MRA struggles to raise money for Malawi govt, miss target by K1bn

Malawians should expect somehow poor services from government as major revenue collector, the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) has last month missed its target by K132 billion.

Tom Malata, MRA commissioner general: Last month target missed

Tom Malata, MRA commissioner general: Last month target missed

This means the government coffers will be short by that amount therefore Capital Hill will likely cut budgets of some ministries and government departments including health and education.

A statement from MRA says in March, two months before the end of the financial year, the government collected K42.8 billion instead of the projected K44.1 billion.

By March, the chief revenue collector says it has raised K416 billion out of the projected K600 billion.

Finance minister Goodall Gondwe cut the mid-year budget by close to K20 billion citing dwindling resources as the major reason.

The government even cut budgets of key ministries and government departments including that of police and police.

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8 thoughts on “MRA struggles to raise money for Malawi govt, miss target by K1bn”

  1. Dr Kamoto says:

    MRA is over staffed. So many managers, team leaders, deputy directors so on and so forth getting obscenely hefty salaries and incentives for no job done. Trimming them will mean trimming the wage hence freeing some revenue to government.

    If there is an institution requiring urgent reforms, then it’s MRA. Apart from excess staff, there is also alor of mediocre bosses who kno nothing apart from siphoning money. They just occupy positions coz ndi achipani but are far from delivering e.g. George medicine et al. Mbava theretu yaku procurement. Mxiiiiii.

  2. Zona says:

    This means a mere citizen will be penalised for this with even more taxes.

    That being said DO NOT try that with us saying “health and education” will be affected. In previous years when MRA reached its targets has this shown any positive impact in the so called ministries? Infact things have gotten worse with each passing year. Kuba too much

    Stop the lies..and say the truth.. No money for you top notches to steal and buy/build houses ,give girlfriends and keep abroad..

  3. All-i-can-say says:

    How can they collect money for the government when they are busy collecting bribes for themselves? It’s more lucrative for them and no incentive to collect on behalf of their employer and the people of Malawi. The whole government machinery is rotten and needs to go before it’s too late.

    Corruption is robbing the country of resources and we don’t seem to be getting to the bottom of this evil. Business as usual. What a sad state our country is in!!

  4. ellias mponda says:

    Yes thats good news! Cashgaters are enjoying tivutike ndife anthu wamba. Amwenye nde osanena koma ife ka Vits nde kutilanda. Zakhala bwino

  5. Bolero says:

    No economic activity no business therefore narrow tax base. There is nothing MRA can do

  6. Sabiti says:

    How do you expect to collect more when businesses are closing .we are losing investers to other countries due to unconducive business enviroment in country .For how long will you continue to milk the already dead bonny cattle Know that we the poor we are at pains due to the heavy budern you have placed on our shoulders

  7. Ine says:

    Government services are already poor even if you collect more. There’s no proper justification here in regards to the services.

  8. Mwagwa Nayo says:

    The logic is simple: You have a government that is failing to run the economy so economic activities are dwindling and the tax base also dwindles. How do you collect enough VAT when people are not buying products, barely surviving as long as agula mchere, neema mmodzi 1 week, no bread, no sugar, no electricity, no water (use chitsime), no cooking oil, no body lotion, no beer, no biscuits, no juice, no clothing, no no no no life worth living

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