Microscopic view of Malawi ‘prime minister’ Ben Phiri!

When people start talking bad about you, I think it’s important to do some soul searching—honest soul searching for that matter— and change for the better.

Ben Phiri (left) speaking to President Mutharika

Ben Phiri (left) speaking to President Mutharika

The issue in this article is about Ben Phiri—Malawi President’s special assistant for to be honest, the slim, short young man has always been making bad headlines since his boss Peter Mutharika ascended to the Presidency through the widely accepted 20th May 2014 chaotic tripartite elections.

If you follow current affairs, you will agree with me that Malawi’s credible and independent online publications such as Nyasa Times, Maravi Post, Malawian Watchdog, Afriem and Malawi24 who have reliable sources within state have consistently informed the public on how powerful Ben Phiri is said to be. True stories with screaming headlines such as ‘Ben Phiri orders firing of Mutharika’s ADC,’ ‘DPP politburo mad at Ben Phiri’ and such other stories as ‘Ben Phiri fires—read as redeployed—presidential guards for allowing his political nemesis— Commando Z Allan Ntata  to enter Malawi State House.

As if the above is not enough, you see some other shocking headlines such as ‘Ben Phiri orders to put on board his wife and his younger brother (Martin Nkasala Phiri) as part of delegation to the United Nation General Assembly.’ The headlines of such kind of stories are just many.

Now, I know that most uncivilized DPP cadets are furious for stating these facts and will start hurling insults instead of putting a better argument to counter this reality.

But what Malawians need to know is that am not creating these stories myself. These stories are real. They are not coming from Mars. You can Google them and you will read for yourself if you missed them but for those who read such stories; they know that what am talking is nothing but the truth. And to prove that these stories are real, you will not read any refutation or clarification coming from Ben Phiri himself putting on the official DPP mouthpiece platform, Malawi Voice. The only refutation we got was that Mutharika was not lodging in an expensive hotel when he went for the General Assembly.

When you open and read such stories, you will notice some cowardly comments probably from Malawi cabinet ministers and senior government officials commenting using Pseudo names, revealing how powerful Ben Phiri is in this government to the extent that President Mutharika orders them to report to him.

Ask state house officials, they will tell you how powerful this man is. To them, Ben Phiri is like a lion. They say he has presidential like powers of making and breaking; appointing someone in a position and disappoint whosoever is not dancing according to his favorite tune.

Ben Phiri, so they say, is the way to the Presidency and no one meets the President except through him. Sounds interesting, huh!

This, my fellow Malawians, is the reality our friends who are working at state house and in this   government are going through.

Of course it doesn’t concern us, does it?  We are not eating what they are eating and they cannot even invite us to eat with them—even for a single day— what they eat even if they can happen to have plenty today! Kumakondana akuluakulu, ha ha ha ha!

But on a very serious note, I must mention that it is against this background that I would like to draw parallels of this already available public information about Ben Phiri and the newly released theory by Z Allan Ntata—the man I have recently christened ‘Commando’ for his expertise in bringing down high value-political targets who happen to be taking Malawians for granted.

In his theory, Commando Ntata has stated that Ben Phiri harbours ambitions to be Malawi President one day. Commando Ntata said this based on the many conversations he have been having with Ben Phiri.

For those who might think Commando Ntata is lying, then think twice for Ntata’s claims that he has been in the DPP inner circle if what he wrote in his book titled the ‘Trappings of power’ is anything to go.  So let’s believe that what Ntata is saying that he harbours presidential ambitions to be gospel truth for if it was not the case; Prime Minister Ben Phiri would have already come out of his cocoon and dismiss Ntata as a frustrated liar.

Back to his theory, Commando Ntata wrote “Forget the current vice president, or the much-touted Atupele Muluzi. The Prime Minister has his own plans! I also know that his ambitions have only been boosted by his current influence in the present administration. After all, if he were not to go after politics, what else would he do? But the Prime Minister also knows that it is one thing to have presidential ambitions, and quite another to see them come to reality.

Realizing this, the Prime Minister has devised a plan which in the Malawian political setting is almost fail safe: Control the president, restrict all cabinet ministers and other formerly influential party officials, make as much money as possible, and prevent anyone else from either having influence, or making any money. That way, when the president takes a bow and walks off the stage, the vacuum will naturally be filled by the only man in the room with the financial muscle to support the party. For hasn’t this been the way of Malawian politics from the dawn of this so-called multiparty democracy?” reads the theory as advanced by Commando Ntata.

