Mulhako wa Alhomwe set for annual feast with K80m budget

This year’s annual celebrations for tribal grouping, Mulhako wa Alhomwe have been moved from October 25 to November 8 2015 and their budget is slightly over K80 million.

Flashback: Mulakho celebrations

Flashback: Mulakho celebrations

The cultural grouping, formed in 2007 and headed by Board of Trustees and coordinated by a secretariat , has been holding its annual celebrations on October 25 at their headquarters, Chonde in southern district of Mulanje.

The change, according to their Administrative Secretary, Muchanakwaye Mpuluka, was necessitated by the untimely death of their Board Chair Bright Mangulama.

Magulama, who was career civil servant died in August after collapsing at his home in Blantyre.

“The death of our father and Board Chair (of Trustees) Bright Mangulama paralyzed all the preparations for this annual celebrations. The death also affected a number fundraising initiatives that we had lined up in readiness for the annual festival. We could not proceed with some activities to mourn our dear father.

“As such, we had to move it from the designated month (October) to November 8 to give organizers enough time for preparations,” said Mpuluka, disclosing that this year’s annual celebrations will consume K80 million.

He said the cultural grouping has received donations in cash and kind from different individuals and institutions.

“In terms of cash, we have about K30 million, but some individuals and institutions committed to provide various services and items including food stuff and vehicles to ease mobility challenges on the day.

“The monetary value for the services and various items we have received is K50 million plus. As such, we highly appreciate the support, donations we have received and we look forward to having successful annual celebrations,” said Mpuluka.

He said the annual celebrations promote their culture and brings together all the Lhomwes across the country and beyond.

Mpuluka also said they have extended invitations to other cultural tribes and that the celebrations’ itinerary will be ready by the end of this month.

Members of this cultural grouping are spread across the country, but they highly concentrated in the shire district of Chiradzulu, Mulanje, Phalombe, Thyolo, Blantyre and Zomba.

Mulhako wa Alhomwe was established (in 2007) by former president late Bingu wa Mutharika to revitalize, preserve and promote  culture and customs among different tribal groups in the country and it holds annual celebrations at their headquarters.

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62 thoughts on “Mulhako wa Alhomwe set for annual feast with K80m budget”

  1. monte says:

    where is privacy here or u are trying to advertise this young girl zithe zimenezi why spending alot of money on stupid things kaperekeni kuchipatala ndalamazo

  2. Shosa says:

    What is this so called Malikho ya ba Hlomwe?Am a Tumbuka i dont know all what it mens Malikho ya ba Hlomwe.

  3. Modicai Longwe says:

    This should not be practiced by women only. Why is the gentleman in a suit? It was going to carry much weight if he also was dressed in traditional attire. Otherwise this is gender biasness.

  4. SAMMY C says:

    Lets have a NATIONAL HERITAGE DAY so that everyone can celebrate and bring togetherness among people.

  5. Nyera nyera says:

    Mlakho z good to all lomwes and other tribes in mw. But the way the organisers make their funding is not good as expected some how some where cashgate must included. Ofcourse im a lomwe from phalombe ndipo zomwe ndikunenaz ndizoona.

  6. Tengupenya says:

    koma chithunzi chimenechi!!





  8. nyongomkaka tchendembewu says:

    One thing i like abt this Lhomwe pple is labia pulling(enlongated vagina)…frankly speaking the stuff look appetizing n’ foreplay in bed is just fantastic.On the other hand this differeciate btwn a girl n’ a woman. Am frm the central region but i cherish this culture alot.Big up to all the women who possess this hiden treasure stuff cz u really love ur husbands.NB: vulva without ears(11) its like plasma tv-nseeeee ngati ka under 5!

  9. TrueFact says:

    This is pornography and the laws in Malawi are very clear. Whoever is responsible for these events should answer to the law. Period!

  10. Mzungumbuli says:

    Alomwe ndinu mbuzi za anthu, angulu odya achule, Alomwe anthu opanda ulemu, Alomwe anthu adzikonda,

  11. mr pc says:

    muziganiza ali ana anu wina akuwavula choncho kodi mulungu amati malo obisika ndi tchimo kuonesa pa gulu?

