Mulhako holds festival: Mutharika warns politicians against hijacking cultural groups

President Peter Mutharika has warned politicians against hijacking cultural groups, saying this tendency divides people.

President Mutharika and vice president Chilima at Mulhakho event

President Mutharika and vice president Chilima at Mulhakho event

Part of the audience at the Mulhakho festival

Part of the audience at the Mulhakho festival

Mutharika was speaking on Saturday at Chonde in Mulanje during the annual gathering of Mulhako wa Alhomwe, a cultural grouping that organises the yearly gatherings for the Lhomwe tribe.

“There are some politicians who use cultural groups to us, we should not allow that. We are all one whether we are Sena, Yao, Ngoni or Tumbuka,” said Mutharika.

Mutharika also pleaded with the Lhomwe tribe to encourage their children learn the Lhomwe language, saying just a handful can now understand and speak the language.

“This is why my late brother [late Bingu wa Mutharika] and I created Mulhako wa A lhomwe to preserve the language among other things,” said Mutharika a Lhomwe by tribe himself.

The President said Lhomwe children need to be told and taught Lhomwe cultural values which include respect for the elderly instead of touting them as witches.

“We need to protect the elderly because these are the defenders and pillars of our culture. They are not witches,” said Mutharika while announcing that very soon the government will be adopting the national policy for the elderly.

He said culture can as well be a powerful tool to grow the economy and advocacy for human values such as integrity and hard work.

During the event, Unesco recognised tchopa or sopa as a world heritage cultural dance after gulewamkulu and vimbuza in the centre and north respectively. During the event, people enjoyed Lhomwe food, among other activities.

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61 thoughts on “Mulhako holds festival: Mutharika warns politicians against hijacking cultural groups”

  1. mphwinthe says:

    alomwe alomwe nophiya basi

  2. Mpumulo wa Bata wayandikila says:

    Saulos, mupepela nadzo zimenezo a ngoni

  3. Nabiyeni says:

    Koma zomati mudzitenga fuel in parastatal organisations popita ku mulakho nzolakwikwa. I recently witnessed government vehicles fueling at BP in Area 18 and titafunsa ndamva kuti anali magalimoto opita ku Luchenza and were being sponsored by macra. Pilizi chonde a Pitala chipani ndi boma ndi zinthu zosiyana. This function is not a government function. Why not asking the parastatal to use this money in constructing a cancer clinic if it has money to waste?

  4. Ahlomwe oposa 8 anafa kunsonkhanowu pameene chindewu chogendana ndi mabotolo a Fanta chinayambika nthayi yomwe anthu amati ayambe kudyaa. Koma zikudabwisa kuti nkhaniyi sikukambidwa…….

  5. Half Chewa,Half mkhokori says:

    Mutharika its a waste of time reviving the archaic language of Lomwe.There is no way you can revive Lhomwe language.Its a waste time and taxpayers promoting such tribal functions.We need development in Malawi.Lomwes are not interested in their archaic language.They would rather speak some broken Chewa.

  6. Winston Msowoya says:

    When Malawians voted for multiparty democracy 21 years ago,they expected to usher in a new era,but instead,a new era has brought into the country tribal divisions never seen before.The most amazing scenario is that these divisions have been created by two brothers who happened to be Lomwes.However,Muthalika’s stratagem is to entrench his minority and illiterate Lomwes into spheres of economic and leadership establishments.This is a very misguided and deleterious move that will eventually,polarize our peaceful mother Malawi.Since Nyasaland/Malawi had been inhabited,people inherited and practiced their ancestral lineage,therefore,there is no need for this President to divide and rule us.Whatever the case,when that time comes,the Lomwes would capitulate to gigantic Ngonis, Yaos and Chewas.Peter is playing with fire,let him take his time,but surely,his unpatriotic endeavours,will boomerang sooner or later.Malawians must not coerced into tribal conflicts which will only serve Muthalika’s interests.ONE MALAWI,ONE NATION !!!

