MP touts Malawi federalism or budgetary quota in parliament

Member of Parliament for Mzimba South, Makwenda Chunga of opposition People’s Party (PP) has condemned education quota system, saying it is bad therefore it should be abolished or else be extended in development and backed calls for introduction of federal system of government.

Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe tabled the financial plan which MPs are deliberating

Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe tabled the financial plan which MPs are deliberating

Chunga said this in his contribution to the 2015/16 proposed budget which Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe presented in Parliament on May 22.

He said quota system leads to a lot of wastage of training opportunities as evidenced by the rise in the number of students who are withdrawn on academic grounds.

“Quota system is bad and should be abolished in this nation. If we are saying there should be quota system in education, then we should have quota system in terms of development as well. That is why people are calling for federal system, which will be like quota system in education.

“We will also need budgetary quota system because everyone wants to access equal development,” Chunga told the House.

The lawmakers told the House that the Nkhata Bay and Mzuzu Government Secondary Schools’ selection that had no northerners selected in 2014 has gone without comment by the Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Emmanuel Fabiano.

“We asked the Minister of Education last year, he did not answer. Why was it that 100 per cent of students selected to Nkhata bay Secondary School came from the Southern Region? Why did Mzuzu Government have 100 per cent from the Southern Region? We are asking today, the Minister has to respond because we also have intelligent boys and girls who are supposed to go to Mzuzu Government Secondary School,” said Chunga.

He pointed out that the Mzuzu TTC that was converted to Mzuzu University has not yet been replaced up to today.

“We are very thankful to the former President, Dr. Bakili Muluzi for giving us a university in the north but also we are asking the government to give us a teachers training college in Mzuzu,” he said.

According to Chunga, oath Enterprise Development Fund (YEDEF) equipment has not been disbursed to beyond Jenna Road block to the north despite numerous applications by youth from the Northern Region.

He continued to say the mining industry is not benefiting the North equitably. Kayelekera is neither equitably benefiting Karonga nor Chitipa asking the government has to look into the matter “very clearly.”

Chunga also said USAID projects are concentrated away from the North as well.

“Nyika and Vwaza have not been attended to as much as the potential income generators from the North. There is no better road access to Nyika and Vwaza. Every year we talk about the budget of Nyika and Vwaza Road but up to now, nothing has been done,” he said.

Chunga went on to tell parliament that the identification of the actual physical location of Mzuzu Airport has been strategically delayed, “even though, we all know that the location of the airport has led to stalling of construction of three storey skyscrapers within that area.”

The lawmaker said it has also delayed economic development of Ekwendeni and the airport as it was supposed to stimulate the construction of the hotels, banks and other infrastructure.

Chunga also bemoaned that most of registration applications for NGOs in the Northern and Central Regions are taking long to be approved, strategically delaying recognition, and access to funding.

The MP said the upgrading of Mzuzu Hospital into cancer treatment centre was diverted.

“Mzuzu does not have a district hospital, only Mapale which is a dispensary. Those who are referred to Mzuzu Central Hospital are supposed to pay K1, 500.00. We do not have a Health Science College in the North,” said Chunga.

He said 20th July, 2011 will still ring bells for the protestors who were shot dead in the North by the first DPP-regime.

“We are asking the government to compensate the affected families,” Chuga said, stressing that the protestors were “brutally murdered in cold blood” when they were simply exercising their constitutional rights.

The Deputy Government Chief Whip, Grace Chiumia, who is also Minister of Youth and Sports made a point of order on YEDEF equipment , saying government is “ encouraging” the youth to apply for funding.

“We do not impose the equipment on them. So, they are supposed to apply and follow proper procedures. If there are any youths who have been denied the equipment, I do not have any reports on my table,” she said.

On the delay of registering NGOs, Chiumia said government need to make sure that these NGOs really exist.

“We have got NGOs which do not even exist but are using money from different partners,” she said.

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92 thoughts on “MP touts Malawi federalism or budgetary quota in parliament”

  1. zondie says:

    I like this MP of Mzimba South, He speaks with sober mind. That’s good way of leadership

  2. Mbanangwa says:

    The issue of Nkhata-Bay and Mzuzu Government Secondary Schools should be talked about. Why is the ministry persecuting the north by denying the boys and girls places in these boarding secondary schools?

