MCP tells DPP: ‘Time for duplication of projects in order to steal is over’

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has cautioned the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) that they will not be allowed to duplicate projects in order to “cashgate”.

Hara:  DPP will not be allowed to go away with continue cashgate

Hara: DPP will not be allowed to go away with continued cashgate

Speaking on behalf of MCP, Mzimba Solola MP Jacob Hara, the opposition will be resolute to provide checks and balances to avoid DPP get away with ‘cashgate’.

He was contributing to a Loan Authorisation Bill seeking authorisation to borrow about K9.8 billion from European Investment Bank (EIB) meant to finance the upgrading of essential aviation safety and security equipment at Kamuzu and Chileka international airports.

Parliament e rejected the bill, saying it lacked sufficient information.

Hara said DPP government should explain why is it that after Japanese International Cooperating Agency (Jica) gave Kamuzu International Airport a solar field that generates power into the Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) grid, the airport is still being charged K8 million every month when it only consumes half the power it generates and supplies the excess to Escom.

“Then there is completion of taxiway lighting, MCP would like to inform this government that there is no such a thing as completion of taxiway lighting at KIA. This project was completed three or four years ago under this same DPP [Democratic Progressive Party] government and was funded by Badea and Cofid, time for duplication of projects in order to steal is over,” said Hara.

Hara also told the House that the aeronautical fixed telecommunication network which government wants to buy is a piece of ageing technology which has been around since 1930.

“It is based on telex protocols which are limited with regards to messaging functionality and types of information. Our colleagues are replacing these with the new kid on the block,” said Hara.

MCP lawmaker said it was surprising that most of the equipment which government said it would purchase were obsolete, citing VDF (Direction Finder) as equipment which is not required in modern airports.

“This piece of equipment locates the position of an aircraft using Very High frequencies. International civil aviation is now migrating from ground-based equipment to satellite based equipment…DPP please wake up from your colour dreams. We are now in the e-world,” Hara said.

In his contribution, Chitipa South MP Werani Chilenga (People’s Party-PP) observed that airports such as Mzuzu need further upgrades.

“Other airports are not being taken care of. I’m talking of Mtakataka Police Airwing, Zomba and Old Airport. Lack of equipment there has put our men in uniform at risk,” Chilenga said.

Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe, who had earlier pleaded with MPs to pass the Bill, was forced to send the Bill to the Legal Affairs Committee of Parliament for further scrutiny.


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63 thoughts on “MCP tells DPP: ‘Time for duplication of projects in order to steal is over’”

  1. Manyetera says:

    Hehehehe dpp munyera chaka chino. Inde afinyeni tioneko mano a president eyetu

  2. hango says:

    Adada Hara yowoyani chichewa wanthu wapulikiske mu nyumba ya malango. Iwe Mussa wapulika ivyo wayowoya mwana Hara?

  3. Alex says:

    Thank goodness this DPP government doesn’t have a comfortable majority in this parliament, or it may well have turned out to be even more disastrous than the last DPP Bingu-led government.

    As it may yet be – watch out! Keep putting their feet to the fire. Good work by the opposition here.

    Although of course it would be naive to hope that an MCP-led government would be any better, hopefully it would just not be too much worse. All politicians in this country are cut from the same cloth – they just jump parties as if they are jumping into a new suit.

  4. Alex says:

    This is nothing new of course.

    These airport projects are small potatoes, comparatively.

    Tens and hundred’s of millions of US dollars are stolen regularly through road ‘projects’, water infrastructure, rural development and the like.

    In the end nothing concrete actually materialises out of these ‘projects’, or else it is all sub-standard rubbish – poorly done roads, barely functioning water systems – and in this case obsolete airport equipment.

    It’s little wonder the donors have no faith in this country, or rather its politicians, who even after the ridiculous saga of ‘cashgate’ , continue to borrow and steal their voters’ and others money.

    Alas that this beautiful country is cursed with such wretched politicians!