  7. Balamanthu says:

    Ku Mulhakho walomwe is where jobs and positions handed out-hence promoting deep rooted tribalism ndi chigololo.

  8. ohakalala says:

    ife a lhomwe ndife anthu okonda mtendere,ngakhale ma mmissionary anatikonda kwambasi each and every district which is occupied by the lhomwe there is a mission and nursing xool zikanakhale lero bwenzi wina akuti sankho, we are peace lovers and this is our pride, proud to lhomwe and am lomwe 100%

  9. Fenali A L says:

    This is an employment bureau.mxiiii. Lucrative jobs are being given to lhomwes through mulhakho. Demeti agalu inu anyapapi. Mudzawona tikubweza ku mibado yanu ikubwera yo. Pa nyo pa nyiiii niiii panu nonse alhomwe. EDZI SO YAKUKANTHANI ZEDI

  10. mulli says:

    Chilhomwe chikanatha zakhala bwino pamenepa

  11. PM says:

    If we emulated Kamuzu on national management of tribal groups, we should have been a truly united Malawi. But we have elevated tribal loyalties to feature a national level at the expense of national loyalty and patriotism. The way things are at the moment, people are more comfortable to claim tribal belonging than national belonging especially if the tribe controls power. Remember the THOKO BANDA debacle. Tribes outside the power circle will live with anger and envy especially when the President does not know how to unite the country. Instead he asks why is there envy. NGWANZI genuine Ngwazi was not stupid to declare no Chewa, no Lomwe, no Tonga, no Tumbuka, no Lambya, no Sena, no Nyakyusa but JUST MALAWIANS. It is for fact that BINGU did it for the benefit of the DPP and the Lomwe. He knew that through that arrangement the Lomwe would create a political hegemony. This is true because now you cannot separate Lomwe from DPP and vice versa

  12. Mnyamata wa nzeru says:

    UNESCO, you surely haven’t seen malipenga!! You can’t endorse nyau and not malipenga!! Impossible!!!! I am Ngoni by the way!!

  13. jmc says:

    Am telling u the real divisions among tribes has deeply been initiated and is being promoted by Northenors. U wont like it but that is a fact. Infact all u see today is now Malawi that has awakened badly and has started doing the same. If it was not for that, this country was different!

  14. Phwado says:

    Peter you are indeed insane to the core!Aren’t you a politician yourself?Guys you are being ruled by a mad man.Fortunately I don’t have a president!


    So there is money for Mulhako! But there is NO money to employe the Doctors who will or can even save those Mulhako satans! So sad that all Lawians were very stupid to waste their vote to this dynasty!! Lawi will never under these croocks

  16. Mamwene says:

    Lemekezani Astsogoleri anu Omwe Aikidwa Pakati Panu. Mau Am’buku Loyera Akutero.

  17. Phaghlani Vwavwa says:

    Because of poor leadership we are not one in this country, especially when it comes to education and jobs. Some tribes are more Malawian than others . It makes other people less patriotic

  18. Chemwali chimwene says:

    Nyasa show us more pics, koma tizole bwino zoyeretsazi abale this coca cola body and fanta face ndikuphunzira siziyenderana. Leave this to your housegirl sisi, PHD siifunika izi, have confidence in your self, black is beautiful.

  19. CITIZEN says:


  20. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    OMG! Where to start?
    Again the Mulhakho celebrations will be a blast. Fun! (with an exclamation).
    Attendants are going to get another emotional refresher here. Many people have never seen what is very common at these celebrations: in metaphoric love terms, so much ass slapping, congratulatory shoulder slapping, or fist pumping. A huge surge of serotonin indeed.
    Before anyone declares this as “za zii” or takes umbrage to the celebratory mood, it should be categorically stated that these celebrations are not meant to express animosity or superiority to other cultural groups (read tribes). Like others, we take our culture seriously now; we are no longer marginalized. And we take pride in it, just like others in this peaceful country. Culture feeds the soul, and there is no humanity without it.