  3. Balamanthu says:

    Honestly, I am kind of disappointed with all comments I have read on this news item.It looks like it has become difficult as a people to have a civilized conversation and people chose to insult or invoke upon their old beliefs and venom that does not build us as a people.We are one nation whether quota or not;or whether federalism is being advocated.Why cant we learn to argue with properly articulated arguments that are sober, show that we have stepped into a classroom and can think.Tribalism and devisiveness will never develop this country.If something is wrong, lets use logic to state why it is wrong and put forward facts that support our argument.Insulting each other calling each other names is one way of showing how backward we are, that we cant think and resort to usage of emotive aspects rather than thinkers.Lets argue in a civilized manner .Such arguments should be done with respect without demeaning each other.

  4. Phodogoma says:

    I have never seen somebody crying for freedom in the land of his enemy when h is free to return to his own land for maximum fruits. Cowards in purest nature. Rutani kukaya. Even the israelites were opressed in the foreign land until they reached their promised land. Dont yoou see your promised lands. Here in south and center, we are running the country the way we want. MCP turned down your ancestors request for feudalism amd DPP will never give room to feudalism. Ngati muli anthu olimba mtima yalurani mphatsa zanu mudzipita kwanu ku mpoto. When most Malawians were opressed in south africa under xenophobia, they ran to their home back to Malawi for total freedom. Do the same by going back to forefather’s land. If people from south and center will be setting quota system when you are at your homeland then that will be total war.

    Bottom line is that when you are holding feudalism forums try to include total secession from south and center by starting exodus to north by every tumbuka from south and center be a student, civil servant, CEO,business operators, vendors, visitors.

  5. makani says:

    Mavuto limaliro okha, komanso kukhala mtumbuka ndi mavuto paokha. A burden to your life for life anthu inu mudanyanya kusamva soap. kutembereredwatu kumeneku.

  6. makani says:

    Inu mukudzitcha sakala wa zondani ndinu achitsiru chihana anabweretsa decomcary kunoko? Pachipanda ma Bishop akatolika bwenzi chichihana chanucho chitawonwka? Mabishopu adalimba mtima kulakhula alikonkuno kuti kubwere multparty pamene chihana wanuyo atathawira kunja akukadya ma soseji ndiye kapuku ngati iwe ungamanene za mtumbuka chihana lero? Dziwani kuti Mtumbuka yemwe adalala mulira potengera mwayi umene ma bishop adayambitsa komanso potengera kuti amalawi ankangofuna kuti zinthu zisinthe akadakhala Chihanayo koma NDIKULUMBIRA mtumbuka sadzalamulira malawi chidure mungopanga dziko lanu. Koma mukadzakhala dziko lanu ndiyetu mudzidzayatsa magetsi ndi nyale masana nanga biiiiiiii amene uja nokhanokha kudzidzakhalatu kadamsana nthawi zonse. Mpuno wako axe.

  7. Phodogoma says:

    The Tumbukas why do you fear going back to your home with all your civil servants, UNIMA students except MZUNI.almost every Tumbuka fro south and center to north. This can solve your problems withing a day. Once all you when you are in north you will start talking your nonsense. For sure just set up the border at Jenda. You will never see anyone from south and center crying for you. Even the president will not be allowed to act on that. We will advise him to be silent on that as what he does on other national issues like feudalism. Mudzanya basi. Mukadya chiyani ku mpoto. This is what your fellow useless Nilotic of south Sudan did. They went back to Juba where they are today as independent. I mean you are fighting for freedom but you are not going home. You to belong to two countries. Please go back. We are fed up with you guys honestly.

  8. Wanyasa says:

    Guys, according to my layman point of view, Federalism is not a way to go.Decentralization is a get way to development but we need to scrutinize the policies.I dont want to hear any homosapia speaking about federalism.Dr. Banda broke it and called it stupid.May be you have a hidden agenda behind it but it is nosense..

  9. sakala wa zondani says:

    Anthu nonse ndinuopusa mukamalimbana ndi anthu anzeru..pliz take knote u could be no where..ask your self who brought multiparty in this country..the decision was implemented by chakufwa chihana..amalawi tamakulani..remember kuti munachita kuti pempha kuti tithandizane pachitukuko by the way we are malawians bymistake

  10. makani says:

    Kodi quota system idabwerera inunokha atumbuka? Mumadandaula chani mumafuna mudzingopita nokha ku university? Bwanji selection ya nzuni imangokhala achina munthali , kaunda ,Gondwe ndidzimaina dzina dzonyasa dzanudzi. Khalani dziko lanu inutu za federalisim SIMUPINDIRA bola mukhala dziko panokha basi sitimafukunani kuno apubwa inu.