    By far the most venal, self-serving, hypocritical pieces of s— even on the African continent. Little wonder our country lags behind even such countries as Zambia, Tanzania and Rwanda. Even our neighbour Mozambique, with its brutal decades-long civil war, has managed some decent sense of development, despite its corrupt politicians. Surely none can be so corrupt as these Malawian politicians and their civil servant friends!

  5. The Patriot says:

    Its very good to have MPs who know what they are talking about! Look this Hara guy has saved us from thieves!!! 2019 anthu nonse mu ma midzi umo, votelani MP wophunzira wodziwa chomwe akuchita osati ongogawa ma bokosi!!!

  6. mulopwana says:

    Nice work by MPs

  7. kanyimbi says:

    This is why we need young people now. During the MCP time we were told that the youth are the leaders of tomorrow but up to now the youth are not given the mantle. This is why someone is thinking of telex in this generation. We will not wonder if they will buy type writers instead of tablets. But anyway just consult technocrats who will give you latest technologies. Be careful with other advisers they can tell you to buy old equipment when in fact they will just scavenge from other countries.

  8. tsetsefly says:

    Big up MCP and big up brother Jacob Hara. I have known you since our time at Poly as a man of high integrity. Take these theives to task. They have run out of thefy tricks and want to duplicate projects with the aim of milking money from an alreay thin cow. I want to encourage you and the entire team of good minded opposition leaders to stand to your feet to save us from these hungry lion with insatiable appetite for money.

    1. Mkupa says:

      Well done Hara,keep it up

  9. Charter says:

    Well done Jacob. Keep it up!

  10. Munnyabu says:

    Its indeed high time our mps show seriousness on checks and balances

  11. Blessed says:

    No 44. Your thinking is so myopic. If you don’t live in Malawi then leave us to comment. The bill passed through the hands of technocrats and the cabinet, why didn’t they argue the way you want to suggest in your comment? We do listen to debates in UK, SA and USA parliaments or Senate. The proposers of the bill argue defending their position having looked at all factors. These DPP guys didn’t do that. Doesn’t that show lack of seriousness or indeed old age catching with most of them? We love Malawi and we need the best for this country. These loans will be paid by us and our children. Remember Goodall’s and Peter’s children and grand children are in USA. They will never contribute anything towards paying back this loan. We want the best equipment befitting the modern word.

  12. Wa-Makala says:

    Eeeh, mafana a MCP akudya research moyipa. Bravo MCP… uku ndiye kubwera. Next time talk about positioning Malawi among the best at Global level, nanga tizingokhalabe chimalizira…?? Please find something to help reBrand Malawi. AMalawife simasewera… and mnzungu amadziwa. Check with NASA and Boeing…

  13. stephen waku kaya says:

    tiyeni nawoni. azayesa macheza. waphalire Hara, nyengo zakupusikana zili kumala.

  14. Pitalayuso bola bingu turn,

  15. Afumu Phiri says:

    Shame on DPP guys, akuluakulu kumbaku Mulungu aliko these mistakes its from God just to show them kuti ndi mbava komaso amalawi titsekuke m’maso, Please God proven yourself that you are living God to these Mbava.

  16. mtumbuka1 says:

    Educate and civilise these overrated professors of dpp..soni!!!!!!

  17. Bwitoto says:

    Tiye nazoni ma professor aDPP anthu ophunzira nanga mwatani zemenezi simumaziziwa. Palibe amene amaziwa zonse man. Angulu anthu opusa kwambiri.hahahahahahahaha.

  18. Baba wa boy says:

    Bravo!! Malawians confirming the way I look at you.

    What has Hara done that makes him a hero?

    This is like praising a Parent for giving his child a bath. What hara has done is his job, he gets paid for it. MPs the world over do exactly that, that is why there is a budget session.