  12. kanganya says:


  13. nkhakamila says:

    why are lomwes hated so much.these cultural activities are happening everywhere but pple are muted.why do we always make noise whenever there is a lomwe issue..fear of unknown…whether we make noise or not but the lomwe are on driving seat up until 2019.instead of coaching urselves to take the government come 2019,you are busy making noise…ur friends the yao UDF and lomwe DPP are busy strategising for 2019 elections…mukungopeperapo apa anthu akumwera ndiochangamuka simungawalande boma.try force…lomweeeeeeeee…

  14. Zomba boys says:

    Kuzuza ana amene kwawo nkosauka. Ana a kaliyati,chaponda,Nankhumwa,Munthalika sangavule pa gulu chonchi.

  15. ujeni says:

    Makolo aatsikana amenewo ali kuti azilora anawa kuyenda bwanuswe kufuna kusangalatsa gulu. You betrayed ana anu. ana anamapwetetewo ali kunyumba mumithunzi. Anuyo nde ziitserekwete ziidude zoonekera pa gulu, kupsa nkupsa ndi dzuwa, njala mkatai , ayi ndithu amalawi anawa ndi ana onse. tiwateteze chimodzimodzi.

  16. ujeni says:

    ulendo uno yesani kutengako a tsikana ophunzira pa entourage dance group yanu. atsikana amabere pa mtunda wo akuchita kuonekakuti ndi mbuli or may be too old for their classes. mwina ai mustandard 3 misinkhu imemenyo. chimene adziwa ndikunyekhulira basi. za zii. zikang’a zili tho akatumba ali gwa , za ugalu ndi ukape. mmmmxxxt

  17. munthu wina says:

    AP Mapwefupwefu!!

  18. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    Kodi bamboyo akhala ngati Vuwa Kaunda? Kufuna udindo nanga za Mulhakho zikumukhudza bwanji munthu oti ndi Ntonga uyu!

  19. Zopanda ntchito izi, these are some if the things that are dividing our country further, useless.

  20. Nsanje ya Atumbuka says:

    How many Lomwes are in Malawi 8million. How many Tumbukas are in Malawi 2million. Atumbuka mukutichitira nsanje chifukwa choti ndife ambiri komanso tikuberekana mwakathithi. Simukuona kuchuluka kwathu koma mukuona kuchuluka kwa mavoti athu. Olo mutaberekana motani simungachuluke to match us before 2019. Alhomwe Alhomwee ndi Ayawooo! NOOOPHIYA

  21. Good says:

    Tikukamba zathu zachilomwe apa. Atumbuka zisakukhuzeni. If you dont like us dont read our stories and dont look at breasts of our Lomwe beauties. Kutengeka bwanji?

  22. chimwendo says:

    Kodi mitundu ina sitikumana mkudyela limodzi monga? Pompano angonife tapanga zathu kuntcheu, achewa nawo apanga zawo kodi munatukwana chonchi? Abale Chonde ulemu ndiofunika. Inu asena pangani wanu mlakho. Atumbuka pangani wanu mwambo simukuletsedwa. zotukwana ayi Chonde. Tikufuna Malawi waulemu. Mchaka Kamuzu ankakumangani chonchi. A Malawi you deserve that kind of leadership style.

  23. Kabwira Kapasula says:

    Kodi inu atumbuka mukuti chaninso, zanu za Gonapamuhacha mwaona ife titalemba kathu. Bwanji mlembi wa nkhaniyi ndi okomenta nonse muli atumbuka.

  24. Mchewa weniweni. says:

    Koma mdala uyu wavala suit yakuda ndiwokonda chisembwere kwabasi.Ifetu achewa kwathu ndikuvina Gule osati kuvinitsa atsikana mabere pamtunda.

  25. Girl empowerment. says:

    Look at the oldman in the black suit.He is even salivating for the bare breasted girl.This is what the Lomwes love to do in Tea Plantations instead of encouraging young girls to go to school.What is Patricia Kaliati doing for these poor girls to satisfy libidous behaviour for oldmen like in blacksuit?.This trousersnake oldman in blacksuit is a danger to this bare breasted girl dancing next to him.Hon Patricia Kaliati do something before she is chewed raw.This archaic culture is not relevant in these modern times and there is no way you can relive an extinct language like Lomwe language.Lomwe Language and culture is dead forever.Stop undressing these poor young girls to have sex pest to have fun on them.

  26. Picture Analyst says:

    I fear for what happened! Do you? Unless you know, of course!

    A very young and innocent but edible and topless teen with piercing tits in the proximity of a full grown salaciously and vulturous (then) cabinet minister? This is dangerous. Do you know why? Listen and listen well.

