Mr. President, more kisses please! Malawi First Couple

That hot and sticky kiss President Peter Mutharika affectionately, nay bravely, planted on First Lady Gertrude Mutharika’s cherry lips in public caused a stir.

President Mutharika and the First Lady grab a kiss on a valentine

President Mutharika and the First Lady grab a kiss on a valentine

Being a largely conservative society that Malawi is, it was not surprising that some branded the act as “unpresidential” while others went on to declare it as outright taboo.

But wait a minute: “unpresidential” and “taboo? What is “unpresidential” and “taboo” with a duly married couple displaying their love in public and particularly on Valentine’s Day?

Some of those calling it “unpresidential” made reference to Malawi’s former presidents, saying none of them could do such a ‘filthy’ act in public. They are talking about Kamuzu Banda, Bakili Muluzi, Bingu wa Mutharika and Joyce Banda.

But South Africa President Jacob Zuma (him who takes a shower immediately after having unprotected sex) once challenged those who asked him how he compared himself to the iconic statesman Nelson Mandela by bluntly pointing out that there cannot be more than one Nelson Mandela. And, rightly so, there shall never be another Madhiba.

In line with the gospel according to comrade Zuma (him who also laughed at our wretched roads the other day) and in as far as Malawi’s political landscape stands, there shall be only one authentic Ngwazi, Atcheya, Chitsulo cha Njanji, Amayi and, of course, APM.

n view of this assertion, APM’s kiss should not be judged within the context of how those presidents who ruled this country before him conducted themselves in public. Let APM be in his own class. It is simply called being original.

Of course, our eyes have ever before feasted on those exclusive photos of the Ngwazi dancing affectionately with Mama somewhere in the UK. We also salivated at those lovey-dovey photos of Atcheya tying the sanctified knot with Shanil and those of Bingu and Callista walking arm in arm on their nuptials day. As for Amayi and Richard, oh boy, did they not display some rare and unflinching presidential affection by trailing each other on almost each and every trip – be it local or abroad?

But let it be stated that this is not the first time a presidential public display of love has caused a sensation. In 2012, the international media published a photograph US President Barack Obama tweeted of him and his wife Michelle hugging upon his re-election. The Guardian reported then that the photo had set new records as the most liked and re-tweeted post in social media history.

Actually, the publication went on to declare that “Obama’s photo – which shows him hugging his wife, eyes closed, against a cloudy and even stormy backdrop – had set the standard for future presidential victors as it appeared to embody the core values of trust, manliness, loyalty and love of family, among others”.

So what APM did on Valentine’s Day this year is akin to that “Obama moment” for us, Malawians. Barack confessed that “she [Michelle] inspires me every day. She makes me a better man and a better president” while our own APM’s message read, in part, “thank you [Gertrude] for always being there for me through the frights and cold nights… you are an amazing wife”.

Here are two powerful men who publicly acknowledge the significance of women by publicly displaying their love for them. And what a way to make an equally powerful political statement on the inconspicuous role of women in society!

Of course, one may argue that hugs and kisses are cultural facets of the West where the Obamas belong but recently, during this same year’s ‘Valentine’s Month’, the BBC reported about how a hug made history in India when Delhi’s new leader tweeted a tribute to his wife with a picture of them hugging after his astounding victory in elections.

The story has it that one Arvind Kejriwal scored a surprising political victory by capturing almost all of Delhi’s assembly seats and when the scale of his win became clear, he tweeted out a picture of a hug with his wife. His wife, reports the BBC, looked coy and blushed.

Now, just like is the case in Malawi, in India top politicians are also not more relaxed about publicly expressing gestures of romance largely because society views such acts as taboo. Yet Kejriwal, just like Malawi’s APM, had to demystify the taboo, hence he attracted colossal praise from all and sundry for recognizing the worth of women in venerated men’s lives.

There is more good than harm for influential politicians to publicly show their love for their spouses. It is, in a way, an acknowledgement of the role women play in such men’s successful lives. It should not just be mere talk that behind every powerful man there is a woman.

Actually, this phenomena should also spill over to the showbiz circles where the existence of wives of celebrities (by the way, there has always been debate on whether we have celebrities at all in this country) is never acknowledged. Should we always wait until a public figure’s wife dies to be told that he loved her abundantly? No!

By the way, it was also quite refreshing to have a story of romance from State House, courtesy of that steamy presidential kiss. At  least a break from politics, politics and more politics.

But, to cut a long story short, through that public display of affection, APM made some notable political and social statements: A statement of acknowledging his wife’s day-to-day contribution to his political career (which borders on managing State affairs) and a statement of promoting the essence of loving our wives in a country where a local newspaper reported that between January and October last year, about 722 divorce petitions were registered at two courts in Lilongwe alone.