I know bootlickers will dismiss Commando Ntata’s theory as from a frustrated man but coming to you—l mean you sober minded Malawians— are these statements from Ntata not making sense with respect to the headlines attributed to the Prime Minister as highlighted earlier on in this article?

And given, DPP, being a party which champions the interests of one ethnic group, cannot allow an outsider to take the driving seat of the party. Taking this into account, you can agree with me that, Ben Phiri, is the only party official from the Lhomwe belt who according to his already exposed actions so far, seems to be strategically positioning himself at the centre of political influence.

According to Ntata’s theory, he is trying as much as possible to amass more wealth -a necessary tool in politics- which will help him to control other party officials -of course, some ministers, already, have become proteges because of his unconstitutional power.

Although he may not be an intelligent man by our standards (according to Ntata), the prime minister can make it to the hot seat of the DPP presidential candidate at some point cognizant of the fact that intelligence matters less in the prospect of the Lhomwes.

As long as you are a Lhomwe by tribe and you are in blue attire, a victory is obvious in DPP’s internal elections. So, Ntata’s theory cannot be entirely dismissed. Of course there is nothing morally or legally wrong with habouring presidential ambitions but that must not be done while gossiping to the president about others.

So before you come with an axe to grind Ntata’s neck of unfairing branding Ben Phiri as a prime Minister; just bear in mind the fact that Times TV Journalist Innocent Kachitosi cornered Ben Phiri on the same during Tcu Tchu programme recently before the Ntata tantrums. So, hold your fire those of you who think it’s fashionable nowadays to attack ‘smart, suave and sharp’ guys like Commando Ntata simply because he is enjoying his freedom to express himself.

Should Malawians be worried of one Ben Phiri?

Fine, I will quickly solve this puzzle by posing the following questions to you, right thinking Malawians. By the way, am saying to sober Malawians and not some bootlickers. Below are the questions.

Since the dawn of multiparty democracy;

  1. Who was Personal Assistant to President Bakili Muluzi?
  2. Who was Personal Assistant to President Bingu Wa Mutharika?
  3. Who was Personal Assistant to President Joyce Banda?

I am deliberately asking you these seemingly obvious questions for it truth be told, I actually don’t know who served these presidents. The only one I know is this Ben Phiri guy. However, if they existed, I don’t think they were unconstitutionally calling the shots as this current personal assistant is doing today.

Unless you prove me otherwise, I hope that personal assistants to these former leaders—if indeed they had personal assistants—were doing their rightful job of being a personal assistant i.e. being a Chola boy/girlof the President—nothing less, nothing more.

I don’t think they had such control and influence on government affairs as this Ben Phiri guy is said to have in this current government.

By the way, I must confess that one person I heard who was behaving as a prime minister at was one Ken Zikhale Ng’oma who at some point during the Bingu Wa Mutharika administration was appointed State House Chief of Staff—the position occupied by Peter Mukhitho today.  We learnt from the same media that Zing’oma grew wings at State House and was mistreating junior officials. However, he ended up been given the boot by then no nonsense late President Bingu Wa Mutharika.

Perhaps we can now start believing the extension of Ntata’s theory which has branded President Mutharika as a ‘puppet’ and the prime minister as a ‘puppet master’ for its unthinkable for a personal assistant—who is a non entity to Malawians for he was not elected by any Malawian to any position to be a puppet master of this puppet president.

By now, I think any right thinking Malawian can agree with me that this prime minister cum puppet master is indeed on a mission to be where his puppet is today.

Do I hear someone saying this is impossible? Wow, you must be joking, huh! DPP operatives advance political moves from far.

Remember how they launched the Peter Mutharika bid to the 2014 Presidency way back after the 2009 elections?

DPP political strategists are not like the retarded MCP strategists who introduce an unknown Presidential candidate at the eleventh hour and worse still gather some strange courage and convince this political novice that he will be basking in glory at Kamuzu Palace come 20th May 2014 even if he will skip over 30 constituencies in the southern region of Malawi from featuring Shadow MP’s. Is Malawi only central region, your stronghold? Anyway, we will discuss this issue some day.

