MP Bisnowaty bashes rumour mongers on President Mutharika’s health

Member of Parliament for Lilongwe City Centre Constituency, David Bisnowaty, and Thursday condemned the tendency of  spreading  rumours about President Prof. Peter Mutharika’s health.

MP David Bisnowaty: Rumours on President's health sickening

MP David Bisnowaty: Rumours on President’s health sickening

Speaking at Kauma area in Lilongwe during the commemoration of the 2016 International Day for Disaster Reduction, Bisnowaty said Malawians could not win the fight of reducing the impact of disasters unless they were united.

“The cancer of this country is jealousy,” said Bisnowaty. “The cancer of this country is rumour mongering. People spend time spreading false and unfounded stories. We cannot get anywhere as a country with such tendency.”

He said as the Dean of Diplomatic Corps, Thandiwe Dumbutshena, said in her remarks at the 2016 Malawi Investment Forum in Lilongwe, for a country that was in pursuit of development and progress the role of the opposition was to give constructive and not destructive criticism.

The Lilongwe City Centre legislator, who won the May 2014 elections on an independent ticket, hailed government for responding to his constituents’ needs when they were affected by stormy rains during the previous rainy season.

He recalled how the Vice President, Dr. Saulos Chilima, took his time to visit the areas of Kauma, Dubai (Area 49) and Ngomani to appreciate the damage the stormy rains had caused.

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27 thoughts on “MP Bisnowaty bashes rumour mongers on President Mutharika’s health”

  1. Central says:

    So you want us to sit aside and watch you people misusing our resources? You are “too” foolish Bisnowaty!!

    Do you think at this era, there is a Malawians who doesn’t know that you’ve business connections and are benefiting from this government!! Your dictionary doesn’t have the word “love”!!

    Sincerely, now I’ve strongly believed those who ever told me that you’re a sadist and now I’ve noted with regret that you’re not just one but a leader of sadists!

    Bisnowaty I am too mad with you!! Your sentiments are too provoking…………………………!!! Do you know how people are suffering in the remote villages? Stop the madness and never ever repeat your fwi fwi fwi fwi fwi fwe fwe fwe fwe into our faces…………………………..!!

  2. kodi mbatiya ameneyu ngwakuti pa-mtu-mbo — make bwanji osamuthamangitsa

  3. wavifyontha says:

    I think Hitler was right about Jews

  4. Gogodasi says:

    Where and when did Dumbuchena learn that the role of the opposition is to make constructive criticism when this does not happen in her country, Zimbabwe? There are Diplomats that we can listen to and try to practise what they say when they make such a statement, not one Dumbuchena , nkhalamba from Zimbabwe where dictatorship is taking toll day and night. Mugabe is arresting people for simply expressing their opinions through demonstrations. If Mugabe was a good leader Dumbuchena could have been replaced by a strong Diplomat at her age. Zimbabwe is a country of old people, leaving young and fresh people suffer. I wonder why she is the Dean of Diplomats. Can she chair a meeting of Diplomats and facilitate discussions to a fruitful ending? Dumbuchena, Dumbuchena, Dumbuchena – how many times have I called you?

  5. Youna says:

    Lord of Wars. This guys is so much happy with umphawi wa a Malawi coz ndi pomwe amapangira makobidi. I know him very well and I dont have kind words for this crook.

  6. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    let us deport him to israel. he is illegal migrant!!!

  7. Abeat Minthu says:

    In the first NO country anywhere can hide wheteabouts of a leader. APM is educated and a pris in law he should know Malawi is a democratic nation he should tell hos aviseras Who are ignorance to act as democratic and civilased to tell the nation that after meeting he will take leave. What do you think If Obama had just desappeared after meeting. The whole World knows where Obama is Even where he go for holidays. What is Peter anyway in this World? Who advises him? The advisers are the ones who are harming him. They did the same to his brother. The man thinks they are good People but wonjelapo basi

  8. Zaya says:

    In addition sangapangile mwina this guy, he has benefited big time from our docilty buying the entire City Centre in Lilongwe building complexes whose proceeds he transfers to his wife in Israel who has refused to stay in Africa and in Malawi especially because ati ndikonunkha aMalawi sitimasamba ndife awuve. Our stupid government goes on to award Bisnowaty huge government contracts to supply medicals to Ministry of health and all the monies he ships to Israel. Lelo ndi uyu akutiwuzanso kuti ndife ansanje. Go hang David we don’t need your advice at all. Iwe just continue looting our monies and send to your wife and kids in Israel. No wonder you can afford to stay in the Presidential villas ndalama zathu zomwe. U came into Malawi with literally nothing who doesnt know that and lelo there you give us your unsolicited unntellingent counsel go hang muluya iwe

  9. Abeat Minthu says:

    Now he talks like those Malawians Who enjoy what has not. Yes People are jealous because som have nothing. Even those Who are trying can not manage in Malawi because NO electricity and water. How can those Who have little make a business. Wait for what u call jealous will do one Day. Malawi will burn The u can speak about jealous.

  10. Zaya says:

    In what language was he addressing the Kauma folks? Hindu, Arabic, or Hebrew? Am sure that alone makes him very unqualifed to lecture Malawians on how they behave themselves. Mutharika has as first citizen and president of this nation has an obligation to inform his subjects of his whereabouts. We cannot be kept guessing when he can only inform this nation and thats it.

  11. Three Angels message says:

    Can somebody remind Mr. Bisnowaty that Holocaust inatha, all the concentration camps have been closed and he can safely return to his homeland

  12. Citizen says:

    Malawians are nothing but a racist bunch. What have his comments got to do with his ethnicity? Attack the issue not the person. The man is right, people need to respect the Head of State.