    First and foremost, we aLhomwe should express gratitude to President B wa M (RIP), and our Paramount Chief Mkhumba (also RIP) for lighting a fire under the slumber; for reviving our culture in this land. These two, especially B wa M atichosa manyazi, ndipo tikunyambitira milomo pom’va kukoma ( we have retrieved our pride, and now we walk with our heads held high). And, of course, thanks to APM, the current bwana wa m’boma.

    The aLhomwe, as a people, have lived in these parts of the continent for centuries. We, like others, have been studied in the ethno literature; and our customs are described in the popular literature too. We are part of the greater aMak(h)uwa group that has been in these neck of the woods since ca 500 AD. The aMak(h)uwa were part of the FIRST wave of the Bantu that emigrated from the Congo region. Others, like the aChewa were in the SECOND wave, much later, between the 9th and 14th centuries. (It’s like the aNgoni arrived only yesterday, from present day Kwazulu-Natal). Another perspective: the aTumbuka are said to have arrived here ca 1500 AD, from elsewhere (Timbuktu area?); about the same time the Portuguese arrived on the coast. It is noteworthy that the aLhomwe, in spite of being the first arrivals, claim NO primary residency status. Isn’t that something? When others claim, erroneously, that they got here first!
    Having been here since 500 AD, the aLhomwe have evolved into many subgroups; like akokhola, amihekani, amanyawa, amaremje, ashirima, ameeto, att’akhwani, amakuwa, amasolo, amunyamwelo. Just like now, there really have been no significant wars waged by this tribe; nor has there been significant internecine conflict. We are proud of this record.

    After the suggestive or “leave-to-your-imagination” gyrations by the women dancers, ghost fighting by brave men of all ages, everyone will tire out from the exercises. But the celebratory mood will persist for a while. Good.
    However, for posterity, if these celebrations are to mean anything for our future, we should
    pledge to
    – follow the aLhomwe tradition of discipline, religously;
    – continue promoting bravery and courage (to protect households and the vulnerable);
    – love – yes even amorous love;
    – respect others and celebrate our differences;
    – be truthful and fair in life, business etc.;
    – ditch male chauvinism, and parochialism;
    Pride is good and patriotism is great. But too much of it is dangerous.

    It is said there is a reason we are a matriarchal people: there are women footprints on the rocks at the entrance of the cave on Namulhi Hills, where our “ancestors” believe to be our origin, in Zambezia Province, in Mozambique. Let us modernize our attitudes so that our female counterparts can share this pride equally and without reservations. Let us make male chauvinism sooooo yesterday.

  21. zayakunkhongo says:

    As long as we don’t have National Culture Festival where all tribes should participate, we are divided. President only attends Lomwe festival because he is lomwe by tribe. I suggest we should only have Annual National Festival Centre in the central region where to enjoy traditional dances and dressings from all tribes.

  22. Zoonazake says:

    Nanga amathanyura ni mtundu wanji? Amenewanso tigwirabe nawo manja?

  23. Katakwe says:

    No any other president politicized tribal groupings except the Muthalikas. They are the first in history to form and as patrons of tribal grouping.

  24. Mphepo Zinai says:

    Which other tribal grouping gets monetary support from Govt but MULAKHO? Enanu tasireni DPP. Chioani cha Alomwe. Why are you there Chilima? Is the Ngoni function as patronised and supported. How about you Chewas and Ysos etc? ZOMVETSA CHISONI. Looting coffers to embellish your egos?!!! While hispitals gave no drugs…etc

  25. SONG says:

    I and my brother Bingu initiated the Mulhakho, shame to you this is not a cultural event but political becareful you womt survive this time.

  26. King Jaffe Joffer says:

    What type of a culture without language? Lhomwe culture has no identity and is as fake as APM is an American -Malawian.