But the point is, DPP Strategists up their game from the start.Perhaps Malawians should be happy for one of their trusted strategist Commando Z Allan Ntata seems determined to systematically dismantle what he put together during the 2014 elections.

So make good use of him for instead of joining the chorus bashing him as a frustrated guy, you instead need to encourage and support this Commando else this country will surely be ruled by a Chola Boy—a mere personal assistant to the President and experience such developments as goat and cow distribution when we had that Mandasi woman calling the shorts at state house.

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article are entirely my views and do not represent views of this respected publication. Be civilized, don’t shoot the messenger!

For any constructive feedback; please drop an email to: [email protected]

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63 thoughts on “Microscopic view of Malawi ‘prime minister’ Ben Phiri!”

  1. Afana says:

    It cn be true kom a Ntatawo Anali Kut A Peter Ndi Ben Asanalowe Boma,anzake Pamene Amamangidwa,a Ben Amafuna Kuphedwa Munathawira Kunja.If Ur Sayin This From Good Faith Its Wlcm Dvlop But If Ur Doing Dis Coz U Dnt Given A Position,its Shame On U.

  2. Jajada says:

    Lekani Kuchita Zoipa A Ben, God Will Judge You Perfectly.

  3. Alungwana says:

    Ben Phiri is like Kumar in the film STRIKE BACK, he is lhke the Chairman in a film the CITY HUNTER, he is like Haman in the Bible, he is like Michael in the film of the LOBYST. He is not good for our country.

  4. Sayd bin Namisikha says:

    Please Malawians post constructive columns and comment. This is embarrassing to us who are abroad. Sayd bin Namisikha is a Saud Arabia based Malawian

  5. No smoke without fire, there is jealous & there is truth. Why should people be jealous of Ben alone yet there are a lot of people at the state house chilipo chilipo, we will ignore these advice at our own peril. If I were Ben I could have slowed down, not to leave his job nobody can do that but slow down a bit & try see the reasoning from the people. Unless if Ben has a hold on Peter Mutharika then this will continue. Sometimes there are people who know too much of the leaders secrets & it works like that, that you have a hold over the leader hence you act as you please. I don’t know what the truth is BUT always remember No fire without smoke.

  6. Guley says:

    Paja mukuti amamuzika nayo?

  7. Alick Jackson Chiombagaga says:

    Much as media is the watchdog of the people in power, this is a bitedog. Please God Help Us to remove envy for malawi to develop.

  8. Jihadi John says:

    I am also told this twit Ben Phiri is also directing promotions of top civil servants literally instructing Mutharikha not to promote northerners and central region people. Let me tell you Ben we have heard everything about you and we have had enough of this bullshit. The world will crumble beneath you very soon!!!

  9. Ndale mkanyama koipa

  10. makarios makarios says:

    if all this is true che ben phiri udindo wa personal assistant munaumvesa bwinobwino koma? nanunso a APM mwana ameneyu akungoponda paliposeyu anakudyesani konda ine ?

  11. Jimmy juga says:

    Malawians are fed up of articles that promotes envy .if malawi is the poorest country its because of this desease envy, malawians have many problems that need ur space to make the leadership aware,but do u think malawi as a country our problem is ben phili, had it been that u are telling the nation that ben phiri is telling the president not to develop the country like construction roads, bridges, hospitals .we would helped u to fight ben to make sure devopment progress .in ur report it only u who have problem with ur on reasons this should not concern the citizen. The time malawians voted the president were very much aware that ben was a trusted person of the then dpp torch bearer,now the dpp is in power do u think the president should abandone him and take u who were even decampaining the party not to be elected.how can the president trust a stranger .leave malawians alone. U will write when things are getting bad. The way the nation is governed if it is true that ben is in control behind the elected leadership i would say that bravo ben and bravo the leadership that the indicators are showing that the coutry is in the right direction.bwana president if u sometimes u go thru these articles dont take them serious otherwise its aplot to finish ur trusted aide and see to it that u are surrounded by strangers who can leak information to ur critics so they get news to finish you. This is not only a war for ben but want to fight the president. Look they failing to acces infomation wealth news .i hope u will not take them serious and they will one day stop and get tired. We are very happy on ur approach to issues,u are such person who is not easily moved by wind. If u deside to get rid of ben it will depend on ur obseration but not these pple to mislead u thru their articles motivated by envy. I hope u know ben u been with him even in good and bad time.if indeed ben is misbehaving u can do so at ur own will.our president be on the forefront to fight envy that is in nation anthem as a barrier to both personal and national growth.

