Mob kills Malawi student at Natural Resources college

Lecturers and students at Natural Resources College in Lilongwe woke up to a shock Monday after one student was killed by an irate mob after he allegedly broke into a campus house for one of staff members.

Lilongwe police publicist Kingsley Dandaula confirmed the death of the 21 year old student but refused to give details, saying investigations were still going.

College registrar Maxwell Mbweza said the college was making arrangements to bring the body back to his home.

He said it was a shock and disbelief because the students were just coming on campus on the weekend from a holiday ready for studies on Monday.

However he refused to disclose the details of the student referring the media back to law enforcers.

The brutal killing of the student cones less than a week after an irate mob killed seven men in Nsanje suspected to have been found bones of a human being believed to be a person with albinism.

The killing also comes hot in the heels of a sad story in Neno where four elderly people were murdered by a mob after accusing the elderly persons of being witches.

Police publicist Nicholas Gondwa said Sunday suspects in the murder of the seven people in Nsanje are yet to be arrested by police, a move described by executive director of Centre for the Development of People (Cedep) as unfortunate saying the dilly dallying in bringing perpetrators of mob justice to book will increase the trend.

A political activist John Chisi said the government is a major culprit of mob justice saying up to now it is not prosecuting those that killed Robert Chasowa of Polytechnic despite a commission of inquiry pin pointing the perpetrators.

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23 thoughts on “Mob kills Malawi student at Natural Resources college”

  1. chibweya joe says:

    I dont know why police is not arresting thrse murderers. Everyone knows them starting with the lady who called/ shouted ‘thief’ , the two notorious NRC residents who have done this several times. Do you want people to erite their names? If this matter is not brought to justice I can see no peace prevailing between students and residents

  2. therere says:

    Mphoto yake yautchimo ndi imfa

  3. markmarkc says:

    Ena mukuti”He must Rest InPeace!”How can he RIP.while he died drunk?

  4. Benjamin says:

    Sd stry mw we r in darkness n full of blood

  5. Tamalisha says:

    Rest in peace young man

  6. James Yekha says:

    Mapeto Adziko Basi

  7. chigwenembe says:

    Truth of the matter: The boy after arriving went out to drink. He did not break into any man’s house nor was it a lecturer’s/school house. He was passing by as drunk as he was, when one of the resident of Chitedze (surrounding NRC) saw him and thought he was a thief. He woke up his neighbor and he and his neighbor (two of them) started beating the young man. He did explain to them that he is only a student but they did not listen to him. These two men who have murdered this young man are working in govt, but different depts. city centre to be specific, one is a cleaner and the other a switchboard operator. The cleaner has confessed when rumours reached his office and his colleague asked him. The cleaner is very heartless and doesn’t know even how to read nor write. He was given employment in govt because of a certain UDF MP at whose house he once worked as a cook.

  8. Kanyimbi says:

    John Chisi apa ndiye wawonjezanso. Nkhanizi sizikugwirizana.

  9. alhomwe atilaula says:

    ayi ndithu this is very sad, Amalawitu apa yavuta ndi njala komanso kuvuta kwa zinthu mdziko muno ndikomwe kukupangitsa zimenezi. anthu ndiokwiya komanso okhumudwa nthawi zonse chonde DPP government do something otherwise anthu tiyamba kusendanatu mmisewumu!

  10. Francis Chidzaye says:

    No gd @ all

  11. Dr JGC Khamula says:

    Mr Editor, what type of journalism is this? Please don’t accept such stories from your reporters because you will be doing injustice to us readers and followers of Nyasa Times. The reporter has been very very lazy to investigate the story further. He has only told the story in one/two paragraphs and rushed to give background of the stories we know already. This Owen Khamula has good nose for news but you need to send him to a school of journalism or teach him basics of journalism because most of his stories are like this.

  12. Edward says:

    There is nothing good in malawi. All those dnt knw adout other countries cn say malawi is good.

  13. Joe says:

    This is a very bad development in my beloved country Malawi. Are all laws of justice erased ? Law enforcers where are you and what are you doing ? Please do something to eradicate this malicious conduct.

  14. Professor Wakumpoto says:

    This barbaric behavior must stop. Why do we lie to ourselves that we are a God fearing nation when we are busy stealing and killing each other like this. A Malawi, taking advantage of a small 21 years old boy! Anapha munthu ngati? I feel less sorry when this is done to rapists and armed robbers. Anthu ofunika kuwapha ndi aja atulutsidwa pa bail aja!

  15. gerry says:

    is malawi becoming a nation of murderers now? i mean one you killing albinos thinking they gold mines, the next moment you are killing our grandparents simply because you being old means you are a witch. you take the law into your own hands killing people for petty crimes. this blood you shading is crying in the ground. wherf are our leaders.

  16. What happened 4 d boi 2 klld?

  17. ngolongoliwa.chimaliro says:

    aclint, mwanenadi zoona katsaila ndi ooipitsitsa. Paja amadana ndi Dr Matchaya,kumamutsemera zinyau. Ndiyedi akhonza kupanga zaupandu.ndi chifukwa chake boma silikuwamanga chifukwa ndi okhaokhawo. Tikawapeza tiwaotcha . Mudziwanso!!

  18. Sand says:

    Kodi Kasaira? Kukhwimira unduna chani?

  19. bristol says:

    So this student was a thief and instead of studying, he decided to break into Lecturer’s home. Unless people are hardworkers, I could see mob justice increasing. Many of the victims of mob justice are lazy people who would like to get rich quickly. The wages of sin is death.

  20. Clint says:

    Rumors from Tengani, Nsanje are saying that, it is Honorable Minister Francis Kasaila who sent the seven men to go on Human bone collection.

  21. Chimunthu says:

    Malawi is a failed and lawless country. The police and the justice system are useless. The government seems either unable or unwilling to tackle the country’s problems. Malawi is such a beautiful country and its people so warm and friendly. So sad.

    1. KK says:

      How can they be warm and friendly when they are killing each other?

      Stop blaming Government for everything.

      Does Government advocate breaking into peoples houses?

Comments are closed.

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