MP Wakuda says Malawi should have government of national unity

Kasungu north east legislator Wakuda Kamanga on Friday caused a political storm in parliament when he suggested that a Government of National Unity (GNU) should immediately be put in place to deal with the current economic and political problems rocking the country.

Wakuda: Praise Mutharika as he calls for GNU

Wakuda: Praise Mutharika as he calls for GNU

Kamanga also proved that he can be a political divisive figure when he ignored his People’s Party stance on the state of national address and heaped praise on the speech describing it as full of wisdom.

“All this wisdom from all political parties in the House must be put together in one direction. From 1994 there has never been political stability. No government can develop this country without political stability,” said Kamanga.

He therefore suggested a government of national unity would ring solutions to the long suffering of Malawians.

Kamanga said all political parties represented in parliament must be included in President Peter Mutharika’s 20 member cabinet and parties outside parliament must also be included through other political sphere of life.

“If we don’t love this country; we can keep talking and that talking will be nothing,” he said.

However, a political scientist at Chancellor College Henry Chingaipe dismissed Kamanga’s suggestions, saying the political situation in Malawi does not call for the GNU.

“Usually government’s of national unity are put in place in countries coming from wars or huge political instability. The situation in Malawi is different,” said Chingaipe.

There was no immediate comment from the government although it is most unlikely that the Mutharika administration can take such an expensive venture when the government is failing to provide basic services to its people due to financial problems.

An opposition PP legislator described Kamanga’s sentiments as words from an “opportunist.”

Kamanga was secretary general of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party until the death of the party’s founding leader Bingu wa Mutharika. He joined PP was appointed spokesperson to former president Joyce Banda.

His calculated and rare praise of Mutharika could mean the once powerful political figure in DPP is making a calculative move back to his party.

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36 thoughts on “MP Wakuda says Malawi should have government of national unity”

  1. ABRO MIKE says:

    Ndale zinapita zinali kale inuso mukudziwa kuti titchule mpaka kutidera

  2. Woyera Kamasula says:

    Komatu though pipo are castigating wakuda Kamanga, desparate fans ku oppositiontu anamuombera mmanja. Politics of poverty at work.

    It was good that think tanks the likes of Henry Chingaipe talked first otherwise we would have seen some zombies from Chanco, masquerading as political analysts, applauding Wakuda Kamanga as if there was sense in what he said. In short, the analysis of Henry put them in an untold confusion. That’s why ali ziiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

  3. mjiba says:

    ndi wakudadi munthuyi ndi maganizo omwe sankanena zimenezi nthawi imene azimbuyake malemu Bingu ndi Joyce akulamulila bwanji

  4. Wakuda kusendera pafupi kuti alowenso boma.

  5. Mbwindi says:

    political scientist is need for gnu.dyera basi.

  6. levelheaded says:

    Koma PP inangobwera kudzasawukitsa anthu basi. Pamene mumkalowa PP mumkati mutani kwenikweni? Koma moyo uwu umatiphunzitsa mkutilanganso basi. Lero anthu achita kuyiwalika kuti alipo; a Wakuda Kamanga, Ken Zikhale Ng’oma,Ken Lipenga ndi ena ndakuyiwalani koma kuli ziiiii.

    Momwe amayendera mavoti mdziko muno ndikuwuzeni mwina simudziwa; anthu amene anavotera Bingu mu 2004 aja adakalipobe mpaka pano ndipo ndi amene akhala ndipo adzakhala akuvotelabe mpaka mtsogolo. JB atatuluka mu DPP anatengako anthu a DPP omwe ananyasidwa ndi ulamuliro wa Bingu kumapeto kwa term yake so now because PP has no future and has no presidential candidate in 2019 those supporters will be swallowed back by the mighty DPP with UDF supporters will make APM a landslide winner in 2019.

    Wakuda Kananga and his friends know it well kuti they don’t have any hope of making the next government in 2019 and if they decide to go back to DPP they will be told Chitseko tinatseka.

    A Wakuda Kamanga sanalaweko kuwawa kokhala Ku opposition, komanso opposition yomachita kudziwilatu kuti sudzalowanso mmboma. APA zili ngati nzimayi oyembekezera amend wakwanitsa miyezi 9 yoti achire ndikuwuzidwanso ndi ma dokotala kuti muyembekezelenso miyezi 9 ndipomwe mudzachire komanso mkumakayikitsa zoti mudzachiradi.

