Morgan Heritage slammed for their pre-recorded ‘live’ show in Lilongwe

Morgan Heritage band dubbed the ‘royal family of reggae’ have caused mass disappointment amongst  Malawians who went to Silver Stadium for their live show only to be treated to a music from the pre-recorded USB flash drive.

Morgan Heritage used pre-recorded music while Malawi's Black Missionaries performed live as a supporting artist.

Morgan Heritage used pre-recorded music while Malawi’s Black Missionaries performed live as a supporting artist.

The reggae band has come under fire on social media after a performance from the USB flash drive, – annoying many fans who thought it was supposed to be live.

Organisers promoted the show as a live performance

Taking to Facebook rto vent their fury some users criticised the show’s promoters for appearing to mislead them.

Former radio presenter Tailosi Bakili posted on Facebook: “Wen Bob Marley performed at Madison Square Gardenz, he was called back on stage 3 times. The fourth time he refused. But those were the Wailers. They never used flash discs or CD’s. They played live music. Unfortunately, Bob Marley died and the Wailers are disbanded. So don’t expect too much from young kids.

Policitian and former cabinet minister Clement Stambuli  argued that Malawians should Kutengeka a “ get contented” with the local music bands like Black Missionaries and Zembani .

“It’s just that our country brand in music is not up to scratch it’s time we started exporting our talented artists and play around Africa, I suppose we will get there,” Stambuli wrote.

Showbiz journalist Howard Mlozi wrote: “Malawi got amazing talent and let’s try it. I believe given the resources they can make it, even better than these so-called international artists whom we exaggerate beyond limit. Big up to the Black Missionaries Band, The Wailing Brothers, Soul Raiders, The Roots, The Solid Rocks, Mizu Band and many others”

Malawi’s Black Missionaries performed live as a supporting artist.

However, other were more forgiving, as football administrator Casper Jangale wrote: “I am totally flabbergasted that we are complaining for the grotesque mediocre show which the Heritage Family put on yesternight at Silver. We knew long way back that these guys want to romanticize with our ganja (weed), the Malawian gold, the contraband. But alas, we were caught up in the slumber, we were hibernating to realize that we got what we deserve. “

Funny Mbewe who attended the show said: “It was still amazing.”

She, nonetheless, expressed her frustrations that it was not live.

Audrey Mvula said the K10,000 he paid to watch the show was “extortionate fee” considering he expected a live performance.

Nyasa Times has contacted organisers fthe show but has yet to receive a reply.

The much-loved quintet, comprised of siblings Peetah, Una, Roy (known as Gramps), Nakhamyah (known as Lukes) and Memmalatel (known as Mojo) Morgan.

They recently released their new album Strictly Roots – their first independently released record.

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29 thoughts on “Morgan Heritage slammed for their pre-recorded ‘live’ show in Lilongwe”

  1. Humphrey says:

    Malawians u are lost . heritage did not call u to come . somebody called them . paid them to come as they did. Don’t be fooled by a fellow Malawian who took ur money and blame heritage . think more. Who paid for the show from day 1. He didn’t pay heritage money to come as a full group

  2. wakulu says:

    mubwereso next year i will pay again to get in.stupid fellow malawians you heard the guys didnt you? they were not meant to come sumukunva pati? you are all here criticizing like simuzalowa ya next year, sakuziwani ndani? nyonyonyonyonyo pa cd…..ndiye? you seriously though you could pay k15000 to see basket mouth and 10000 to see morgan heritage???????? munamuonako gramps pamaso inuyo?? the k10000 was for you to just see them come 2016 we shall pay 30000 to see them perform live , ose osafuna azizakagona kwawo shupiti!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. therer says:

    Day robbery Morgan

  4. choncho says:

    i took my wife to the show. I thot it was going to be live. But it ended up being a mimming competition. If I had known that it was going to be that way, i wouldnt have spent my time and money to go and attend. My biggest disappointment is that i went with my wife. She doesnt attend music shows. But we thot this one was going to be a special one off. My wife loves morgan heritage songs and i thot of being romantic and showing her that i love her so much by taking her to the show. But she got disappointed. She kept asking me where the guitars where. I didnt have answers. I didnt want to look stupid as i thot tht was the way things are suppose to be. But when others started complaining, thats when i knew that we were all duped. I lost K20,000 plus money for drinks thinking that i wld make my wife happy. But no. Now i regret. I could have just taken her to an expensive hotel for dinner. Maybe she wld have been happy. Of course she still loves morgan heritage as she played some songs at home. I love my wife. I wish she enjoyed. Im so sorry darling. Next time, it will be ok. I love u so much

  5. captain says:


  6. OWEN ODINGA says:

    My son ZWANGE was pleased to see these guys live.