    May I ask, should we reject this loan, and opt for modern technology like satellite, will the loan still be MK9.8billion? You have to understand Government is trying to reduce loans, we are now operating with no equipment at LLW, is old technology not better than none?

    Hara is not been truthful, the equipment is not old, it is new, but not the latest. its like most of us still use Word 2003, but the latest word still reads the 2003 and displays it correctly, what is wrong with that?

    We have to learn to live within our means.

    The majority of people who comment on this page have no technical understanding of anything.

  19. BigMan says:

    Congratulations Mr Hara, you have successfully managed to get your picture on Nyasatimes after barking, barking, barking and barking some more in the August house…….for nothing!!!

    A rattling noisy old tin.

    1. Baba wa boy says:

      Big man I agree with you. If we dig deep we will find out why an engineer of unprecedented Nyasa Time calibre went into politics. Unemployable?

  20. Cheyusufu says:

    Guys making decisions is very tough than analysing the decision. After all, if you have dogs which bark loudly its good than having dogs that do not bark at all. By the end of the day its Muthalika will carry the day. If you do not know DPP is making blanders deliberately so that it should appear listening if it takes your wish. Ameneyo ndiye mlomwe, nanji aphatikana ndi muyawo, yayayayayayayayayayayayayay.Osaphunzira okhaokha basi. Ntchito kuchinda ndi kupha nsomaba basi.

  21. Nyakwawa says:

    usalire waba wekha
    usalire waba wekha!

  22. Chavula says:

    Tell them, may be they can wake up

  23. Kenkkk says:

    Even my phone can track an aeroplane’s movement or path. What path finder equipment do these dpp thieves want? Please use modern technology, not archaic or obsolete ones.

  24. Amos says:

    All politicians are just the same none of them are trustworthy.MCP ruled for more than 30yrs we cried UDF came we cried DPP came we cried PP ruled for 2yrs we weren’t satisfied now here’s DPP again they won’t satisfy us.Even if MCP comes to power they will do the same Kusolola basi why?Aliyense akufuna alemere yekha.We are greedy people.

  25. zowona zake says:

    well done Hara make them know that MCP is worth to lead & develop malawi not these mafiaz.

  26. Sibusiso Mugemezulu says:

    Northerners will always shine no matter oppression they face.

  27. I do respect the stand of Opposition MPs in this August House.

  28. musclemania says:

    Ehh agwa nayo akanganya Awa kumamgolemba ma proposal opanda upangili odziwika iya

  29. NYONYO says:

    Koma khope za MCP

  30. Mertz says:

    Such news gives me hope that one day Malawi will get there! May God bless all honorable MPs like Hara who are in parliament to serve people

  31. nobel says:

    That’s mature contributions Hon Hara!let the form 4 DPP drop outs also contribute eeeish bravo MCP

  32. Khumutcha says:

    Thumbs up our MPs. Hon Hara so proud of you. We need energetic and knowledgeable Members like you. this was surely your field day.

  33. Chikopa says:

    Heyi chibimi!

  34. mwana wapamaji says:

    The problem is technical team is not involved in these budgets meetings .Young talented with e knowledge not za digital not analog guys bravo hara we need people like you .if they were two bwezi zikoma

  35. Kandapako says:

    Sindine wa MCP koma apa ndiye ndakugomelani. If you continue being constructive like this I will vote MCP next time. Chitani kaguni (manyazi) a DPP.

  36. Nyirenda says:

    MCP MCP MCP MCP We are proud of you, you are real government not DPP Adalowela pa windo kuti atenge boma. Kukadakhala ku college DPP bwezi atayiwida kale chifukwa cholephela.

  37. mzukulu wa Abraham says:

    Spot oj Hon. Jacob Hara, engineer adzidziwika iya, osamangokhala kugona kumangodya masikono, apa mwana mfyale uwinanso 2019, don’t give space to these mafias, it’s time for real work, do these people think Malawi is a dumping site for obsolete technologies?? Products of UNIMA – Poly adzioneka, bravo khwiya khwiya, luma luma, no peace for wicked man, tiyeni nayini DPP boma la mbava isaaaa.