  7. mapwevupwevu says:

    Anatha awa!

  8. Kenkkk says:

    Sapitwa, please don’t tell us blue lies. The govt has money, they have just spent over 3bn on cars for the president, cabinet, top civil servants, parastals, etc. And this is the govt that cries that we don’t have money because donors have withdrawn budgetary support.

    Just imagine how the 3bn could have alleviated the sufferings of Malawians and made small head ways in improving the economy.

    So please you dpp thugs don’t tell us that the govt doesn’t have money. It has but you have already started stealing it for your own pockets.

  9. Maseko says:

    Kuda kumeneko kulili kumatako kwakoko bwanji

  10. Kenkkk says:

    A dpp have already approached him to cause as much confusion amongst the pp ranks. He is saying all this nonsense with the blessing of dpp. Kaya zanu zimenezo. If not carefully handled we may end up with a one party state as all parties rush to join the govt. We complain about udf, what if more parties join the govt? It may also mean an admission by dpp that they are failing to run the country on their own. The current cabinet would not like to lose their jobs if 20 posts are to be maintained in a govt of national unity.

    Govt of national unity is not necessary, there are no conditions in the country that warrant that as chingaipe has rightfully pointed out.

  11. Sapitwa says:

    Government of National Unity using which section of the constitution?
    If there is any one who can advise us what to do to remedy the economic situation, come forward or tweet the President and throw in your advice. We don’t need illegal government of National Unity. Remember, APM is the first President to rule Malawi without Donor Aid Budget. It is wrong and unfair to compare his economic performance with his predecessors.In the given situation, we expected economic collapse meaning real collapse such that MPs making noises in Parliament today could have been crying for months without salaries. Chakwera , Musowoya and his deputies could not have blown R300m if the country’s economy collapsed.
    So APM is exploring well and he is correct to say the economy is not bad as the haters are meant to believe.

  12. Masharubu says:

    Why can’t Malawian politicians be principled enough and accept life outside government? Wakuda Kamanga is obviously facing financial hardships at a personal level and thinks that being part of a ruling party will ease those hardships. There is nothing patriotic about his stupid sentiments. Its all about personal greed.

  13. Che Bakali says:

    I see wisdom in Wakuda Kamanga. He said that without any pressure to speak. Sometimes it is good to be objective and call a spade by its name not as a handle.

  14. Mkwapu says:

    Kuyipa kumaso monga fiti

  15. KARU UNITED says:

    I totally agree with Hon. Wakuda Kamanga’s proposal. The winner takes it all mentality is one of the root causes to our unending feuds & squabbles especially among our politicians & CSO’s. The problem has its origins in the 1994 elections results, when the UDF, after defeating the tired Kamuzu declared it couldn’t work with the MCP only to swallow it’s own words in 2009, canvassing votes for the same MCP @ the height of the battle between Dr Muluzi & his annointed successor. GNU is the way to go.

  16. Winford Saka says:

    U really know to which direction is The wind blowing.

  17. Politics of poverty says:

    Now it’s clear that the opposition, PP, MCP especially Chakwera and Jessie are making outburst out of poverty. How can we bend the rules after seeing that you flopped in the last elections? This is politics of desparation after the likes of Nzomera Ngwira having flopped on Feudalism and Cessation calls. Komatu umphawi inu a opposition ukutibulani zedi. Tsono moti APM and DPP mpaka 2024 woooooooooo, ndiye mutani? After 2024, Ung’onoung’ono mbwalo! Koma mulimba?

  18. Bufalo Soldier says:

    What is this idiot talking about? Party changer like him, nonsense!!!! he is very stupid and brainless. Where does he want to go now? Dpp again? Stupid boy

  19. Kkkkkkkkkk Alipo awa !! The guy has become completely irrelevant like her mum, Joyce. Atha maplan. Kkkkkkkkkk !!!

  20. lackison says:

    Government of national unity for wat? There is only one problem in Malawi, corruption. We need one serious president for one term things will be better for ever

  21. Kabilaboza Kabuka says:

    Wakuda ndiwopepela, really an opportunist. He thinks he can still fool people

  22. dungulinya says:

    Ha ha ha… Wakuda…

  23. Ma says:

    Does tjis require a political scientist? A Chingaipe nanunso so dumb and cheating people to think a political scientist has spoken he he he there’s nothing scientific here thst is political sorry! Keep on cheating dumb students.

