako amenewo wopepera iwe. Kagwere uko pamodzi ndi mbava zinzako anthu akuba inu mwasaukitsa dziko kuchokera 1994. Stupid people. Yes MCP does not condone violence but it will not remain silent when an external hand like yours is involved in its (MCP) internal squabbles. Useless Chimunthu Chino. You are probably not a true Malawian…mwana wa njoka iwe. Just shut up if u have nothing meaningful to say.

Binnwell Kachikopa

But any sane malawian can vote for your dpp? That is totally voting for a devil man, bola mcp yomweyo than this walking devil


You do not beat the messenger. A messenger is a carrier. A carrier carries good or bad news.

be humane

Our party, Our Pride

Bright Mkosi

Ndithokoze a mcp popepesa ndiko ukhwima kumeneku 2019 boma!!!!!

Bong we

Chatnkha Chidzanja Nkhoma has facts which MCP leadership just says watumidwa ndi DPP instead of kuyankha zomwe wanena Anthu masiku ano anachangamuka amavetsetsa zomwe Munthu akulankhula more over Ifé tinawadziwa A Rev Chakwera ndi chatinkha yo lero Munthu yemweyo mudziti ndiwoyipa chifukwa akudzudzula mkhaludwe wina sukuyenda bwino mchpani ? Ayi ndithu abusa ngati mumaphera zoona onaniponi bwino apa .Its not too late

Binnwell Kachikopa

Chatinkha was fired following right protocols, no question of she had facts, what facts? She was fired by NEC and through party constitution. So a Bongwe kaya bongwe your point is senseless, a blind follower of dpp who has a very poor vision, dpp is a walking devil that needs total destruction.

My MCP leadership please tackle the issues Chatinkha raised. Don’t try to divert from the truth .She raised facts which should be tackled .MCP constitution was broken fix it .We could not go where we are if the points she raised were fixed .The problem is the same people like Mkaka are part of the problem contesting in court and at the same time are the same people trying to bring sanity .Where are real SG s Kaliwo and Chatonda ? Rev Chakwera please let the real or Legitimate SGs respond to this serious issues involving my mighty MCP. Chatinkha… Read more »
Dr Tambala

Malawi crocodiles party is back at it and why is mkaka always in the news when he is not the party’s spokesman and he is deputy treasure general! Chipwirikiti!

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