Mphwiyo walks free, temporarily though

Former budget director Paul Mphwiyo Tuesday walked out to freedom after spending nine days in police custody, temporarily though as the State has hinted he faces several cases which can lead him back to prison.

Mphwiyo: On bail

Mphwiyo: On bail

The High Court in Lilongwe granted bail to Mphwiyo in a K2 million bond on Monday but could not get out of prison because he could not meet a condition that the court wanted him to give a house as part of the surety.

Mphwiyo’s lawyer Shadreck Mhango said he had to plead with the court for a waiver on the bail condition so that he surrenders his father in law’s house instead to which the court agreed.

In addition, the court ordered him to have two sureties bonded at K2 million noncash each and that bail condition for his previous cases should still be honoured.

Mphwiyo was arrested alongside 17 others, including businessman Lumumba Karim and civil servants Auzius Kazombo-Mwale, Clemence Mmadzi and Roosevelt Ndovi. They are jointly accused of defrauding government about K2.4 billion ($4,085,800).

Last week, director of public prosecutions Mary Kachale hinted Mphwiyo faces other cases related to the infamous cashgate.

“Malawians should not think we are harassing the suspects when they see us arresting and re-arresting them. We are seeking justice,” said Kachale.

Mphwiyo once hailed as an anti-graft crusader has been charged along with 17 other officials in the country’s widening “Cashgate” scandal which originated in 2005.

The multi-million-dollar scandal prompted foreign donors – who provide around 40% of impoverished Malawi’s budget – to pull the plug on aid worth around $150m.

Mphwiyo two years ago was shot outside his house and badly injured when he was reported to be about to expose a a network of corrupt officials.

He was previously credited with overhauling the public finance system to close loopholes that allowed fraud, and for cancelling dubious government contracts.

An audit by British experts ordered by then president Joyce Banda found that $30 million had been looted in a period of less than six months in 2013 while Mphwiyo was in the powerful position of budget director.

Oswald Lutepo, the chief suspect in the fraud, was sentenced to 11 years in jail and over a dozen civil servants and business people have already been jailed in connection with the cashgate affair.

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18 thoughts on “Mphwiyo walks free, temporarily though”

  1. Andrew says:

    Iphani dzilombo idzi guyz mmmmmh mukudikilanji?

  2. Manyasa Okhumudwa Ku Mosko says:

    koma mabvuto aku nyasaland sazatha. kodi kumpha njoka sindiko kudula mutu? nanga mache gang’ayo timupha liti? i mean JB alowa liti ku zomba maximum prison?.

  3. Malume says:

    Watch out! You wil pay this Nigga hugely!

  4. Nyanyenyinyonyu says:

    In malawi we dont hav Judges who can give judgement to rich pipo and politicians but to poor pipo only

  5. chatonda says:

    Government should also be aware that the house that has been used as a bond belongs to his father-in-law Dr Sam Safuli another cashgater during the Field York Sam Mpasu Scandle. Mpongozi and Nkamwini are all related to cashgate….. Strange, not so?

  6. RoyK says:

    Why waste time to send this stinking thief for life imprisonment for causing all the misery we are going through? Joyce Banda must follow

  7. Mo says:

    Oba nkhuku mumangowamanga osawapatsa mpata ngati uwu bwanji?chifukwa chani? Take all those involved to prison we are tired of these pipo,abweletseni pa community kapena tizawaveke ma tyres

  8. Nyapapi says:

    Educated thugs. A graduate like him was supposed to be a man of his integrity & an observer of ethical standards. Who will employ him after jail and what kind of business will he do. From now, its now a minus sum from what he looted. Apa yalakwa kale jst mention JB basi, nanga umangidwe wekha.

  9. Mukharapwio says:

    Mphwiyo Plz spare urself,family,relatives,in laws,friends,lawyer,prosecutors,police,judges,co accussed and all Malawians the distress by pleading guilty to all the charges levelled against u so that very soon u can meet Ralph at Zomba maximum where u and him are going to settle old scores.akamalizitse tsaya linalo

  10. mary bonaz says:

    you can hide,but one day you shall caught

  11. zambezi says:

    Its not clear to me about what this prosecutor is doing. After all this time she should have had all the evidence she needed to prosecute several cases against him but she just keeps on threatening to bring more charges without doing so. She is either very lazy or an empty tin. Please resign.

  12. Can someone walk me free from poverty i am struggling everyday because of this thugs

  13. SONG says:

    Musamale a Mary Kachale mawa tisazamve kuti mwakwizingidwa chifukwa mukusolanso ife ndiye sitidzakuchitirani chifundo mwamva.

  14. The Analyst says:

    It hurts to be Malawian sometimes: Season 1 episode 1

    We said it! And we have been vindicated. Mphwiyo is almost free! And contrary to popular opinion, “almost” does count in matters of life in prison.

    Now let me ask you to please spare my ears with this nonsense that we have re-arrested Mphwiyo if you so do it in the near future! Otherwise, this is total madness! You people do not cease to amaze me and other Malawians. How many days has it taken you to grant him this freedom, you shamelessly guise as “temporary”? And when it comes to arresting him, you act slowly for countless number of years? Yet when it comes to releasing him on bail, you cruise? Are you being just in your madness? Coz thats what you claim to be – a justice system! You are a total shame to justice! All of you!

    Now let me be religious and tell you something: It took the hand of God to have Mphwiyo shot so that the shame he and his friends in crime we engaged in, could be exposed. And we Malawians are gratiful to the Almighty. It also took the hand of the same God to have Mphwiyo not killed. There are reasons why Mphwiyo was not killed. And I will tell you. Now listen and listen very well . . .

    Mphwiyo was not killed not because he has a crrocodile skin hence strong, noooo; but that he could pay the total price for his sins of stealing billions and billioins of money meant for the many innocent poor people of Malawi (a part of God’s beautiful creation). God started to play his part of punishing Mphiyo by having his jaw reconstructed hence marking him a “thief” on his jaw. Look at him! Now what God expects of you (the justice system) is to play your part by locking this guy up in jail thouroughly n never release him till his eyelids forever hug each other. And God will from there, receive him into eternal hell. Now if you fail to be cooperative in this God’s plan, you are inviting God’s wrath upon yourselves and must choose today! Coz . . .

    In many spheres of life there is no middle ground. In mathematics: its either you know the answer or you dont. In religion: you are for God or the Devil. There is no middle ground! Choose! And Choose well!

    It hurts to be Malawian sometimes when everyday all you hear about, is miscarriage of justice!

  15. Wa Nzeru Wa Kummawa says:

    9 days in custody! That suit must be stinking now if the conditions are the same as when I was there.
    The toilets eish! La 40 limakwanadi.

    My advice is: a fool gets back to prison after getting bail. Several options exist when you are out on bail including including Kambalame style.

  16. Lake Malawi says:

    Shaa koma nde zayamba kuvuta mpaka kuchita kulembetsa nyumba ya Apongozi

  17. Philosopher says:

    No tears for this thief. akafere ku ndende

  18. mogasa club member says:

    muziamanga mukakhala ready mwamva? pano aukapanga transfer zi mbongo. shupit

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