    1. Greencardless Malawian says:

      A Juga there can never be good governance if we are being ruled by tribaliatic, power desperate, money hungry open mouthed crocidiles. You would only be relevant if you were defending such a people.

  12. Kondwan Nankhumwa says:

    Tikunena za ben phiri ndife akuchipani.

    masapota akuma area amidzi musasutse

  13. ba says:

    ntata don’t waste your time writing about ben phiri because even if he is caught sleeping with the first lady,APM will not do anything.people in dpp have complain a thousand times to apm about the behaviour of his prime minister but all falls on deaf ears.now there is an underground movement within the party to deal with the puppet president.

  14. pamsundu says:

    Has campaign started? why fear a shadow?

  15. Kennedy nali says:

    Vyiri ku malawi, how come many of you dont want the truth? You always want to dance to the predints tune change fellow malawian change. Peter is a hypocrite soon you’ll cry.

  16. NANYATI says:

    CommentNkhani ya Ben Phiri yatikwana Ntata uyambe ndale ukadzakhala State Presdnt udzasankhe wako SpencilAssistant wamva? mukusowantchto pamalawipano Lawyer zochtka ngatimakape enawa musiyen Ben ndibwana wathu asavemutu kuwawa ndimacomment opusawo mmalo mokambazacashgate Ben nothing to assist us jelousy basi fotsek

  17. Gifted Brain says:

    To the writers:Though written words are so much powerful but still great thinkers cant be moved by your mere script you have brought us.Wheather Ben is PM or not,we wish him all the best.

    Ben Phiri deserves that my brother!

    To the VP and cabnet ministers,The truth that is known to you,Continue to kip the same.God must be your forefront leader for you all.Dont listen to the sooth sayers.If something bad is forwarded to you,God will not let you know as it is the case,but you will the spiritual work already done.

  18. kalipo says:

    Its the same Ntata comin in different name. Ulipatchito.

  19. King Cobra says:

    Brother mwalankhula bwino kwam iri. If Ntata thinks is a commando, God is a commando of all commando’s. Boma limenelitu, inu a Ntanda ndi amzanowo sumangaligwetse chifukwa liri ndi madziko okhazikika. These guys did not enter govt thru the window. Nsanje basi!

  20. ujeni says:

    If Malawi want to move from bottom position zero to below to position negative one then ka Ben Phiri will be our leader. After that we should invite medicine san frontiers to come and examine all of us our heads for mental stability.

  21. Hudson Scariot says:

    Kape ameneyu akulitenga dzikoli m’manJa mwake fire fire. Commando

  22. Patriot says:

    Tiwanthu tifupi tifupi sitimaona patali kikiki
    He will be surprised hahaha

  23. RASTER says:

    Ndinthawi yako Ben…am proud of you boy!! keep it up my boy..

  24. Witcan says:

    Ili ndiye dumbo leni leni ndi jerous basi. Koma simumutha BEN dolo komanso ntchito amagwira. Mwagwa nayo!

  25. edda mwalweni says:

    Ben, tell your president to do something similar to safe motherhood program so that our women’s lives would be saved. We need community midwives, holding shelters and chiefs mobilization meetings. Please choose your own people to run it. Iam one of the people who benefited alot from that program .

  26. john says:

    Mulli wakhala akudandaula kuti Govt has appealed against a case he won against MSB and efforts to meet the President zikukanika and he blames Ben Phiri.Be careful with Mulli Mr Ben Phiri.He does his things through other people

  27. soko says:

    when commenting lets be serious. You cant say “it doesnt matter to be ruled by chola boys”. That is why after 50yrs we have nothing to show as a country. Its also unfortunate that we have left politics to mediocrity. Inu enanu oganiza bwinonu yambaninso ndale

  28. Zexa By Nontexezi says:

    Ben Phiri is going down. Ben Phiri is going to hell. Isiselo Ben Phiri, Isiselo Ben Phiri. Ben Phiri ari Kanko?

  29. Nkhombokombo says:

    The writer of this article and bambo Ntata have an eagle eye. We must not shut up these guys. This is a free advice to the DPP die hards. You are looking at a falling wall and the cause is this Ben Phiri. The guy is overdoing things which don’t fall under his power whereby making the Presido powerless. The tune which is being danced to by DPP was already played by the Ntatas and they know how it is danced to. Never down play Ntata.

