Mr 265 evicted in Big Brother: One Malawi hotshot Sipe remains

Mr.265’s dreams of winning Big Brother Hotshots came to an end on Sunday when he was evicted after 42 days.

Mr Numbers: Evicted

Mr Numbers: Evicted

The Times TV personality was evicted together with South Africa’s Samantha.

The duo were up alongside GoitseIdris and Macky2 and host IK called out their names thus bringing an end to their dreams of bagging USD $300.000.

Mr.265 is the first housemate from Malawi to have his dreams brought to an end.

Another Malawian housemate Sipe is still in contention for the for the grand prize.

In a chat with IK, Mr. 265 also known as Achalume Malick, the
former FM 101 radio DJ, revealed that despite the tough moments in the house, he had fun.

Samantha had initially not been nominated but was put up by Head of the House Sipe something she attributed to “some underlying issues with Sipe” during her eviction interview.

With the curtains coming down on Mr 265 and  Samantha, the house now has 12 housemates remaining.

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32 thoughts on “Mr 265 evicted in Big Brother: One Malawi hotshot Sipe remains”

  1. Tonga B.O.Y says:

    Akufuna kukunamizani a Malawi garden boy yo alibeso ndi Dstv yomwe nkani akuti R.S.A sawonela BBA, we love BBA here in S.A

    The other issue aMalawi all you need to know z tht BBA is jst a game jst like the way ana anu amasewera kabisalira, there s not even single cents governments contribute to the show, so stop complaining plz.

    Those pple who participate are the ones who benefited from the show by increasing their popularity across African continent which is why most celebrities find themselves in that house apart from money..

  2. Massive says:

    Malawi should never ever send another fool to participate in this #### big brother (read satan) thing. Say no to satanism. Dyera ndi ndalama basi!!! Nkhope imeneyi inayambapo yawina kanthu?! Olo ku sukulu amakhala chimmala ndiye pano amati dzingasinthe?

  3. verson says:

    No comment.

  4. MMALAWI says:


  5. muyeriwa nehiya says:

    awina mtsikana wathu wa chi zambiayo nanga ndi m’malawi ameneyo??????

  6. Omex70 says:

    I don’t understand why Malawi through Mult-choice Malawi sends our pple to this satanic competition. Why can’t focus on other good things rather than wasting our time with this satanic thing. I doubt if those people who participate in this go to any church if they do, I also doubt those churches.

  7. amos kavungachembe says:

    welcome home man, tidye bonya basi!

  8. drf says:

    Am not surprised that he is evicted! he did not measure up to the competition and the result can show!
    Try again least u tasted the BBA house and its part of your history!

  9. gann says:

    eeh man ine ndiye ndinayesetsa 500 votes koma i dont understand kuti zakhala bwanji..anyway life goes on

  10. Time says:

    wina watsalayo ngati sawinanso, basi multichoice suspend this ungodly thing. amakhala atadziwana kale kuti akawina ndi wa dziko lakuti. Zinandipweteka za HAzel, amene uja nde anali star!

  11. ALEX YOLAMU says:

    Welcome back Mr 265,you did your best but competition is very high in that building,
    so lets just wait for the sipe maybe she will bring money.

  12. yohane says:

    please people tell me who sponsor this so called big brothe africa and for what purpose. coz i fail to understand this

  13. sain it like it is says:

    inde bwelani tithandizane kulima..mvula yatsala pangono kugwa…nanga ntumbuka akakhale oyamba kuwina bigbrother zoona zimenezo?

  14. M'Malawi weniweni says:

    Hard luck Mr.265. You put up a gallant show and you deserve my congratulations for taking your game so far as yesterday. I was really proud of you and Sipe. Wish Sipe brings the money home.

  15. nankalizi says:

    Bweraniko man tizadye bonya kuno.Next time muzapase mpata a Malawi kuti tizasankhe tokha anthu opita ku BB house.

  16. Mlomwe says:

    BBA is a satanic show.

  17. Nabanda says:

    From the onset of the show, I was never impressed with this “MR 265”, and coming home is the best thing for him anyway…however, I find it hard to understand the whole meaning of this BBA thing.

  18. ged says:

    i never watch BB. Malawi are we gaining anything by our participation in this ungodly show? lets concentrate on stuff that can really help boost up our economy.i suggest we withdraw from participating fro this filthy show

    1. masoapatali says:

      we dont gain anything and at the same time we do not lose anything. No tax payers money involved. So whosoever wants to participate or watch I guess they are free to do so. If not interested, just leave it to others who like it and mind your usual business

  19. Think Tank says:

    This is for idle minds only.

  20. TRUCK says:

    The life after Bigbrother Mr 265 you tried your best but you must know that’s its a game.Sometimes a win or sometimes a lose.

  21. Proud Malawian says:

    Mr. -265 mwapindulako chani ku BBA? The show is pointless. I dont waste my time watchng this bull crap. Bolanso kumawonela Food channel or news or TB Joshua.

  22. Nyengason Nyengani Phiri says:

    Mubwereko nonse, BBA its nonsense to us malawians. Bola munakati Ndalamao izathandiza mu Budget!! Koma muzangodyanso ndi azibale anuuuuuu okuvoteranio akukhaula ndikukwera kwamitengo ya zinthu. Nkhanundu Weniweni!

  23. dzina langa says:

    Big brother a waste of time watching it. Not educative, less entertaining, less informative. Ndinasiya kale kale kuonela. I watched the first series only where there was Gaitano, Bayo etc the rest zionelani.

  24. Chiku says:

    I am yet to appreciate the importance of this ungodly, filthy show – very satanic and ugly and does nothing to glorify God.

    May the Lord have mercy on Africa and show us the light.

    1. John says:

      you can not have everything on your side. if you don’t like it, I do. so please switch on to other tv stations. period.

  25. Dr. Mango says:

    Welcome back home. I wonder if housemates have ample time for meaningful prayer inside the house. If not, all for money?

  26. Frank Chimenya says:

    What can we benefit from bba? Nyasi zenizeni?

  27. clement says:

    Za ziiiiiii here in South Africa pple never waste their time watching BBA and never talk about it but in Malawi kkkkkkk yeah such as life.Go well back home Malick.

    1. Momo sam says:

      talk for yourself,you dont watch or talk about the show,some people follow the show in s.a.

      1. drf says:

        Waboza iwe……people do follow this show in RSA…….kanundu eti?

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