  27. Stampycious says:

    Call it “HERITAGE DAY” so dat all Malawians should cerebrate the day according to their tradition, koma mukatchula dzina loti Mulhakho wa Alhomwe it seems as if u are culturally dividing Malawi, Mr President plz think twice. The worst is dat this cultural day is only cerebrated in lomwe regions, apatu ndiye simunaganize bwino olo pang’ono, take an example of South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Kenya, Botswana etc, these countries cerebrate heritage day in general with happiness

  28. Mapwerepwere says:

    Kodi mzimai woyera nkhope yokha ndi manja akuda wothimbwidzika akuloza camera amaoneka chaka chili chose ku Mlakhoyu ndi ndani?

  29. Register says:

    Letus wait & see

  30. Sapitwa says:

    These negative comments about other peoples cultures can be dangerous if it can be face to face.Its like criticizing each other’s faith religions. Imagine criticizing Muslims, Seventh Day Adventists, Catholics,Protestants etc that their faith is in vain and are just wasting their time worshiping because they are already condemned and won’t go to heaven?
    Blood can spill for criticisms on the lines of religions and cultures because these are the inborn values for many people. Be careful guys as this senselessness on Nyasa Times can spill over physically mutaiwala ndiye ena akadzakupandani musadzadabwe ndi uchitsiru wanuwo.

    1. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

      Awuzeni anthu enawa, a Sapitwa inu. Ena amangoziwa kutukwana baasi. Asa.

  31. Winston Msowoya says:

    All this business of Mulhako wa Walomwe has ulterior motives.The fact that it was started by the Head of State himself,and being a Mlomwe,clearly,and srategically,Bingu encouraged ethnic divisions in order to perpetuate his political ambitions through divide and rule doctrine which is increasingly prevalent in the continent of Africa.Such divisions have apparently,caused untold tribal conflicts hence,the creations of blood-rivers followed by egregious enemity.It is not a bad thing to identify yourself with your ethnic background. But what the Muthalika’s’ dynasty has done is both tragic and polarisation of our fabric societies.It is indeed foolhardy for Malawians to fall victims of the two brothers who have come from nowhere,who have never fought in our indpendence and multiparty struggles.Then where are these people come from and what are they upto? Please Malawians wake up from your slumber,not all politicians are leaders.Once bitten,twice shy.

  32. I like any culture. But I dont like when in Malawi or any African country use culture as political gaining of the leader who belong to the tribe. When did Lhomwe started cerebrating??? Any tribe can cerebrate their heritage, but dont use taxpayers money or force Indian businessmen to fanance your tribe and call it well wishes. I want to know if Bingu or Peter speaks Lhomwe??? Do their children speak? Peter who has not have children except bring them when he knew he was going to steal votes. The man had master plan. He gave up green card, he brought what he call his chilldren to Malawi few months before elections. All these to manipulate ignorant Malawians who dont understand pyschological game. As long as Malawi has large number f young and women who are un educated we are going to have leaders like APM. READ WHAT DANALD TRUMP said about blacks. He was refering to APM. He said African who go to Western countries to study and stay not go back to develope their nation then go back to be bad leaders, who dont know anything. Whe. I read this I knew what he was talking about. I am sure he knows who is this failure professor.

  33. Eugene says:


  34. Stampycious says:

    Anthu wozikonda inu kwambiri, kodi mwambo wachikhalidwe uzingochitika kuchilomwe basi? Nanga mitundu inayi ilibe chikhalidwe chake? Iwe Mutharika ndiwe wasankho kwambiri fotseki!!!!

  35. themba says:

    Kkkkkkkk beni.mganda zingafanane

  36. good man says:

    unesco addition to these dances;also recognise ingoma,malipenga and mwinoghe.