  30. chingolopiyo says:

    Malawians will never develop the country. Instead of looking at ways of developing the country and share it, you are wasting time fighting against innocent Ben Phiri including his family. All we think of is Ben Phiri , and you have even stopped to think of how you can raise up your children and take care of your wivess , you are thinking of Ben Phiri. You will end up being depressed and some you are in depression already because you can’t sleep thinking of what to write to down grade Ben Phiri. God is watching, you can’t change what God has planned in the life of Ben. He never dreamed he will be a personal assistant of the First Citizen, only God knew and when he opens a door, no man will shut the door for Ben until God who opened the door for Ben closes it. We can rant, fly, craw or plant trap, it will not work. No weapon formed against him will prevail, and God is directing his path and his steps not man. You can even write in the world tabloid, nothing will change. Jealousy will not take us anywhere. If Ntata is a commando, God is the greatest Commando and highest commando, so the has open the door for Ben. If God is for Ben , who can be against him. The more you gossip, downgrade him, God is lifting him up. You will end up having heart attack, or having high blood pressure because of envy and jealous.

    1. Ulibe mfundo, you don’t even know what you are talking. Ndiwedi chingolopiyo. We can’t get ur argument here. Tazingophwisa uko galu.

  31. Chikopa says:

    Iwe tikumasule ife amene tikumunena ntata sife ma cadets enafe timapanga tokha ndalama tikunena pano tili nthengo kuti ana akhale ndisogolo labwino , iwe ngati walandila ndalama kuti uzilemba zopanda mutu usawone ngati ifenso timalandila nawo ngati iweyo

  32. monica says:

    Leave Ben alone majelasi basi .Ben don’t worry.ungaonde

  33. Chris says:

    Why always a you struggling with this young man? I think u smoke smthing ,he might be the best material for next leader,God protect both Ben and Peter! The enemity btween allan and Ben has nothing to do with Malawi as a nation,that is personel, ntata unathawa mkulu wake wa Peter atamwalira ndiye umati uwonand ndi Peter? Ikanatha ikadakhala ya Benyotu,ur a jelousy man mta…tha ,Peter protect Ben .

  34. Elanive Nginache says:

    hmmm taken with a pinch of salt. Kodi mukufuna ntchito ya nzanuyi pls zinazi musatidabwitse kumalawi kuno president amakhala through the ballot box so we will see then. Koma pano Ben ndi personal assistant wa bwana leave him alone. Mwatonyanya nsanje. Kamanso mukufuna apange refute nkhani mwakhala mukulemba zokhudza iye kuti chani? Please zinazi ndi zomwe tikuti ndizongofuna kusokoneza mitu ya anthu. A Ben Phiri chonde osayankhapo zankutuzi enanawa nganyape komanso jelasi yopanda nayo manyazi. Ufiti basi.

  35. kk says:

    Ku malawi when people talk about you then you have all the potential. If people stop talking about you just know that you are finished and you are nothing in the society. Hard working people in the villages people evy them and are always jelousy of them. Ben Phiri if i were you i would have gone to the Lake to cerebrate, because it shows people are afraid of you that s why they are not sleeping trying to jot down something about you in the press. inde mitima yao ndiyotupa because sakukuona ndi diso labwino. Sangalala ndipo nyadila its your time to enjoy, their time will surely come but this is your time my man.

  36. Ngungudya says:

    Achinyamata like BEN kkkkkkkkk

  37. JB Diehard says:

    You people not long ago supported DPP lungs out. You knew exactly what they are composed of because you could not if you did not.

    Ndiye kuti Beniyo mwamudziwa lero? If you can see this comment Ben, please be encouraged ndipo uwafinye kwambiri makape a DPP. You are doing the right thing mphwanga.

  38. Reading in between the lines reveals someone with personal vendetta.Tha disparaging sentiments against the Lohmwes is reminiscent of a pre- Rwandan genocide publication pittying masses against a tribe. In an advanced publication this article would not have earned a space period.