    The man though in a suit and gowns of honour, is dancing commonly. You have noted, right? You think he’s stupid? Make no mistake! With that common dance the man is making himself (and those closer, unfortunately) visible not only to his master but also his equals and other plebeians.This is an investment and will pay him off handsomely. ‘How,’ you ask? Here, the plebeians are more important to him than the master. You ask ‘why’? He is already a full minister and cant be more minister! You!, A a! Anyway, I forgive you. But . . .

    Have you paused in wonder why he’s smiling? He knows that the identity would be “the one I was dancing closer to.” And the custodians/plebeians would easily identify and arrange tables at the diet of worms.

    Thinking out loud, a very melodious song by Ed Sheeran.

  27. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    I wish if daughters of rich people could also parade bare breasted. May be celebrating culture is a preserve for the poor. Society is very interestingly lopsided!

  28. Bambo a mwana says:

    no comment! koma ndingoti eeesh!

    Why are tumbukans hated so much? Fear of the unkown!

  29. levelheaded says:

    Anzathu alomwe tiwayamikire na pa nkhani za kuchipinda ayi palibenso. Ena amati nsena bodza lenileni game ndi mwana mulomwe basi. Asena koma phokoso longofuna kukupha mutu basi. Ndayesa mitundu yonse ena mkumati mlambya kuti manja ndinaimika pa mlomwe basi. Azimai pitilizani kutisulira asungwana athu kuti adzitisangalatsa mdzipindamu. Ndiye mwati ulendo uno zili kuti? Ndili komko basi.

  30. nachisale says:

    Alomwe this is abuse of girls rights. Anyamata ndi abambo ali mu suit tulutsani zanu zobisa mthalauza nafenso atsikana ndi azimayi tizione. Some of these cultural practices need to end. How can the girls with bare breats go into a classroom and learn with respect. President Mutharika please end these filthy practices that encourage the abuse and low status of women.

    1. wovinidwa Ine says:

      Nachisale: don’t get a heart attack over this. This is history!
      One constant in the aLhomwe culture, especially ovinidwa (those who have undergone the rituals of passing of age), is respect your wives and female relatives. It’s true: this is evident in every homestead that truly respects Lhomwe values.

      The Mulhakho people put a stop to this just before the last festival. Like I said, that was due to pressure, albeit soft pressure, by mostly aLhomwe who wanted their cultural group to reflect contemporary cultural trends.
      And thanks to heavyweights, like Akweni Kaliati. They put a stop to that, in a wink.

  31. Tili Chenene says:

    After the feast several STDs, preginamcies, school dropouts, etc

  32. Piston Phiri says:

    Ndalama kumathera zaziii ngati izi mmalo molimbikisa maphunziro shame…

  33. Munyenyembe says:

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk wawutali tikadyeso bwino iiiii ntundu wa alomwe umandmvesa kukoma kwabasi and sindisilira kukhala mtumbuka

  34. Mirella K says:

    Alomwe, paja chaka chino titenga ndalama kuti? Well let’s forcefully get money from EU or we shld send them packing and going kwawo iya za ugalu ettiiii!

  35. colman says:

    Malawians they don’t think propery like eldery people why mulhako wa alhomwe why only alhomwe can’t you feel ashame of that have a look here why can’t just say heritage day where people will cebrate there cuture in one day in defferent areas and defferent tribese why only alhomwe what about ayawo atumbuka angoni achewa asena are they not malawians to cebrate there cuture or we must wait for the sena or tumbuka presdent so we will say again mulhako wa atumbuka

    1. wovinidwa Ine says:

      Iwe Colemn: Where have been, man? In a cave or somewhere equally inaccessible?
      Most cultural groups in Malawi have their own celebrations; for obvious reasons.
      The aTumbuka just had one such, a day or two ago!

  36. leoplant says:

    Mtundu uwu ndiwamway…mapresident kuchita kusinthana…..achewa angon atumbuka muli m’maz mukuyandama

  37. Koma bele la munthu wamkazi ndi chinthu chowopsya eti? Mpaka Symon kulolera kupusa chonchi just to get close to bele la bare? A whole honourable? Koooomaa!

  38. Tina says:

    Komatu ahlomwe simukugona tulo. Posachedwapa munali za angoni_tumbuka a Ku Hora Ku Mzimba. Kenaka munali za kulamba za a chewa. Munatopa mwakamba za ma budget a ma function awo? Anakutanini alhomwe Kuti mukhale ndi khwidzi zochuluka chonchi?

    1. wovinidwa Ine says:

      Ndiife olimba, baasi. Ndi kukhwimanso. Sitimatopa.
      Moreover, we just socializing, and are a people who like supporting others; without prejudice.

