Mpasu tips clueless DPP govt on Malawi economic revival

Former Speaker of Parliament Sam Mpasu has observed that President Peter Mutharika and his government are to rescue the country from the hunger and economic crisis, offering tips on number of things that government can do to deal with the situation.

Mpasu: Tips government

Mpasu: Tips government

Mpasu pointed ou that  “Malawi can liberate itself” from the economic turmil and hunger crisis.

“For instance government should emphasize on local production so that it should start exporting things and minimize importing goods,” tipped Mpasu, who served as Trade and Commerce Minister in the Bakili Muluzi administration.

According to Mpasu, if the country starts exporting its local production, it will generate foreign currency which may in turn stabilize the economy.

During the opening the 2016/2017 budget meeting on May 20 in Lilongwe, President Peter Mutharika said his administration continues to implement the National Export Strategy to build the economy’s productive base.

“During the 2016/2017 financial year, government will continue implementing reforms in order to enhance Malawi’s attractiveness as an investment destination. The reforms will now include reviewing the regulations to establish Export Processing Zones, which will in turn facilitate the promotion of industrialisation,” said Mutharika.

According to Mutharika, the reforms will also attract private investment, which is necessary for economic growth, job creation and poverty reduction

Mpasu also emphasized on the need for government to start using tourism industries as another alternative way of dealing with the economic crisis.

“We have different kind of creatures that can attract tourists in the country thereby getting foreign currency,” said Mpasu.

Recently,  British High Commissioner, Michael Nevin, advised that growing the country’s economy requires a more private sector-led approach, which reduces State dominance and allows non-State actors to operate without fear of political interference or pressure.

Given that the Malawi economy is agro-based, Nevin also urged government to fix distorted markets and incentives, including amending the Control of Goods Act to encourage more growers to grow and export their produce.

He also advised the private sector in the country to reform.

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UDF is the source of our misery now , it was your bwana Muluzi who set us on this miserable trajectory by handing over the presidency to Bingu on a silver platter


What Mr. Mpasu is saying its true but let him explain why failed himself because that could be the clue.

Otherwise he is just repeating common knowledge which existed since MCP and UDF eras.

wopezeka kumanda

Akupereka tip ndindani koma abale zinazi bola kungokhala chete. Bambo okuba, mwana wake wokuba. Tip yaufiti chani?


Another old school dunderhead. Mpasu the old thief.


Ambava inu. Who will even bother to listen to you. Inu ndi UDF yanu ndiamene munawononga dziko lathu. We can not listen any word for a person who has proved to be a failure including bwana wako uja wa mutu waukulu, mbava zokha-zokha


Where are the tips…? Did I miss something?

Che Sadulo

He,he,hede! Mpasu tips Govt! Mpasu can’t even run his own life. Wife No. 4 Joyce Fatchi had to run away because Mpasu couldn’t provide for her and was just draining her hard-earned money. What does he know about succeeding in life?

Ndale za ku Malawi ndi za uchitsiru. Chinthu chikayambitsidwa ndi mtsogoleri wina Wobwereyo amachisiya ngakhale chili chothandiza, for political sake. The ERP that was introduced by PP government was a very brilliant initiative whose positive impacts were eminent. But alas! DPP came with Its dull malata subsidy program and later everything was brought to stand still. What is so painful is the fact that some Malawians are so greedy and selfish that they can accept to Let many fellow Malawians suffer without any criticism for wrong decisions so long as they are doing well with the government at that given… Read more »

Sam Mpasu is another waste of resource. I respect this guy at the highest esteem but crooks pushed him to prison. Almost all politicians have raped this country but only Mpasu had come out a victim.

Bindura Malopa

Mpasu was Minister of Commerce and Industry as rightly put here during atcheya’s time, what legacy did he leave other than Fieldyork thievery? Zinazi azinena ena bwa? It would save us and Mpasu himself a lot of energy and embarrassment. Zikomo kumpando.

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