  13. Fletcher Musukwa says:

    I am of the view that Mr Biznowat is completely not aware as to what is at stake among many Malawians. As a matter of fact, all these rumors are emanating from our being denied of the access to information bill which is fundamental in issues of this nature. In the first place, the head of state must have been very open to tell Malawians where he is now other than leaving people in darkness. The quarrying about the president is just in order as it is obvious when a husband who may be also a father in family is answerable to the family when he decides to disappear into a place known to himself and there is no reason why the father should in anyway get annoyed when asked where he went, why? May be Mr Biznowat is so forgetful about what happened in 2012, a similar scenario where the whole nation was left in total darkness when in actual fact Bingu wa Muthalika died right here in the country whereas other unpatriotic people were busy hiding the truth. The concealing of truth really cost the nation a fortune when the dead body of Bingu was flown to RSA in the name of James Phiri, even the altering of actual dates when Bingu died. Biznowat has no point in this issue otherwise he should stay out it all anyway and if there is any Kibutz project he has for Malawi, let him focus on iyaaaaaa!

  14. Waphuma says:

    Bisnowaty is an opportunist. What he looks forward is to reap from Malawi and invest in his own country in Israel. Go back to Israel …we dont need you here in Malawi. There is no difference you have made since elected as MP for LL city centre…

  15. Kkkkkkkk says:

    What is this Myuda saying? Go back home to Galileya

  16. Jaan says:

    Hey David well said then why you dont take the initiative to inform malawians where their leader is and what is he upto How would you react to a person in your family goes missing without a clue come on David tell the public the truth because it seem you know something if there is fire then there has to be smoke you silly to blame anyone for tumours because rumours are the creation of the people like yourself and in government

  17. The Patriot says:

    I think the honourable Malawian MP is missing the point here. Its NOT Malawian to be a rumour monger! Even Jews do it. The rumours about the President’s health are the result of information blackout from the government. The reaason why people are speculating is because no information is forthcoming from the President and his handlers. The reason why people in the West(even in Israel!) people dont speculate or spread rumours is thT tneir governments are transparent.
    Am sure the honourable MP would agree with me that if people were given information complete with pictures of the healthy President, there would be no room for rumour mongering! We may be poor but we are not dumb to speculate when info is available.

  18. Peter white says:

    One-sided condemnation frome the honourable mp. You should have first condemned the government secerecy on who is meeting the president in the USA before condeming the rumour mongering. Secrecy allways breeds romours and we expected you to know this your honour.

  19. Zimenezo ukayankhule kwanu Ku Israel usayiwale kuti ndiwe wobwela. Boma lidakati lidzinena chilungamo pazomwe kuli zimene akuchita president bwenzi rumors mongering yiliko? Ngati uli ndiumunthu iwe bizinowate umayenela ulifunse boma lakudyetsa chibanzilo kuti lisamabise information yokhudza mtsogoleri wadzikoyu. Access to information bill munkayikana ija mumafuna zimenezi.

  20. John Mzunguwalira says:

    Zako izo amaziyamba dala posanena zoonaaSYgX

  21. Ndangodutsamo says:

    Here’s another clueless MP trying to teach people how to behave. The problem of Malawians is not rumour mongering. The problem is lack of communication and transparency on APMs whereabouts and why he has not returned weeks after the UN meeting ended. Can you imagine what Americans might do if Obama left the US and provided no explanation on his whereabouts for a week or even a day? I’m sure Malawians care less about APM. After all there will be blackouts whether he is present or absent. He is just a docile and incompetent old man. What they care about is that he is getting l’ai from their taxes, sleeping in expensive hotels and drawing allowances for him and his entourage. These are resources that could have been used to buy school books, pay teachers and nurses or reduce blackouts. Lack of communication creates an information vacuum. Information vacuum breeds rumour mongering. So, just shut up mr Bisno-snoty!

  22. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Mr Bisnowaty (MP) and Thandiwe Dumbutshena (Dean) with due respect, please don’t talk as if you are one of us who are suffering. You are elites, living in a completely different world of affluence and plenty.

    If you are wise enough please, advise government to be transparent so that we trust them. I cannot query them even if he stays more two months as long I am given complete and faithful information. The president travels with journalists, why did they go with the president.

    Basically what you are implying is that your children cannot ask where you are even if you are late.

  23. You useless israeli……..people are being killed in goran height…little kids who knows nothing…… dont feed us with lies…..when these people and Dpp stoogies in America continues to keep their mandibles shut rumours are created….if the government keeps us in the dark about our citizen number one they are giving us room for speculating….as true sons and daughters of this land we need to know his where about…….instead of asking some funds for repatriating anthu amene asokonekera ku America’ko ukunenaso za rumor mongering…..

  24. daniel mapulanga says:

    A David tangokhalani pansi inu ,zimenezo muzikapanga kwanu.simunathawa kuno kulilongwe mumvekere amalawi amakuvutyitsani.lero ndiye muoneke wamzeru.?muzikhala ndi malire pochita zinthu sikwanu kuno

  25. alfred abraham says:

    munthu ngati wadwala siwadwalika basi palinso roumer mongering apa aliyense amadwala

  26. ambuje says:

    Look mr legislator. If Malawians are told the truth. Rumour mongering can reduce. Our history is very bad. Kamuzu regime planted fear in us.

  27. I thought azunguwa can understand government issues better tu. Kaninso akuluwa ndi mbuzi kutereku.

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