  7. haward says:

    Mukuwona ngati show ya next year anthu adzalowa ambiri? Ng’ooooo, zinali zokhumudwitsa ndipo bola aabwere Busy Signal amene uja nd nyatwa

  8. lewis joshua says:

    kkkkkkkk yeah athu ambili ati mwabela k10000 thy could have just downloaded the music for k135★★☆☆

  9. Black Market says:

    Zopusa kwambiri, I attended this function but very disappointing and I will do it again to be carried away by international brands. However Bon Africa did the show worthy the value I paid for.

  10. Mugonapamhanya says:

    The organizers were the weakest link in the whole thing here. The Morgan Heritage might think they were doing Malawians a favor by coming and give them a show from a CD on a small fee while the promoter was marketing it as a full live performance. Why being economical with the truth?

  11. Anthony says:

    I think we should still give the morgan heritage family a big up for recognizing our country and paying it a visit, its high time malawians start counting our blessings. we know that we are regarded as the poorest country in the world and these guys are giving us high hopes by paying us special visits, trying to tell us that our country is one of the best places in the world to visit if one wants to enjoy. The Malawian artists especially reggae artists should take the opportunity to learn from these guys when they visit, they should ask for lectures on how to compose and record sweet reggae music from these top artists who visit our beautiful Malawi. One love to the Morgan Heritage family, rasta does no disappoint, you have made us proud by paying us a visit…LOVE!!

  12. The Most Concerned says:

    Bola anabwera kudzasuta chamba. Vuto ndi chani?

  13. Gadabwali says:

    The organizers should apologize to Malawians for giving us a raw deal or else atibwenzere ma 10 pin athu. Apo bii, timatcha, General January ndi uyu akufuna zake.

  14. Che Wanimiliyoni says:

    It was a live show for the band was on stage singing. If they had to practice for days in order to play the instruments the charges would have been prohibitive to many malawians so that the show would not have been possible in the first place and the chance of chating with them would not have been possible.this is a growing trend and we better get used to it. How many such live performances are we subjected to in our churches and don’t we feel good? Next time don’t expect arsenal fc to play in Malawi and the charges to be as low as k5000 otherwise you will pay to watch them train.

  15. H Kamdidi says:

    I was just home listening in to their music CDs

  16. Sizachilendo says:

    Zimenezo ayi kuno za usb

  17. nya mkandawire says:

    Akuchitani bwino kutengeka a Malawi. Thumbs up ma Blacks. Ndipo ine ndimanjoya kukawonela ma Blacks coz akafika pa stage zimakhala za ntchito basi

  18. Hansou says:

    Big up Man Luscious Banda for bringing Busy Signal! Si za awa mukuti a Born Afrika

  19. Mbiri says:

    Bamboklat! Mwatiwomba fair and square, last time you have seen me attend any Born African show.

  20. Tiyeni tiwakonde oyimba athu omwewa kodi akanakhala oyimba akumalawi mukadatengeka chonchi?? Its a lesson too late ha ha ha ha

  21. ngongoliwa says:


  22. Solo says:

    Morgan Heriatage were supposed to perform in Zimbabwe but as soon as the promoters realized it wasnt gonna be a live band they cancelled the show. They knew that the place would turn violent. I applaude Malawians for behaving well.

  23. Zenko says:

    Kutengeka a Malawi ndizimenezotu…

  24. Vyanje says:

    So what did the whole lot of fans do about it when it became evident that they were dupped? Smiled respectifully pa chiMalawi??? My foot.

  25. Sally G says:

    Shame. Malawian are continually taken for a ride

  26. mngoni says:


  27. Ojambula says:

    No comment

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