  11. Mahomwa Movement says:


  12. Balamanthu says:

    Our country will only change when we start being honest.All what we are currently undergoing is because we are not honest with ourselves as individuals and has become worse when it comes to politics.Botswana is doing well because the people chose to be honest.Whilst I dont come from the north, I must commend this chunga guy for being honest.If we had 40 MPs that are this honest backed by one Juliana Lunguzi, government would learnt to act fairly and ensure that things are done to address issues.Even at personal level, we are the most dishonest people on earth.This has to change for us to make progress.In as long as we continue being dishonest, tis country will not move ahead.

  13. Kadakwiza says:

    We need about 100 Chungas in the north. Thank you wadada Chunga

  14. Chiduma says:

    very intelligent MP, pls keep on pressurizing the govt for their nepotism and tribalism

  15. Zachisoni Phiri says:

    Mumanamizana kuti northeners are intelligent oops go and stay with them in class they more dull than any other tribe ntchito kuonera mayeso ndi kuuzirana a galu

  16. Ethurama says:

    Ethurama’s nephew is at home with 16 points last year but those with 23/24 are at university.Where do i send my boy & am poor,what do i do?Where is Malawi for tomorrow,what should those many out there with 15_21 do?No wonder we have criminals all over….silly govt.

    1. Chakwera: "Mulakhoism" says:

      “Where do I send my boy and I am poor”? That is a very stupid question. When did you know you are poor? Is it after or before having that boy? If you knew your poorness before having that boy, then why did you have him? Were you just relying on other people’s taxes to educate your boy? Stop this dependence tendency. You need to plan. Do not have a child when you know you cant afford having him/her.

  17. Denguzman says:

    Apa nakupulika, chiuta tovwireni wina mupoto tasuzgika mwakukwanira.

  18. Mike siliya says:

    We will welcome u man of war, plz leka zimenezo. Ma northerners wanyako akunjoya kuno. Tiyeni titibulane tione who will left hands akimbo mouth agape! Chamba eti!!!

  19. The best way z first to deal with government minister from the north chifukwa ndiwo wakutipwetesa.

  20. Kenneth zitu says:

    Bravo Mr Chunga, here in malawi we need more MP’s like you. please keep on speaking on our behalf until we are heard

  21. sober observer says:

    za ziiiiiiiiii

  22. mfiti yaikazi says:

    khaya zanu izo

  23. chalaka nyani says:

    qota system wooooyeeeeeee, qota yaliza mfiti

  24. mbwenu says:

    quota system is good, zikumuwawayo azimangilire, it is opposed mainly by northerners for selfish reasons. kamuzu sankakondera mtundu wa anthu kapena chigawo, he introduced this for these tumbuka ppo favouritism au Maneb, unima and other offices. Chakwera never make a mistake to support these frustrated northerners, seek advise and background from Tembo, he will tell you. ma brains like Bingu, Peter understood why Kamuzu introduced it koma chair samadziwa chimene samadziwa when abolishing qota system

  25. ZDB says:

    Stupid northerners harp on myth. DOC is spending more money pet capita in the north than any other region but they are not satisfied until they get the presidency and the whole budget. Forget it. Chakufwa brought democracy which means the rule by majority do learn to live with that idea that no northerner can legitimately rule this country. You stupid tribalism in bast Ards.

  26. Tambala wakuda says:

    Kamuzu introduced qota system for good reasons. First ask Kanyama Chiume why he was not in good terms with Kamuzu. In the 1960s when he was a minister of Education he was entrusted to send 100 Malawians for further higher education so that upon coming back from xul they could take up various positions like ps, directors etc, most of these positions were taken by azungu. Kanyama Chiume angered Kamuzu by sending over 60 Malawians from the north and the rest 40 came fro south and central. Unfortunately Kamuzu learned this after many years when these people were back in the country and after they had already filled the positions in many gvt departments. The ngwazi learned it when he was chairing a meeting for ps, ceo’s, directors etc during introductions. these people continued with the nepotism in education etc up to 1980s when Kamuzu suggested quota. find out from those who were there.

  27. Gander says:

    Quota system is bad…, introduce it in development projects. My foot!!!!

    What kind of reasoning is this?

  28. Angel of Doom says:

    Why do people advocate for quota system?