  24. Clement says:

    Hon Kamanga, you messed up and I was cross with what you did. DPP trusted you but after the death of prof Bingu mutharika, you changed colour wow! I was surprised but the true DPP fought very hard and they won. I want to honour you guys prof Peter mutharika, H mussa, Pat Kaliati, J Kalirani, Dr chaponda, Dr Ntaba, J Mhango, prof Mwaza, vuwa Kaunda etc. You deserve to be honoured coz it was not easy and I understand coz Joyce tried all means and ways to bury DPP but completely failed.

  25. Wiseman nyirongo says:

    Timuthokoze Kamanga povomeleza kuti kutsutsa koyang’ana zoipa zokha achitila bambo Chakwela, Uladi, kamlepo ndi chifukwa choti akufuna mpando mboma. Ife timaona ngati mukumenyela nkhhondo osauka. Dziwani kuti Mulungu adzakulangani. Inu mukanavomeleza kuti munaluza mumpatse mpata owina alamule zimukanike yekha. Inu zipani zanu zinagwa lelo akupateni udindo mukatha mupite ku zipani zanu ndiye chani? Inuyo muchite zinthu zothandiza amalawi osati mimba zanu ayi mukamusokoneza peter mukusokoneza chitukuko cha anthu osauka. Amakusapotani posadziwa kuti mukusokoneza chitukuko koma tsiku lina adzatseguka maso nazindikila. Ndipo mudzaoneka ngati adani a dziko . Lemekezani pulezident munthawi yake

  26. Mwakipiki says:

    I got disappointed with Malawi politics because of Wakuda when he left the DPP to join PP. I asked myself, how can a Secretary General of a Political party leave it for another one?

  27. Cole J says:

    Really Hon Kamanga on what grounds ? Different value systems and vision/mission let Dpp rule til 2019 only opportunist have that kind of mindset. Only 3 years remaining as a MEC has a mandate to reform electoral laws there’s a need of a conductive environment to tackle our short /medium, long term issues.

  28. mukharapwio says:

    Such a goverment can lead to a 2nd VP,50+ cabinet ministers,over 40 presidential advisers,over 110 PS’,atleast over 600 people to squeeze into the civil service to work as directors,dc’s,police chiefs,mra officials and other wakuda who do u expect would willingly surrender his/her cabinet post for u,jesse,jumbe,kamlepo,lucius,njovuyalema,winiko to maintain a lean cabinet.apatu chavuta ndi maluzi ku oppositioniko zaka 5 zachuluka simukuona tsogolo tisaukira limodzi

  29. Muhiye says:

    Mr.Kamanga dont mislead the house and Malawians in general.Malawians elected APM through a peaceful general elections in May 2014.Lakula ndi dyera ndi majelasi mu MCP leadership omwe akufuna atalamula dziko la Malawi.GNU can is suited for countries that have wars among the people after elections or where a party has not won convincingly to form a government on its own.
    Please consult political scientists before you bring up such kind of suggestions in the August house
    Leave APM to finish his five years rule and your time wiIl come to get back to government. As for chakwera,Let Him wait for 2029.

  30. Austin says:

    Wakuba Kamanga !

  31. Dyera siliposa apa. Zipanga GNU koma MCP musaitchuleko anthu akugba inu.

  32. The Analyst says:

    Then how shall you check or caution the “government” if you are a party to it? Shall you be checking yourselves? Cant you see you are not making sense here?

    Only deep political tumult that consistently threatens the stability of a country warrants such calls. Do you see that now? Is your mind now this unsound? As to fail to distinguish between a threat to a country’s stability and arguments on some stray SMS or tweet or Whatsapp mssg? Can’t you see that your opportunistic demeanor and political prostitution have rendered you irrelevant now Wakuda Kamanga? Do you need to be told this?

    Kungoyendera kuti if you cant beat them you should join them basi? A a mwambi umenewu apa siugwira iai! Kodi dyera silinakutherenibeni a Kamanga? Be in opposition side of parliament and check the executive. Nde nchito yanutu. Osati za mu nkhutu mukukamba apazi iai!

  33. chimbiya says:

    Wakuba Kamanga, Mayi Chiponda political prostitutes nthawi yanu inatha.

  34. mdk says:

    Mmene mukumatukwanilanamu mungagwile ntchito limodzi?

  35. guta says:

    A Wakuda kutsutsa kumatopetsa zedi

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