  39. Achikachinja says:

    hey puppet, are u listening? or u r busy writting on walls hahaaaaaaaaa

  40. nana says:

    Leave Ben alone

  41. Peter says:

    Too much for a reader huh

  42. John says:

    Did you not read the article? It’s directed at SOBER MALAWIANs, not bootlickers….”By the way, am saying to sober Malawians and not some bootlickers. Below are the questions…..”

    “..President Mutharika as a ‘puppet’ and the prime minister as a ‘puppet master’ for its unthinkable for a personal assistant—who is a non entity to Malawians for he was not elected by any Malawian to any position to be a puppet master of this puppet president….”
    I love the above quote, more so because DPP does not need the electorate to be in power, one MEC Maxon Mbendera at the helm can do the job for them. Scary thought huh?

  43. Nambuma says:

    Seriously I am tired with this Ben Phiri thing. Seasons change and beautiful flowers shrinks.

  44. Chatty Man says:

    I heard yah Mr writer! We need more! More and more!

  45. Milward says:

    Chilichonse chinauluka chidzatera. You don’t need to use your catapult. When shall we ever learn? Just look back at the History of Malawi politics, powerful people were there, the JZUs, the KZNs, the BJs…lots of them. Where are they now? Oblivion! So my free advice to you, spare yourself from the BPs!!

  46. Joe wa Kalunji says:

    I think we have had enough of this menu. It is time to change and bring in a different subject. Whether one aspires to be citizen no. 1, it is we the voters that are the ones to deliver the final verdict period !!!!! If there are bones to pick between the two actors you have vociferously been chiding to go into the ring to it out, let them do it on their own other than peddling alarmist articles. Please give us a break !!!!!!!!

  47. Tilibemau says:

    bootlickers Indeed.You must read between lines to understand the article.It really makes sense for only intelligent people and not selfish people who support on tribal lines.This is 100 percent true.Those who disagree with this then you have nothing to contribute to this country..Shame on cowards.Somebody is indeed ruling this country.Thats a problem when you elect grandpapas to the high office.

  48. Facebook says:

    Please leave Ben Phiri alone. Find your own business to do



  50. INDEPENDENT says:

    chokani! Nsanje ndinzanu basi… mungofuna akunyemereni banzi apa… After all he is a personal assistant, so how does that concern u? its their in house issue

  51. Jimmy juga says:

    Politics of kuthana at work

  52. Greencardless Malawian says:

    I wonder why people call this so called prime minister a young man, the man is 42 years old. I know him from way back. Now coming to this so called boy man, prime minister’s ambition to become president; some of us knew this from the time his boss failed to state clearly whos ggoing to succeed him after this term…it is believed that the old mans ambition is to rule a single term…cant blame him considering his age. If we are mot careful, we will find ourselves being rules by thia evil minded cadate. When i say evil believe me, the man can kill in broad day light and convince you with verses quoted from the Bible that he hasnt done anything wrong. The man never backs dow, thinks everyone who earns leas les than he does is as good as his servant. He is pompus and extremeley controlling. This boy man will killbus all and leave only Lomwes alive. If at all this man becomes president heads will roll! God have mercy on Malawi and save us from such i pray

  53. Fathara says:

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ndakutulukila kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. WALEMBA NKHANIYI NDI NTATA KKKKKKKKKKK. KOMA UWONDA SUNATI Aaaaaaah koma zokuwonela!!!!

  54. Chipika says:

    Ben Phiri another Mwaliyamungu of Malawi as it were in Uganda during Idi Amin era.

  55. it is interesting and sweety to go through this article. ….. Commando Ntata has now many soldiers to fight the puppet president. …

  56. azizi musa says:

    Very long and useless article.if Ben Phiri wants to run for President let him do so. Let Allan Ntata run against him. It’s called democracy bro! Jesus wept!

  57. Anzathu says:


  58. mada says:

    when it is unto thy neighbour…you have your mouth full of every word. wait..consider yourself given the same privalages, what would you do? ben needs people who can reason with him so that he can adjust himself. at the state where he is, he cannot listen to accusations. if u r brave enough, approach him and reason with him.

  59. wakwinthu says:

    Ben Ninkhomi Kweni Tizamukomela Lumoza Nachiwiya Chabala

  60. Kautondo Matola says:

    If it is true that Ben Phiri’s powers are excessively over-executive, then that is a problem and we are doomed!! However, if he has been blocking people like the Mullis, the Masangwis from meeting the CEO, bravo Ben Phiri!!

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