    Some are arguing that northerners think quota only affects them, no, they don’t, they think quota is bad for education, anyone that has seen the bad side of quota, is against quota regardless of where they come from.

    It’s only dull people who defend quota.

    It does not matter who is in charge of selection,if you use merit the right people go to university, but dull people always cry foul.

  29. MC Phodogoma says:

    Tumbukas are cowards and thoughtless regardless number of papers they have. Some body said that you don’t beg the hungry lion to release you when it is prepared to consume you in the next few hours. Illogical. Remember that even under feudalism its the same southern region which will be sharing you funds. This world is very cruel. Even Jesus himself failed to bring fair play in many fields.

    Imagine according to 2008 census ( – population and housing census) it shows the following population distribution

    NORTH 1708930
    CENTRAL 5510195
    SOUTH 5876784

    Roughly the ratio of north:central:south is 2:6:6 respectively. Northerners indeed you are fools. You think you are clever.Under feuderalism the funds in the budget will be distributed according to population. According to 2008 population census given above this year 2015 budget of K902 billion our ratio could 2 to 6 to 6 , the following could be our shares

    north K129 billion
    central K387 billion
    south K386 billion

    Clearly the northern region would have taken K129 billion . Will you be happy?Definately you will need equal share. Shaaa a Tumbuka inu.

    What would the next game would be is how the money should be used eg paying of civil servants, medicine, etc on payment of civil servants north has many civil servants than south, center and in high positions which will require more money. Guys you are benefiting from national cake. Otherwise you are just milking south and center as well. Even number of university students from north is greater than total number of students from south and these foolish Chewas from center.

    Tumbukas, make a very good research before going further otherwise south and center izakutoperani tsiku lina.

    To me people from south , center and north will be eating from its budget. How many lecturers are from north? How many people are working in parastatals form north in executive positions? How many supporting staff working under UNIMA from small north? How many net ballers are playing in south africa now for queens from north? Vuto lanu ndi chiyani mufuna zabwino zonse zikhale zanu basi. APUMBWA INU ETI.

  30. frank kaponda says:

    Its all true man, as for this am also very concerning about this what happen to our government at north. Let us wait and see

  31. Victor Jumbo says:

    Quota system is very bad and it discriminate against innocent students who are not at fault by coming from northern region. It doesn’t need someone to have degrees to know that this is injustice which is being inflicted on the interigent students who are coming from the north. So one wanders as to Why this is being stopped by our so called Educated Leaders. From the President down to his ministers. The question is Why are northerner being persecuted or discriminated against even in this modern Malawi where there are No more Asamunda. This is a very disturbing and degradable systems that needs to STOP today and not tomorrow, Mr president. If you can’t see then get advice from me who can see without the need of wearing glasses.
    Victor Jumbo, UK

  32. zaluma says:

    No wonder Fabiano left UNIMA without being promoted to Ass. Professor. Because the guy was so dull in the class. He has been push like Ngolo to be where he is. Universities award hard workers and intelligent lecturers with professorship. If someone reaches the status of retiring without accorded professorship, know that those quota system products like fabiano. Mbuzi. You were lack for political appointment you deserve nothing kupitiliza ufamala wako woweta Ng’ombe nzamkaka.

  33. Gonthi says:

    That some people are changing their surnames just to go to university is not even a problem to others. They are losi thier identity just because they are being discriminated in their own country.Is that fair guys?

  34. MY NATION says:


  35. VYOTO says:




  37. Matter o Fact says:

    Is this bafoon an MP for the northern region?

  38. Njala says:

    People are afraid of other for unknown reasons. The quota system is a contempt of court until today,it was ruled in 1993 that it was a bad system,what happened now is just a situation where one complainant was never qualified to challenge it. That was not a ruling at all even though the Chief Justice then erred in giving it a go ahead. It just needs one student who has been legitimately denied access to university education to properly challenge it, with additional quotes from the 1993 ruling. Descriminating others just because of their surnames and region of origin is in contravention of section 20 of the Malawi Constitution.

  39. Dziko says:

    Ine I am changing my nationality soon, I don’t want my children ever to be quotad in their lives.I am treckling down and will marry a Zimbabwean soon,just for a Zimbabwean citizenship and my children survive the education holocaust in Malawi.

  40. Rodgers Banda says:

    So does this mean dunderheads are pushed to university in the name of quota system in fear of intelligent northerners? Where is merit in United Malawi?

