MCP yet to decide on court ruling over reshuffled party positions

Main opposition, the Malawi Congress Party  (MCP) says it is yet to come up with a final decision on whether to go for a party convention to elect some positions or revert to old positions.

Kabwila: MCP abides by the law

Kabwila: MCP abides by the law

This follows a court order over month ago that gave the oldest party in Malawi 90 days either to go for elections or revert to old positions.

Jessie Kabwila, spokesperson for the party said MCP leadership is yet to meet and chart the way forward on the matter.

“But be assured that we are a law abiding party, we will do what the courts told us to do,” said Kabwila refusing to say whether the party will appeal against the ruling or not.

MCP president Lazarus Chakwera is accused of removing elected leaders from their positions and put instead appointed people and also creating some positions not provided for in the party constitution.

“We are a party that follows laws of the land, we are a party that follows four corner stones of the party which are unity, loyalty, obedience and honesty,” she said.

Some party regional and district chairpersons are up in arms against Chakwera for allegedly removing them from their positions without following procedure.

Shake up

Chakwera ,who is also leader of opposition in Parliament, reorganised  his party’s  executive committee  bringing in former deputy minister of Finance Dr Cornelius Mwalwanda and former Blantyre City Central member of Parliament (MP) Eunice Makangala.

He also gave former speaker of Parliament Louis Chimango  the role of  legal adviser to replace Lewis Chakhwantha who has since been  assigned  to head the youth committee. Lobin Lowe who was head of the youth is now the party’s organising secretary.

Salima Central MP Felix Jumbe was demoted to second deputy director responsible for strategic planning . He is replaced with Vitus Dzoole Mwale who is deputised by Mirriam Mzanda.

Mzanda took over from Joseph Njobvuyalema who  now deputises Tony Kandiyero at internal affairs where former diplomat John Chikago has also been roped in as the second deputy.

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13 thoughts on “MCP yet to decide on court ruling over reshuffled party positions”

  1. gwamula says:

    Dr Chakwera, never fired anyone from NEC, he just reallocated the appointed membership and others got disgruntled. The allocation was made based on performance!

  2. Myao says:

    Chikago is like Sulumba at Bullets-watch this udf guy who together with Jumbe will very soon bring MCP on it’s knees.
    Julie, don’t allow this please.

  3. professor says:

    Obeying the laws of the land or not,Mcp will never rule this country again even you can follow 7corners of your failure party with your fools pioneers and rubbish area chairmens who put people chitedze for even a small issues, you will be always robbed sorry for you.

  4. Think twice about Jumbe he needs to be fired right now

  5. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    Suggested decision: revert to old positions and then wait for the next convention to practice democratic elections for party positions. And do not appeal the court decision, because that will just reinforce the public’s view that MCP is NOT a law abiding Party. And should teach oChakwera a lesson in democratic politics!
    And contrary to what Ms Kabwila-Kapasula said, historically, when push comes to shove, MCP has observed the laws only when that Party was in power. During the dictatorship: when Kamuzu made the laws and “parliament” simply stamped them. Shameful chapter in our political history that was.

    “Unity, loyalty, obedience and honesty” have nothing to do with the issue at hand.
    Another suggestion: some of the tenets, like “obedience”, should be taken out the “corner stones”; if the Party is to be taken seriously in these modern times of democracy. That could be part of a re-branding exercise. “Obedience” is for “servants” (like when we were all Kamuzu’s servants), and should be reserved for the Armed Forces, the Police and Prison Services. Not Party members, unless all you are looking for are NON-THINKERS / BLIND FOLLOWERS – which was but one way that led to the brutality, murders etc when that Party was in power.

  6. Those positions were appointed by chakwera and not elected as alleged by those disgruntled people and the author of this article. Let me remind others who may not be aware; MCP convention elected president and his two vices, secretary general and his deputies, treasure general and his deputies. The convention gave chakwera the powers to appoint the rest of the positions. I hope i have creared the mist. Now i wonder why this issue is being blown out of proportion coz the recent events shows that there is pure democracy in the might MCP sindikukhulupirira kuti anthu angapange choncho ku zikwanje party. Lastly zikwanje party president changes its executive at will but it seems nobody notices. Examples being the director of campaign from vuwa kaunda to jappie mtuwa mhango and the recent appointment of the reagonal governor from the south, mchacha handpicked by ibu etc etc

  7. Silvester says:


  8. Last Man says:

    Lazalo wa umphawi, uzafunafuna mtendere wa pa dziko lapansi koma dziko silizakuninkha mtendere,,,,

  9. BOKHO says:

    The only Party to lead the country for the future.

  10. wadidinkumphedza says:

    Who changed the four cornerstones party leadership. and individual or constitution of the land? Party leaders are so powerful to change things the way they want.

  11. chikopa says:

    Chakwera is full of shit. Chikago is a true UDF bastard and Mwalwanda was in DPP and PP but also fought too many battles with Mwenifumbo i Karonga Constituency. What can he contribute in MCP ndi mutu wake uja wopsotoka? Those fools must be chased out of our MCP in which we were born and in it will die. Viva ! Tambala wa kuda! Vida Jongwe wakuda!

  12. Mangelengele says:

    The Police Service Commission set to cross examine I G and Blantyre Police after police in Blantyre stole 14 motor vehicles for Blantyre Water Board following the disconnection of water supply to Blantyre Police installations.This follows complaints by other water consumers to the commission.In a related development homo affairs and Peter Mutharika have been told of the matter by well wishers.

  13. CHINGAMBWE says:

    Chakwera is clearly a dictator. How can he remove elected people from theiir positions?

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