Mpasu says wrong people in power: Malawians lukewarm on its failing democracy

Malawians are expressing lukewarm on their democracy, saying the system of government  remain a lip service word to many.

Mpasu: Wrong people in positions of power

Mpasu: Wrong people in positions of power

Timothy Mtambo, a civil rights activist says Malawi is far much away from achieving democracy.

His comments come as Malawi joins the rest of the world in commemirating the International Demicracy Day.

“There is too much rhetoric on the part of our leaders,” he said. Mtambo, who is also executive director of Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation.

He said it is sad that leaders deny ordinary Malawins from participating in real democracy. “Members of parliament removed Section 64 of the Republican Constitution, the Recall Provision, denying ordinary people the power to remove ineffective leaders from their positions,” he said.

Democracy and freedom fighter Sam Mpasu said although Malawians participate in elections, they elect wrong people in positions of leadership, arguing this is why Malawi is not developing.

He said there was need to strengthen the country’s democratic pillars so that people should be enlighted on the need to elect effective leaders as ward councillors, members of parliament and president.

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this advice iscoming from a wrong person. mpasu stole money meant for books and now has the audacity to give us advice which he himself is devoid of. hehehe! just chut up!


This article is about Malawian democracy and the bad decision to remove Section 64. Sam Mpasu is not related to it (though I would trust his judgement any day, except for primary school textbook contracts! He is a very intelligent man}

The future president

Where is man getting strength to comment on current democracy status when he stole money meant for primary school books.lets check our morals before we speak even if we are to speak the light things………………………..lets not forget this man is a convict

M\'phoka Pyuru

Mpasu is also one of those #wrong_people_in_power, because when he was in leadership everybody vivdly remembers what he did….. #Fieldyork_International!!!!!


Look at who talking? Field York thief.

“Although Malawians participate in elections, they elect wrong people in positions of leadership, arguing this is why Malawi is not developing”. Very true. But the big question is: Why do Malawians vote for wrong people into positions of power? Tribalism and regionalism is the reason. As a country, Malawi is far much longer than it is wide. All other countries in the world have a Borderline Development Index (BDI) of around 1, i.e. they’re more or less circular. Malawi has a BDI of about 3 because the country is long and thin. This makes tribal and regional disparities too stark/visible,… Read more »

Mpasu is right! We elected him only to steal from the free primary education initiative!

And stop glorifying him as a freedom fighter, he is just a common thief!

North Free

The MP from the North will soon take out the Rumphi East slice as some of his brothers in the South have taken Mulanje and Thyolo for themselves. A final solution indeed.

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