MP touts Malawi federalism or budgetary quota in parliament

Member of Parliament for Mzimba South, Makwenda Chunga of opposition People’s Party (PP) has condemned education quota system, saying it is bad therefore it should be abolished or else be extended in development and backed calls for introduction of federal system of government.

Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe tabled the financial plan which MPs are deliberating

Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe tabled the financial plan which MPs are deliberating

Chunga said this in his contribution to the 2015/16 proposed budget which Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe presented in Parliament on May 22.

He said quota system leads to a lot of wastage of training opportunities as evidenced by the rise in the number of students who are withdrawn on academic grounds.

“Quota system is bad and should be abolished in this nation. If we are saying there should be quota system in education, then we should have quota system in terms of development as well. That is why people are calling for federal system, which will be like quota system in education.

“We will also need budgetary quota system because everyone wants to access equal development,” Chunga told the House.

The lawmakers told the House that the Nkhata Bay and Mzuzu Government Secondary Schools’ selection that had no northerners selected in 2014 has gone without comment by the Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Emmanuel Fabiano.

“We asked the Minister of Education last year, he did not answer. Why was it that 100 per cent of students selected to Nkhata bay Secondary School came from the Southern Region? Why did Mzuzu Government have 100 per cent from the Southern Region? We are asking today, the Minister has to respond because we also have intelligent boys and girls who are supposed to go to Mzuzu Government Secondary School,” said Chunga.

He pointed out that the Mzuzu TTC that was converted to Mzuzu University has not yet been replaced up to today.

“We are very thankful to the former President, Dr. Bakili Muluzi for giving us a university in the north but also we are asking the government to give us a teachers training college in Mzuzu,” he said.

According to Chunga, oath Enterprise Development Fund (YEDEF) equipment has not been disbursed to beyond Jenna Road block to the north despite numerous applications by youth from the Northern Region.

He continued to say the mining industry is not benefiting the North equitably. Kayelekera is neither equitably benefiting Karonga nor Chitipa asking the government has to look into the matter “very clearly.”

Chunga also said USAID projects are concentrated away from the North as well.

“Nyika and Vwaza have not been attended to as much as the potential income generators from the North. There is no better road access to Nyika and Vwaza. Every year we talk about the budget of Nyika and Vwaza Road but up to now, nothing has been done,” he said.

Chunga went on to tell parliament that the identification of the actual physical location of Mzuzu Airport has been strategically delayed, “even though, we all know that the location of the airport has led to stalling of construction of three storey skyscrapers within that area.”

The lawmaker said it has also delayed economic development of Ekwendeni and the airport as it was supposed to stimulate the construction of the hotels, banks and other infrastructure.

Chunga also bemoaned that most of registration applications for NGOs in the Northern and Central Regions are taking long to be approved, strategically delaying recognition, and access to funding.

The MP said the upgrading of Mzuzu Hospital into cancer treatment centre was diverted.

“Mzuzu does not have a district hospital, only Mapale which is a dispensary. Those who are referred to Mzuzu Central Hospital are supposed to pay K1, 500.00. We do not have a Health Science College in the North,” said Chunga.

He said 20th July, 2011 will still ring bells for the protestors who were shot dead in the North by the first DPP-regime.

“We are asking the government to compensate the affected families,” Chuga said, stressing that the protestors were “brutally murdered in cold blood” when they were simply exercising their constitutional rights.

The Deputy Government Chief Whip, Grace Chiumia, who is also Minister of Youth and Sports made a point of order on YEDEF equipment , saying government is “ encouraging” the youth to apply for funding.

“We do not impose the equipment on them. So, they are supposed to apply and follow proper procedures. If there are any youths who have been denied the equipment, I do not have any reports on my table,” she said.

On the delay of registering NGOs, Chiumia said government need to make sure that these NGOs really exist.

“We have got NGOs which do not even exist but are using money from different partners,” she said.