  41. vindere says:

    I yearn for the day when civil war will start in this most impoverished country called Malawi so that i will destroy the buildings these chewas and Lomwes rely on and see if they will rebuild them. It’s time they taste what war looks like. Fuck u all Southerners and Central people. You make me wanna puke.

  42. Malongo says:

    Bravo Hon. Makwenda Chunga, u r a tru patriot!

  43. Joe wa Kalunji says:

    It is good that our MPs are keen on advancing equitable national development in this country. We however plead with you to be more organised when you present your issues. Keep out emotions in these matters and stick to facts. If the Honourable Member had done his homework well, he would have found out that the PP regime dished out plenty of YEDF equipment in the North, for example the then State President (JB) presented YEDF equipment at Mzuzu and Karonga which to my recollection has never been made use of by the recipients apart from being sold out. Our honourable members, please ensure you have facts all put together properly and logically before you stand up to speak before your fellow MPs in that House.

  44. mbuye says:

    The most unfortunate thing northeners think is that only their children r affected by quota system. Assinuating that quota wil b gd if budget is also quotered is equally wrong. If the gvnt can giv u total selection powers, u can shamelessly select all student frm one region in the name of merit.

  45. ikamuna yamemena says:

    Am for the quota system it should not stop. Why is it only people from the north hate it? We know what you used to do in those days when Donton. Mkandawire was at Maneb. He used to turn the 9 and all passes for the tumbuka or any northern name to have distinctions and send them to college. That was unfair but the fairness came when this good system cane in place. It ensures that all districts are sending children to College. If you want anything then continue with the northern synod universities but the government ones Quota System more fire aluta continua

  46. Sarah says:

    Kodi a MOP a ku Ntchisi aja analankhula zoti federalism ndi yabwino potisa chitukuko opatsogolo kodi nawonso ndi ‘mtumbuka’?some of you would rather see Jumbe collecting K14million for obtaining an injunction in favour of DPP. You would rather have a few individuals play with your taxes, as long as they are not ‘tumbuka’. Sad

  47. Shekman says:

    Federalism Singathetse Mavuto A Ku Mpoto Bodza Or Titaiyamba Lero South & Cento Wil Continue Wil Even Progress Much Bcoz Atumbuka Mmati Ndinu Ophuzila Koma U Disert Yo Dead North & Then U Start Crying 4 Developments, Chitukuko Chimatsatila Chitukuko Chinzake Sungakatsekule Bank Kumalo Kopanda Anthu A Ndalama Koma Anthu Ayambe Okha Kusaka Ndalama Then A Ma Bank Amachita Kulimbilana Okha Chek Pa KA or Pa Mponela

  48. mapwiya says:

    koma ya my malawi

  49. Yassin mtesha says:

    what are u saying no quota system in education and u r proposing it inthe national budget..kkkkkkk.Zachambatu izi…Atumbuka munakhala bwanji ?.Uthink everything belongs to u and ucan be everywhere…Mtundu woipa ngati uwu ihv never seen… QUOTA HAS COME TO STAY..EVEN IF U WITHDRAW SOUTHERNORS FROM UR MZUZU CORNER ON THE STUPID ACADEMIC GROUND….. TIPHUNZIRABE AND MORE EFFORTS ARE TO COME INU PHEEE!!!!!!

  50. mangochi kabwafu says:

    This WORLDS POOREST NATION CALLED MALAWI STINKS. I can not believe that some THICK leaders would carry on promoting quota (yowumba wumba) system. Why denying these BRIGHT students (mostly from the north I presume) a chance to progress with their studies and hence contribute positively to the nations progress. Youwumba wumba? Teach them how KUWUMBA and not WUMBA for them. Once thick, always THICK (Dunderhead). No wonder the country remains the words poorest. PATHETIC.


    Firstly, let us clap hands for the good work that Mr. Mwakwenda Chunga has done. The major task of an MP is to represent the wishes of his constituents. It is befitting for me once again to applaud our honorable minister, Mr. Chunga. He has talked about issues of quota system, Mzuzu TTC, Mzuzu Airport, Kayelerekera, quota budget among others.

    1. It is foolhardy to condemn quota system in education at the same time propose a quota system in the budget. Mr. Chunga are you in your normal sense?. Something is not adding up here. In other words, you are implying that quota system is good only that you just have an axe to grind.