  38. mbuyuni says:

    A UDF akuti bwanji? Oooh, they are not in the opposition. Paja amakonda kulamulira. They are ruling, how? Atupere knows

  39. mbina says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkk. Sorry ndangoseka nao mwamva gogo gondwe. Pepani ndithu

  40. Kabi says:

    It is high time, we reviewed the qualifications for someone to be a member of Parliamnet. We need people like Hara, to articulate issues without fear or favour but based on technical knowhow!

  41. ujeni says:

    DPP supporters, have you seen how these Northern region MP’s articulate issues, sharp and knowlegeable not your form two dropouts masquarading as leaders.

  42. SUNDESTER says:

    I want to comment about Chileka Airport, the place now is horrible we need fast completion of the constructions. We know that most of the Aiport development money was channeled to upgrade KIA but how about Chileka and Mzuzu Airports. W e can not only have one very good Airport and the no other please Parliament approve Budgets for Chileka ,Mzuzu and Zomba please.

  43. Thumbs up OPPOSITION MPs

  44. Big up osamangoti yes bwana chilichonse

  45. Amuna says:

    This is what we call “Man Marking” we need such constructive opposition !!!! I am impressed with the fearless youthful MPs we have today in our August House..Lets rebuild Our Country!!!

  46. clement says:

    A Themba Mkandawire, Allan Ngumuya kwao ndi kuomba manja mu palamenti. Kungokwanilisa nambala. Shame on yu docile MPs

  47. Black and white says:

    Basi 2019 tibvotela tambala wakuda yemweyo

  48. Kadakwiza says:

    I like this Hara guy. 2019 he must go back to August House. He is good.

  49. yosefe gambatula says:

    That’s why its good to elect mps who are knowledgeable of things like the haras who are able to explain the technical bits of the aviation system to a layman like to me to understand them.You have really cornered these dpp thieves who are ready to dip their filthy fingers on govt funds for self enrichment.These crooks are messing Malawi big time.

  50. shaaaa! says:

    well done small boy

  51. SALIMA BOYS says:

    Apa nde agwa nayo,atulukilidwa Nsanga…tiye nazoni mbava izi Hara technology yosayamba kani ndinkango kupenyatu.

  52. Tiyeni nawo alomwe yawo kwawo kwatha 2019 mcp and ppl mugwirizano boma

  53. Chithi says:

    A chair a Poly SCOM tsopano. Tell these thieving thieves!!
    Hara is a qualified engineer, I like it when you take to task ma bulutu a DPP. Please we need more learned pipo in parliament


  54. Tiyeni nawo amenewa, MK92b ikuoneka sinawakwane. Big thugs.

  55. Jelbin mk says:

    Gondwe and muntharika are too rigged to accept that the stone age is long overgone they think we are still there in the stone age and they don’t acknowledge change thus why we will find it difficult to turn around our economy because of this madala thinking. Just imagine putting a security equipment that was used 85 years ago (1930-2015). We need new and fresh blood in our government who can easily adapt the change and live with it.

  56. Chatsalira says:

    Thumbs up to MCP!!!

    These are the checks and balances we need in Malawi.

  57. Mthawanji says:

    I like that too,its high time Malawi needs to work up to new technologies.Thumbs up Hara and the MCP ,You are making us proud GUYS,checks and balances.

  58. Bigdwag says:


  59. Yemwe Uja says:

    That is why it’s important to have MPs who have the knowhow in some technical and business aspects, not ma MP ena they go to Parliament just to laugh and shout.

  60. LORENI says:

    Nazoni mbava izi

  61. Atcheya says:

    I like this objectivity and seriousness from the opposition. At least it shows that the opposition is not just rubber-stumping stuff but also does enough consultations. Thumbsup

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