  37. drogba says:

    that’s mature advice. where does all these divisions Chonde from?? we are all one. Tumbukas, nyachusaz, Chewa, lomwee, sena, ngoni, Yao, etc. we are all one. please Malawians, lets join hands as one people

  38. komko says:


  39. komko says:

    An abuse to women. Kuonetsa mawere mkukhala culture. Wasting tax payers money. Mudzapitilize kupanga mukatuluka mboma.

  40. Patriot says:

    A NYAPAPI kkkkk

  41. kumiwuwe khomeni. says:

    Basi tsankho silidzatha pamalawi pano,chifukwa choti akuyambitsa ndi Galuyu ndthu!!!!!!

  42. Njolinjo says:

    I and my brother, kkkkkkkkkk. I doubt if you are part of the initiators of mlhakho.

  43. murupare says:

    Ena nonse mutha kutigemula alomwe no problem, koma zi achewa za pa central region should be the last to make fun of us because their culture is sympathetic and criminal in nature. Imagine amatenga manyi ndikupaka kukamwa ndi mano ndikumathamangitsa anthu kuwalanda ndalama ndikumagwirira akazi, akuti culture imeneyo, noooosense!
    Bola ife alomwe timavina kumanyekulirana tikachoka pamenepo kumakakwatana zogwirizana osati kugwiririra ngati gule wankulu kkkkkkkkkk

  44. Munyane says:

    why you didn’t you attend th Gonapamuhanya ceremony in Rumphi last month? are lomwes only Malawians or is it wrong to imagine that the are more Malawian than Tumbukanis. Mr president please tell us if we are not part of Malawi

  45. mMalawi says:

    Does our president speak Lhomwe????

  46. Munyane says:

    why you didn’t attend th Gonapamuhanya ceremony in Rumphi last month? are lomwes only Malawians or is it wrong to imagine that the are more Malawian than Tumbukanis. Mr president please tell us if we are not part of Malawi

  47. kodi peturo ndi Lhomwe? Iyu ndi wa ku BALAKA makolo ake amagwira ganyu kuminda ya tea.

  48. Gas Machine Head says:

    Tsopano zipewazo, is it Lhomwe or British? What a shame?

  49. mfiti mayaya says:

    Azimayi akuMalawi mukunenepa udyo. You are not being attractive at all. Be portable please. Towonani nkono uli pa picture-pa.

  50. GUMGUM says:

    zinthu zina ndizopanda phindu.sizitipindulira ngat dziko, zongogawana mitundu.

  51. Rodriguas says:

    Bingu started Mulhako alone, no one should say ngw’e-ngw’e-ngw’e. My brother and I? Bodza!

  52. Ambi shubaba says:

    Nkhope kuyela ngati ambassodor palmer: mikono kuda ngati kunsi kwa mphika. Mulakho woyeee

  53. Konza Chapasi says:

    Can Peter speak the called his language ?

  54. Themba says:

    Munthalika should be the first mulakho ndi dpp the same for tumbuka how much money do the government used at your day but for lomwe zambiri.he has to be the first to change if not ayiwale

  55. Mafikizolo says:

    Mlakho wa Alhomwe cultural grouping is a child conceived through politics, by politics and for politics . No one will ever be able to rewrite that . And no amount of false rhetoric will ever change that fact . Bingu Wa Mutharika was living in Malawi well before Bakili Muluzi picked him from obscurity, dusted him up and made him president . Why did he not think of setting up Mlakho wa Alhomwe during that time?

  56. chimbiya says:

    muzipatsana maudindo m’boma kumeneko.

  57. nick says:

    If Peter wants tribalism out of Malawi politics why are all these Lhomwes dressed in blue?
    A coincidence??

  58. Fenali A L says:

    This is an employment bureau. Mxiiii ., mipando yonona mukungoyikana alomwe nokha nokha. Look at your cabinet. Pitara yu must be the last one to talk that statement. Mac hende anu alhomwe nonse

  59. mtumbuka1 says:

    I don’t comment on shit stuff.

  60. Oliver Twist says:

    Okhala phama mapwiya! Miyano kosekelera!

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