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I like this MP of Mzimba South, He speaks with sober mind. That’s good way of leadership


The issue of Nkhata-Bay and Mzuzu Government Secondary Schools should be talked about. Why is the ministry persecuting the north by denying the boys and girls places in these boarding secondary schools?

Honestly, I am kind of disappointed with all comments I have read on this news item.It looks like it has become difficult as a people to have a civilized conversation and people chose to insult or invoke upon their old beliefs and venom that does not build us as a people.We are one nation whether quota or not;or whether federalism is being advocated.Why cant we learn to argue with properly articulated arguments that are sober, show that we have stepped into a classroom and can think.Tribalism and devisiveness will never develop this country.If something is wrong, lets use logic to… Read more »
I have never seen somebody crying for freedom in the land of his enemy when h is free to return to his own land for maximum fruits. Cowards in purest nature. Rutani kukaya. Even the israelites were opressed in the foreign land until they reached their promised land. Dont yoou see your promised lands. Here in south and center, we are running the country the way we want. MCP turned down your ancestors request for feudalism amd DPP will never give room to feudalism. Ngati muli anthu olimba mtima yalurani mphatsa zanu mudzipita kwanu ku mpoto. When most Malawians were… Read more »

Mavuto limaliro okha, komanso kukhala mtumbuka ndi mavuto paokha. A burden to your life for life anthu inu mudanyanya kusamva soap. kutembereredwatu kumeneku.


Inu mukudzitcha sakala wa zondani ndinu achitsiru chihana anabweretsa decomcary kunoko? Pachipanda ma Bishop akatolika bwenzi chichihana chanucho chitawonwka? Mabishopu adalimba mtima kulakhula alikonkuno kuti kubwere multparty pamene chihana wanuyo atathawira kunja akukadya ma soseji ndiye kapuku ngati iwe ungamanene za mtumbuka chihana lero? Dziwani kuti Mtumbuka yemwe adalala mulira potengera mwayi umene ma bishop adayambitsa komanso potengera kuti amalawi ankangofuna kuti zinthu zisinthe akadakhala Chihanayo koma NDIKULUMBIRA mtumbuka sadzalamulira malawi chidure mungopanga dziko lanu. Koma mukadzakhala dziko lanu ndiyetu mudzidzayatsa magetsi ndi nyale masana nanga biiiiiiii amene uja nokhanokha kudzidzakhalatu kadamsana nthawi zonse. Mpuno wako axe.

The Tumbukas why do you fear going back to your home with all your civil servants, UNIMA students except MZUNI.almost every Tumbuka fro south and center to north. This can solve your problems withing a day. Once all you when you are in north you will start talking your nonsense. For sure just set up the border at Jenda. You will never see anyone from south and center crying for you. Even the president will not be allowed to act on that. We will advise him to be silent on that as what he does on other national issues like… Read more »

Guys, according to my layman point of view, Federalism is not a way to go.Decentralization is a get way to development but we need to scrutinize the policies.I dont want to hear any homosapia speaking about federalism.Dr. Banda broke it and called it stupid.May be you have a hidden agenda behind it but it is nosense..

sakala wa zondani

Anthu nonse ndinuopusa mukamalimbana ndi anthu anzeru..pliz take knote u could be no where..ask your self who brought multiparty in this country..the decision was implemented by chakufwa chihana..amalawi tamakulani..remember kuti munachita kuti pempha kuti tithandizane pachitukuko by the way we are malawians bymistake


Kodi quota system idabwerera inunokha atumbuka? Mumadandaula chani mumafuna mudzingopita nokha ku university? Bwanji selection ya nzuni imangokhala achina munthali , kaunda ,Gondwe ndidzimaina dzina dzonyasa dzanudzi. Khalani dziko lanu inutu za federalisim SIMUPINDIRA bola mukhala dziko panokha basi sitimafukunani kuno apubwa inu.

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