So, Mr. President, kudos for that  historic kiss. We need more of such presidential kisses please!

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46 thoughts on “Mr. President, more kisses please! Malawi First Couple”

  1. Vuto apa palibe. Anakisa azikazi anu. Ndinthawi yake

  2. apo says:

    pali nkhani apa? anthu asa kisane…. vuto ndi chani? kisanani poyera ma hope a freeze kumene……inu koma zogololo ndi akazi aeni mxiiiiii

  3. john says:

    kiss imakolezera chikondi inde koma kiss yamalovu pagulu siyabwino or pangono bola yapa tsaya osati mpaka lilime mkamwa aaaà president?? its private love.

  4. Malawi says:

    They are not commiting sin. They are lawfully married and there is nothing obscene. Whats wrong with people? Some of u who are against this love act ndi ma jelasi basi. You have never kissed ur wives koma mahule. Leave APM andhis lawgully wedded wife alone.

  5. johnmandeule says:

    Mr. President ndiye kufewa kumeneko

  6. victoria Dim says:

    Me like

  7. Noxiebj says:

    Kaya bolani ali pa banja…. Za kiss zo ine ndie log out…kkk

  8. Anthu odya maliro sayamikira aliyense ngakhale atachita bwino bwanji.APM ngakhale akasanduka mngelo mkumakwera kumwamba ngati ELIYA wa mBaibulo Anthu bwezi akuti walakwa President sapita Kumwamba .Anthu ozolowera kudya matewera wobibirawa sitingawadabwe.

  9. phiri la dzunje says:

    Nkhani yake ndiye iti pamenepa mwasowa zolemba eti president analakwa chiyani mkaziyo ndi wake ambilinu mudachitira umboni ukwati wao ndiye pa valentine asapatse kiss kwa okondedwa wao walakwa president pagulu pagulu ndiye kuti chiyani.Asanakwatile ndinu nomwe mudampatsa maina ambili mbili lero ali ndi mkazi bwanji akupeleka kiss pa gulu a malawi sitidzathekanso ndife dzitsilu dza wanthu mbuzi za mano kusi godemeti

  10. The President says:

    kupatsana ma gelumusi pagulu! Kumwetsana malovu a chifuwa. Kkkkkk Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  11. Mad Chicken says:

    More fire Mr.President that is good

  12. saidi says:

    there is no issue here period!

  13. okudya zache alibe mlandu says:

    kissing sivuto. koma kiss yake mmmmm…. siinayende bho.. mwachidule sanaithe

  14. Mayi a Priscilla says:

    Koma osanama, Peter nde amanyozedwa . Koma ali ndi anthu omukonda ameneyu? The guy is despised and ridiculed too much, mwee!

  15. Mucracker_2 says:

    “Don’t scatter roses when I am gone, If you love me, do it now.”

    1. Amos says:

      Chavuta ndi chani pamenepa?Ndimayesa munthu akukisana ndi mkazi wake.Akukisana ndi mamuna mzake pamenepo?Mwasowa zolankhula eti!

  16. Mwiyeriwa says:

    Olo mulembe zochekenira zotani, the fact of the matter is , ma standards ama president aku Malawi analowa pansi . Starting from Bakili Muluzi, the quality and standards of successive presidents in Malawi has progressively gone down . And APM is the worst . Where have you seen a president poking a finger into his nose and extracting something from there while he is making an official address? If you don’t believe me, watch the video of APM’s valentine address again .

  17. Mandevu says:

    Nkhani apa ndi yakuti kissing yake inali ya chimidzi midzi . Inu are you not surprised that Saulosi and his wife also kissed but no one is talking about them? APM needs to appoint an advisor on kissing ku State House ko .

    1. Eliam says:

      Ndiye mmafuna kiss yake yioneke bwanji? Mkamati inali yachimizi? APM wachita bwino chifukwa anali mkazi wake. Kudos APM 4 showin de nation dat u really love ur wife. Enawa nsanje azafa choncho.

  18. Paul Vida says:

    Kudya mililomo hahaha… Ndinamvapo doctor wina akunena kuti mkamwa muli ma germs ochuluka kuposa kuthako kkkkkk

  19. nyamusideni says:

    munthu sangasangalatse wina aliyense. APM expressing his love should not be a big deal. akanapanda kuteronso bwenzi mukuti ndi gay.

    i see nothing wrong really.

