Msonda blasts Chaponda over JB return statement:  ‘One of the seven rotten ministers talking crap’

Former ruling party, Peoples Party spokesperson Ken Msonda has blasted Agriculture minister George Chaponda for telling the UN chief Ban Ki Moon that Joyce Banda is in self imposed exile because the former president fears prosuction in the cashgate.

Msonda:  Chaponda is talking crap

Msonda: Chaponda is talking crap

“This is cheap politics, this is politics of the savages, this politics of the uneducated,” said the emotional Msonda.

He said the government cannot force Banda to return to Malawi, saying she is busy with her Joyce Banda Foundation work outside the country.

“Bingu stayed outside the country for quite a long time whilst he was president, no one talked about this, Bakili stays outside the country for long yet no one talks about this, what is wrong with Dr Banda,” he said.

He said the former president will come when she wants to come and she should not be forced.

Chaponda and the UN secretary general met for one hour at Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe where he made an emergency landing to refuel his plane.

The agriculture ministers himself has been named to be amongst seven rotten ministers implicated in the forensic audit of the grand corruption.

But he denies his involvement.

Chaponda said Ban was concerned about Malawi’s political situation with Banda staying away since losing the May 20 2014 Tripartite Elections.

“We [with the UN chief] basically talked about two things. We discussed the former president Dr Joyce Banda who is currently in the USA.

“We [Malawi] assured Mr Ban Ki-moon that we are not persecuting anybody and that the former president can return home anytime. We are a country which is not hunting anybody and the former president has nothing to fear.”

Banda announced that she would not return home because the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), which unseated her through the ballot after a two-year stint in the presidency, threatened to arrest her.

She is also on record as having complained that the government was yet to give her a house and security detail as provided by law.

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chief Activist

behind the circus behind the tussle

I have said this and I will say it again. This DPP government is a government of bafoons. They conduct themselves as if they are saints. APM and his corrupt DPP syndicate have castigated JB to no end. They have used every excuse and blamed all their failures and looting of state resources on JB. The fact of the matter is this, Joyce Banda is a Citizen of this country. She has every right to be anywhere she wants to be. DPP and these clueless corrupt idiots should shut up for once. If Joyce Banda is on the run why… Read more »
Jelbin Mk

As someone has already stipulated in what capacity was Chaponda talking to the UN chief? As an agricultural minister? Or as leader of the house? But both of these positions do not even warrant him a chance to handle an international affair, may be its because he is a former foreign affairs minister? The UN SG was just laughing in his heart that this guy is wasting my time.

Bounty Killah!

Apparently Msonda is going insane! How many times has he lied to us that his thieving president is coming back?


Msonda is getting insane indeed, just like your APM who talked bullshit at Kabudula

Mustaph Chirwa

Sure ya Mzozodo


The government doesn’t ask for JB to be extradited because either they don’t have a case against her, or she is more useful at a distance: they can blame her for wrongdoing, as a distraction from the 7 ministers still in power. She’s a useful distraction from problems at home!


“We [Malawi] assured Mr Ban Ki-moon that we are not persecuting anybody and that the former president can return home anytime. We are a country which is not hunting anybody and the former president has nothing to fear.” – Right? Like really?

Msonda has said to Chaponda “That is politics of the uneducated” … Ndaseka. Who among the two should call the other uneducated?


Nanunso a Chaponda kulowelera bwanji, is that agriculture?

Petre Mathanyula

Come on you thieves. A thief chasing another thief or a thief running away from another thief. 2019 is fast approaching when we’ll catch and prosecute you. Mbava zachabechabe.


Cheap politics indeed by these dpp thugs. I have always said if the govt has a case, it should charge jb and seek her extradition. Why is this stupid govt not doing that?

Some of don’t support jb but please do the right thing and follow the right procedures.

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