    2. Quota system was introduced more than two decades ago. Some students were withdrawn and others could excel. Public universities admit candidates who meet the requirements for their chosen programmes whether quota system or not. Moreover, it is not a guarantee that those who score highly at MSCE level will excel better at the University level. Mr. Chunga , did you really test the corridors of the university yourself? There are a myriad of factors that may lead to the withdraw of even bright student leaving less bright ones excelling, even with distinctions. What are you talking about?

    3. I find it to be a myopic thinking as to insinuate that just because Kayelekera is in the north , then it should benefit people from the north only. That is greed and selfishness of highest order. How many people from the north have benefited from the resources from the centre and south. Central region is the major tobacco producing region and tobacco is the major forex earner for the whole Malawi. What are you talking about with your myopic thinking?

    4. During Muluzi, MZuzu TTC was turned into a University. This university due to regionalistic mentality as you have, Mr. Chunga , is benefiting more Northerners. Most students and employees at Mzuzu University are from the North. Here you are and cry foul like a kid who has wetted himself. As for another Mzuzu TTC , it is your duty to lobby the government on the same. How many times have you tabled the issue of Mzuzu TTC, Mzuzu Airport, etc. After all Mzuzu city is the dirtiest city in Malawi with stinking dirt right in the city at the depot, not upgraded roads in the city and yet every year we hear allocation of funds to Mzuzu city, what do you do with this money? How do you check the transparency and accountability of the usage of this money?

    5. Federalism is a good idea but because of the myopic thinking like the Chungas, it will create more divisions , more nepotism and more regionalism among Malawians. After all federalism will not be a money or forex manufacturer. In fact, it will drain more resources than you think. In other words, it is an expensive system to sustain. Search me.

  52. CONGO MAFIA says:

    Chunga you are the man. School these nepotists politicians what Federalism is all about. They introduced it in education system yet they call it stupid. Federalism wasn’t pioneered by Northerners as many are arguing. It has been practiced in Malawi for decades without knowing it. As Chunga has pointed out, Northern region want the system of quota system (Federalism) be expanded accross the board for equal distribution of developmental projects.

    If selection into secondary and tertiary education is denied at children doorsteps then this government has declared war to Northerners. The fight should go on until federal system is established in Malawi.

  53. proud of bein mtumbuka says:

    that’s great courage from fellow northerner. this so called bingu wa mthalika i will never like him though he is dead and even the current przdnt

  54. john says:

    mwayiwala kuti pa nthawi yanu mumalembetsa maina a kumwera kuti mubwere ku Blantyre. Take stock of Mzuzu university, more than 80% are from the north. koma ife we don’t raise eyebrows!

  55. john says:

    How many northerners are in other schools in the south or centre? Have you done your survey? Kwanuko mumathawako. Anthu ambiri ali ku south or centre.

    Am also surprised that you are thanking Bakili Muluzi now. Why did you not thank him when he was president. Bakili anali ngati galu kwa anthu a ku mpoto, koma mwamukumbukura. Paja akulu anati chitsime chimaoneka kuti ndichakuya chikapwa.

  56. john says:

    Chunga must know that the north can not get same share with other regions. North only constitutes 11 % of Malawi population.

    So quota would mean allocating 100 billion kwacha to the north. But am sure the north consumes more than that in real terms.

    Do your mathematics. am assuming munalowamo n’kalasi

  57. lamya gunda says:

    We need such MPs in August house. If alL fails then federation if not Republic of North Malawi

  58. moya says:

    If you wait for the southerners who are in power to give the North solution its a waste of time, its the same as a goat begging a lion for freedom. So my advice is northerners get to and stand up for your rights bob marley couldn’t have put it it any better. Ur rights are infringed. Where are the courageous guys to call a sped a sped? If Dr banda bowed down to ewferendum what is this? Chicken feed. I truly feel for our northern brothers.

  59. Charombanthu says:

    The quota system is bad and must be abolished forthwith. How can you select a student with 21 points into university leaving the one with 13 points just because the latter’s district had a lot of good grades? Quota system on university selection stinks….

  60. tumbukas your always complain too much. Why dont you develop you north than pressuring government to do for you. dont ask your country to do for you .but ask your country(died north) what to do for it. Be wise .your just pretenders etc .prophessory, medicens sans, phds.

  61. Mnngulu says:

    Bravo Chunga. We need lawmakers like these. They should say enough is enough we want to form federal government and we need to change our constitution now. We want to see meaningful development in Phalombe, Nsanje, Chitipa, Nkhata Bay in everything.

