MCP roughnecks assault legal officer over expulsion of Chatinkha

An official from Chancy Gondwe  law firm has been assaulted by suspected Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera body guards and party diehards.

Lawyer Chancy Gondwe: His officer assaulted

Lawyer Chancy Gondwe: His officer assaulted

Jolamu Mpangeni from the law firm run by Chancy Gondwe  said from Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe that he was attacked when he wanted to serve Chakwera, party administrator Potiphar Chidaya the  documents friom the High Court in Lilongwe restraining Chakwera, Chidaya and the MCP from expelling Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma and Dennis Namthumba from the party.

“They pounced on me, they beat me up severely as you can see. Those who beat me up are bodyguards of Chakwera and other party officials who were at the MCP headquarters offices,” said Mpangeni.

After getting treatment and hospital documents, Mpangeni was to go back to police in Area 3, Lilongwe where he had reported the matter soon after he was assaulted.

Chidzanja Nkhoma confirmed the incident and said this happened in full view of Chakwera and Chidaya.

Mpangeni was serving Chakwera and Chidaya a court document summoning the two and the MCP to the High Court in Lilongwe on September 20 for interlocutory hearing, to remove an injunction on the expulsion of Chidzanja Nkhoma and Namthumba.

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22 thoughts on “MCP roughnecks assault legal officer over expulsion of Chatinkha”

  1. mbelwa says:

    hehehehe a Jolamu nanunso basi kamuuzeni Lusayo akakuchengeteni bwino basi mwatibulidwa ulere shaaa!! i know ur also a dpp guy so its o

  2. DUNGULINYA says:

    Chakwera zamukanika. Poor leadership. Hammer and nail approach. We need pragmatism. Go Chatinkha!

  3. Big Dance says:

    Chatinkha you have courage, intelligence, wisdom and good looks. Traits that Jessie Kabwila fall short of. I have been listening to your eloquence and I believe evn Laza cannot stand in a court of law. You argue with better facts unlike one mad man from Rumphi East. I admire you. In such ladies like you, I think we have future female leaders, better than one cashgater JB. Please go and go do not relent. Catch the bull by its horns until alire pyoooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Chilungamo chioneke basi.

  4. Cash Gate says:

    a land lord a chatinkha, moti mukusunga ma title deeds a ku mcp national headquarters, zowopsatu izi, nanunso a messenger odzasiya zisemani muzibwera mosamala, ife timaona ngati odzathira moto, pajatu chatinkha ndi jumbe akutuma anthu kuti athire moto. ndiye muzibuka appointment mukafuna kubwera.

  5. Alex kaliba says:

    Kabwila akutipo bwa? Kkkkk nde knngeresitu imeneyo ,it has never been democratic and will never be

  6. Billy says:

    Chatinkha dismantling Chakwera single handledly. Politically Chakwera is done .In crisis management you bring the person who is throwing punches at a table and you do it yourself not sending small boys like Mkaka to solve your problem that’s what is lacking in Rev Chakwera . I don’t know how he was handling issues at The Assemblies of God church ..he has failed to solve his own party issues .how can he handle nations
    Issues . The rev is a joke to Malawi

  7. chigeex says:

    DPP lawyer representing Chatinkha? This lady is after killing MCP and its working very well

  8. Dr Tambala says:

    Abusa sponsoring hate and violence! Udindo ndiokoma eti? Ndalama iyooo. The more things change the more they remain the same.

    1. MUNYA!! says:

      Be honest, answer me! Did Jesus sponsor Peter to cut the ear of the Solder in the garden? Dr. Laz is the child of the most high and I don’t think he can sponsor such I thing; he will clean up all this mess with God’s help before 2019. You can line up all the DPP lawyers in the court to represent Gogo Chatinkha and Felix Jumbe but Dr. Laz has JESUS as his lawyer. If JESUS fights for you, the win is inevitable.

  9. Achimidzimidzi says:

    MCP tamakhalani ndi ulemu. Bwanji kodi, fighting fire with fire. Ndewu sikumanga mudzi.

  10. kanchenga says:

    Obviously this is not the way MCP wants to handle it’s matters. NEC had met and a decision was made case closed. Our President had demonstrated his leadership style and MCP majority love it. Now if anyone wants to continue with this rubbish, the party defence will do it’s work. If Chatikha and company wants war. We are ready. We are prepared for it. We don’t care whether Chakwera likes our ways or not. He has done his part now it’s ours. I hope Chatikha is ready. We have no respect for the law. It’s Mississipi burning. Lawyers you have caused enough havoc. It’s payback time. Remember in a war people die. Even innocent ones. It’s called collateral damage. So Chatikha if you are really MCP you know the system you and all your relatives are enemies.

  11. Mmalawi We Niweni says:

    Koma mayi uyu otchedwa Chidzanja Nkhoma kaya Nkhoma Chidzanja eisheeeeeeee……apweteketsa anthu ndithu, mayi mwazitengera pamugong’o zedi. Koma ngati mwadya banzi eisheee limeneli likuthimbani pa mmelo ndithu. The best you can do Madam Nkhoma is either join those who are financing your failed campaign or start your own part with Jumbe as your President, otherwise with the so called MCP isaaaa you are just wasting your precious time or lastly go back to your former party of MCP and say am sorry

  12. Kangw\'ingw\'i says:

    This is REAL MCP I know, abusa Chakwera your career switch was totally miscalculated. God has never contradicted himself

  13. Yemweuja says:

    Kongeresi singasinthe..thats typical of it

  14. Gawa Undi says:

    The Party of ‘Death and Darkness’ is baaaaaack! Watch out people, watch out!!!!!!

  15. Chambe says:

    This is the MCP that I have known from 1964 till to day.It Leaders may come and go but it’s DNA remains the same.

  16. Gomezga says:

    This is good news let everyone involved in trying to bring down our MCP be treated as such. If you dont have respect for our President, we do. So time to joke around is over this serious business. “Mufera za eni”

    1. DUNGULINYA says:

      Sad myp comment

  17. Kokani says:

    Why Chatinkha getting injuction I thought she said that she did not apply for being MCP why going to cout its ridiculous. I think this woman is going mad. G o to any other party as you don’t apply or form your own party if you have support zaziii.

  18. MCP will never change says:

    Murderous Crocodile Party, when are you going to change? MCP has a long bad history of all sorts of evil including beating and killing innocent people. When shall this Murderous Crocodile Party stop shading the blood of innocent Malawians? This is a cUrseD political party regardless of changing leadership from Kamuzu to JZU or Chakwera. This party is still the same and it will never change.

  19. be humane says:

    AAHHHHHHHHHHhhh ndi a DPP amene achita zimenezo. MCP does not believe in attacks. Zinangoona kuchitika kuti mmene amamenyedwa ameneyo chakwera ndi chidaya anali akudutsa koma they are not bodyguards. Apo bbiiii officer ameneyo wadzimenya yekha

  20. Dambwe boys says:

    zomvuzedi—-somebody save Chakwera before he commits unrepairable blunders

    better kukapepesa and negotiate with Chatinkha, she is a soldier, mai osazatheka uyu Kabwira akuchepera kaba 🙁

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