MCP’s Kaliwo shuns Chakwera rally in Zomba

Secretary General of the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Gustav Kaliwo on Wednesday failed to join his party president Lazarous Chakwera  in Zomba where he conducted whistle stop tours to drum up support for the MCP candidate who is standing to compete for the councillors seat in a by-election.

Chakwera (right) camapiging in Zomba for MCP

Chakwera (right) camapiging in Zomba for MCP

Chakwera was welcomed in Zomba by the eastern region chair, his committee and district party officials but surprisingly missing on the line was the party  Secretary General who also comes from the district.

But dispite Kaliwo’s absence from the rally,  Chakwera went ahead to hold a rally at Sadzi School ground where a mammoth crowd showed up to attend the rally.

In his speech, Chakwera urged people of Zomba to vote for MCP candidate in order to show anger that things are not ticking in this country.

“Let me ask people of Zomba to show anger that things are not moving well in this country. We are facung problem,” lamented Chakwera.

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19 thoughts on “MCP’s Kaliwo shuns Chakwera rally in Zomba”

  1. santana says:

    DPP has blind followers indeed as Kachikopa has pointed out. But despite this blindness the supporters always make sure that on election days they should open their eyes to see the picture of their candidate and vote for him. Atleast tsiku lokhalo amayenera kuyang’ana basi. Whilst your eyes are open day and night but go blind on the election day. That’s why your candidates will remain losers in any election.

  2. Kangw\'ingw\'i says:

    Lazaro wa umphawi, ndale zakuvutani akulu. God is punishing this selfish man you call Reverend, we used to like him but I don’t think he is still popular. WAGWANAYO DALA

  3. Some people are fools, they awkwardly think being a priest, a reverand, a bishop then you cannot go for politics, cowards think politics is a dirty game, politics is a clean game.A NAMAROKORO, Remove rust in your head, learn to be civilized. The point here is about Kaliwo not attending. Ambiri mukupamgs comment pano blind following ya dpp idzakuphetsani, mubwerere ku school mukaphunzirenso kumvetsa nkhani mwina umbuli nkuchepako, a bwampini, Ted, Goma ndi nonse a blind dpp followers.

  4. bob says:

    yooo kaya zanu izo achakwela mwanyanya kutukwana inu siyani please

  5. bwampini says:

    Mammoth crowd??? If this was the case andf the way we know Nyasatimes you would have already posted pictures showing the ‘mammoth’ crowd here. You have only shown us the picture of lazarasi. There were no people there and you are embarrassed to show us the picture of two people that attended this rally.

    1. Bwanoni Bootlicker says:

      Had it been he showed the crowd, you would have again picked up a mistake saying ‘where is Dr. Laz here, this picture is from our paralyzed president, Peter’s rally.” And moreover you are a so much confused critic; you say there were no people there and you contradict your self again by saying, “you are embarrassed to show us the picture of two people that attended this rally.” Are you serious? Which one should we get from your observation? Are you sure that you are seeing only two people there in the picture? Don’t comment anything if you don’t have a clue, otherwise you are just exposing your brainlessness and heartlessness you bootlicker!

      1. Kangw\'ingw\'i says:

        Whether you like it or not Chakwera will never rule Malawi

  6. Nsadzi says:

    After all we are tired with these economic challenges that appears as though the country has no leader.

  7. Nsadzi says:

    So you believe that the south can not drum support for LC. You guys are leaving in the past and you will have a shock of your life. Those of us who were at the rally know exactly what Nyasatimes is taking about.

    1. Kangw\'ingw\'i says:

      Don’t you think it was simply necessary to show the mammoth crowd???? The truth about it, it was a handful

  8. Namarokoro says:

    OChakwera obwana, people in Zomba need spiritual healing and need Jesus the same one you left at the altar

    1. Bwanoni Bootlicker says:

      Namarokoro!! I agree with you, Chakwera should go back to the altar and we seriously need the devil worshipper to lead us as a President. We need a leader who castigate the men of God and go away with it. We need a leader who insults his bosses who employed him during election by saying, “anthu inu ndatopa nanu, bwanji mumakonda kundifunsafunsa za mmene ndikuyendetsela boma fefefeeefee.” Zoona Namarokoro, anthu azinenedwa “fefefefe?” We need a leader who doesn’t want people to follow up how their tax money is used. We need that kind of a leader. Long live Peter, long live Death People’s Party, long live Democracy.

  9. Tedi says:

    Mammoth clowd ku Mmwera kuno, mwakhuta eti kkkkkk

  10. Goma says:

    Do you expect anything good to come out from this guy when voted in.From his appearance,the guy is poverty stricken and what he wants is to steal money for the development of the ward for self enrichment.Its high time that rules and regulations are put in place to check financial muscles of people seeking public offices.

    1. Handsome Chaponda says:

      Had it been we voted an individual for appearance, the likes of Chaponda and Peter wouldn’t be voted for MP and Presidency respectively. They are super handsome. God’s creation. Every ministerial position Chaponda is given there is possibility of corruption. I bet you, come 2019, these handsome guys will retain their posts; how? Malawians are super regionalists and tribal minded and southern are plenty like locusts; Satsata uchembele wabwino, too much umbuli!!!

    2. wakwiya says:

      Goma is poverty a case here? What about riçh APM what has he done for you? He left America and come to Malawi to take every penny for his children. I really feel pity for people like u who reason like that. A poor man thinks for his poor friends. A rich man has no idea how people live. U can continue having your rich Prof. Maybe u are one of those anyalapo. Malawi will never be good under DDP/APM. Believe me. After all who can rule Malawi to day? Do you have one better? It was better u listened to JB. To day u could have electricity. U are a fool my friend. I don’t know Chakwela but he is the only who can change and attract donors to come back. No donor nation will give Muntharikas money. U don’t live a country like America and come to poor nation like Malawi unless u know what u will get. Abale umbili a Malawi. U have never had or lived anywhere to see how others live. Some of you have never seen another town of Malawi how can u know what is democracy. Akumubelani and u clapp hands. A Prof. Who never lived in the country. He has green card u believe he handled it back. U don’t give green card back it’s not like that. Once u get it it s yours. That is why he go there once in a year. If he does not they will cancel it. I have citizenship of Europe they will not take it away. I can have dual citizenship but in Malawi they don’t allow. Shame Malawi could benefit on we diasporas.

      1. Vin Mongu says:

        agree with you some people love APM as if amawagayira money yo but they are poor as a church mouse. as dpp is sleeping MCP is campaigning in their backyard.

  11. Dr Tambala says:

    Where is the mammoth crowd you are talking about tionetseni.

    1. FREEMAN says:

      we dont vote for appearance ,only if you are childish

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