Minister tells Malawi media to refrain from sensational reporting: ‘Write positives about govt’

Minister of information, tourism and civic education Japie Mhango MP, has advised reporters in the country to be objective and professional when doing their work in the country and refrain from sensational reporting.

Jappie Mhango: Dont be sensational, he tells the media

Jappie Mhango: Dont be sensational, he tells the media

Blantyre Press Club members cleaning the hospital

Blantyre Press Club members cleaning the hospital

Mhango said this when he officially opened a one day Annual General Meeting for Blantyre Press Club at Sun ‘n’ Sand holiday resort in Mangochi on Saturday .

He said media is regarded as fourth arm of government and that they are means of disseminating vital information and advised journalists not to hype the basic facts or misinform.

Mhango urged reporters to focus on positives about government and element of ‘biases must be overcome.

He also encouraged the media personnel to aim high by continuing with education to the higher levels to equip themselves with the changes in the world and media industry.

Earlier during the day members if the club went to Mangochi district hospital, which is one of the oldest hospitals in the country opened in 1981 by then president Ngwazi Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda where they cleaned the premises.

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20 thoughts on “Minister tells Malawi media to refrain from sensational reporting: ‘Write positives about govt’”

  1. Thako Lambeta says:

    Iwe nduna iwe, ukufuna atolankhani ayambe kunama?

  2. Jimbo says:

    Since there is nothing positive to write about the government, it looks like there will be blank pages in the press. Yet another attempt to manipulate the media. It doesn’t work like that in a democracy. Perhaps the ‘D’ should be dropped from ‘DPP’, and the ‘P’ as well, since it is neither a ‘democratic’ nor a ‘progressive’ party. It is just a ‘Party’ having a good time at the country’s expense.

  3. Mchokocho says:

    Boma lopanda positive from May 2014 useless Govt chauta atikhululukile ndiye mumati me reporters positive ayitenge kuti. Kunkholo kwawo?

  4. Thanduxolo says:

    Mr Propaganda minister, l thought MBC is already doing what you are asking from possibly private media houses! Kapena zomwe akuchita a MBC simukukwanilitsidwa nazo? Pepani!

  5. Sopo Walala says:

    There Are Positives And Negatives In Any Human Being Kungoti A Malawi Tinazolowera Kunyoza Atsogoleri Athu Kaya Ufiti Kapena Usawi Or Okhwiri

  6. Analisti wamkulu says:

    So you want the media should be writing lies that Malawi has developed to point that you can hardly recognise it as it was repeatedly lied in the past.?Your Dpp govt is crap.Just a waste of time.Nothing is moving at the moment.Malawians have become more poorer than in 70s apart from a few cashgaters that are being shielded by some crooked politicians.A Jappie Palibe chanzeru mwayankhulapo apa.

  7. Dwambazi says:

    Really????, give me one positive thing that we can write home about. This administration is in lala land ( Dream world) so much out of touch with reality.

  8. Patriot says:

    In other words “Sugar coat” all true stories
    Koma DIPHIPHI kkkkkk
    Useless leadership.

  9. MWALWANDA says:

    Are You Pure Mhango Or Counterfeit Whereby you have some lomwe traits. Money should not inept your outstanding intellegence.


    I have NEVER thought in my wildest dreams that there can be positive things to write about in Malawi under the DPP government.I didn,t know that Mr Jappie Mhango can be that stupid to force the Media to write positive things about Malawi. Where are these positive things that needed to be written by the Media? U mean the changing of Drivers licence every year may b or even better,the most expensive passport to apply in the world?

  11. nobel says:

    It’s laughable, how can a minister serving people encourage public lie? How do u expect the media write about something which is not there? Already what u told the media in Mangochi is news because the media industry does not manufacture news but report what is unfolding out there. What this DPP minister at Sun n Sand is news already, telling the media to report a out food whilst the good is not there it’s pure nonsense, the Kondwani Nankhumwa way! S
    Ur slowly becoming unfriendly to Malawians just as Dr. Ntaba and Simeon Vuwa Kaunda became before Bingu died. Am counting ur days!

  12. Namukachapa says:

    A minister “telling” and “advising” the press? How laughably archaic! This is an amateur attempt to co-opt the media into towing the government line, and it should be robustly resisted. The Minister of Propaganda (for that is what ministers of information are and that’s why don’t exist in civilized countries) does not seem to be aware of the core principle in a democracy, namely, that the media (and the people in general) are not established or granted rights or status at the discretion or pleasure of the government. Rather, the government’s power is entirely derived from the “just consent of the governed.” The point is to make sure that the government does not overreach itself by trying to limit the basic rights of the people, such as their right to speak freely, including their right to criticize the government. The government does not grant that right. It already exists, no matter what the government might say or do. When the media so called “positives” about government its purely accident and not at the behest of government.

  13. i miss kamuzu says:

    but there’s nothing positive to report. must they create the news?

    2015 MSCE paper 2, HISTORY

    Question 1, multiple choice:
    In the article above, Blantyre Press Club members are shown cleaning the wards at Mangochi District Hospital. The article states that the hospital was opened by Ngwazi Dr H. Kamuzu Banda in 1981.

    Taking into consideration that the population of Mangochi has probably quadrupled since 1981, how many NEW and modern hospitals have been opened in this district to cater for this population explosion?
    1) 15
    2) 5
    3) 3
    4) 0
    Note: Kamuzu Banda was voted out of power in 1994.

  14. Malawiboy says:

    The media has never been the fourth arm of government. The media is there to be objective about the government. If the government does something good, the media will respond by reporting that the government has done something good. If the government screws up, as it appears to have been doing from it’s inception, the media should inform the public about it. That’s how it actually should work.If Mhango wants the media to work for the government, obviously he doesn’t understand the whole principal of freedom of the press.
    This is a serious problem for Malawians who want access to opinions other than those of the government, who unfortunately do not seem to have their interests at heart . Long live freedom of the press.

  15. Brazilian wax says:

    How can the media write the positives on government when the said positives are no where to be seen? In fact the media is being so objective with this clueless government. Do you want the media to write,”Malawi doesn’t experience intermittent power supply, water shortages, hospitals without medicines , economic instability” yet this is the order of the day? Mr Japie you sound out of touch with the reality in Malawi. It could be because you are one of those swimming in obscene opulence being close to the government coffers .
    Shut up you stinking mouth! Malawians are going through most challenging period of their lives.

  16. malawi sucks says:

    So in other words you want the media to lie about you,just to make you look good?

  17. Alungwana says:

    Does this government has any positive thing worthy writting?

  18. Joseph says:

    But….There needs to be some positives first for the media to be able to report about it! Do you want the media to make up the positives?
    Dausi is killing people and mismanaging the inteligence unit, what does the gvt do?
    The currency is on a downward spiral and guess what,? We are being told to wait for next year. What positive can the media spin from that?
    Hospitals, water, electricity, jobs, security, corruption( mainly by the untouchable Asians)….. The list is long. In all this, APM is all smooched up in his palace. What positives should the media concoct from here?

  19. Chathunya says:

    Owoooooo good newz

  20. dadaboma says:

    This DPP govt has nothing positive to be talked about. If Malawi has never had a worst govt than this DPP-led govt. do you want people to say the opposite? If you Mhango were in a smelly pit latrine at your home in Rura, would you eat nsima from it by pretending the smell of the latrine is fragrance? Mhango, leave this to the Lomwes – just eat with them, but don’t behave like them, you’re a product of a clean tribe.

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