  62. nkhawazatha says:

    Am surprised, is he MP for the whole Northern region or a particular constituency. So why cant he concentrate on his constituency instead of talking about the whole region. He should be brought to a point of order. He should leave he other MP’s to talk about thier problem – or was he appointed to speak on their behalf.

    He is very vocal in his regionalism address.

  63. truth says:

    You saying quota system is bad and yet u want federation Which u saying will be like quota in development so if it is bad in education it will be bad in in form of federation too…. So No to Federation

  64. Bambo says:

    I do not want to comment on this because I do not come from the North and has no substance attracting any comment. A careful study of the bible testifies that the Old Testament Northern Kingdom always gave problems and this article is no exception.

  65. mulopwana says:

    tigawanepo chabe dziko,ifenso pakati chimodzimodzi wathu chakwera wooooo….

  66. Fed supporter says:

    Federal system is coming to Malawi whether somebody likes it or not.We are not slaves of Pitala and his crooked Lomwe cronies.
    What Pitala knows is nepotism and tribalism.He is not there to develop all regions equally because of his greediness.If we are to live equally as equals then federalism is the way to go.
    Quota system is also useless since they punish deserving students instead they pick dregs(madeya for university)that lowers the standard of Unima.Finally stop thanking Muluzi for transforming that TTC into something similar like a University.Muluzi was employed as anybody else.Stop thanking all these presidents.Thats what they were employed to do than just sleeping at the state house and feasting on our taxes.They are supposed to work like anybody else.Stop crawling to them like they are like Semi-gods.Federalism is the only way to go than the useless Unitary system.

  67. kondwani says:

    i want to understand my fellow countrymen
    why is it that the issue of quota system is much being talked about by our brothers from the other part of the country.
    pakalowa mbewa ndikumba ndekha …..?
    zizikomela mbuzi ikagunda galu…..?

  68. Callistara wa Chimombo Mathanyula says:

    Mawu awo. Dzimvere mtolo.

  69. munyalika says:

    this is coming quota system should apply everywhere

  70. MASO A GULU says:

    Feudalism ibwere ndithu !!!

  71. Joel says:

    Good Makwend Chunga. You have my vote. We need MPs like you to tell this lousy government the truth. I have lost hope in Goodall Gondwe who has allowed himself to bend so low as to be used by DPP at the expense of developing the Nort of Malawi. Federalism ibwere basi!

  72. It’s very unfortunate to select or take pupils from the south into northern region schools. This is an insult on northerners. University education demands intelligence and the quota system defeats this purpose. Hard work must pay and not where one comes from. The best solution is to encourage all children to work hard. Southerners do not take education seriously compared to northerners. This is indeed the point where the north and centre must join hands to fight monsters or terrorists from the southern region. These guys akutidyera masiku pa mutu. Unfortunately, most political leaders from the north are greed. It all started with Chihana and his team of Mayinga Mkandawire, Mapopa Chipeta, Matembo Mazunda etc that led to the demise of AFORD. The came another group of Vuwa Kaunda, Professor Mphande, Frank Mwenifumbo, Christopher Ngwira and Khumbo Kachali.

  73. Malawiana says:

    This article is too complicated to comment on. We can only commend Chunga for the wide range of issues covered in his statement.

  74. Mweneku Muzi says:

    The thing is you are against Peter…because all what you are saying you would have said while Bakili,Bingu,Joyce was there Mzuzu TTC telling this Gvt.This type of politics will won’t help we will remain like that.

  75. Fumbani says:

    Please Tumbukas I think time has come for you to start your exodus heading home to north. How long will you cry in the hands of southerners and centralers when you have home where you can go and develop. USAID projects are concentrated in south because in south and center its where Malawians are concentrated including Tumbukas themselves. The only Tumbukas who are still living in north are those subsistence locals farming in the village. But all the rest of Tumbukas including standar 8 dropouts both boys and girls are in south and centers. By statistics from NSO in Zomba, 75 percent of Tumbukas live in south and central regions. Development will start being distributed in north the time we will hear that people like Ralph Kasambala are gone living in northern corridor This is not what people from south sudan weredoing for them to be independent from from the main Sudan of Ali Bashir. Just gather all the Tumbukas in South and Center then go back to north where thereafter you should declare north as a state free from main Malawi.

  76. Chipalamandule says:

    What about Jenda Embangweni -Edingeni road? Is there any progress?