  39. Mrs Ng'we says:

    Thats is girls abuse ! After that these young girls will be fucked by this affected politicians shame! And sangakane ayi. Alibe voice. Peter is civilised must know better.

  40. gibbbbbbo says:

    bwanji osangopanga mulhakho wa YESU?

  41. mtumbuka selfish dog says:

    Mtumbuka selfish dogs how do you see tsankho la amzanu?

  42. sapitwa says:

    Culture can not be compromised by education and all activities should be respected. Each tribe has its own culture to be respected. Wena mafumu awo akamwalira amawaika chokhala, wena choimilira. Ndiwo ukhalira mwambo wawo, tisanyozane. Wena amawaika mu gule wamkulu ndi virombo vina vitapaka manyi kukamwa konseku ntchentche zitangokanirira kukamwa kwa chirombo!Ndiwo mwambo wawo umenewo, alemekezeni.

  43. Chinthiti says:

    Koma mukanakhara anthu anzeru mukanagura chimanga ndalamazo nkuwapatsa anthu mwaulere, kwanuko olo ife mutatimana, koma maphwando anthu akufelani,akuyambitsa zimenezi alibe nzeru eti.

  44. lawrent malongo says:

    tiganize za m’mawa kuti libalanji maphwando chitani m’mene mungathere.

  45. komko says:

    Alomwe nthawi yanu kondwani adzavutika ndi Ana anu zaka zikugwerazi

  46. weniweni says:

    simunamalize kuba kuti zikwane 80 mita. target yanu ndi yoti by date mwaikalo zikhala zakwana….koma chosecho mukuti mulibe ndalama zogulira mankhwala muzipatala….muzikhalako ndi chisoni anthu inu….tsiku lina muzangopita ku chipatala without notice muzaziwa kuti zoona anthu akuvutika ndipo ngati muli ndi umunthu wa chi malawi simuzapangaso zi ma celebration zanuzo…mxi

  47. wilson alumase says:

    Nthawi yanu alomwe l wish u all the best!!

  48. Patriot says:

    Kukakhala kuchindana sizinaonekenso.
    Agalu amenewa agwilitsiranso ntchito misonkho yathu ponamizira well-wisher aka reserve bank of malawi

  49. Kavuluvulu says:

    The man in the picture is Vuwa Kaunda.A stupid Tonga.

  50. Ineyo says:

    ndalama zimenezi mukanagulila chimanga choti anthu agawane kumeneko, koma maphwando basi, simumva chisoni abale anu akamadya gaga, ma truck onyamula gaga onse akulunjika kumwela, kudya gaga ndati nkhumba bwanji, shame



  52. Freston Dambuleni says:

    Shameless elderly man in a suit

  53. Dikisan says:

    Vuto lanu ndichani? Nthawi ya lomwe ino. Tidye basi. Bele mwaliwonanso mwaulelere.

  54. Nyambwiza says:

    Atumbuka munya muona

  55. mtumbuka1 says:

    And in the picture above we have a shameless older man believed to be a dpp politician dancing next to a bare breasted girl. I hope he can also dance next to his bare breasted daughter.

    1. wovinidwa Ine says:

      This was a shameful practice, to be sure. The girls do NOT dance breast naked, like that anymore. Note the caption below the photo: “Flashback …”
      After vigorous, but civil protests, the organizers put a stop to this sexually exploitative tradition. Thanks to Akweni Kaliati et al.
      Furthermore, Malawians can rest assured that the funds used here are NOT from the public purse. This grouping is one of the most corruption free in this country. It knows too well that detractors are ever focused on it, for no apparent good reason.
      And finally, we look forward to these dates. And there is no going back to the bad old days; aLhomwe noophiya. Asa.

  56. Professor Linton Pamberiii says:

    Mulhako wa Alhomwe was established as an employment bereau for lhomwes and a tool to victimize other tribes by denying them (other tribes) economic opportunities. Gwanda Chakuamba was right to say that alhomwe deserved beating byva hammer. Mtundu wonunkha uwu ngati ukuku. Mtundu watsankho uwuuu.

    The gud thing is that AIDS is rampant and hit hard in their lhomwe belt. Munya muwona. Agang’a a anthu mukanthidwa pansi pompano. Sitidzagwada kwa milungu yakufa. Anthu a cash gate gulu la Senzani, Pitara, Bingu. Ma hule gulu la Mwanave….Mulli nkhanza

  57. WOPENGA says:





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