MP Mwenifumbo says Malawi President’s office rotten, needs reform

The Karonga central constituency Member of Parliament (MP) Frank  Tumpale Mwenifumbo has become the first law maker to call for the reform of the office of the President, saying it is rotten.

Kuimo: We will report

Kuimo: We will report

Mwenefumbo: Only in Malawi where business grind to stand still because Presidential convoy is passing

Mwenefumbo: Only in Malawi where business grind to stand still because Presidential convoy is passing

Mwenifumbo made his remarks during the orientation of the public service reform agenda to Karonga full council members.

Speaking during the meeting, Mwenifumbo observed that citizen number one’s office will continue affecting the country’s development as well as infringe citizens’ right if not restructured.

“I am talking about restructuring the office of the President and not targeting the current first citizen,” clarified Mwenifumbo.

He said while the reform department is busy restructuring the civil servants let it also do the same with the office of the President.

He gave an example of how the Presidential convoy affects peoples business when the Head of State is to hold meetings.

“I remember at one time when I was going to Lilongwe and the President was going somewhere, we almost stop for an hour to let the President pass [only in impoverished Malawi, not for developed countries]. Don’t you think by that way we are disturbing other’s businesses?” wondered Mwenifumbo.

Adding that “we are talking of Kenya as one of the country that has benefit a lot from the reform but what I tell is that no one stops his or her car because of the Presidential convoy.”

In his remarks, Paramount Chief Kyungu says “the appointment of the reform commission should be balanced and not from one region. This will make all Malawians appreciate its services.”

Spokesperson for the reform department Constant Kuimo said they will report the suggestions .

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Chambe be serious, have u ever been n UK urself? ukufunakunamiza ndani apa what Mwenefumbo is saying is true, In UK u cant even know that the one who is passing is a Prime Minister koma uone dziko losauka la Malawi a conyoy of 60 vehicles just for on Mbuzi


This is another emotionally charged MP like Kamlepo who targets the head of state with lame reasons. So you don’t want to briefly stop when the President’s motorcade is having the right of way; really? Which country in the world does this happen? Even in the UK with just three cars and police escort, the PM is given the way to pass non stop.

Najere Chitekwe

Check your dictionary what ‘briefly’ means


Not for one hour dude. Read the whole story. Mwenifumbo is talking about being stopped for almost an hour – for what? Time is money. The UK PM’s convoy does not do that! Which UK are you talking about? They can stop people for 5 minutes and life goes on, period. It’s normal just like stopping or giving way for an ambulancen which is on sirens.


So for you it okay to wait for 1 hour! This is odd. Nothing lame here. If it’s okay for u to wait for that huge motorcade for minutes even an hour, then you are not up to something. You might be idol or you have nothing important to do. Another reason why Malawi is so underdeveloped. Too many people like you who are used to mediocrity


To be honest only idol minds find giving the right of way to the president normal. Those of us who are busy find that way of doing things not only embarrassing but stupid.


Excellent suggestions! All strength to you in this worthwhile mission.

Dr Mbilixi
A Kyungu. That’s too late to save and serve Jerusalem. Don’t you know that DPP government is a hard-core tribalistic, nepotistic and regionalistic government? Yet you and some northerners like Vuwa Kaunda, Grace Chiumia, Jappie Mhango, Goodall Gondwe and Sanga et al you always sink so low handicapping and praising this mediocre government? Truth be told you are just being used as condoms. When Lhomwes satisfy their desires you will be dumped to abyss. Mumangowona za ulemelero wa lero basi mxiiiiiiii. If anything act now so that DPP can confine its deeprooted nepotism, tribalism and regionalism to archives of history.… Read more »


You don’t seem any different.

i don’t think you can do anything different if given a chance,

You can only change you selection and sideline those you believe are enjoying now.

so sad for Malawi……… many people like you,

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