  77. Chipalamandule says:

    Thats good my school mate. St John Bosco. More fire!

  78. Frank says:

    Thats my Mp

  79. nYAU SITHOBWA says:

    Mtumbuka munthu wakupusa chomene pala mwampatsa Sugar you will him/her walimakolawalimakola*********************************1000035698712536 all the up to Chitipa

  80. duduzi says:

    ‘Tchaya, tchaya, tchayaaaaaa………thyapa’, this is the MP who really kmows where he is coming from. This mighty Region needs people like you. How much I would have wanted to have this MP in my area…..he is courageous, factual, fearless, visionary, articulative etc, etc. Tsutsanitu zitsiru inu……..nanga ma MP aku North, makamaka a ku Nkhata Bay…….like a Muhone, Obama basi muli pheeeee ana akwanu osasankhidwa ku NKHABOSS koma muli pheeee…..chikatere ndiye chiyani? Mukuganiza kuti awayankhulire ana akwanu ndani? This is an insult to Northerners……..this stupid fabiano thinks things can just disappear like that??

    Northeren Region MPs, what do you think you are doing by accepting fabiano to scratch your balls like that? Then you are smiling at him while he is killing your children, grand children, cousin’s children like that???????

    He was testing the waters and you accepted his stupidity like that? He is going to do it again by the time you will be thinking to stop him, he would have effected a generational education damage to the North which will be unrepairable. Tell him to select 100% Northern Region students to either of the following secondary schools;Chiradzulu, Mulunguzi, Masongola or any other in the Southern Region as a remedy to his educational genocide against Northerners.

    It is so embarassing when these isssues are even perpetrated by people who went to school like the stupid and shameless fabiano. This is ridiculous and stupid indeed! WHAT ARE YOU NORTHERN REGION MPS DOING ABOUT THIS EDUCATIONAL GENOCIDE COMITTED BY the stupid LEARNED fabiano? Send a petition to speaker, we want to demonstrate…..we can not accept our children in Nkhata Bay and the entire North to be segregated like that. Let him explain his motiive and should give us the solution and then we should demostrate to demand his resignation. Kutiseweletsa uku………mbuzi ya fabiano iyi…..sitikukuwopa……ndiwe chitsiru chamunthu chomwe kusukulu chinangotayako nthawi…you do not have any human feelings about our children………..spit…..spit……spit. I would have done that in your face!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. andrew says:

    my worry is pple hv not understood federalism including the mp himself…….its nt division….bt this is what is settled in pple and the mp himself…..this can culminate to caos……

  82. wakumudzi Mayeso says:

    What M Chunga said was out of despair and fustration as evidenced to how he mixed up issues not related to the current budget, ie 2ndary xul selection!

  83. Jelbin mk says:

    The MP was spot on in his contributions we can’t afford to have quota system in place pretending that we want to share educational opportunities equally and at the same time the government ignores sharing development equally it is absolutely unacceptable. If the government is not careful I tell you it will soon find it difficult to govern the north believe you me.

  84. kadamanja says:

    Thats Makenda that i know, Bravo Chunga, chisamunda athu akuda tokhatokha, why? Mzomera wadya banzi, Bina Shaba where are you? wew need people like you Makwenda and Lunguzi atleast you are there for all poor Malawians. Galu zina zili ku Parliament kungonya ziphwisi basi.

  85. Tiko says:

    Oh oh. If only you partnered with MCP? You killed AFORD u people which cld have been strong watchdog for the North. Kkkkkkkkkkk this is crying, not so. My north, a land full of opportunists. Ku nkhotakota amati atalamu paujinga. Literally, those that boast in ignorance.

  86. Tizingocheza says:

    Mwayowoya dada.

  87. lesta says:

    And chiume,may you please slow down your nosense,don’t bark useless answers cz the facts laid down by makwenda are real,for once slow down chiume and be warned,

  88. Howard Kachipanda says:

    Ba Chunga apa mwayowoya. Boma lakumva ndi kukonda anthu ake linayenera kuchitapo kanthu msanga

  89. lesta says:

    Good stand makwenda chunga,but please concentrate on uplifting your constituency -mzimba south,talk of the stalling of Jenda -embanhweni-edingenivroad which is taking forever to take shape

  90. Greencardless Malawian says:


  91. captain says:

    I agree with this mp i can notice sense in his statement. Goodal in forefront of sabotage of his on north .sorry

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