MP hails Bushiri in Malawi parliament: Prophet forced to land in Tanzania

Member of Parliament for Karonga central, Frank Mwenifumbo told the House his appreciation to Prophet Shepherd Bushiri of the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church International (ECG) for  his relief support to people affected by hunger in the country.

Scramble for maize flour as Bushiri suspends humanitarian assistance

Scramble for maize flour as Bushiri suspends humanitarian assistance

Bushiri, who is based in South Africa, has been distributing maize across the country to starving villagers.

“ I want to register my thanks to Prophet Bushiri that having distributed maize across the country, from Southern Region and Central Region, he decided to come and see people in the Northern part of Malawi,” said Mwenifumbo.

Bushiri has, however, announced suspension of the charity as government operatives are frustrating his initiative and politicising the donations.

Nyasa Times understands that government blocked the ‘Major 1’ from landing in Karonga when he came recently to distribute maize. Bushiri was forced to land with his private jet in Tanzania at the Songwe border.

National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) director Nicholous Dausi was also reportedly phoning chiefs threatening them not to receive maize from Bushiri, saying he much channel his donation to government.

According to social media discussion,  Dausi phoned Chief Kyungu not to attend Bushiri maize distribution exercise but the Karonga paramount chief rebuffed him.

MP Mwenifumbo reported to parliament some of  the obstacles Bushiri faced.

Said Mwenifumbo: “What happened there, Mr Speaker, Sir, which I witnessed, was a very sad occurrence that a man of God, looking at the problem that we have, was stopped from distributing maize. He was stopped at Karonga Community Ground. He took the maize to Karonga District Hospital, nobody was there to receive the flour and that he left the country, without distributing.

“ It is rather unfortunate. I think government should consider allowing any meaningful people that have well intentions about this country to help. Prophet Bushiri is one of our own. Whilst he is helping elsewhere, he decided to come and help us.  “

Bushiri’s spokesman Kelvin Sulungwe said there is plenty of maize that Bushiri has and wants to distribute to Malawians and can only resume his aid if there is good will from government .

He said  Bushiri only spent a quarter of his  planned budget towards maize donations.

Sulungwe also said Bushiri wants to help reduce unemployment to Malawian youth, citing the Prophetic Channel and the charity aid department as some of the sectors of his church that are creating employment to young people in the country.

“The current maize donation alone has created jobs to youths that are working in the areas of situation analysis, logistics and actual distribution exercise. And because of this, more young people, including artists, are becoming part of the Major 1 family to help carrying on his mission,” said Sulungwe.

About 3 million Malawians are facing food crisis due to the drought has hit many part of Southern Africa and floods that Malawi experienced last year.

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Quite interesting! Not so? On the one hand, why does govt insist on that the aid passes through them? Afraid of the prophet’s popularity? But why the fear? Or, is it that you don’t to be seen as failures when individual personnel can afford to assist, so you want to be seen doing something? At least the govt’s relevance is at risk when the prophet is distributing while the govt has nothung to distribute! Or is it because you know that the moment the aid is not channeled through you then it means less allowances, not to mention less resources… Read more »

Dausi, you days are numbered.Shame, I think you are practicing old politics.You better change,If you don’t change, the winds of change will change you! If you are fighting with Bushiri and Bushiri is mouth piece of God and carries his word,and word is God, therefore you are fighting with God.And God is who created you! Can you win??? Quad errand demonstratum (QED)


Nkhani yake ndiyoti munthu wa Mulungu akazeretsa kumeneko wina afuna atomeponso!! Faith based organisations are the ones saving people today because several people in power today are not ready and willing to serve the people but their own selfish gains. Zoona chingakhale chifukwa choletsara munthu kuthandiza abale ake amalawi? Nsanje bwanji amalawi inu osaopa Mulungu!! Mipingo yochuluka ikuthandiza mudziko muno osadzerankomwe kuboma. Mwana wang’ono uyu woti sisayizi yanu, mwana wobereka nokhayu wosalakwa mukulimbana naye chani?


What is wrong with this man of God helping the needy people ? Why stop him now and not the time he started ? Dausi, what is wrong with you ? Do not connect hunger with politics . People don’t feed on politics but MAIZE which Bushiri is distributing to his kinsmen. If God has sent Bushiri to feed His people, who are you to oppose ?



Bob Chiswe

There can be no progress in intelligence services in Malawi if imbeciles like dausi are still allowed to play a leading role.

One Day 2 Come

I think so called gvnt officials hate Bushiri cos Bushiri z sharing his charity direct to the needy without passing through these stupid called leaders ! It’s a syndrome in gvnt that when gvnt receives donations they share 3/4 b4 they give to the poor! Now there’s no this chance with Bushiri charity! Bushiri shares directly to the poorer to make sure ppo hv assisted! Who don’t know about Malawi gvnt n its stupid leaders!


I knew kuti ena sizikuwasangalasa zimene akupanga Bushiri zogawa chimanga ndi ufa. They are claiming kuti njala kulibe. goto Mzimba ADMARC, Mkando ADMARC Phalombe ADMARK Zomba you name it, you will cry seeing helpless souls starving. andale choncho iwo mtima mbeeee….. stupid zawo right away from HE cabinet and the so called big ones.

Blue chambe

The man called chambe has blue blood,blue saliva, blue sperms and even blu shit. He smells blue and I really believe he is gay. The way he backs DPP Eish! I hope mukudya nawo coz if not man ndiye no work done , try something else. Inuyo man mutha kubackira Bwampini olo atanyera pa mseu eish!


Dausi ndinkani anthu akwanu samakuvotera chifukwa nsanje too much

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