Mijiga cleared to stand for FA Malawi president – Legal opinion

A legal opinion in Nyasa Times possession has cleared stumbling blocks for marketer Wilkins Mijiga’s to run for the position of Football Association of Malawi president during the December 12 elections.

Mijiga: Cleared for FAM president polls

Mijiga: Cleared for FAM president polls

Mijiga, who has been nominated by Super League of Malawi (SULOM), sought legal interpretation to clarify his suitability to run with regard to the number of years an aspirant is required to serve.

Article 34(2), FAM Statutes provides for the eligibility criteria for a candidate in an election that a candidate must be (30) years of age, possess a Malawi School Leaving Certificate of Education or its equivalent.

A person must also have already been active in association football for a period of not less than five (5) years (active as a player or official), not have a conviction in the last seven (7) years of a crime involving dishonesty and moral turpitude and be resident within the territory of FAM.

But the legal opinion by Dr Chikosa Silungwe and  George Mtchuka Mwale said Football Association of Malawi statutes were not clear on the minimum period of five years a person can serve in order to stand for the elections.

‘Active’ in its ordinary meaning is ‘to be busy with’, or ‘to be involved in’, a particular endeavour. The extent of ‘being active’ is, therefore, factual and contextual,” reads the report.

“Association football’ is defined under the FAM Statutes. The minimum period of five (5) years has not been qualified. The period can be both cumulative and consecutive.”

The opinion also states that there is ambiguity in the use of player and official in the FAM Statutes.

“Player’ is not defined under the FAM Statutes. However, in its ordinary meaning it may mean ‘someone who takes part in a game or sport’. Official’ is defined under FAM Statutes. The definition is so broad to include a member of the Executive Committee, an organ, a Standing Committee, or an Ad-hoc Committee of FAM respectively.”

It states that having met this requirement Mijiga is free to stand having been nominated by one affiliate.

“On the available information, WM is eligible to contest for the post of President of FAM at the elections,” summed up the opinion.

Mijiga sought the legal interpretation following the underground moves to block him from contesting on the premise of not being active.

Mijiga despite being nominated by one affiliate is a strong contender against incumbent Walter Nyamilandu and another nominated candidate Wille Yabwanya should they be cleared to run.

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20 thoughts on “Mijiga cleared to stand for FA Malawi president – Legal opinion”

  1. Wozitsata Heavy says:

    zikanakhala zovota masapota onse izi ndithu Walter cud be defeated komano apa umphawi wathu ndi makobiri ake a cashgatewo amugwirira ntchito basi.
    My plan B is to …………………………………………………basi!!!

  2. mulibwanji says:

    Wilkins is DPP plant at FAM. Try to find out the reasons why he wants to contest, you will be disappointed. We know whatever is happening underground. They just wanted to use him for sure.
    We know the main sponsor of the Team Mijiga man. Ali pheee. Mafia oopsa.

  3. kholes says:

    walter achoke basi zake wachitao

  4. Nyachi says:

    Everyone has got weaknesses even Nyamilandu mukumunenayo enanso amaona zofooka zake, the fact is Nyamilandu has done his part, let others come in aonetsenso zintchito zawo so that Malawians will compare. Why do people want only Nyamilandu without sampling other candidates abilities? Vuto ndi ma affliates kukomedwa ndi chibanzi basi, kunali Owen Chomanika, Ali Mwachande ana amfundo zako koma osawasankha, mpira ku Malawi suzathekanso ndi Nyamilandu

  5. Sheikh Phiri says:

    Nyamilandu basi ntchito wagwira. Leave the stage to others!

  6. want that child says:

    Awa ndiye kubeeeeetsa. Kulibe ena apart fron walter and this guy. A chikosa nanu mmalo molankhula zanzeru….am losing the respect i had for you. Mxii

  7. mtate mike rsa says:

    Vuto la malawi ndilimenelo muthu akakhala wakunja mumawonangati ndimulungu sankhani wakonkuno akuziwa uphawi(mijiga)wota sanapite kuskulu koma kugulisa magame aflames matchfixing.

  8. Zanga Phee! says:

    We need new face with new plans please mijiga more fire new president new coaches good results for flames.See my name.

  9. chizamsoka munthali says:

    Canadian based billionaire Willy Yabwanya Phiri for FAM president

  10. nkhoma says:

    Wilkins Mijiga, You are a well read economist and respected banker. Why are you so desperate? It is not Chikosa Silungwe and Mchuka Mwale who will clear you. This is tantamount to clearing yourself. You will be cleared by Justice Dingiswayo Madise. If people need your services they will without doubt come to you koma now I am getting worried.

  11. Mkwapu says:

    We love u mijiga
    Our next president fam

  12. Ma says:

    So this Mijiga could not interpret and understand this basic FAM clause? And we want him to be our FAM president? ?????? Big joke

  13. ntha..... says:

    Good luck Mr. Mijiga, we want change at FAM. Enawa akuzitenga ngati zakwa ambuyawo. Dzitsiru ndima referee dzinavotera Walter kukonda chibanzi.

  14. Mgoloso says:

    Nyamilandu akagwere uko basi,,,,Welcum Bigman Mijiga,,,,,,,Walter watikwana zedi!!!kaya iye sakuziwa?

  15. OBAMA says:

    He cannot win. For your information those who don’t know this guy is so pompous and much talkative but lack of substance. I happened one time met him on the other issues relating to National Bank. Just talking to him it was as if he is more superior than Patridge himself. Choosing this guy I tell you will regret it. Nthawi zina people should learn to treat people well. Honestly I can never ever give vote to this guy. If you want football team to down choose this guy. If you don’t want Walter then go for that other guy. I don’t see leadership in this guy Mijiga. He is just a talkative. Ndapita!!

  16. Zambulo says:

    Lawyers are confunists. Mijiga does not qualify according to FAM rules. Don’t forget FAM has a very qualified lawyer in the name of Alide. If Mijiga wants to stand let him fulfill all conditions. Bear in mind, FAM rules do not bar Nyamilandu from standing. It is like the British system you run for elections as long as you enjoy the support of the people.

  17. Chingwe cha mbuzi says:

    Bvuto la ma candidates onsewa ndi ku nyenga. Chonde ma candidates tsopano zip

  18. chimbiya says:

    zampira sizilowa court amijiga.


    Let us have a different person to head FAM. Walter Nyamilandu has done his part. We have seen his successes and failures. I pray that Mijiga wins. Of course I know him , but he is competent too

  20. Nyamkumutu says:

    Mijiga go I already prophesied about you that you are going to win. But done sale out the flames as the revelations about the Nigeria game.

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