Mosque carjackers busted: Malawi Police nab Matola brothers

Police in Namadzi, Chiradzulu arrested three people that stole a vehicle belonging to Bilal Trust which was stolen last Sunday at Madina Mosque in Limbe.  The vehicle, Toyota Corolla BLK 3366 was also recovered intact.



The suspects have been identified as Mussa Allan, Goodson Matola and Kamuloni Matola from Machinga district.

They have been referred to yet another police unit that deals with car thefts, the Anti-Motor vehicle, where possible charges will emerge from, after thorough investigations.

Nyasa Times understands that two of the suspects were working for the Trust as a driver and guard while the other was the one who found the market for the car. The driver is said to have reported of missing of a key for the car sometime back only to use it during the mission.

Police say that they worked on a tip for them to launch on a man hunt and arrested the three right in the car near Magomero college turn off in Chiradzulu, as they were waiting for the buyer.

The police have since called upon employers to be careful with the people they employee to avoid such cases.

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18 thoughts on “Mosque carjackers busted: Malawi Police nab Matola brothers”

  1. Azimayi aku chiradzulu akuba says:

    Iwowo si akuba koma akuganiziridwa kuti ndi akuba. Innocent until proven guilty.

  2. Antoni apaphata says:

    I am a ngoni… But the way some of you hate Lowe’s leaves me wondering like antchona…. Is this my same Malawi?

  3. rasheed says:

    Bola achawa nanga inu atumbuka inu mumapanga cha si mumaphunzira school ndi cholinga choti mukawone ku brantyre MANYUMBA ABELEKANA KUFUNA KUWONA MURUNGU

  4. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Ibrahim Matola wayamba kutuma aziphwake adzikaba magalimoto!

  5. chenene says:

    Midyomba ndi alomwe all they know is fuck their own mothers and attend jando. Love school as northerners do agalu inu. Diso tong’oooo kuzitsamba ndi mafupa a albinos. You are a disgrace to the nation of Malawi!

  6. redeemed says:

    In Zulu they say “unyoko wabola amathumbo” transplants a mother with rotten intestines. An ideom which means to conceive useless children. Yesterday there was a in Benoni there hundreds of people including prominent figures attended an emotional burial service of two identical twin brothers who succumbed to mob justice as they were suspected of belonging yo a certain notorious gang that is terrorising the erea. Apparently their it is allaged that the community has filed a list of boys they intend to get rid of in this fashion and they have so far fled the area in fear of their lives. To be honest is was such an emotional ceremony especially the manner in which their bereaved mother was sobbing. I wish young people could spare their loved one such grief by refraining from these unbecoming tendencies.

  7. kkkkkk……waiting for a buyer?..wakhala tomatoes or wat?..are u kar jakaz or akaz?..u displayed the kar on the market?…hahahahaaaaa…inu ndi akuba abakha,mbuzi ndi nkhuku not motokala

  8. Decent Citizen says:

    Akati sukulu ndpongozi.Mijomba kukwezera mathalauza mwamba ngati zenizeni ntchito kukhalira kuba mu town.Nanji ku Joweni mwathawako xenophobic mutivuta pa Malawi.

  9. Miccateez says:

    Mij0mba kuremera, aaa ziri bwi,,,, basi kir t;em;

  10. mbwiye mbwindi says:

    amaphunzira kubako

  11. Kalulu says:

    Ibrahim Matola Young Brothers??

  12. Useless boys, amateurs. Jail them.

  13. Prodigalson says:

    Kuba kophunzila,suchedwa kugwidwa.zitsiru zikagwira ukaidi mission italepheleka.

  14. choncho says:

    Allah is great. How can u steal from such a charity organisation that is helping poor people. In my wifes village in Zomba, so many orphans are being helped by this organisation and they dont decriminate whether u are christian or moslem. These guyz have painted a good picture of Islam than what we watch on TV about suicide bombers. Bilal Trust is a real example of a faith based organisation out there to help people. This is coming from a non muslim who has just observed this charity group

  15. Denguzman says:

    Stupid guyz why dont u just kill those thieves. Kodi kubaku ku south ndikoyamwira?

  16. jona says:

    Amati kutenga ma chance!!

  17. Zangazatha says:

    Ntchito za achawa izi….mijomba

  18. matako a pusi says:

    Unprofessional car thieves l think

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