  20. Young &Denzel says:

    I and my young brother saw agogo akudya milomo and i ask my dad, da have you seen agogo aku kisana pa tv and my dad was just loughing at the end he just leave us watching with one word only SHAME

  21. khayano says:

    APM is APM, if he is going to continue like this, eish! we Malawians have alot to learn from him. Starting from the campaign period, we have learnt that campaign sikutukwana or kunyoza ena but it was all about constructive ideas. Today we are talking about loving our spouses with no limits from APM himself. A thing almost everyone thought APM has no time for. Keep it up, we are learning sure!

  22. Vehtekhu says:

    Mwasowa zolemba eti!!!…what is valentine day all about?..xiiii…maso omangowona zooyipa basi!! inetu Pitala ndi mfundo zake ndimamukonda kooopsyaaaaa

    1. Anonymous says:

      Vehtekhu siiwe wekha inenso ndimamukonda kooopsyaaa,, nkhani ndiija ananena Mlaka Maliro kuti enawa diso lao limaona zoipa zokhazokha

  23. Yakowela says:

    There is nothing morally or ethically wrong with the president and his spouse kissing in public, after all it was a valentine kiss. Malawians let us not live in perpetual traditional way of thinking. Let us change both our attitude and mindset. Let us have progressive thinking.
    Let us not view positive change as evil, so that we can feel as always, no growth, no improvement, deceived by traditions,stunted, no aspirations and no dreams.
    Its nothing the president and his wife have done that we have not seen before.

  24. sello Mvuyane says:

    KUDOS INDEED, ine kudabwa anthu phokoso lopanda pake zaziii, kuzolowera kukisa zibwezi basi, zamudima basi

  25. zideh says:

    Nothing wrong, my President.

  26. Wozinyanyala says:

    Plain plain inkanenedwa ija si iyi…..koma mpakana pagulu chonchi. Komanso osamuhaga mzimayi baba…kusazolowera eti!

  27. IKLC says:

    722 divorces in 10 months? eeeeeeh next is ABC…JMCMM……MK-S… lets indeed learn to express our affection, that can also help others away? maybe! hahahah

  28. freespch says:

    Zosowa, zipitilire. Aa good role model

  29. ujeni says:

    How do you compare hugging to kissing on the lips, there is no comparison here. Hugging is the same as handshake while kissing on the lips is like having sexual intercourse

  30. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    Kisses enhances love and togetherness. Love without kisses is like bread without butter. Nanunso muzikisa akazi anu muone kukoma kwa chikondi.

  31. MMALAWI says:

    What’s the purpose of this article if I may ask? I can’t see anything worth writing about and worse still, worth wasting a roader’s time for! Small wonder Malawi is the poorest country in the world, with people of such minds!

  32. zeze says:

    I have no qualms with APM kissing his wife in public, but if they will kiss. Please do it RIGHT! or get a copy of KISSING FOR DUMMIES.

  33. Let dem kiss plz, whts wron wth dat?

  34. Wizeman Paul says:


  35. mxii says:

    Kodi walemba izi malopa? too wordy for my liking. And please tell us who was saying it’s unpresidential? Cite please and don’t just tell us Zamkutu mwanu

  36. Mafikizolo says:

    If a foreigner who doesn’t know anything about Malawi were to read this article, they would be forgiven for thinking that the writer is describing some notable event which took place where a president of substance did some remarkable thing . Unfortunately, any self-respecting Head of State should not have been anywhere near the low quality “Valentine’s Dinner” which we witnessed last Saturday . Watching the programme as it unfolded on local TV, one could not help but reflect upon how the impeccable standards set by one Kamuzu Banda have crashed to the ground . Honestly, was that a function fit to be graced by a Head of State? Kudontoni could have made a more fitting Guest of Honour .

  37. Patriot says:

    ma kiss a cha? za zi.
    Juniyo ali kwaani?

  38. Chikhomo says:

    Mwamuna azasiya makolo ake nakamphatikizana ndi mkazi wake ndipo iwo adzakhala nthupi limodzi

  39. Matchado says:

    Stupid article, written to give APM and his “wife” a false sense of propriety . And how can someone in their right senses describe Obama and APM as both “great men”? APM does not even qualify to be mentioned in the same sentence with Obama . Stop deluding yourselves that there is any semblance of greatness in APM . He is one big, fat Zero .

  40. James says:

    Some people feel shame to kiss their loved ones on a public place and our president has shown a good example to us. Let’s love our partiners. Thanks.

  41. Tengupenya says:

    Divorce is part of life. When something does not work, why not abandon it? Do u know the quality of life folks who deny divorce, though needed, are leading?

  42. francis chinyozi says:

    My fellow Malawians let’s learn to appreciate when something good is happening. Kissing used to be a western thing back in the late centuries but now even primary or secondary school students enjoy the its goodness, so what should stop a married man kiss his wife. Get a life. Thumbs up APM show love to Mama

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